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'Sex and the City' Movie Poster

'Sex and the City' Movie Poster

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon are all returning in Sex and the City: The Movie, out May 30th.

Will you too “Get Carried Away”?

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Credit: ET Online
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  • layton

    no i won’t get carried away. never understood the appeal to that show

  • WHAT!?


  • cl

    I can’t wait to go see it.

  • Judy arlene


  • sistahc

    That show is great because of the dynamics between all 4 girls. Carrie shouldn’t be on the poster alone. This is gonna piss Samantha off all over again!

  • ajc

    ill wait for it to be on dvd

  • Emily

    i cant wait to see this movie!

  • tinatee


  • sasha

    Where are the other girls?!!! This is not the Sarah JP show! So disrespectful to the others!

  • Amber

    No, I won’t. I’ll wait for this movie to come out on DVD.

  • AnIntelligentMind

    Not feeling the poster. Definitely won’t be checking this one out



  • gisele

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! i abso-f-ing-luetly CAN’t W8!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Danielle

    The slogan (or I should say the slogan used with the cover art) makes no sense. It says, “Get Carried Away,” but it does not show Carrie doing anything that could possibly lure us. Plus, her picture looks bland. The poster concentrates more on the title than say her, thus, the slogan becomes absolutely meaningless. It’s not interesting. It looks very cheap. For a professional movie poster, I give it a D. As you can see, I take photo shop very seriously.

  • acne_Bar_0_Soap

    *~*~ PRETTY in PINK…..WUZ DECADES AGO~*~*~.

    Shinny Poster! – No getting “Carried” Away over them tho.

  • magnus


  • goz


  • Chris

    No thanks, I don’t get the appeal of horse face SJP. Her acting is annoying.

  • Suz

    great poster

  • kathleen

    Loves it! I am dying to see that movie. I am into season 5 for I believe the 3rd or 4th time now, I could watch the entire 6+ seasons over and over again and never get sick. So excited!

  • laila

    I CAN’T WAIT! :]

  • LT


  • SPie

    will definitely see it!

  • Trish

    Can’t wait.

  • vix

    so excited!!!!

  • miss_nyc

    what a crap poster.

    I was a huge fan of this show, but I don’t think the film will be any good so I will not be watching it

  • Linnea

    YESSS!!! I will watch it 100,re times!

  • anonymus

    I will definetly watch it. But I’m not like ‘omgomg it’s coming’ :D

  • mel

    for those of you that said no, don’t be jealous ;)

    this movie is going to do well at the box office, despite all the unnesessary negative comments.

    And there’s nothing you can do about that either.

  • Ha!

    Hellz yes.

    But seriously, where are Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda??

  • jacob

    oh my god, that is awesome! can’t wait to see it on theatres!

  • acne_Bar_0_Soap

    #29….says we’re Jealous….???

    I think, blog posters have a Right not to go see SjP Acting anymore.

  • melli

    YAY i cant wait!

  • craig stairs

    they’re all disgusting

  • ilaria

    All 4 of them should be on a poster, not just SJP.
    Is this because of SJP’s ego?

  • Natalie

    Yes, I am definitely Carried Away! Going to invite all my girlfriends over for a Sex & the City party (cosmos and cocktails) and later that night go see the movie with all my friends. How do I get one of these fabulous movie posters for my party?

  • natalie

    Yes, I am definitely Carried Away! I am going to invite my girlfriends over for a Sex & the City party. After Cosmos & Cocktails take everyone to see the movie. How do I get one of those fabulous movie posters for my party?

  • natalie

    Yes, I am definitely Carried Away! I am going to invite my girlfriends over for a Sex & the City party. After Cosmos & Cocktails take everyone to see the movie. How do I get one of those fabulous movie posters for my party?

  • katie elaine

    i am so excited, i cannot wait for4 this… not feeling the poster

  • Chrissi

    OMG…why all of the negativity! I can’t wait for May 30th! In fact, I think I may try to catch the premier in LA!

  • bernadette

    good site and want to see the movie if it better then th eother one i like parker kandreel an nixon wow

  • bernadette

    cant wait until it comes out . parker is good and kandreel and cant wit to tse what haopens ot carie and big

  • JAXX

    Liked the series but I was not crushed when it ended – If it is due out in May I will wait until mid-July until it is on DVD

  • Pamela

    29 days!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amelia

    Can’t wait…..this movie is going to be the closure to the end. Hope it’s everything I expect is to be!!!!!!

  • jo

    ohhhh ive seen it, went to the movies on friday night, and girls it was lovely, after series 6 finished in paris it left me wanting more, and now 4 years later its here and its well worth the wait, i wont say anything about it, just that if youve been an avid fan over the years than you MUST go and see it, its soooo lovely, you will not be dissapointed.

    and why all of the negatives, different people enjoy different things and have their own tastes, most of the female and gay population love it and may i say that there were plenty of men with their wives girlfriends in the movies too….opinions vary, and my opinion is ,its fantastic.

  • tim

    I saw the movie and LOVED IT!!!!!!!! It was a great, However it leaves one wanting a sequeal. I hope that they will make another. As far as the poster goes I would have liked to have seen all 4 of the girls on it. After all the show was centered around the 4 of them. I love them all and miss the show very much. I am gratful for having the series on DVD. Thank you to Darren Star, Michael Patrick King and the actors for making a wonderful movie. Please make another. I will purchase the DVD when it comes out!!!

  • ejay

    when does it come out on videeeeooooooo