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Vanessa Hudgens is a Pilates Princess

Vanessa Hudgens is a Pilates Princess

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale reportedly attend pilate classes at a fitness center in Encino, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon.

As usual, the High School Musical BFFs shared lots of laughs from the gym back to their car.

We sure hope Ashnessa visited Zac in the hospital!

UPDATE: Added a few more pictures! Vanessa was also seen stopping off at Robeks, where she picked up two large smoothies before heading back to Zac‘s apartment. When asked how Zac was doing, Vanessa replied he was doing “Good!”

15+ pictures inside of pilates princesses Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale

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vanessa hudgens pilates 01
vanessa hudgens pilates 02
vanessa hudgens pilates 03
vanessa hudgens pilates 04
vanessa hudgens pilates 05
vanessa hudgens pilates 06
vanessa hudgens pilates 07
vanessa hudgens pilates 08
vanessa hudgens pilates 09
vanessa hudgens pilates 10
vanessa hudgens pilates 11
vanessa hudgens pilates 12
vanessa hudgens pilates 13
vanessa hudgens pilates 14
vanessa hudgens pilates 15
vanessa hudgens pilates 16
vanessa hudgens pilates 17
vanessa hudgens pilates 18
vanessa hudgens pilates 19

Photos: VO/JC/, Bret Thompsett/
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  • nana


  • Frenchy

    I do it also.

  • argg


  • /lindoo_zaac

    Son unas diosas!
    Las amoo!
    I love Zac Efron!

  • Carla

    OMG, i love they ! , omg zac is so hoooooooooot ♥

  • zanessa110


  • riley

    aww theyre always so happy. love them.

    hope zac gets better soon.

  • lolz

    anymore pics?

  • carla

    i love bbv!!!!!!!!!

  • alexandria

    coolio! first page! biaaaaaaaaaa

  • iamzanessa


  • liz

    aww they look like they r having lots of fun!!
    they both look cute!!

  • agathi

    sorry but ashley is ugly ok vanessa is pretty

  • evelyn

    well, that’s cool, but vanessa better have visited zac! he must be ok or else she would not look so happy. (i am asuming)

  • narf

    Good to see them hanging out. I am sure they will visit Zac when they get the chance to be out of camera range.

    Those pilates classes will help her build her strength so she can help zac while he recups.

  • tam

    Aww! Bless Them, I really hope Zac has a speedy recovery! My mom had appendicitis and it was really painful, although she did recover within a couple of weeks, it left her bed-bound for a while.

    I hope V has been looking after him, I’m sure she will though, she seems like a very supportive girlfriend.

  • zanessa110

    what are pilate classes?

  • Vanessa

    aww! they’re so cute! i love Ashnessa!!
    hope Zac feels better soon!

  • helen

    aw i love them both. very cute.

  • zanessa110

    theyre so cute. and i just got uggs the exact saame color as vanessa;s/ in these pics, vanessa looks taller than ashley. but i love ashleys shirt, its cute.

  • муzz мαlfσy

    Ash is the best ^^
    Luv u

  • agathi

    excuse me where are the shoes for the gymnastics????:):)

  • zanessa110

    can someone please tell me what pilate classes are.

  • tam

    Evelyn, having just read your post i thought i would reply. I’m sure Vanessa would definitley not look so happy if Zac was not recovering well. I’m also sure that Ashnessa will vist Zac as soon as possible!

  • zanessa110

    vanessa is so cute.

  • kirs10

    Pilates??? they dont really need to do pilates by the look of their waists. But i think they are just doing it to find fun stuff to do together. Ashley bothers me so much. V looks good though. I Love You V.

  • sammantha

    Awwww love ashley’s uggs!!!
    Gorgous girls!!!

  • tam

    Zanessa110, pilates classes are like exercise classes.

  • zanessa110

    i hope she did visit zac. t would be so cute, if there were pics of her bringing him tedddy bears and balloons. but yes, she does seem like a very supportive girfriend.

  • carlie

    i hate disney for having come up with high school musical which made it possible for me to be tortured by having to view these dumb tw@ts (zac would be included in that) day after day after day…..

  • areli

    i luv ashley!! she rockss!!!

  • troy

    They look cute as always. And I agree with my sweetie Narf *waves and blows kiss) I’m sure both Vanessa and Ashley have logged in plenty of time at the hospital visiting Zac.

  • zanessa110

    thanks tam. is ashley wearing uggs? i know vanessa is, uggs just compliment every outfit, not matter what.

  • billy

    did she go see zac yet …..???

  • kristen0606

    aww i think they will visit zac and pilates are fun to do too!!! they look soo happy to be out and about!!! did yall see that zac is going to be a presentor at the SAG awards?? its on people go check it out!! :)

  • Regina

    The mood of Vanessa truly shows how much she even cares about her closeted boyfriend…

  • zanessa110

    carlie, if they bug yoy so much, why comment on them? just ignore them and see other threads. its very simple.

  • Robin

    Love Vanessa she rocks
    They both look cute

  • tam

    Its okay Zanessa110, and yes ashley is wearing UGGS!
    I love them =]
    People have been moaning about us spending too much time on Zac’s thread so i’m just about to post a comment on Brad’s page. It’s awful to die at such an early age!

  • zanessa110

    regina, it isnt like zac is dying from a heart attack. hes gonna be ok, im sure vanessa has talked to him and made sure he s ok.

  • Helena

    Oh my, you tweens are so superficial:

    “VANESSA IS HOT!!!!!1ONE!!1″

    Then Jared posts a thread of a talented person who isn’t in love with their looks:


    This generation súcks.

  • Annoymous

    I wonder if they went to visit Zac?

  • carlie

    b/c i can and i feel like it. deal with it.

  • http://none Lynn

    Carlie why bother visiting a thread that doesn’t interest you and for gods sake, wash your mouth out.

  • tam

    Regina, how do you know Vanessa has not visted or contacted Zac?
    That’s right, you do not so stop making assumptions!

  • http://none Lynn

    They both look so happy that I guess Zac is on the mend which is excellent news

  • zane

    bff Ashnessa are out and looks very happy

  • hampton

    oh please, like vanessa nad zacarella are really a couple…unless you mean a couple of “girlfriends”…then you would be correct. he’s as queer as a three dollar bill and she’s his beard. she does have that rediculously overgrown bush though…maybe there’s a peen tucked away in that jungle somewhere? a lil nubin might be all delicate zacarella can take anyways.

  • hampton

    oh please, like vanessa nad zacarella are really a couple…unless you mean a couple of “girlfriends”…then you would be correct. he’s as queer as a three dollar bill and she’s his beard. she does have that rediculously overgrown bush though…maybe there’s a peen tucked away in that jungle somewhere? a lil nubin might be all delicate zacarella can take anyways.

  • troy

    #36 Thank you Regina I knew I could count on you to go on the attack. We all know if we got pictures of Vanessa entering the hospital looking distraught you would say: “OMG. He just got his appendcitis out, it’s not like he’s dying. Get over it you stupid little tart.”

    It’s just nice to know there are some things we can always count on.