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Britney Spears Has Multiple Personality Disorder

Britney Spears Has Multiple Personality Disorder

Britney Spears has a mental illness called multiple personality disorder, TMZ is reporting.

When Britney assumes the “British accent thing,” it’s not just an accent. It’s “The British Girl.” When Brit loses the British personality, she has no recollection of it.

Other identities Britney assumes are “The Weepy Girl,” “The Diva,” and “The Incoherent Girl.”

Apparently Brit assumed “The British Girl” the day she forgot her deposition and has absolutely no idea what happened that day.

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  • mileyisthebest

    so does gay chace crawford! omg britney you should hook w/ him cos he’s a fame wh***

  • sammo


  • mimi


  • Musicisourhigh

    And they are able to make this diagnosis because…

  • menna

    i learned about this in health class.

  • luckyL

    Who really knows dude. Mental illness is no joke. I hope she only be directed to the proper help.

  • amber

    #4 LOL, my thoughts exactly. TMZ is NOT a credible source when it comes to diagnosing mental illness. Frankly, I think this girl is punking us.

  • haha

    #7 — no, she’s not punking us….she’s punked up!!!

  • sara

    she’s so disgusting
    she needs to get out of hollywood & GET HELP.
    because she’ll most likely never see her kids again at the rate she’s going. she’s crazy.

  • ks

    I wish her “people” would stop embarrassing her to get press and get her the help she needs. It makes me sick.

  • Musicisourhigh

    I definitely believe there is something wrong there but with this chick you never know when she is just going for attention or what.

  • Dylan

    Awww……I feel sorry for her. Its gotta be hard having all those personalities, I mean think about it. You think you’re british and people are snapping pics of you…’re gonna start going crazy!

    Get better soon brit!

  • andré

    that can be true.

  • psych major

    sorry but i don’t believe it. first off, it’s called dissociative identity disorder. second off, identities would have their own names, personalities, and well.. identity. thid, it’s a pretty serious thing to say that someone has d.i.d. and for ‘tmz’ to try and give a diagnosis for her is a joke at best. i’d only believe it if it came from an actual psychologist/psychiatrist. and even then, there are many people in the field don’t think it’s even real and that it’s people playing into what they think their therapist wants. it’s more likely that she’s bipolar or this is the beginning stages of schizophrenia. or she could be borderline and all this is just a cry for attention, which is what i think she has.

  • Nawlins

    That sounds like the prozac…….scary stuff!!! I’m missing a month from 1994 because I was put on that.

  • megan

    People ought to try leaving this young woman alone. I’m not buying this BS.

  • Natalie

    This has to be a joke. Can she just fade away, please?

  • Ally

    seriously everyone please leave her alone, if she wasnt judged and put on magizines for the whole world to see she might get through this just fine, do you people think you can maybe just givee her a break for little while, she needs it

  • Michelle depp

    The only disorder this bitch has is “WHITE TRASH DISORDER”!!!!!

  • Tara

    I’ve been wondering if that’s what Britney has. Multiple personality disorder is now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. The best known case of this is Sybil (real name Shirley Ardell Mason),which tells the story of a woman who was afflicted with like 15 different personalities. It took 10 years to intergrate all the personalities together. Anyway, it’s most often caused from serious trauma from childhood (such as physical, mental, and sexual abuse). They lose time and don’t remember some things because different personalities take over at different times. Maybe that’s why she forgets her court appointments. It’s a very serious mental disorder.

  • Raven

    I never seen a girl make so many facial expressions. Some are priceless!
    Hmmmm?? Maybe the poor girl needs an exorcism! LOL!

  • liz

    #16 I absolutly AGREE.

  • God

    I like them all but the silent personality. So shut the fk up and talk. :)

  • one who knows more than tmz

    a. It’s called Dissociative Identity Disorder
    b. Mood swings do not contitute DID

  • babyray

    WHAT AN ATTENTION SEEKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ae

    yeah riightt… what else the media are going to invent of her??? stop messing with her. poorgirl. the media is going to kill her. not her conduct

  • the DQ

    “…the day she forgot her deposition and has absolutely no idea what happened that day. ”

    Well, wasn’t that convenient………………..NOT!!!! Don’t believe it for a second.

  • the DQ

    “Raven @ 01/17/2008 at 8:04 pm I never seen a girl make so many facial expressions.”

    Oh, I used to do it all the time. My dad would have a fit because he could never get a decent photo of me……..ROFLOL. BUT, it didn’t mean I have DID. It was just a fun game to play when I was A KID!!!!

  • Anon

    True DID is fairly rare, and just because she makes multiple facial expressions, it doesn’t mean anything. As #24 said, mood swings are not usually associated with it. Who gave TMZ the diagnosis, Dr. Phil??

    My money’s still on bipolar disorder. And it’s only going to get worse if she doesn’t get some help.

  • lola

    My god, she needs a doctor and not a gossip site to diagnose her!

    –read my blog at

  • Jessica

    thats sad… but anything that comes out of the crapshoot they call “tmz” talk about stockarazzi~

  • danny’smine

    why cant she keep her hair clean. as its MESSY!!!!!!!! shes a FREAK who need HELP A LOT..

  • pinkrose

    That must be why she makes so many trips and does the same thing over and over. Each personality goes out to but her own frappuchino, her own cigs, gets her own gas and goes for a drive around. freaking makes sense.

  • Jules

    I’m sure Britney does have some mental deficits, but anyone who has any working knowledge of psychology knows that multiple personality disorder does not exsist. They are probably refering to dissociative identity disorder, but still I would take this with a grain of salt….unless she has been to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor you can’t make a professional diagnosis. And from what Sh*tney portrays I doubt she would do anything that proactive to help herself.

  • sillyme

    Exactly who is making this diagnosis? It seems every week there’s a different diagnosis. Is this coming from Osama? Because, until she officially goes in and sees a doctor and gets diagnosed by a professional, everything else is just a guess.

  • stefanie

    Britney, I knew Sybil and you are no Sybil.


    I try to keep away from Britney’s mess..

    But I would like to explain to people that MENTAL PATHOLOGY is not like buying rice where everyone gets it. Multiple personalities is extremely rare and emerges from very serious trauma like INCEST!! You don’t just appear to have multiple personalites. In fact, many cases of MPD is iatrogenic. The patient follows ques from the Therapist.

    Mental disorders have SYMPTOMS.. trust me, you will know when someone is bipolar, Schizo or friggin Borderline personality! They are extreme disorders. Britney Spears has HISTRIONIC PERSONALITY DISORDER at best!

    First off, it doesn’t seem that Britney’s family is plagued with mental illness. There goes the genome factor.. The phenome factor i sthat Britney drinks and takes drugs. NO SURPRISE THERE.. And of course Morally deprived!

    Secondly, this little airhead trailer trash is used to being pampered and obsessed by everyone that she can’t go a day out of the lime light.

    NOTE TO SANE PEOPLE: There is absolutely nothing wrong with Britney Spears, except the fact that she could be a little depressed that she isn’t the center of attention!

    Notice how she keeps trying to up her antics. She gets the Pregnancy tests to send the tabloids wild. Are you telling me she doesn’t know to wear a pad, even worse, she is giving crotch shots..

    It’s ironic that Columbus Short’s wife didn’t go crazy after Britney took him away from her when she was 7 months pregnant. He got smart and went back to his wife.. Yes folks, Shar Jackson wan’t Shitney’s first victim. He’s the guy in Stomp the yard!!

    Then Shitney went on to take Kevin Federline from Shar Jackson who was also 7 months pregnant. Shar had 3 kids and a baby on the way, why didn’t Shar go nuts? Where was the outrage against Britney?? No wonder she thinks she is Mother Teresa with all her pussey shots!

    I find it very disturbing that Tabloids and TV Docs like Dr. Phil make diagnoses of Britney Spears, that are far from the facts and PATTERN of Ms. Spears.

    What Britney needs is for people to say NO!! Britney needs for the PAPS to act like she is insignificant and then perhaps she will keep her funky stink puss inside and concentrate on her life.

    The fact that she goes out to buy $4.50 Starbucks which she could have delivered shows the level of dependence this girl has on her celebrity and her acceptance by the Paparazzi..

    Britney needs to stop drinking and taking the meds. Alcohol fries your hippocampus (responsible for long term memory). Then she can work on bringing back the pieces.. SHe isn’t schizophronic or mentally ill, but rather she has turned the obsessed into her own obsession!!

    Enough of this whore already!

  • Kiley

    It is OBVIOUS to me she is either bi polar, or suffers from multiple personality disorder….Rosanne Barr does…she was a childhood victim of abuse….you should…or maybe SOMEONE on BRIT’s side should contact her and get an evaluation….while Brit is in one of her “other selves” she doesn’t get what isgoing around her….hence all of her bad decisions.I know there are people out there thinking these things with access to her….help her…get her new bf in on it…and get her help.

  • 2doves

    you’re funny #33

  • CelebreXXXViagara

    @ #38

    STFU!! You have no clue what you are talking about!

    Unless you are in the psychiatric field, please keep your opinions to yourself! This girl is playing the media. Guess what, after this ride is over, she is over because she is a talentless mediaWH0RE!!

    Her fug 2nd kid has FAS because she is a drunkenWH0RE as well! I have no sympathy for this loser!


    Kiley @ 01/18/2008 at 12:03 am It is OBVIOUS to me she is either bi polar, or suffers from multiple personality disorder….Rosanne Barr does…she was a childhood victim of abuse….you should…or maybe SOMEONE on BRIT’s side should contact her and get an evaluation….while Brit is in one of her “other selves” she doesn’t get what isgoing around her….hence all of her bad decisions.I know there are people out there thinking these things with access to her….help her…get her new bf in on it…and get her help.

  • yoshy

    dooo dee doo … yippee!!

  • miss_hyde

    hmm..i seriously doubt that she has multiple personality disorder.. besides, that “british accent” that she has?its because her new BF, Adnan Ghalib, is a british-born no wonder she picked up that accent..

  • ajc

    1) for her to get her way
    2) avoid responsibility
    3) get attention

    seriously shell be fine when she needs to change into
    something else for attention

  • ajc

    I dont think she “picked it up” but like a 13yo hears an accent thinks its cool and is TRYING to talk like that on purpose like a 9yo does when they play

    like me and my girlfriends in like 7th grade tried to talk with an accent when we went to the mall why idk we were stupid and immature and wed laugh thot we were hialrious but thats what 8th graders do ya know act silly with GF and unfortunately the paps are her circle of Girlfriends

  • The Arab Aquarius

    man, i dont know what to say anymore. speechless…

  • Liz

    I agree with #16. This whole thing with Brittany is just a rebellious act on her part. She could straighten her life out if she wanted to. The whole thing is stupid.

  • Kimmie

    She’s very nice , I like her very much !
    It’s news about her !

  • Didi

    what a load of bollocks. TMZ need to stop giving this c*nt excuses.

    MPD…whatever b*tches…

    Her illness is called B.I.S.W.
    i.e Being an Irresponsible Shameless Wh*re

  • Scarlet.R

    I’m so over her. she deserves everything she gets.

  • lily

    i don’t understand this whole charade with Britney.If she was not a celebrity they would have locked her up in the Cuckoo house faster than you could say Jack Rabbit. She is doing and acting so irrational but yet she is still loose.

    Her so called “mulitple personality ” characters sound funny if it’s true but seriously, the girl is clearly off her rocker and needs help. I am still Team Britney so I want to see her well,