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Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith go for a dip in the ocean in Kauai, Hawaii on Wednesday.

Pierce, 54, was seen shirtless on the beach horsing around with a little boy (not his son Dylan or Paris). Keely, 44, was seen frolicking in the ocean with a mystery male (brother?) in a two-toned bikini.

30+ pictures inside of shirtless Pierce Brosnan and bikini-clad Keely Shaye Smith

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pierce brosnan shirtless 01
pierce brosnan shirtless 02
pierce brosnan shirtless 03
pierce brosnan shirtless 04
pierce brosnan shirtless 05
pierce brosnan shirtless 06
pierce brosnan shirtless 07
pierce brosnan shirtless 08
pierce brosnan shirtless 09
pierce brosnan shirtless 10
pierce brosnan shirtless 11
pierce brosnan shirtless 12
pierce brosnan shirtless 13
pierce brosnan shirtless 14
pierce brosnan shirtless 15
pierce brosnan shirtless 16
pierce brosnan shirtless 17
pierce brosnan shirtless 18
pierce brosnan shirtless 19
pierce brosnan shirtless 20
pierce brosnan shirtless 21
pierce brosnan shirtless 22
pierce brosnan shirtless 23
pierce brosnan shirtless 24
pierce brosnan shirtless 25
pierce brosnan shirtless 26
pierce brosnan shirtless 27
pierce brosnan shirtless 28
pierce brosnan shirtless 29
pierce brosnan shirtless 30
pierce brosnan shirtless 31
pierce brosnan shirtless 32
pierce brosnan shirtless 33
pierce brosnan shirtless 34

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  • 1

    Always FIRST

  • bm


  • sandie

    The wife need to get in shape ASAP. I am surprised that he let his fatty wife strut her stuff in public.

  • Natalie

    Hmmm. I admire her confidence and everything, but there’s nothing wrong with a one piece. I wear one when I go swimming! lol

  • whoops

    I didn’t know he was married to a beach whale…

  • LOL

    007′s new mission is to make his wifey lose the weight

  • 1

    hi bm :lol:

  • PJ

    Why, oh why, oh why, oh why?

  • anna-mills

    What happened to his wife, she used to be so skinny.

  • stefanie

    Oh My GOD!!!! I don’t remember his wife getting “full figured” like that, but God bless him for chubby chasing…he loves her and that is beautiful. Wish more men weren’t so shallow.

    And God help her for wearing that bikini. Yikes! Now THAT’s a woman confident about herself.

  • Colewoodson

    i admire peirce. For better or worse. You go Peirce!

  • kelli

    Jesus, people get over yourselves. The first sign of a NORMAL looking human being and everybody freaks. I for one applaud him for marrying who the one he cares about and not some freakishly pencil thin chick only there as arm-candy. Love ya Pierce! You’re still the hottest Bond ever! ;)

  • anna

    sandie… as if she needs pernission to or not do something from him, she’s been like that for years,. I think that he knows her better than us, not every men likes skinny women. She looks heavy but firm, not very flabby. I recognize she could try to weigh less for health sake, but starving or getting plastic surgery to try to look like a teenager with no kids, may not be for her.

  • Sarah

    wow…did his wife gain a lot of weight? I remember her being so much thinner!

  • Natalie

    She’s had kids and she’s in her almost mid 40′s. The weight probably doesn’t drop off as quickly or easily as it used to. I’m not going to hate on her body because I dont think its right to do so, especially a woman criticizing another womans body. But I will say there is nothing wrong with a one-piece. But if she is confident, happy w/ herself and at least trying to get healthy.. who are we to criticize? She’s on vacation.. just leave her be.

  • 2371

    You guys are cruel. I have to atleast give her credit for wearing something like that. I am way thinner and scared to wear a two piece. She is comfortable with her body and having fun. In this society we need to stop judging peoples’ bodies because we are all different shapes and sizes.

  • Leah132

    First I cringed when I saw the picture: I would not be caught in a bikini at that weight. But then I thought that she clearly must have great self esteem to just ignore what people think and do what she pleases. Good for her.

  • Tee

    What happen to his wife?
    She used to be so skinny and gorgeous

  • argg


  • Suzz

    Good for her!

  • anna

    sorry for my terrible spelling and grammar it should be ” permission from him to do or not do something”

  • mafraise

    OMG What happened to her????

  • samantha

    Wow people really are horrible on here. What’s wrong with his wife? So she overweight, what’s the big deal? It’s just proves there are men out there that love women for who they are on the inside and not the way they look on the outside. Gosh, you people must hate yourselves so much that you have the need to insult other people.

    You go Pierce! And Keely keep showing off that womanly shape of yours!

  • j


    Why are you posting this? What has Pierce even done lately to make people care about his whereabouts? Nobody knows his wife either…all the above posters refer to her as “Pierce’s wife” or “whale”

    You are just posting this to get reaction on his overweight wife, which is very low and pathetic. Before even reading the comments before me, I knew what kind of rude remarks to expect and you knew that as well.

    You’re a jerk.

  • Sara

    THAT’s his wife?


    hey i remember her skinny what the heck happened though…..gurl got balls…woot woot

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    Wow. Now thats a natural woman. Good for her. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  • emily

    It’s not healthy to be as overweight as Keely, it can lead to a lot of health problems like diabetes. She needs to lose weight to be healthy.

  • taylor

    I am NOT trying to be mean, but I am just wondering when did his wife gain that weight? And she hasn’t had a kid since 2001, was skinny after that so it’s not baby weight. I am not trying to criticize, but when I saw that I thought it was a mean joke and thought to myself: omg that is photoshopped.

  • Mean, mean people

    First of all, his first wife died of ovarian cancer whom he had three children with and adopted the wife’s prior kids, this is his second wife and she actually beautiful if you find pics of her online, former model and tv anchor- has 2 kids with her. Lastly, it shows what superficial people most of you are since you are on here singing the praises of Angelina and Brad- because they are so outwardly blessed with good looks and then happen to be good humanitarians- These two, Pierce/Wife are constantly, constantly lobbying for the environment, humanitarian causes, etc etc…
    but all you see is a face.

  • nessafan4ever


  • ket

    mann his wife is huge cant believe it !!!!!
    i mean hes like……… idk w/e

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    Not every man likes them skinny a s s women.

  • 0 kilo

    Come on She looks awful someone has got to tell her: this is not an healthy look.

  • Mediterranean

    He did lose his loving first wife to cancer after long battle. This guy has never jumped from one woman to another one. Maybe hard to believe but he is loyal kind.

    Surely, she is overweight but it seems that he knows why and settled with it.

  • Aisling

    Kelli, I agree with you that people shouldn’t be reacting so harshly to these pics of Keely, because she is still beautiful and obviously is not afraid to show herself off in public. But she did NOT look like this when they met or married. Here is a link to what she used to look like:

  • tgh

    I think it is interesting that no one has commented how he is slightly out of shape. Granted I’d still do him but he has a little paunch there that used to never be. They are happy!

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    The woman is beautiful. get over it, she’s not sleeping with y’all.

  • Ericka

    Can’t say that I’m suprised at the horribly cruel reactions that are coming from you lot.

    “I am surprised that he let his fatty wife strut her stuff in public.” yes, because I’m sure he can tell her what to do…wtf. I’m suprised at how horribly stuckup you are and cruel.

    You lot need to get a life

  • retti

    I totally agree with #24…you did this on purpose! Jackass.

  • Ericka

    I think she looks quite beautiful in her bikini…she’s not HUGE she’s just normal. She’s had 2 kids and she’s in her 40s…I think she looks good.

  • bondgirl07

    She is his emergency flotation device!

  • Okay…

    Man Pierce is one lucky man…

  • jimmy

    It is refreshing to see someone happy and confident with themselves in their own skin. Her beauty is in her happiness and smile.

  • true

    That’s a real person, just like many of us, that’s give women not skinny, to go out , put on a bikini and have fun. At least she is natural.

  • Frenchy

    She used to be a top model!

    Being 20 lbs overweight with middle aged spread is one thing but she has let herself go completely.

  • Miapocca

    Actually it shows that her man is OK with whatever she is..thats what bring out her confidence…their life goes beyond the superficial, and Brosnan is very mature he pretty much was married to an older women way before and she died on a plane ride on their way to treat her cancer or something of the sort…it takes a MAN and real MAN to appreciate a real woman beyond her outside,..,.besides she still look beautiful but it would be nice not to go into Obese,,…afterall she got kids to worry about..

  • TiredofthisCrap

    Wow!!!! , I guess many of you are used to seeing these unweight chicks, you forgot what a woman within her weight range looks like. Keep in mind the camera actually makes you look larger than you really are. Also remember all of the flack over JLHewitt and she’s actually a thin small woman, yet she looked big in the photos.

  • why?

    why are you people mad at Jared. She is famous and if she is fine going out like that then she most likely doesn’t care if the pictures get taken and then posted.
    Maybe she is fine and wants to send a message she doesn’t care-a positive message to ‘normal’ women.
    So you think JJ should not have posted these just because she is overweight?
    Most times blogs and mags get accused of only showing stick thin girls-then when they show something else you get down on them for that. It isn’t his fault that people made those comments.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    Sorry it should be under weight chicks, not unweight.