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Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith go for a dip in the ocean in Kauai, Hawaii on Wednesday.

Pierce, 54, was seen shirtless on the beach horsing around with a little boy (not his son Dylan or Paris). Keely, 44, was seen frolicking in the ocean with a mystery male (brother?) in a two-toned bikini.

30+ pictures inside of shirtless Pierce Brosnan and bikini-clad Keely Shaye Smith

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456 Responses to “Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini”

  1. 1
    1 Says:

    Always FIRST

  2. 2
    bm Says:


  3. 3
    sandie Says:

    The wife need to get in shape ASAP. I am surprised that he let his fatty wife strut her stuff in public.

  4. 4
    Natalie Says:

    Hmmm. I admire her confidence and everything, but there’s nothing wrong with a one piece. I wear one when I go swimming! lol

  5. 5
    whoops Says:

    I didn’t know he was married to a beach whale…

  6. 6
    LOL Says:

    007′s new mission is to make his wifey lose the weight

  7. 7
    1 Says:

    hi bm :lol:

  8. 8
    PJ Says:

    Why, oh why, oh why, oh why?

  9. 9
    anna-mills Says:

    What happened to his wife, she used to be so skinny.

  10. 10
    stefanie Says:

    Oh My GOD!!!! I don’t remember his wife getting “full figured” like that, but God bless him for chubby chasing…he loves her and that is beautiful. Wish more men weren’t so shallow.

    And God help her for wearing that bikini. Yikes! Now THAT’s a woman confident about herself.

  11. 11
    Colewoodson Says:

    i admire peirce. For better or worse. You go Peirce!

  12. 12
    kelli Says:

    Jesus, people get over yourselves. The first sign of a NORMAL looking human being and everybody freaks. I for one applaud him for marrying who the one he cares about and not some freakishly pencil thin chick only there as arm-candy. Love ya Pierce! You’re still the hottest Bond ever! ;)

  13. 13
    anna Says:

    sandie… as if she needs pernission to or not do something from him, she’s been like that for years,. I think that he knows her better than us, not every men likes skinny women. She looks heavy but firm, not very flabby. I recognize she could try to weigh less for health sake, but starving or getting plastic surgery to try to look like a teenager with no kids, may not be for her.

  14. 14
    Sarah Says:

    wow…did his wife gain a lot of weight? I remember her being so much thinner!

  15. 15
    Natalie Says:

    She’s had kids and she’s in her almost mid 40′s. The weight probably doesn’t drop off as quickly or easily as it used to. I’m not going to hate on her body because I dont think its right to do so, especially a woman criticizing another womans body. But I will say there is nothing wrong with a one-piece. But if she is confident, happy w/ herself and at least trying to get healthy.. who are we to criticize? She’s on vacation.. just leave her be.

  16. 16
    2371 Says:

    You guys are cruel. I have to atleast give her credit for wearing something like that. I am way thinner and scared to wear a two piece. She is comfortable with her body and having fun. In this society we need to stop judging peoples’ bodies because we are all different shapes and sizes.

  17. 17
    Leah132 Says:

    First I cringed when I saw the picture: I would not be caught in a bikini at that weight. But then I thought that she clearly must have great self esteem to just ignore what people think and do what she pleases. Good for her.

  18. 18
    Tee Says:

    What happen to his wife?
    She used to be so skinny and gorgeous

  19. 19
    argg Says:


  20. 20
    Suzz Says:

    Good for her!

  21. 21
    anna Says:

    sorry for my terrible spelling and grammar it should be ” permission from him to do or not do something”

  22. 22
    mafraise Says:

    OMG What happened to her????

  23. 23
    samantha Says:

    Wow people really are horrible on here. What’s wrong with his wife? So she overweight, what’s the big deal? It’s just proves there are men out there that love women for who they are on the inside and not the way they look on the outside. Gosh, you people must hate yourselves so much that you have the need to insult other people.

    You go Pierce! And Keely keep showing off that womanly shape of yours!

  24. 24
    j Says:


    Why are you posting this? What has Pierce even done lately to make people care about his whereabouts? Nobody knows his wife either…all the above posters refer to her as “Pierce’s wife” or “whale”

    You are just posting this to get reaction on his overweight wife, which is very low and pathetic. Before even reading the comments before me, I knew what kind of rude remarks to expect and you knew that as well.

    You’re a jerk.

  25. 25
    Sara Says:

    THAT’s his wife?

  26. 26
    CUDAHY Says:

    hey i remember her skinny what the heck happened though…..gurl got balls…woot woot

  27. 27
    Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS. Says:

    Wow. Now thats a natural woman. Good for her. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  28. 28
    emily Says:

    It’s not healthy to be as overweight as Keely, it can lead to a lot of health problems like diabetes. She needs to lose weight to be healthy.

  29. 29
    taylor Says:

    I am NOT trying to be mean, but I am just wondering when did his wife gain that weight? And she hasn’t had a kid since 2001, was skinny after that so it’s not baby weight. I am not trying to criticize, but when I saw that I thought it was a mean joke and thought to myself: omg that is photoshopped.

  30. 30
    Mean, mean people Says:

    First of all, his first wife died of ovarian cancer whom he had three children with and adopted the wife’s prior kids, this is his second wife and she actually beautiful if you find pics of her online, former model and tv anchor- has 2 kids with her. Lastly, it shows what superficial people most of you are since you are on here singing the praises of Angelina and Brad- because they are so outwardly blessed with good looks and then happen to be good humanitarians- These two, Pierce/Wife are constantly, constantly lobbying for the environment, humanitarian causes, etc etc…
    but all you see is a face.

  31. 31
    nessafan4ever Says:


  32. 32
    ket Says:

    mann his wife is huge cant believe it !!!!!
    i mean hes like……… idk w/e

  33. 33
    Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS. Says:

    Not every man likes them skinny a s s women.

  34. 34
    0 kilo Says:

    Come on She looks awful someone has got to tell her: this is not an healthy look.

  35. 35
    Mediterranean Says:

    He did lose his loving first wife to cancer after long battle. This guy has never jumped from one woman to another one. Maybe hard to believe but he is loyal kind.

    Surely, she is overweight but it seems that he knows why and settled with it.

  36. 36
    Aisling Says:

    Kelli, I agree with you that people shouldn’t be reacting so harshly to these pics of Keely, because she is still beautiful and obviously is not afraid to show herself off in public. But she did NOT look like this when they met or married. Here is a link to what she used to look like:

  37. 37
    tgh Says:

    I think it is interesting that no one has commented how he is slightly out of shape. Granted I’d still do him but he has a little paunch there that used to never be. They are happy!

  38. 38
    Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS. Says:

    The woman is beautiful. get over it, she’s not sleeping with y’all.

  39. 39
    Ericka Says:

    Can’t say that I’m suprised at the horribly cruel reactions that are coming from you lot.

    “I am surprised that he let his fatty wife strut her stuff in public.” yes, because I’m sure he can tell her what to do…wtf. I’m suprised at how horribly stuckup you are and cruel.

    You lot need to get a life

  40. 40
    retti Says:

    I totally agree with #24…you did this on purpose! Jackass.

  41. 41
    Ericka Says:

    I think she looks quite beautiful in her bikini…she’s not HUGE she’s just normal. She’s had 2 kids and she’s in her 40s…I think she looks good.

  42. 42
    bondgirl07 Says:

    She is his emergency flotation device!

  43. 43
    Okay... Says:

    Man Pierce is one lucky man…

  44. 44
    jimmy Says:

    It is refreshing to see someone happy and confident with themselves in their own skin. Her beauty is in her happiness and smile.

  45. 45
    true Says:

    That’s a real person, just like many of us, that’s give women not skinny, to go out , put on a bikini and have fun. At least she is natural.

  46. 46
    Frenchy Says:

    She used to be a top model!

    Being 20 lbs overweight with middle aged spread is one thing but she has let herself go completely.

  47. 47
    Miapocca Says:

    Actually it shows that her man is OK with whatever she is..thats what bring out her confidence…their life goes beyond the superficial, and Brosnan is very mature he pretty much was married to an older women way before and she died on a plane ride on their way to treat her cancer or something of the sort…it takes a MAN and real MAN to appreciate a real woman beyond her outside,..,.besides she still look beautiful but it would be nice not to go into Obese,,…afterall she got kids to worry about..

  48. 48
    TiredofthisCrap Says:

    Wow!!!! , I guess many of you are used to seeing these unweight chicks, you forgot what a woman within her weight range looks like. Keep in mind the camera actually makes you look larger than you really are. Also remember all of the flack over JLHewitt and she’s actually a thin small woman, yet she looked big in the photos.

  49. 49
    why? Says:

    why are you people mad at Jared. She is famous and if she is fine going out like that then she most likely doesn’t care if the pictures get taken and then posted.
    Maybe she is fine and wants to send a message she doesn’t care-a positive message to ‘normal’ women.
    So you think JJ should not have posted these just because she is overweight?
    Most times blogs and mags get accused of only showing stick thin girls-then when they show something else you get down on them for that. It isn’t his fault that people made those comments.

  50. 50
    TiredofthisCrap Says:

    Sorry it should be under weight chicks, not unweight.

  51. 51
    de Cosmos Says:




  52. 52
    Helena Says:

    Looking at pictures of her in the past, she’s never been ‘thin’, she’s been fully figured. It appears that she’s put on weight. Who cares anyway?

  53. 53
    WTF? Says:

    Being obese IS a big deal. To wave that off like it’s nothing is very dangerous.

  54. 54
    Original Shar Says:

    At last, a picture of a normal female body. His wife has gain some weight over the years. She’s been gaining steadly since their first child. I say, God Bless Her. She seems to have a lot of confidence, and I’m sure she knows that the papz are taking their picture. I guess she said “To Hell With Them”.

  55. 55
    anna Says:

    PLEASE it’s january, how many people gain weight in December? Ok, she’s “plumpy” and does not look like when he firs married her… but who does? He loves her, he’s with her, they have kids, she’s not a trophy wife, he’s not shallow even though there are many actors with many women in their past, read about his life and then comment.

  56. 56
    Miss america Says:

    Well I have no problem calling it like I see it.

    Keely is FAT. HUGE. No self-esteem and obviously no full length mirror. Is she out of her mind wearing a bikini. Come on people…this is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting and a disgrace to the Bond man.
    Awful. Just awful.

  57. 57
    Miapocca Says:

    women gain weight for a number of reasons…thyriod issues, hormonal fluctatuations..its quite normall…some just take the drugs or go ann nicole style.hhaha..some also are just genes–skinny or big…

  58. 58
    Observer Says:

    First of all, those of you who are saying it is cruel to say she’s fat… are being ridiculous. She’s fat..face the facts. She’s NOT curvy, or womanly or beautiful, but she is terribly overweight. It is NOT cruel or mean to say so, they are celebrities, so fair game and they had to know that there are cameras everywhere and they were going to get snapped.

    What I’m thinking is maybe she has some medical condition that causes her to stay chubby, like taking pills for thyroid condition, for example. Or maybe she’s just recovered over foot surgery where she was bed-ridden for months. Whatever.

    SHE IS WAY OVERWEIGHT and we have the right to say so.

  59. 59
    meme Says:

    First observation: I was shocked at how large she was at first too, I must admit.

    Second observation: That bathing suit fits her very well, considering her size.

  60. 60
    becca Says:

    Here they are when they first got married

  61. 61
    wow Says:

    Im sorry she is not “normal” looking she’s over weight aka fat. Stating a fact, its not mean. ok so she’s confident enough to wear a two piece but the fact is that she’s NOT healthy.

    Natural woman my ass. I hate when people want to call a fat woman normal NO shes unhealthy! a few pounds overweight ok but im pretty sure if we measure her BMI she would be considered obese.

    Just because more than half of the US is obese doesnt make it normal or ok.

    ok my rant is over. if you dont agree with what I said – thats fine. facts are facts!

  62. 62
    Cait Says:

    what is that woman doing in a bikini?!


  63. 63
    lu Says:

    regardless of the fact that she shouldn’t wear the bikini. I am proud to be a woman because she is confident with herself and doesn’t care about society and what they define “beautiful” as.

  64. 64
    I AGREE Says:

    # 61 I agree with you WOW overweight women are not healthy.

  65. 65
    sshhhh Says:

    OMG people who are saying she is a normal looking women, obviously you must be fat to think it is normal, We are so sorry if some peolpe actually take care of their bodies and don’t find this weight attractive. I don’t think stick thin girls look nice either, but she is overweight, don’t hate us for our opinions!!!

  66. 66
    Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS. Says:

    Keely is FAT. HUGE. No self-esteem and obviously no full length mirror. Is she out of her mind wearing a bikini. Come on people…this is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting and a disgrace to the Bond man.
    Awful. Just awful.

    You’re either a shallow skinny B I T C H OR you’re fat too, and jealous of Keely that she have a man and you don’t. Cause this is just mean.

  67. 67
    Cait Says:

    can i add that as much as i admire her confidence, there is something to be said for keeping you dignity. she could have found a really cute one piece to compliment her figure rather than a two piece that makes her look not as nice. she’s a really pretty woman and she should compliment her figure not try be “trendy.”

    i will say though, they are an adorable couple.

  68. 68
    Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS. Says:

    So she’s not so call nornal? is it any of us problem?

  69. 69
    anon Says:

    Why is everyone afraid of the word fat? That’s what she is. She may or may not be happy. He may or may not be happy. I won’t be surprised if later on she goes public with how “healthy” she wants to be like Queen Latifah is doing now and Rikki Lake has. You know for all the talk about how being fat is “ok”, deep down inside, everyone knows it’s not. She’s still beautiful and kudos to Pierce for sticking with his wife through thick & thin.

  70. 70
    ... Says:

    I think she’s still beautiful with some weight on her. She’s one of the fortunate ones who gains weight evenly all over her body, lucky girl.

  71. 71
    Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS. Says:

    Pierce aint all that skinny either. He’s the lucky one, not her.

  72. 72
    /:// Says:

    #66 come on stupid loser Keeley is a fat cow good for her if she’s fine with it…..I still like this couple…….actually I don’t care about them Lol!!!! SHE HAS TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!!!!!

  73. 73
    ae Says:

    what the heck? is he doing with that whaaaleee i mean hes is not the best both what does he saw on that wanna-be shamuu:O?

  74. 74
    Angi Says:

    WOW! She used to be really skinny! There is proof!

  75. 75
    wow Says:

    Its not our problem but dont call others mean when we call her fat. Some ppl think fat is a mean word its not. Just like “thin”, “skinn”, plump” are not mean words.

    No one said shes ugly but dont justify your unhealthy lifestyle by calling this woman (or any other overweight or obese person) NORMAL because she is not. She probably suffers from alot of diseases because of her weight – oh but that doesnt matter cause she confident enough to wear a two piece right??? gimme a break.

  76. 76
    MovieMAdness Says:

    SHE LOOKS JUST FINE, I going to disagree with all of you b/c just b/c she is fat doesn’t mean you should make fun of her. And to be full figured, she looks damn good in that bikini…You go girl, you better work…. you better work

  77. 77
    ... Says:

    … yea she’s large but I highly doubt there’s anything unhealthy about her. She use to be really skinny. She just got older, had kids and gained a lot of weight. She still seems happy & healthy, sorry but there are many more people out there that actually fit the term obese and all risks that come with it. He must love her though/not shallow. There’s plenty of people who would try to escape the second their wife started to get fat.

  78. 78
    WTF Says:

    Just because they make 2 pieces for cows doesn’t mean heifer’s should buy and wear them. We don’t want to see this crap.

  79. 79
    sarie Says:

    she use to be thinner…a lot thinner

  80. 80
    Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS. Says:

    #66 come on stupid loser Keeley is a fat cow good for her if she’s fine with it…..I still like this couple…….actually I don’t care about them Lol!!!! SHE HAS TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!!!!!

    Lets see your picture? probably can’t fit on the internet, because it’s so wide.

  81. 81
    Ha! Says:

    j- comment #24 – You are RIGHT ON. It’s pretty sad when the blog master posts something this low and irrelevant just to get hits. He knew what kind of venom it would draw from the people who regularly say crappy things on here.

    Miss America (ah, right)- comment #56 – I have to say that you are dead wrong. I’d say that someone who isn’t built anything like a runway model wearing a bikini with her celebrity husband on the beach SCREAMS that she has plenty of self-esteem. God bless her for it.

    Keely has NEVER been skinny; she has always been curvy and voluptuous. Obviously she has gained a fair amount of weight in the past few years and maybe she should do something about that for her health, but it’s also none of our business.

  82. 82
    her weight is not "normal" Says:

    I agree with #61. Her weight is NOT normal. When I look at her, I look at someone that possibly will get diabetes or heart disease one day (if she doesn’t have it already). It’s sad. I had two kids, and yes, it’s a struggle to keep the weight off, but with diet and exercise…it’s possible.

    It’s amazing to see how many Americans are obese. Is being overweight the norm now? It’s really sad. She was once a very pretty lady, but now she just looks unhealthy. So does he…statistics show that men with “paunches” are at a very high risk of heart disease. Bond needs to run around the track again.

  83. 83
    Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS. Says:

    I can see that she’s fat, its the other things that y’all saying about her i don’t like.

  84. 84
    Ari Says:

    hahaha this is funny! a whale is loose.

  85. 85
    anon Says:

    her weight is not “normal” @ 01/17/2008 at 4:36 pm
    Britain is right behind (no pun intended) the US in obesity.

  86. 86
    rlg Says:

    I am not criticizing but I am shocked by these photos. She has been steadily gaining weight over the years but I guess she hides it well with her dresses. I am just so surprised at how much she has gained. And I agree with the posters who said she is not natural. She is definitely at an unhealthy weight even if the camera did add on a few pounds. I just hope there is nothing wrong with her that caused her to gain the weight

  87. 87
    Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS. Says:

    - comment #24 – You are RIGHT ON. It’s pretty sad when the blog master posts something this low and irrelevant just to get hits. He knew what kind of venom it would draw from the people who regularly say crappy things on here.

    Jared just want to show how shallow some of you are.

  88. 88

    if PB have no problem w/his wife’s weight, then i have no problem w/it too, that only shows PB love his wife big or small, whatta man.

  89. 89
    Someone>stop>them Says:

    Why the hell is he with that obese whale, he can have a gorgeous smart and thin girl any day. She must’ve put a spell on him or somehting/.

  90. 90
    Ha! Says:

    Maybe it shows how shallow Jared is.

  91. 91
    Yawn Says:

    The pictures are all over the internet of her former modeling days. She used to be slim. She was pretty popular back in the late 80′s & early 90′s. She just eats too much for her age. It’s not rocket science

  92. 92
    Heywood jablomie Says:

    The same wankers who are here crying crocodile tears over the fat bashing would be the first ones to attack thin girls as anorexic or tell them to eat cheese burgers.

    I say, let’s bash women of all shapes and sizes equally, much fairer that way.

  93. 93
    truth Says:

    If she really loved her husband she wouldn’t be so selfish and munch on food all they, instead she would lose weight and try to be healthy and good looking for him. When a man loves you he will not hurt you and tell you you are fat but you gotta do it yourself and not be a selfish fat slob. This is why I don’t feel sorry for fat women who get cheated on, you get what you deserve. Go have sex with a cheeseburger if you love eating them so much.

  94. 94
    gross gross gross Says:

    In Europe you will never see people that are that fat. Americans are gross!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. 95
    oui Says:

    #93 I agree

  96. 96
    Ha! Says:

    She’s always been a beautiful woman.

  97. 97
    Logan Says:

    Uh, #94 – there seemed to be a picture of Clive Owen and English wife floating around a while ago. She was almost as big as Keely. So it is not just Americans that are overweight.

  98. 98
    Karen Says:

    He’s beautiful and she’s beautiful too. He is definitely the best Bond!

    Some of you posters are pretty hypocritical, sitting at your computer munching down a bag of chips.

  99. 99
    oui Says:

    # 93 but not all americans let’s be fair.

  100. 100
    Puppies McFarland Says:

    She wears it extremely well!!! However, I agree with the health concerns.

  101. 101
    Life is good Says:

    I knew those over the top nasty comments would be here as people like to believe they are wonderful, and talent and smart and anyone famous with flaws is a personal insult to them.

    I think a lot of the comments have come about due to shock. We haven’t seen her in such unadorned pictures before and so the fact that she is not the skinny woman everyone used to know I think is making people b harsher.

    She is overweight, and people with kids get that way. I noticed the other day I was putting on a lot of weight and that my fitness was not the best. My husband think I am still gorgeous but for my health and fitness I want to get my health back in order. When we age we lose weight gained slower and once your kids and family become your priority it makes it harder to lose weight.

  102. 102
    jane Says:

    i remember her from america’s most wanted. she looked much different back then. plain and simple, she’s overweight. some people think she looks like a fat ass and some people think she looks great.

  103. 103
    miss america Says:

    Leave the word ‘fat’ out…Keely is MORBIDLY OBESE.

    Disgusting too.

  104. 104
    SAMARA Says:

    well, she is a brave soul and doesnt give a crap what people think of her to go half naked on the beach…but hopefully she will cut back on the sweets but we really dont know why she is like this could be many reason’s..

  105. 105
    anon Says:

    She has been heavy for quite some time. I have never seen her this large though.

  106. 106
    Karen Says:

    You guys are pathetic. Just because his wife may not look like all of the other celebrities that we see (and who the hell does?!) doesn’t mean that she is fat, overweight, or obese.

    If she is confident with the way she looks, more power to her. I wish I had the courage to go out in a bikini like that. Especially with paparazzi taking pictures of me.

    Who the hell are we to tell her that she needs to lose weight? She could be perfectly happy with her body. Or maybe she’s had medical issues that has caused her to gain weight. Whatever it is, it’s not our place to judge a women that looks more normal than most other celebrities.

  107. 107
    Ha! Says:

    Jesus, she’s far from disgusting. And ‘morbidly obese’ is being thrown out there just to add fuel to the fire. I can guarantee that she’s probably far more beautiful than the *sshats on here posting simply for posting’s sake. Not because they actually give a sh*t.

  108. 108
    well Says:

    she sould be taking some medication that makes her look this way..I dunno…It wouldn’t be the first time.

  109. 109
    gag Says:

    call me a meannie but that is disgusting.

  110. 110
    Anonymous Says:

    Keely takes medication for a medical condition and one of the side-effects is weight gain. Its not like she sits around stuffing her face with oreos!

  111. 111
    DallasB Says:

    Well, she sure has a GREAT hubby!! She was skinnier…but she’s always been a little hefty..but he’s ok with that…what a COOL hubby I say again!! Unprecedented in our day in time when he is such a hottie!! But he stood by his ex-wife who died as well…just a great guy!

  112. 112
    Louise Says:

    The last time I saw her she was so thin. It’s really shocking to see her almost double her size.

  113. 113
    sarah Says:

    what is wrong is that she used to look like this

    and now she looks like a whale.


  114. 114
    Maureen Says:

    Karen @ 01/17/2008 at 5:03 pm You guys are pathetic. Just because his wife may not look like all of the other celebrities that we see (and who the hell does?!) doesn’t mean that she is fat, overweight, or obese.

    If she is confident with the way she looks, more power to her. I wish I had the courage to go out in a bikini like that. Especially with paparazzi taking pictures of me.

    Who the hell are we to tell her that she needs to lose weight? She could be perfectly happy with her body. Or maybe she’s had medical issues that has caused her to gain weight. Whatever it is, it’s not our place to judge a women that looks more normal than most other celebrities.


    I found this link that discusses Keely’s weight.

  115. 115
    Susan Says:

    I must admit I was taken back by her weight gain because I remember the slender Keely. If she’s happy, so be it.

  116. 116
    wow Says:

    @ 105 give me a break. That woman is CLEARLY overweight!

  117. 117
    depeche Says:

    they look like a normal , happy, good looking couple! Really like them, and PB is still a hottie.

  118. 118
    Didi Says:

    what the f*ck happened to her, did she eat all her family or something? she’s humungous. she was so skinny before.

    is this the same wife or a different one?

  119. 119
    Didi Says:

    he looks pretty dapper for a 54 yr old. not bad for an old giffer.

  120. 120
    emotionalbody Says:

    Most women “do not” enjoy being overweight and, yes, it takes courage and, hopefully, self-acceptance (where she is right now) to reveal her body in a bikini rather than a one piece slimming swimsuit. Yes, she’s had children (four years apart) though this is either hormonal imbalance along with a thyroid condition, lack of exercise, or “emotional protection” due to her closest environment.

    His first wife was the “love of his life” who left him with her children (whom he had adopted) and Keely filled in the maternal gap with those children and had two out-of-wedlock children with him….it took him “10″ years to marry this beautiful and exotic former news anchor. I have sensed he is an egomaniac (behind closed doors) in his relationship with her and that she has endured a lot behind the scenes. She certainly should have been as important to him from the beginning as his first and deceased wife (even with consideration of their 11-year marriage).

    She’s a beautiful woman who deserves to establish herself (outside of relationship with him and her family) and, hopefully, she’ll get a trainer and lose most of the weight gain.

  121. 121
    carrie nae Says:

    What happened to her? Idon’t want to be skinny but it will be nice she looks healthy. She is beautiful.

  122. 122
    liz Says:

    he’s got so much money hire a trainer, you lazy ass or go on weight watchers or something ,take care of your self!!!
    and if you gonna wear a bikini wear a one piece yah think?

  123. 123
    liz Says:

    hire a trainer or go on some diet control program he’s got alot of money and both those things are really expensive!! and they work!!

  124. 124
    Daze Says:

    Keely was a beautiful, thin woman just a few short years ago. I guess this is what happens when an actress stops starving herself and training 8 hours a day….she turns into a normal woman.

  125. 125
    Here's The Deal Says:

    Heywood jablomie @ 01/17/2008 at 4:43 pm The same wankers who are here crying crocodile tears over the fat bashing would be the first ones to attack thin girls as anorexic or tell them to eat cheese burgers.

    I say, let’s bash women of all shapes and sizes equally, much fairer that way.

    There’s a double standard when it comes to thin girls. They’re not considered “normal”, while the fat women, such as Keely and Nikki Blonsky are considered “healthy” and “confident” and etc. I think it’s because, sadly, “fat” is becoming the new “normal”. People want to assure themselves that being overweight is OK when, in reality, it’s far from it.

    I agree with you: If we’re going to bash women for their weight, let’s bash them all equally.

  126. 126
    sweetpepper Says:

    she is beautiful…beautiful…I’d rather ten times her body that skeleton angie jolie’s…

  127. 127
    Didi Says:

    she should try slimming world, its a 2 quid cheaper than weight watchers and they give you a load of free stuff.

  128. 128
    May Says:

    To all who say that this is beautiful – are you AS fat or FATTER?!

    Only in US and A you can see something like that – a new race called Ass! There aren’t such asses and fat bodies no where in the world! It IS ugly, unflattering, non aesthetic and most of all – not healthy!

  129. 129
    mouche Says:

    Who knows, maybe mr Brosnan is one of these men who love really, and I mean REALLY – lol lol – chubby women!
    Shallow as I am though, I must admit that I gasped a little when I first saw the pics of her in a bikini – I suppose I am envious, here I work out as a maniac and deny myself a lot of goodies just to be able to wear a bikini!
    Darn woman, how dare she look so happy and pleased with her chubby self lol lol lol! It doesn´t surprise me that she stir up a lot of anger lol lol!

  130. 130
    Ha! Says:

    She IS a beautiful woman who has gotten heavy, May. I don’t think that anyone on her is saying that getting fat, per se, is beautiful. But Keely is and always has been beautiful. Regardless of her dress size.

  131. 131
    Didi Says:

    being fat is not normal you idiots, its as bad as being too thin. keely may have issues which mean she can’t help her wait , but im sorry you people that are saying her size is normal are misguided

    however, if you are american it may be normal for you because americans are all a bunch of over-eating fat f*cks bar hollywood which has a grotesquely skinny culture, but the rest of the world does not consider that size normal.

  132. 132
    KC Says:

    Goddamn she got HUGE!!!

  133. 133
    Didi Says:


  134. 134
    Tom Says:

    I am so disappointed in him. His wife is a fat cow. She has money and time, come on ***** stay in shape. It is time for him to move on.

  135. 135
    Tom Says:

    People, there is nothing normal about being fat. She is not beautiful. She is gross and looks like she lives in trailer park.

  136. 136
    Tom Says:

    People, there is nothing normal about being fat. She is not beautiful. She is gross and looks like she lives in trailer park.

  137. 137
    Didi Says:

    all fat jokes aside, it very sweet that he’s still with her despite her heffalump status. it shows there are good blokes out even though the majority of you are b*stards

  138. 138
    May Says:

    @ Didi # 129:

    being fat is not normal you idiots, its as bad as being too thin. keely may have issues which mean she can’t help her wait , but im sorry you people that are saying her size is normal are misguided.

    however, if you are American it may be normal for you because Americans are all a bunch of over-eating fat f*cks bar holly wood which has a grotesquely skinny culture, but the rest of the world does not consider that size normal.


    You got that just right. Bravo!

  139. 139
    Madonna Says:


  140. 140
    mouche Says:

    I must say that I think that you certainly have serious weight issues if you get totally hysterical at the sight of a heavy woman rotflmao!!!

  141. 141
    emily Says:

    I agree with all those who say being fat is NOT normal, being fat is unhealthy and gives you a lot of health problems.

    To all those people posting on this board who say Keely is normal you must be as fat as she is and too lazy to lose the weight.

  142. 142
    bitchetta Says:

    What a porker!….Cellulite city……fat ass, unhealthy looking, border-line heart attack……she won’t be around for long if she gets any fatter……and those aren’t curves……..they’re FAT curves.

  143. 143
    robert Says:

    It’s funny how all these fat broads rush to this lady’s defense..hahahaa

  144. 144
    Ely Says:

    Whoa, what the heck (!!!!) happened to her?! I guess saying she has let herself go is quite an understatement…

  145. 145
    :/ Says:

    She’s fat, and so what? He loves her and that’s what matters.

  146. 146
    fakename Says:

    ** Mean, mean people @ 01/17/2008 at 3:53 pm
    , etc etc…
    but all you see is a face.**

    Honestly, Mean, Mean People, that is where you’re wrong.

  147. 147
    daniela Says:

    It’s funny that everyone notices her. I actually first thought: He sure has gained weight.

  148. 148
    h a ha Says:

    White men like big a s s, watch out skinny white ladies, is 2008. ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. 149
    Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS. Says:

    I’m defending her ,and i sure the hell aint fat.

  150. 150
    steph_b_247 Says:

    I’m sorry… I really really am… but women that large should not wear bikinis, they just shouldn’t.

  151. 151
    qwertypoiu79 Says:

    poor ******* probably breaks his ribs every time they screw

  152. 152
    robert Says:


    All fat people say that :D ;)

  153. 153
    Stroopewaffels Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh she is so full of self confidence !!! a NATURAL WOMAN,, nothing plastic about this gal,, Pierce seems happy enuff to be seen in her presence,, you guys are horrible and shallow and I think you all hate yourselves,,

  154. 154
    lula29 Says:

    Well, unfortunately for his wife she has a medical condition that causes her to gain weight, that’s why she’s bigger than she used to be.

    You can tell she works out because she’s toned, so she’s doing the best she can.

    I think she looks great and I’m glad her and Pierce are happy together.

  155. 155
    lola Says:

    Neither of them are looking that great…

    –read my blog at

  156. 156
    Fyre Tone Says:

    Hey guys, stop giving him so much heat!

    If I saw a beached whale in the sand, I’d go up to it and check it out too. =P

    ROFL!!!!!! xD

  157. 157
    leykis101grad Says:

    DAMN!!! thats a fattie

  158. 158
    Mary Says:

    Props to both of them! Props Pierce for being proud of his beautiful wife even though she doesn’t fit the typical abnormally skinny Hollywood wife and props to Keely for her confidence in her beauty!

  159. 159
    Maureen Says:

    lula29 @ 01/17/2008 at 7:04 pm Well, unfortunately for his wife she has a medical condition that causes her to gain weight, that’s why she’s bigger than she used to be.

    You can tell she works out because she’s toned, so she’s doing the best she can.

    I think she looks great and I’m glad her and Pierce are happy together.


    Well said. There are a number of medical condtions that occur in women that can cause weight gain. Adult hypothyroidism is one and rheumatoid arthritis (the medication is known to cause weight gain in a lot of women). I’ve read that she’s had to battle with weight gain. To stay thin she would have to essentially starve herself. Metabolism isn’t equal in everyone. She’s still a beautiful, compassionate and intelligent woman.

    It’s better than seeing the lipo sucted, botoxed, over madeup women so prevalent in Hollywood.

  160. 160
    JR Says:

    Are you sure it his wife? Maybe it’s a beached whale and should be shoved back into the water!

  161. 161
    tmcd Says:

    PLs, call Greenpeace!!!!

    Save this whale?
    Push her back in water.

  162. 162
    leykis101_student Says:

    what a fat blob. if i was him i would be snorting coke off some hot ***** ass

  163. 163
    Robert Says:

    shame on the bikini manufacturer for making something so skimpy for someone so large ~gag~ I don’t care if your confident or not you should realize when you’re fat or not and realize that nobody wants to see that c;mon Pierce the original Bond you can do much better for yourself

  164. 164
    maestrolv Says:

    Pierce is screwed. Just goes to show you what happens to women after they say I do… and then they don’t. Love is not blind, in this case
    it is costing him HALF.

  165. 165
    mike Says:


  166. 166
    luckyL Says:

    LOL #3 Sandie

    But thanks #30 for directing us in the right direction

  167. 167
    RR Says:

    This is so disgusting! What a Moron to be with this FAT *******? She’s more than a Beach Whale. She’s like an Elephant. How pathetic? This ***** should be told to get her fat ass in shape or else???? Either this guy is a chubby chaser or don’t want to get a divorce because of alimony. I still would advice him to get rid of this loser. Why can’t she lose weight? There’s no excuse!!!!!!!

  168. 168
    hen Says:

    She is a full figure and I for one think she looks great and normal
    Many people are just used to the Hollywood toothpicks and stitched bodies

  169. 169
    RR Says:

    To the morons who claim that all we see is the outside…Please……….this woman is PATHETIC!!!!!! This is what happens when you get married!!!!! It’s called a GYM…go to one!!!!!! There’s no excuse even if you fight for the environment, or any humanitarian causes. Nothing justifies this FAT behavior. I hope she eats herself to death!!!!!! Fatty!!!!!!!!

  170. 170
    JJ in LA Says:

    James Bond married Orca. DAYYAAAAAM.
    All I can say is I am am average Joe married happilf 5 years and my wife asked me one day what would I do If she blew up to 200-300 pounds. I told her I would giver her a deadline to drop it and if she didnt meet she would be dropped to the curb. She said I was mean but agreed she would never blow up. And thats just my expereince, an average Joe.
    This huy is FRIGGIN JAMES BOND!!!!!!! Fat chicks are for losers that have no game( money, education, career, etc.). It’s a harsh statement byt the truth. So that said, i am baffled by Pierce and Shamu?

  171. 171
    RR Says:

    There’s nothing shallow about commenting on weight!!! Get a clue? Are we to assume that men who chase chubby chasers are not shallow? This is what women love to say when they get lazy and out of shape. Blame men!!!! Why the hell would would you put up with this??

  172. 172
    jen Says:

    And most of you 12 year old boys will get to this stage in you life…..
    if you are lucky
    They have something more than physical…it is called love

  173. 173
    Deb Says:

    All you people ragging on his wifes weight…. are you a perfect weight? I didnt think so!

  174. 174
    leykis101_student Says:

    because Hollywood toothpicks are hot and fat disgusting unhealthy slobs are not

  175. 175
    RR Says:

    TO Aisling:

    Yes, she was beautiful before hooking up with this guy?? Note to all guys….. this is what some women do once you sign on the dotted line. They get chunky, get rid of them at any cost because it’s a deceptive attitude. She completely gave up.

  176. 176
    leykis101student Says:

    Wow are you kidding me!!! James bond is married to that cow?!?!

  177. 177
    RR Says:

    Stop!!!!!!Stop!!!!Stop with the medical BS. There’s way’s to control you eating habbits. Remember, she used to be in shape so the medical argument is a load of BS given by beach whales to justify this nonsense. There’s no excuse AT ALL!!!!!!!

  178. 178
    marjorie Says:

    I think that he is a closet homosexual…and she is just his cover

  179. 179
    luckyL Says:

    Her skin looks firm, not loose and gross, and so it can only be surmised she was in shape and gained weight. Obviously he didn’t fall in love with her based on her looks. You only are initially attracted to someone because of their looks. Someone probably knows more to her story than a lot of us anyhow. She could have thyroid problems for all I know.

  180. 180
    luckyL Says:

    #175, well I’m not fat myself, but I try to understand that everyone’s body comes with a different story. Everything isn’t all about eating habits. Maybe you should watch some Discovery Health before Oprah buys it.

  181. 181
    Lizzie Says:

    I gotta hand it to her ,she is moving and using her muscles. She is clearly comfortable with her who she is emotionally. We never hear about him whoring around, so obviously he cares about the woman.

    As an older woman, with hypothyroidism, who just lost 30 pounds, I can tell you how lifechanging the effort is. Those of you who are commenting negatively – wait till weight happens to you. Unfortunately you are not special enough to be photographed and commented on by your peers.

  182. 182
    RR Says:

    TO Jen:

    Little boys???Ok Old Grandma….listen…before we get to this we see what some women do (like the whale). Enough with the BS. There’s no justification in being FAT. Stop with the BS about love. You can love a good shaped gal!!!!!! Just because a man goes after a whale doesn’t mean he loves her. Stop trying to justify your pathetic behavior!!!! You are another loser…. now go get you welfare check!!!!

  183. 183
    Lil Trump Says:

    I am a bit overweight and I demand a thin wife. Why? Because I have standards and I make the ******* bucks. Nuff said. What is wrong with this loser?

  184. 184
    RR Says:

    I agree Lil Trump. Fat wives get bigger and bigger like this loser. God Damn!!!!! What an Elephant!!!!

  185. 185
    Alias1 Says:

    anyone consider that being 007 made sex with ridiculously hot women meaninglessly easy for him?

    that by no means excuses her weight – but if she weren’t his wife, she’d just be another fat girl to join the hordes without the discipline to treat their bodies well…

  186. 186
    fatima Says:


  187. 187
    Keely before Says:

  188. 188
    luckyL Says:

    You’re a dumbass fatima. I’m done with this travesty.

  189. 189
    CRIS Says:

    she used to be so beautiful….WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?

  190. 190
    fatima Says:


  191. 191
    Camden Says:

    OK, this size is NOT normal. Sorry to all you people who try to justify being obese as normal. It may be more common, but not normal. My worry for her is a thyroid condition or something. I hope that she does not have anything causing the weight but also that her weight has not caused serious health problems like diabetes, etc. Seriously, people, get a grip about FAT and stop trying to make bad and unhealthy life choices be OK and normal. If it’s not health related, she should go on a medically supervised diet and exercise plan. Not for us, but for her health.

  192. 192
    fatima Says:


  193. 193
    Keely now Says:

  194. 194
    Lil Trump Says:

    I’ll tell you what happened. She put on weight after the kids, then used the excuse of the kids for the weight. Millions of woman have kids and go back to their original weight. And look even better because their jugs grew! This biotch cant take the fork out of her mouth. She is one twinkie from gettin harpooned.

  195. 195
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    May this be proof to girls battling eating disorders that some men – even as dashing as Pierce Brosnan – can accept a woman as she is. She is beautiful and lovely and more like most American women then a size zero Paris Hilton. How lovely of him. It says everything abbout his maturity and grace that he has not bought into the Hollywood image machine. I guess that is what you learn after your first wife dies unexpectedly – life is too short to be wasted on finding the thinnest woman – find the one you love. Kudos Pierce!

  196. 196
    CRIS Says:

    Just for the record, obesity reduces life expectancy…her weight is not normal. Some people say she gained “some weight” – you need take a closer look

  197. 197
    Celeb watcher Says:

    She’s still a beautiful lady.


    More power to her!

  198. 198
    super duper size Says:

    her azz is fat..dont lie..she needs to a sandwich, not 10. ewww.

  199. 199
    clapping Says:

    # 157 Maureen @ 01/17/2008 at 7:15 pm lula29 @ 01/17/2008 at 7:04 pm Well, unfortunately for his wife she has a medical condition that causes her to gain weight, that’s why she’s bigger than she used to be.

    You can tell she works out because she’s toned, so she’s doing the best she can.

    I think she looks great and I’m glad her and Pierce are happy together.


    Well said. There are a number of medical condtions that occur in women that can cause weight gain. Adult hypothyroidism is one and rheumatoid arthritis (the medication is known to cause weight gain in a lot of women). I’ve read that she’s had to battle with weight gain. To stay thin she would have to essentially starve herself. Metabolism isn’t equal in everyone. She’s still a beautiful, compassionate and intelligent woman.

    It’s better than seeing the lipo sucted, botoxed, over madeup women so prevalent in Hollywood.

    She has a medical condition that made her gain weight. More woman should be proud of her than Jennifer Aniston who goes under the knife and then lies about it.

    Keely is a true cute classy woman . No wonder she can keep her man.

  200. 200
    dont think so Says:

    Puleeeese ”FAT OBESE WOMEN/ MEN” look like this.
    Keely is OBESE.
    Tara Reid is to ANOREXIC!!jmo.

    Neither OF THEM look right..
    there is a MIDDLE GROUND..
    People who care about themselves -dont go to either EXTREME…

  201. 201
    food Says:

    gross- moo.

  202. 202
    CJ Says:

    Wow could not believe this was her went to getty images just to compare the face only photos there were dated 2004 and yes the face does resemble the photos here. What a change. Can’t believe she has gotten that heavy.

  203. 203
    mrsmeanie Says:

    Why are all the comments about her? She’s not a hollywood starlet, she’s a private person….funny no comments about him – he’s on his way to looking like Jack Nicholson, but I guess that’s okay since he’s not a woman…so it’s allowed, right?

  204. 204
    so Disappointed... Says:

    I seriously can’t believe you people! Are you all THAT bored that you feel the need to criticize a woman’s weight? You all seem to believe that you are criticizing her weight on the basis of her health, but we all know that’s bulls**t. You are obviously insecure about your own appearance that you feel it is your duty to tell someone that they are not good enough. But you don’t have that right.

    It’s her life, he loves her and nothing else should matter. Get over yourselves and find a life that doesn’t involve telling a confident and beautiful that she is too fat to be worthy of anyone’s love.

    There is more to life than appearance if anyone actually cares…

  205. 205
    Musicisourhigh Says:

    She is living and enjoying her life so more power to her. Yes, I’m use to her being thinner but you know what I’m sure the extra pounds don’t change who she is inside. I’m glad her and Pierce and a happy and in love couple.

  206. 206
    MonkeyShines Says:

    I believe Keely is ill. She has some disorder and Pierce has spoken of it only in passing saying something like “she’s beautiful at any size and she’s got an ill so f -off”. And he’s right. She’s beautiful, she obviously loves her body and feel comfortable enough to sport that bikini.

    I say GO KEELY with your hot self.

    And you know who else has a normal sized wife and loves her and her curves? Delicious Clive Owen. He has a plus sized wife that he’s crazy for – thinks she’s a goddess.

  207. 207
    Lili von Shtupp Says:

    People, admit it — She is a cow. Moooooo!!!

    OMG, now she is skinny dipping:

  208. 208
    babyray Says:

    There is NOTHING wrong with being FAT (other than health, and if the person is happy that is fine)

    BUT ————— there is something VERY WRONG about using a two piece bikini being THAT size!


  209. 209
    rp Says:

    #204..this woman is not normal sized..she is fat….she let herself go big time…the only excuse for this is a gland disorder….being fat is not normal…

  210. 210
    Maria Says:

    what happened to Keely Shaye-Smith?????? she used to be thin and gorgeous! it’s as if she became obese!

  211. 211
    that bitch Says:

    Thar she blows!!!!
    Hey I know it ain’t PC but I couldn’t resist. LOL.

  212. 212
    angel hair Says:

    okay, so keely doesn’t fit the contemporary definition of beauty, but i love that she’s comfortable enough to enjoy herself in a bikini.

  213. 213
    MovieMAdness Says:

    You aLL may not be FAT, but I bet you’re UGLY as hell. Inside and Out. Lets see your pictures so we can pick apart your looks…

  214. 214
    Tug Says:

    My god, she used to be in shape and a real beauty…wtf happened?! Nothing against putting on a couple of pounds, but she has seriously let herself go.

  215. 215
    monikka Says:

    SHE IS FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those who say she isn’t are insane idiotic moronic blind dumb a$$e$!

  216. 216
    rae Says:

    Pierce has gained a little but that face is still hot. He’s still the hottest Bond. I admire Keely’s self confidence. So many women are so insecure. I think it probably says a lot about their relationship too that she has that kind of self confidence in her looks and body. Having someone you love think you’re beautiful can go a long way.

  217. 217
    Maureen Says:

    clapping @ 01/17/2008 at 8:12 pm # 157 Maureen @ 01/17/2008 at 7:15 pm lula29 @ 01/17/2008 at 7:04 pm Well, unfortunately for his wife she has a medical condition that causes her to gain weight, that’s why she’s bigger than she used to be.

    You can tell she works out because she’s toned, so she’s doing the best she can.

    I think she looks great and I’m glad her and Pierce are happy together.


    Well said. There are a number of medical condtions that occur in women that can cause weight gain. Adult hypothyroidism is one and rheumatoid arthritis (the medication is known to cause weight gain in a lot of women). I’ve read that she’s had to battle with weight gain. To stay thin she would have to essentially starve herself. Metabolism isn’t equal in everyone. She’s still a beautiful, compassionate and intelligent woman.

    It’s better than seeing the lipo sucted, botoxed, over madeup women so prevalent in Hollywood.

    She has a medical condition that made her gain weight. More woman should be proud of her than Jennifer Aniston who goes under the knife and then lies about it.

    Keely is a true cute classy woman . No wonder she can keep her man.

    So I showed this to my DH and another gentlemen at his work. As superficial and chauvinistic it may sound……………they both thought she was beautiful and didn’t notice any weight gain other than her chest, they claim noticing other weight just isn’t necessary. Men, I tell ya.

  218. 218
    Dank moe Says:

    It’s great to see a real woman on one of these celebrity blogs for a change. I’m not necessarily a chubby chaser, but Keely is pretty damn sexy.

  219. 219
    duckie Says:

    God Bless You Pierce and Keeley! I have no confindence in myself at 144 lbs, 5’8” and usually wear a one piece, but I’m going right out and buy a bikini. Yay for confidence in one’s figure!!!! Mayercraft Carrier here comes a new, confident woman.

  220. 220
    Save the Whales Says:


  221. 221
    go sox Says:

    I thought I remember reading something way back about her being diagnosed with something…..not sure though.

  222. 222
    ElenaBelle Says:

    well I do give her credit for having the balls to be in a two piece bikini and looking like that,really I do!

  223. 223
    anonymous Says:

    i don’t understand what happen to her she used to be a gorgeous woman, some women take advantage of a man’s love and they let themselves go and it is very bad she looks huge.

  224. 224
    liza Says:

    Keeley definitely could stand to take some weight off, if for no other reason than for health benefits. I’m not sure that if I was her I would be wearing a bikini. A nice one piece can be both very pretty and slimming.
    Miss America, although you think she is “absolutely disgusting and a disgrace to the Bond man” and others may agree; in the final analysis it doesn’t matter . The only person whose opinion matters is Pearce Brosnan’s. I think it’s pretty obvious that he loves her. Keeley is the mother of two of his sons and the woman he goes home to every day. Nobody puts a gun to his head and says he has to.
    You have to know that if he wanted to, and was so inclined, Pearce could go out and find a much thinner woman. They are all over Hollywood. Pearce has said before that Keeley’s weight is not an issue for him. Personally, I think that says a great deal about the man’s character.

  225. 225
    discipline Says:

    real woman -you people must be porkers yourself..
    I’m a real woman whatever that means.
    I would never want to be this over weight.
    Of course, give her an excuse -she was sick..well if that’s the case it was long ago.
    The woman likes to eat -get real. and her body shows it.
    Iwouldn’t want to be as thin as Jennifer C. or as fat as Keely.,
    like that poster said there is a middle ground. It’s called SLIM.

  226. 226
    Rachel Says:

    to anyone that said that she looks like a normal healthy woman, it’s quite clear that she’s not. sure, you can get all upset at the stick skinny women in Hollywood if you want to, maybe if you’re just just healthy but overweight. but her body type looks unhealthy, like she gets NO exercise and overeats.

  227. 227
    Michaile Says:

    FAT is NOT normal!! Thin is actually normal and natural!
    FAT is unhealthy and it also shows who you are on the inside!
    On the inside you obviously do not care enough about your health or the people closest to you because you allow your body to carry an extra 50 pounds.
    Our country, the USA, needs to stop with the Fat is normal and natural and beautiful bull-crap and start talking about health. FAT does not equal health. Have y’all been to Europe? No fat people. I didn’t see one walking sofa in the 6 months that I lived abroad. When I returned to the US ’tis all I see are gigantic,plaid, mis-matched walking sofa’s.
    BTW, I heard that Pierce’s wife has a horrible thyroid condition that she is trying to find the right medicine for. Alas, she isn’t fat and lazy like pretty much all of the USA.

  228. 228
    Caroline Says:

    Man, some of you are extremely, extremely rude. You should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking it’s okay to insult his wife so blatantly. Asking “What the hell happened to her!?” or “THAT’S his wife?” is very inconsiderate and appalling. You obviously don’t believe it’s possible for someone as great and handsome as Pierce Brosnan to be with someone like her. I, in fact, think she’s very pretty and, from little I know, a very nice person. You should stop being so unbelievably shallow.

  229. 229
    ezekiel Says:

    As a young man I’m quite impressed by Pierce Brosnan. I mean, he’s a big star and he could be dating some young skinny hot chick (Hello, Bruce Willis ?) but he sticks with his wife, who I find quite lovely even though she’s clearly overweight. SO what ? Maybe he’s not as shallow as other men, and that’s quite impressive, because you could expect a guy who once had Denise Richards or Famke Janssen in his arms to appreciate only thin/skinny/athletic girls and obviously that’s not the case. They seem to be happy.
    I suspect some of the girls on this board are somewhat jealous because they wish they had a man who loves them for who they are, not because they look Kournikova-thin in a bikini

  230. 230
    ANN Says:

    DAMMM, how the hell did she go from hot to FAT, what happened. did she eat an elephant or what

  231. 231
    em Says:

    It’s cruel to call someone names, especially if you don’t know them. However, when did obesity become “normal”? Just because obesity is prevalent in the U.S. doesn’t mean that it’s representative of what is normal. People should be less focused on how she looks, and more focused on her health and how/why she has gained so much weight.

    P.S.~ JustJared rocks.

  232. 232
    rock n'roll, hey! Says:

    Reading these comments make me feel like I should do workout 3 hours a day starting right now. I’ve gained like 10 lbs or so within last year… and I feel terribly guilty. I have to get in shape! I wanna feel skinny again.

  233. 233
    remember da truth Says:

    So true – this weight is not a “normal” weight, just what so many fat Americans are used to seeing, which is why anyone without fat over their muscles they call “anorexic”.

    She was thinner, but like most people not in the public eye, she gained weight with kids and getting older, Pierce has stayed with her because he loves HER, and the shallow people here only caring about looks ought to learn from that. He looks pretty happy to me.

    That said, for a fat woman, she looks pretty darned good! The bikini is not an affront as it is on so many women, even thin women. She is overweight, but looking good nonetheless.

  234. 234
    Alexanderina Says:

    I am sure he has no problem with his wife weigh and good for him. Thanks Jared

  235. 235
    remember da truth Says:

    #30 you are so right. There is great beauty in the hearts of both Pierce and his wife.

  236. 236
    ... Says:

    #93, actually theres quite a few VERY overweight British people as well. (Not meaning to pick on British people but they’re just the only ones I’ve seen alot of)

  237. 237
    gwen Says:

    pretty sure he picked up this woman back when she was a TV host and something other then a candidate for the richard simmon’s slim-down. f*ckin’ h*ell, she is HUGE! she struts it like it’s not going to make people wannna lost their lunch. One peice STAT or swim in your own d*mn pool.
    Isn’t Peirce supposed to be some Hollywood sex symbol?? Maybe he’s afraid of the money she’d take with her if there was a divorce so he stays with her.
    Not to be mean, but people this big are usually just due to laziness in their lifestyle and constant eating of bad food. Would I enjoy foie gras or milkshakes everyday? Yeah! Do I indulge like that everyday? No! I want to have a quality life, I want my health, and I care about how I present myself to the world.

  238. 238
    [~F a m o u s~] Says:

    wow! a fat girl got 235 plus comments. hilarious!

  239. 239
    Carlie Says:

    maybe she’s pregnant?

  240. 240
    holly Says:

    i’m pretty sure this woman doesn’t work out.. she’s all lumps and bumps. pretty sure she also doesn’t have a thyroid issue, and if she did they have pills for it and a doctor would tell you to alter your diet in order to deal with the weight issues that come with thyroid probs.
    i have a girl across the street from me, who’s also the size a VW and she struts around in mini skirts and 2-peices all of the time. I guess she figures you have to show skin to get any attention since her bloated face and fatty non-curves aren’t enough to pull it.
    i love all the people that have called this woman “curvy” or “real” btw. chubby may be how lots of women end up, but this lady isn’t chubby. she’s unhealthy obese. and there aren’t any curves to speak of, she’s just a big blob.
    i wonder if peirce ever feels disgusted with her while he’s eating right or working out. i know i would. and i’d leave this chick in a heartbeat if i were him. when someone lets themselves go this far, they obivously don’t care enough to mantain their health. if that’s their character then it probably translates thru the rest of their life, i don’t need to know that type of person.

  241. 241
    Jason Ortega Says:

    Danm how in the hell is a guy supposed to get it up looken at somthin like that???

  242. 242
    fyi Says:

    just from the looks of these pics….pierce needs to run quickly from this soo called wife….his first wife was probably his ideal….but this keely is not a good influence on him nor herself…..what a whale!

  243. 243
    jess Says:

    wow i dont remeber he looking like that…

  244. 244
    iVAN LEON Says:


  245. 245
    Jason Ortega Says:

    How in the hell is a guy supposed to get it up looken at that???

  246. 246
    M Says:

    I love Pierce. He is one sexy man! And I admire him even more b/c he loves his wife and isn’t some shallow hal!!

  247. 247
    parv Says:

    god, u guys r mean.
    y is the focus always on the body shape…maybe u should ask urself if pierce likes his wife this way? tht says a lot for him.
    hats off to her for having the confidence to wear a bikini…
    get a new topic to discuss!

  248. 248
    jimm johnson Says:


  249. 249
    Carlie Says:

    Maybe she’s testing his love. To see how genuine his love really is…..

  250. 250
    Jason Ortega Says:

    All these chicks are saying guys are shallow lmao. Women are shallow cause they wont even look at a guy unless hes got $. All were asken for is somthin we can look at without having to throw up !

  251. 251
    Nicky Says:

    Fat or not she is still very pretty and she can rock a bikini.

  252. 252
    Maureen Says:

    holly @ 01/17/2008 at 10:30 pm i’m pretty sure this woman doesn’t work out.. she’s all lumps and bumps. pretty sure she also doesn’t have a thyroid issue, and if she did they have pills for it and a doctor would tell you to alter your diet in order to deal with the weight issues that come with thyroid probs.


    Thyroid medication DOES NOT help woman lose weight. It only helps to stabilize or even out the problem. with the thyroid To counteract an underactive thyroid, especially if it has gone on for years undetected, takes a lot of time. Some women are fortunate when their efforts show earlier results. Keely is not a known smoker, drinker or abuser of drugs and people want to rip on her for gaining weight.

  253. 253
    wily Says:

    OMG, so attractive, i saw her blog on . the blog is sincere and attractive. every one needs something new,It’s said most famous stars has tried to seek some hot girls for interracial relationship or joy. Maybe sometimes you need to make your life more crazy. LOL.

  254. 254
    Piper Says:

    i am killing myself in the gym everyday and hating every minute of it so part of me wish i have the confident to say screw it to the world like her.

    yay PB for proving that loyal, loving and faithful husbands in Hollywood exit.

  255. 255
    tonya perry Says:


  256. 256
    Piper Says:

    also, look at her smile. she looks like a happy woman so who are we to say otherwise. rather this than low self-esteem girls starving themselves.


  257. 257
    b Says:

    At first I was surprised at these pics, but when I looked further I was surprised at how attractive she is. Yeah, she’s overweight but i don’t think her body is unappealing. She’s not really flabby or anything and she obviously has a ton of confidence which is very alluring. And good for him for not freaking out about having a full figured wife. I think it’s great (aside from any health issues).

  258. 258
    Nicole Says:

    Nasty Nasty. What a terrible mess.
    She is not full figure but fat all the way
    and 007 looks terrible.
    Both of them need to be on Celebrity Fit Club.

  259. 259
    PIERCE Says:

    The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin’.



  260. 260
    igotyou Says:

    I’d like to see what half of you people look like – HOW RUDE for u to speak of people who are overweight …

  261. 261
    anonymous Says:


  262. 262
    Holly Says:

    holly @ 01/17/2008 at 10:30 pm i’m pretty sure this woman doesn’t work out.. she’s all lumps and bumps. pretty sure she also doesn’t have a thyroid issue, and if she did they have pills for it and a doctor would tell you to alter your diet in order to deal with the weight issues that come with thyroid probs.


    Thyroid medication DOES NOT help woman lose weight. It only helps to stabilize or even out the problem. with the thyroid To counteract an underactive thyroid, especially if it has gone on for years undetected, takes a lot of time. Some women are fortunate when their efforts show earlier results. Keely is not a known smoker, drinker or abuser of drugs and people want to rip on her for gaining weight.

    Sorry Maureen, but this woman is married to a hollywood star, I highly doubt she went “years” without medical attention. And you just said meds would “even out” the thyroid issue if there was one.. best case scenario. That’s why I said the doctor would tell her to alter her diet.
    Fact is she’s lazy, she eats wrong. I’m so sick of people getting fat and blaming their thyroids and getting their stomach’s stapled. Put the oreos down and put your running shoes on!

  263. 263
    lurker Says:

    I think she’s bigger than Nikki Blonsky.

    She use to be thin. It looks so unnatural to me because I remember what she looked like before. Maybe she’s on some steroid medication and that’s what’s giving her that bloated fat look?

  264. 264
    Denice Says:

    To all of you who assume that Keely is unhealthy, think again. Being overweight doesn’t automatically mean you are unhealthy. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is healthier than many of us on this board. She is out there, swimming, doing something active. I know tons of skinny folks who do no exercise, eat junk food, smoke, etc. I think she looks pretty fit and she is very pretty. Overweight, hell yeah. But she looks great.

  265. 265
    nica Says:

    Granted she was thinner when they got together. At that time she was also a public television figure. Who knows why she has gained weight. It could be a medical condition, time (or lack thereof), sadness, no one really knows.

    They are still together which speaks volumes especially in crazy Hollywood. I know how hard it is to try to maintain a little bit of a healthy weight and I’m no where near Hollywood. More power to her.

  266. 266
    magee Says:

    Everyone knows you are weightless in water. Even obese people float in water.

    I think this is why she is happy. There is no stress on her joints and she feels light as a feather in water. Swimming is the best excercise or doing excercise in water.

  267. 267
    anon Says:

    In the bikini pictures, she’s holding her stomach in. On the beach her stomach is bigger:

  268. 268
    Maureen Says:

    Holly @ 01/18/2008 at 12:01 am holly @ 01/17/2008 at 10:30 pm i’m pretty sure this woman doesn’t work out.. she’s all lumps and bumps. pretty sure she also doesn’t have a thyroid issue, and if she did they have pills for it and a doctor would tell you to alter your diet in order to deal with the weight issues that come with thyroid probs.


    Thyroid medication DOES NOT help woman lose weight. It only helps to stabilize or even out the problem. with the thyroid To counteract an underactive thyroid, especially if it has gone on for years undetected, takes a lot of time. Some women are fortunate when their efforts show earlier results. Keely is not a known smoker, drinker or abuser of drugs and people want to rip on her for gaining weight.

    Sorry Maureen, but this woman is married to a hollywood star, I highly doubt she went “years” without medical attention. And you just said meds would “even out” the thyroid issue if there was one.. best case scenario. That’s why I said the doctor would tell her to alter her diet.
    Fact is she’s lazy, she eats wrong. I’m so sick of people getting fat and blaming their thyroids and getting their stomach’s stapled. Put the oreos down and put your running shoes on!


    Holly, hypothyroidism is a disease that goes undetected and overlooked unless a TSH test is done(and that alone is not the deciding factor) and many females do not recognize it for what it is. Many attribute it to having a hard time losing baby weight. Altering your diet does not change if you’re diet is what it should be to begin with. With a thyroid disease, it’s not a diet issue but a metabolic one. You can have hypothyroidism and eat a well balanced diet, exercise and do everything you’re suppose to and things may not change.

    It could be something else altogether and the oreo speculation is just wrong. I’m not sure how being the wife of a Hollywood star changes that. Unless you’re saying she should succomb to lipo and drugs like a number of Hollywood wives.

    Denice, Jim Fixx, a famous marathon runner in great shape died of a heart attack. His being thin didn’t make him any more healthy. You’re right on with your post.

  269. 269
    dianad1968 Says:

    I read an article not too long ago in which she was lamenting her weight gain, but the good thing is, she said, her husband is not bothered about her weight and loves her no matter how she looks.

    We women should all be so lucky.

  270. 270
    SF Says:

    What happened to his wife? I remember she was very slim and suddenly now she has gained all that weight? I admire her bravery too in wearing the bikini, Why not? It’s not like Pierce Brosnan is looking great or anything. Despite the weight gain she still has a pretty face.

  271. 271
    Julz Says:

    this is how a lot people look like!

  272. 272
    BHcolin Says:

    Okay– I’m shocked by what I’m read here. Yes, she has put on a lot of weight. Yes, she’d be healthier if she lost weight. We as a US culture are heavier than the rest of the world – our “normal” size is changing. Not the best thing for us as people, but with everything processed and everyone eating on-the-go (fast food) it’s changing the way Americans look. We as a society should work on eating healthier, exercising more.

    But most of theses messages are just calling her a fat, and awful mean spirited comments. I don’t get it, why be so mean

    I was heavier in high school and have worked to stay fit since- cause I didn’t like how I felt then– but for so many to sit back and judge and to be so cruel about it. And I guess what really is shocking is the pleasure some of those who have commented are taking in being so cruel – and it took 37 comments to mention his weight gain. She still looks very pretty. Peoples bodies are different and time changes how weight is gained -maybe medical who knows, because I don’t know the lady. I don’t know what lead to this so who the F-ck would I be to judge her

    Who enjoys being so hateful? Who likes using words to hurt people? That to me is unhealthy

    And I would think that as more of the world starts eating the unhealthy food, like the states have, will will start seeing Britain, Canada, etc… start to have an increase inn the waist

  273. 273
    brad Says:

    They are my friends , you would be luck to have friends like that.
    She is a real person, not like the shallow people who all they can right about is ? ………. and as for the jerk that took the photos from the bush…i don,t think much of u, no

  274. 274
    fatty Says:

    you who make fun are ugly ugly people.uglier then she,ll ever be there are good men who love there woman for what they are. you make me sick

  275. 275
    Lena Says:

    I first thought that the pictures were photoshoped- she looks like a whale. I’ve seen some pictures of hers when she was younger and she used to be really pretty and less heavy. There’s no need to bei thin like a stick but in these pictures she looks absolutely horrible…from my point of view.

  276. 276
    The Arab Aquarius Says:

    Ah well, as long as he is in love with her thats what matters. Good for him i say…

  277. 277
    marie Says:

    Pierce doesn’t look like he’s having much fun, I hope all is well in their marriage. she looks more normal than all those messed up skinny superficial celebs (not talking about Angelina)

  278. 278
    groundcontrol Says:

    That kind of weight gain can happen once your metabolism slows down around 40. You starting becoming premenopausal.

    A lot of women are naturally trim and don’t have to work at it then POW – your body starts gaining and you aren’t really doing anything different. It happened to me – from being a size 2 all my life to gaining a LOT of weight in my 40s. Once you gain a lot it’s easy to keep gaining more. It’s hard to make the change but once you do it’s an incredible feeling.

    Keely has way too much weight on her. It affects all your body parts no matter healthy she may seem it’s taking a toll on her knees, her heart especially, hips, her feet are subject to swelling, it ages your face terribly, etc. The extra fat increases her risk for breast and other cancers. Her menopause will be harder and her hot flashes will, too. She is at least 200 lbs. & probably more. If she lost 50 lbs over a year she’d still be a sexy, curvy woman. She certainly wouldn’t be skinny or even thin. But she easily needs to lose that much.

    When I finally decided to take off my 40s weight gain I went to Weight Watchers which worked perfectly for me. Slow, safe, healthy for your skin weight loss. I averaged about .9 lbs a week steadily. I was thrilled when I regained my body. This time I exercised and lifted weights which I never did in my younger days. I had a body even better than before.

    And I don’t know anybody who was unhappy when they lost their fat. It’s very empowering to reclaim your body. I doubt very much she is medically ill – she is just eating too much and not watching her portions. It’s really the main reason why people get fat. They eat too much. Duh! We all know that. You have to get control of your eating.

    She is so beautful but for her own sake and her family’s she needs to lose. Don’t be sure her husband likes it. Just cause he hasn’t left her – I’m sure he loves her – but he’ll be hapier when she looks sexy again. Fat even affects sexual agility – now that’s a real reason to lose.

  279. 279
    Bec Says:

    She is probably in the overweight category BMI wise but her weight isn’t endangering her health nearly as much as a lot of underweight hollywood starlets.

    People seem to know all the dangers of being overwieght but there are a lot of health risks with being underweight too. I could easily see the Olsen twins suffering osteoporosis when they hit their 30s.

  280. 280
    Raquel Says:

    Well Kelly wasn’t skinny! She was always overweight but now she is too mucht!!! She needs to lose weight very very urgently!!!She gain so mucht weight in so little time if she doesn’t care for that she will be 100 kilos soon! That is not healthy at all guys!!! And she must have sufficient money to do all the treatments she likes

  281. 281
    Liz Says:

    I am just so surprised. I never thought any hollywood person would stay with a fat girl. Good for him.

  282. 282
    chubby chaser Says:

    wtf are you guys goin on about? She’s hot!

  283. 283
    angelina_mmm Says:

    obesity is not something that should be [praised
    there are plenty of normal looking people
    she is obese

  284. 284
    Joanna (Poland) Says:

    that’s his wife?!?! well, pierce has to be amazing guy if he’s still with her.

  285. 285
    dommy Says:

    OMG…what happened t his wife? She used to be skinny. too many sweets ;P

  286. 286
    Jeff Says:


    I was unsuccessful in my attempts to reach you last night and was hoping this particular subject would be brought up before I reached my destination. In case it had not, please feel free to share what a “Beached Whale” has in common with an Elephant.

    As women reach body mass, greater than what their bodies are designed for, they share one particular problem. As their bodies and legs enlarge, their inner thighs rub together to such a degree that; not only overall body heat heightens and sweat flows like tributaries from all areas of the body, the inner most thigh area is one particular area which can really send a thermometer through the roof!

    The area actually keeps a nasty rash to a point where the excessive heat and chaffing eventually darkens the skin. Over time the skin will take on the feel, and look mind you, of the skin of an elephant.

    That said, take a look at her picture where she is getting out of the water and her left leg is somewhat extended and her right leg is back. You may initially dismiss it as a shadow, but please carefully consider where the shadows are on the both legs and the direction of the light source.

    Your talk show is the fix I long for after a long day and has helped tremendously with my personal life ~ THANK YOU. I find myself in awe at some of the people that call and laugh until I’m almost in tears at how you handle the different conversations! Keep up the excellent work!

    Last but not least, is there such a thing as a ‘Leykis-101′ decal for cars? If so, where could I obtain one?

    Best Regards,


  287. 287
    Michelle Says:

    Thank goodness there are sites like this to let her know that she is overweight!!! Cause I’m sure she wouldn’t have known otherwise.

    Does her being overweight make her any less worthy of love? Well according to some of the posts here it does! Why is there such an assumption that being thin and good looking “entitles” you to anymore than anyone else?

  288. 288
    eb, london Says:

    “Way to go” my ****! And no she’s not a “natural” woman, because she over-ate her way to that excess weight…

    Several renowned international medical journals have called obesity and being over-weight as the number 1 eating disorder in the western hemisphere, they said the numbers makes it an epidemic in most western countries !
    Don’t believe the experts?

    Drive or walk around town sometime and count how many hallow cheeks boney shoulder-blades and skinney limbs you can spot compared double chins, stomachs hanging over belts and tyre-layered effects on tops?

    So why do people crack jokes about the weight of skinny celebs like Victoria Beckham, Mischa Barton or Angelina Jolie but aren’t as vicious with fat celebs like Rosanne, Rosie O’Donnell (why by the way make fun of skinny celebs) …I’ll tell you why its political correctness! Heaven forbid you should call a fat person fat…that would be blasphemous but it’s OK to call skinny celebs bean-poles, skeletal or wafer!!!

    You either treat both sets of people sensitively (which would be the right way) or you take the kid gloves off and say it like you see it!!!

  289. 289
    Dan Says:

    Its a simple case of chubby chasing, maybe thats he’s secret.
    But Dam thats a big girl!!!!

  290. 290
    Brownback Says:

    That’s not his wife, thats his horse.

  291. 291

    I remember her from Unsolved Mysteries. I was shocked when I saw these pics.

    Pierce, on the other hand, is looking good as always.

  292. 292
    m Says:

    I think she’s big and beautiful and sexi, and i think he feels the same way for her! love them both!

  293. 293
    msguidedmama Says:

    She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. I remember when they had their first child, she was model thin, but healthy, and appeared on the front of Redbook nursing her son, with Pierce looking on. The world flipped! There is no pleasing the masses. Too thin , too fat, showing breast with baby attached, showing implanted boobs through shirts…whatever.

  294. 294
    suzi Says:

    wow has she ever gained weight! So has Pearce. Keeley’s weight is unhealthy for any woman. Can you imagaine the stress it’s putting on her heart. If Pearce wants Keeley to be around in 10 years he should help her loose the weight. She is mother of two boys and they’re going to need her as they get older. There all kinds of diets out there; weight watchers, LA weight loss, the zone diet etc. etc. You can’t tell me that with all the money this man has he can’t find a diet and personal trainer that Keeley will be comfortable with. This man has no problem paying for meals to be delivered on a daily basis.

  295. 295
    kelly jerk Says:

    What monster!!! This woman is so fat that made me feel scared.

  296. 296
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    Pierce loves her and that’s all that should matter. For those of you who have called her names, I have only thing to say — ‘what goes around comes around’.

  297. 297
    Nik Says:

    That’s every man’s nightmare of what will happen to their woman after marriage.

  298. 298
    who Says:

    I screamed when I saw her photo! That said, more power to her. That’s a lot of confidence!
    And I love Pierce even more!

  299. 299
    me Says:

    I’m sorry to tell this, but she is soooo fat and ugly..
    I think she should take herself to the gym.. I guess having such a men near her must make her to take care of her look just a litlle bit, no???

  300. 300
    Ellen Says:

    Im Not Being Mean But Shes Fat Get Her Off Of That Picture Her Stomic ewwwww

  301. 301
    malsisk Says:

    she’s UGLY.

  302. 302
    lily Says:

    props to her. she is nornal and people freak. At least her mind is healthy that she doesn’t care what people think and she had the confidence to wear a bikini. Being the wife of a celebrity must not be easy so i applaud her for being true to herself and keeping it real.

    If she loses weight then she would do it the healthy way and on her time but seriously though people, she had 2 kids. the girl looks fine.

  303. 303
    holly Says:

    i’m not going to argue with you. i have a girlfriend who has a thyroid issue of some sort. not exactly sure what, because i wasn’t about to pry. that said my friend is not a fatty like this woman. there is simply NO excuse for it.
    you keep sticking up for the fat people tho, someone needs to.
    personally i think people have become lazy and glutton is on a lot of plates.. glutton being snacking too much and not moving enough.
    like i said these people who claim they’re fat a*sses due to a health issue or the ones that get stapled are just lazy.

  304. 304
    yawn Says:

    Oh so what if she’s fat…does it really matter? They’re married and have kids and to be fair Pierce isn’t exactly looking too skinny either with that belly of his. Neither is he a big time celebrity anymore…why do the paps even care about these people? Must be a slow gossip day.

  305. 305
    morgan Says:

    She’s cute! she looks FINE

  306. 306
    coco lee Says:

    fat, ugly

  307. 307
    asd Says:

    why are the looks so extremely important to some people?
    2 people can be together for a lot more than just good looks! there are other things which are more important on the long run, than the shape of the body!
    She did not go to a photo session, somebody just invaded her privacy! what would you suggest? that she locks herself up?! Good for her that she acts normal!
    If you worry about her health this would mean you care about her, but it does not look like that… considering the attitude of some of the posters…
    Sometimes I had around me people like this, and the fun is the way they are, not the way they look like! And some are a much better company than some brainless flat chicks which are just popular because of a “standard good look”.
    If the girl is cute – cool! if her man is seen as cooler than her – very good! She must be very special if she manages to have him!
    The same applies for men!

    For the people which constantly hunt down others:
    Try to see some nice things in life – it’s much more fun!

  308. 308
    Sarah Smith Says:

    My mom has a figure like hers and I love my mom and my dad loves her too. Judging from the pictures above, I am wondering if Pierce Brosnan wants to be seen with his wife in public? I mean, why would he chose to go to the water alone while his wife goes with her brother?

  309. 309
    pinkrose Says:

    So what if she is curvy, fat etc…??? Its not your business!!!!!


  310. 310
    Lita Says:

    Why!! Why!! Why!!

  311. 311
    Pia_antoinette Says:

    great ! seems he is having BIG FUN – and I bet he feels warm and cosy and cuddly all night, every night!
    Sooo much better, than getting hurt by hugging “bones” instead, don’t you think?!!!

  312. 312
    SweetykaT Says:

    You GO! Keely! Strut your stuff, Girl!!!

    Pierce likes REAL women. That’s very sexy!!!

  313. 313
    Heywood jablomie Says:

    Calling her “normal” is like that one Associated Press idiot journalist calling Nikki Blonsky “curvy and diminutive”. Blonsky is “curvy” the same way a beachball is “curvy”. Or a sack of potatoes. Lumpy and shapeless are the words to use for her.

    Once again, if you folks are going to bash thin women as skeletons or keep telling them to eat cheese burgers, I don’t see why we should give this morbidly obese blimp an even break? Bash all women equally, eh?

    I think most of the women here are of a similar weight to Pierce’s wife and are not defending just her. Fat is fat and obese is obese, sorry.

  314. 314
    JD Says:

    Despite her size she stil has a pretty face.

    Good that they are still together.

  315. 315
    matahari Says:

    She used to be pretty and slim, that’s why pierce brosnan married her. And then she doesn’t care with her body image anymore. I salute her for her high self esteem & dare to wear bikini. But please, consider other people, don’t give them eyesores. Next time, wear a one piece swimsuit.

  316. 316
    Suzz Says:

    WOW over 300 posts … !?

    They look happy, very happy indeed. Some people do eat.

  317. 317
    remember da truth Says:

    Am appalled at the people who say because Pierce is good-looking, he should leave his loving, smart, kind wife because she got fat.

    I hope you someday learn what love is really all about, and not have to learn it the hard way when someone hurts you for not being perfect.

  318. 318
    ajerkisajerk Says:

    Fat is fat is fat, Curvy does not mean fat, and fat does not mean curvy. She had alot of guts to put on a bkikini being that big, she deserves a medal for whale of the year. Now I see why Jennifer Love Hewit said she is not fat!!

  319. 319
    Vee Says:

    It looks like they are both gaining weight, and it seems to be their pleasure to eat. She is not NORMAL, and neither is the man in the picture with her that Jared thinks is her brother. The American society is facing a crisis with obesity, and we shouldn’t ignore it by calling it NORMAL. Just look at all the celebrities who used to be so defensive about being large (Star Jones, Carney Wilson, etc.), had by-pass surgery, and now disclose how miserable they really were when they were obese.

    I admire any man (Pierce included) for staying faithful to his wife whether she’s fat, thin, or normal; but that has nothing to do with the fact that she is unhealthily obese.

  320. 320
    SJ Says:

    Dont you just LOVE the confidence people have over the net. The guts to say anything cruel

  321. 321
    CHRIS Says:


  322. 322
    Spooky Says:

    Her head looks so tiny in comparison to the rest of her..

  323. 323
    Besane Says:

    Actually his wife looks wholesome and warm. Much better than some weight-obsessed 40 yr old delusional in keeping her figure, on the way becoming so selfish and self-centered that can’t have a family.

  324. 324
    Jules Says:

    You know it’s amazing to me that people always say “it’s not healthy to be overweight”. I’m over weight, have normal blood pressure, nothing wrong with the heart, totally fine. On my vacation in December I hiked in the jungle, mountain biked in the jungle, kayaked, snorkled, went caving, and did the zip line!! So yes folks you can be overweight, active and healthy. So lay off the “it not healthy” attitude. What’s not healthy is how obsessive this country is about weight and looks.

  325. 325
    Vee Says:

    #324 Jules–

    Your situation may work for you, but that is not the case for most overweight people. Obesity often becomes worse and life-threatening.

  326. 326
    loly Says:


  327. 327
    JD Says:

    This country is NOT obsessed with weight. If they were 60% would not be overweight or obese. In fact, we are not doing enough to take care of our bodies. I am sick of the waif arguement that is less than 5 % of the population. She is pretty but she is still too large. No one is saying for her to be a size 2 but a size 22 isnt good either. There needs to be a balance there.

  328. 328
    Didi Says:

    shes probably a mantrap.

    these mantrap women get married so they can let themselves go. once you trap a man (usually with a fake pregnancy declaration) , you marry him then tighten the noose and then chomp away at the fridge contents forever and ever because appearance doesn’t matter anymore – the poor ******* is stuck and has to mount a hippo for the rest of his life.

    he cant escape unless he pays you alimony till he dies or until you lose weight and remarry by trapping another poor arsehole.

    jobs a guddin’

  329. 329
    Helen Says:

    its just so good to see someone in a bakini that isnt shaped like a rake! love handles are never something, in my opinion that should be hidden!!!!!

  330. 330
    Princesz18 Says:

    She maybe heavy okay, But I give her credit for having CONFIDENCE and BEING HAPPY IN HER BODY! Alot of “slender” girls can’t even say that! YOU GO GIRL!

  331. 331
    Just Maybe Says:

    Just maybe he has what ‘Shallow Hal’ had in that movie with GP and he doesn’t know that she is fat but sees her as she was when she was thin ;)

    okay, I said ‘just maybe’. Maybe he will snap out if it, maybe not.

  332. 332
    mAMABEAU Says:

    Yikes! Scary how she’s let herself go. I too applaud Pierce for sticking w/ her through thick and thin (pun intended!) but I don’t know too many husbands that would be happy to see their once thin wife gain about 75lbs or more. Just not healthy.

  333. 333
    Momof3boys Says:

    For those of you who remember, she has NEVER been super skinny. That said, a tankini with a skirt would have been much more flattering they make cute ones that don’t look like old lady suits.

    Having kids is no excuse. I have had 3 and while not at all skinny or perfect I weigh a good 30 pounds less than she does. I think it is magnified by her choice of swim suits – I would not wear a bikini on a bet!

    She looks like she has at least an overweight BMI if not obese, which becomes a health issue. Glad she is so confident though!

  334. 334
    minimoki Says:

    She is a WOMAN ! A REAL WOMAN!
    Very sexy and very sensual and HAPPY!
    She has more sexappeal than many other young celebrities.
    And what is the best – he is a MAN who loves her and is attracted to her body.
    People you should all be jealous and I bet many of you are !

  335. 335
    cher Says:

    Can you guess who’s the next jenny craig celebrity !

  336. 336
    Hypo-thyroid Says:

    I have hypo-thyroidism and can gain weight very easily if I am not careful. So whatever health issues make you gain weight like this can be countered. It’s up to the person. For a beautiful girl like Keely Shaye Smith (I remember when he first dated her, I was so jealous of her) to become the way she is now, there has to be issues too deep to surface. It could be Pierce Brosnan wants his wife this way so she will not be lost to him like his first wife. Who knows?

    But she really needs to do something about this. It’s one thing to call overweight normal, but obesity is not normal.

  337. 337
    Madmoney Says:

    Yes, metabolic slowdown without some form of excercise after having children, but she is only 43 years of age! My guess is she suffers from emotional and psychological abuse from her arrogant “James Bond”.

    This is what happens when women give up their career and standing in the world for men, children, and then go unacknowledged for the sacrifice. You can be certain there is no sexual activity and she should be in the prime of her life! Where is the photo of them side-by-side at the beach?

    She’s a beautiful woman and deserves to have him let go of his wad of cash for a serious 2008 professional trainer, medical guide, nutritional coach to assist her in losing the weight, and letting go of the emotional baggage she must carry in her relationship.

  338. 338
    Pretense Says:

    minimoki @ #334.

    That may work for you but a therapist would suggest otherwise!

  339. 339
    Jean Says:

    I have hypo-throidism and can easily gain weight if I am not careful. So I don’t believe that health issue is the question here if she really is careful about it. I think there’s more to it than what appears on the forefront.

    When he lost his wife I felt horrible for him. Then when he started dating Keely Shaye Smith, I was jealous of her cuz she was so beautiful.

    for someone to get to this stage, there has to be issues. Could it be Pierce allows or even encourages so he doesn’t lose another women? Is he abusive?

    Keely really needs to pull herself out of this. It’s one thing to say 10-20 lbs overweight is normal, but obesity is not normal and she has two young children.

  340. 340
    jing Says:

    Haha. Everyone commenting are women.
    And under 20. :)

    You kids…Just grow up.
    Thanks to the sixties and Iggy, we think skinny=hot.
    False. That was not the case in the 1800 century.
    People ate less then and they were still N.O.R.M.A.L.

    But yeah. she seems overweigh. Buhu. Like she’s the only one.
    I mean, america is made of fatties and blonde little girls who wanna look like Christina Aguilera. AWESOME COUNTRY.
    Im glad I don’t live there. x)

  341. 341
    joneblaze Says:

    I love voluptuous women but it is shocking to see her with this much weight on.

  342. 342
    h.songia Says:

    She’s heavy, but she looks pretty good. There’s more than one body type in the world.

  343. 343
    New Jersey Says:

    You know it is so weird in this country. The very worst thing you can be is fat. People go wild about others people’s fatness. They ignore them and won’t look at them and treat them like they are invisible. We have a real cultural issue over being fat. Worse than a murderer, a rapist or thief. The worst thing in the USA is FAT. It is so scary to us.

    Sometimes, especially as you get older it is hard to find what the problem actually is. It is usually painful for the person trying to lose the weight but it won’t come off. Anti-depressants can make you gain tons of weight but you need to stay on them because of real chemical imbalances that create depression which is totally debilitating. There is so little compassion in these comments. All the media obsesses about weight and being thin. It’s on almost every magazine cover every month. Most American women are on a constant diet struggling to lose weight and they have a skewered perspective, thinking they are fat when they really aren’t.

    We have no idea what this woman’s problem is. We don’t have the facts. You people act like she wants to be like this. Maybe she has at least accepted herself as even though she is still trying to lose weight but for whatever reasons it’s not coming off. It took me until I was 60 to find out I was allergic to gluten. I was starving all the time and couldn’t eat enough. I was desperate. I also had sugar cravings off the wall. Because of the gluten allergy, I wasn’t absorbing my food and was starved. Once I was able to cut out gluten and get on a healthy eating regime of proteins and carbs together, everything changed. The sugar cravings disappeared completely! I am no longer out of control eating. I am happy with my food and I have let go of the need to be thin. But I am healthy and at a normal weight for my height.

    Don’t assume just because someone is overweight it means they aren’t doing anything about it. Give people a break! Life is hard enough. How about a little compassion for how we all suffer in the human condition. Or is it that everyone on this blog has a perfect life?

    Does it ever occur to anyone that women are controlled by the media and the diet industry to hate their bodies unless they are stick thin. It’s a way to keep women obsessed with their weight and the idea that everything would be okay if they could only weigh such and such pounds. You fill in the blank. It’s a way to get women to think constantly about what’s wrong with their bodies so they don’t have to think about all the other things in their lives that are making them unhappy.

    I never hear people talk about heavy older actors like this. Think about it. Women in this country are brainwashed about their bodies. Get off your high horses.

  344. 344
    Magnolia Von thunder pussy Says:

    Someone needs to call Celebrity Fit Club. I remember when she was a news correspondent for America’s Most Wanted. She was so slim. She’s still pretty, but lay off the carbs Keely!!

  345. 345
    Chloe Says:

    You can criticize her all you want but she is still married to one of the world’s hunks…AND James Bond no less!! Lucky woman!! (seems to me all the thin starlets of Hollywood have the most miserable private lives and broken relationships!!)

  346. 346
    ivermom Says:

    I admire her for being so confident in herself! I wish I were more like that!

  347. 347
    Helena Says:

    Why do you keep bumping up this thread?

  348. 348
    Milli Says:

    Come on people, we all know she is not obese. She is just a bit fat and its hard to lose it at her age without significant dedication. It takes a lot of dedication to lose weight. I should know. I was never fat in my life always a skinny 5’10″ and 120 lb girl. But few years ago I gained 30 pounds, unknowingly,after coming to US. It was a huge shock for me when I got into a bathing suit and my BF called me an ‘overweight mermaid’. And I was not even fat, just a bit flabby in the stomach area,unfortunately thats the only area I gain weight.
    However I felt really,really bad about myself and started losing weight. It took a lot of dedication and hardwork and self loathing to get back to my former shape. However i would have felt really happy to be accepted for what I was, a 15o lb normal girl, not a 120lb think stick.
    I feel happy for Keely, that she is loved and accepted for who she is. She looks good to me. All of you guys here saying bad things about her are jealous that she has it all. That she can eat whatever she wants and still have a handsome husband like PB who loves her , that she can eat bread or pie or cake and not just look at them from a distance and sigh(like I do, and sure most of the dieters do) and still have the confidence to get in a two piece bathing suit and not be called mean names by a person who claims to love you. Admit it ladies , she has it all ,she is happy and we are jealous.
    She looks totally good to me and this is coming from a 5’10″,120lb girl who works out hard and denies herself a lot of goodies just to feel accepted. I envy her.

  349. 349
    DWF Says:

    In case some of you ******** — and I am certain many of you are not thin yourselves — haven’t noticed, Pierce isn’t exactly cut like a god here. To me they look like normal middle-aged folks. I see plenty of ladies in two-pieces like that at the beach. The only reason this was posted was to stir up some fat-hatred, and that sucks.

  350. 350
    Fat is not normal Says:

    I’m a mom of two, well into my 30′s, and have hypothyroidism. I’m on synthroid (hypo-thyroid med), and work out at least 30-45 minutes a day. Is it a struggle to keep the weight down? You bet your ass it is, but here’s the thing…if I let myself get overweight, I would have even MORE health problems. People of a normal weight (and I’m not even talking about those skinny chicks…because that’s unhealthy as well) have less health problems.

    Keely is at a risk of having a heart attack (more women die of heart disease then men), and her kids are so young. If you ever watch that show “The Biggest Loser” …there are tons of women bigger than her that lost tons of weight. What amazes me is…she has the money to have a personal trainer and chef to cook low-fat foods. It’s really sad, because she has the means to lose that weight. Maybe she just doesn’t want to.

  351. 351
    Musicisourhigh Says:

    Fat is not normal, the thing is we are all speculating. We have no idea if she is trying to lose weight or not. Meanwhile she is enjoying her life for today and I commend her. She is not bad mouthing anyone just enjoying her day with her husband. We see these clips that show a snippet of their life and in that snippet she is happy. We have no idea what she is doing food wise, exercise wise or anything else

  352. 352
    Musicisourhigh Says:

    I still think she is a very pretty woman

  353. 353
    anna Says:

    she is “rubenesque”, she does not look flabby, and her body has shape, there are pics from a few years ago and she had already a full figure, it must be hard for her to lose weight (if she wants to). She is at the beach, and not sitting in fron of a computer or a tv, like so many couch potatoes in the US.
    She looks nice and has a beautiful face

  354. 354
    anna Says:

    sorry about the usa comment, I know that there are couch potatoes and people who have sedentary habits in many parts of the world, but there seems to be many people who don’t exercise, nor eat healthy but many are ready to criticize someone just because….
    I cannot believe that some say that Pierce her husband should or could leave her because she is overweight… unbealivable
    sorry about my spelling

  355. 355
    Yikes Says:

    Poor *******! He is one of the most handsome actors and he is married to Orca. A daily brisk walk would do her wonders! He must be a pretty stand up guy…first he stood by his first wife who died of cancer and now I guess, well, he is on a mission to save the whales!

  356. 356
    doughnuts Says:

    at least she has her hair…did she eat all of thanksgiving dinner by herself..she is soooooo fat -obese..she is real -real fat- and shes normal- normally obese and Pierce has manboobs..

  357. 357
    mATT Says:

    Maybe he likes his women with a bit of meat on them. I think she looks great and given the choice between a woman like Keely or some skinny waif, I would take Keely every time!

  358. 358
    postwatcher Says:

    Even the skinny girls look like that when they are not photoshopped.

    Everyone in Hollywood is fake and photoshopped.

  359. 359
    mike Says:

    When i saw her , i felt the same as everyone else .. However: i know someone that knows Pierce and his wife , and he said that it is a thyroid problem that is making her gain weight .. my step mom was overweight and used to use that excuse, but im going to give them the benefit of the doubt .. the thyroid is the only thing that makes sense to me …Also; she seems so comfortable about it , only, i beleive because Pierce is ok with it ( for the time being anyway ) which makes me beleive even more that it may be a thyroid problem ?????????

  360. 360
    know him Says:

    He hired the photographer to come there and do that/photo his wife.
    Possibly to get sympathy from readers of TMZ to help get support of the public for his civil lawsuit with the photographer he punched -Mr. Rosen. Using his wife when he knew people would say mean things and then rally around for them. So shameful of him. You see in the photos he is not acting angry when he spots the photographer. He was expecting him. He set his wife up.

  361. 361
    palvasha Says:

    hahahahahhahahhahahahha tooooooooooo funny im sorry i hate skinny girls but this looks funny looooooooooool he looks abit owchy too but then again he is old!!!! loooooooooooooool doesnt she remind u of halle berry coming out of the water in 007 looooooooool

  362. 362
    Angel eyes Says:

    Hey New Jersey #343, brilliant post and well said!

    There are so many more important things in the world out there then picking on each other and ourselves over a few extra pounds. I really think it’s a sad joke the media/people play on us, and we all fall it for it like little lambs.

  363. 363
    Jersey Says:

    This picture can do 2 things … Gross you out or you’ll be offended because you are a fatty also.

  364. 364
    Stan Says:

    2 drinks and i would drill her.

  365. 365
    jaxon Says:

    Just because people are saying she is fat doesn’t mean she is not a good person. But people it is what it is. She is carrying way too much meat on her frame. Fact. However, that weight doesn’t keep her from loving her husband, being a good mother to her children, and being a positive force in her community.

  366. 366
    oh Says:

    Angel eyes @ 01/18/2008 at 7:24 pm There are so many more important things in the world out there then picking on each other and ourselves over a few extra pounds.
    ———————–that’s more than a few pounds-she is obese. she probably weighs the same as 3 people .______________________
    # 363 Jersey @ 01/18/2008 at 7:26 pm This picture can do 2 things … Gross you out or you’ll be offended because you are a fatty also.

    # 365 jaxon @ 01/18/2008 at 8:30 pm Just because people are saying she is fat doesn’t mean she is not a good person. But people it is what it is. She is carrying way too much meat on her frame. Fact. However, that weight doesn’t keep her from loving her husband, being a good mother to her children, and being a positive force in her community.
    ___________ITA except for her being a positive influence, this is not good for her kids to see, neither is smoking, starving ect.. her community would want her to take better care of herself, jmo, i would if i was in her community.

  367. 367
    MISSY Says:


  368. 368
    Maria Says:

    “Beach whale”?, “need to get in shape”?, “there’s nothing wrong with a one piece”?…
    Oh my God, girls!!! I used to think some of you were just stupid. Now I can confirm it. All the people who insult her for her weight have mental problems and are pathetic.
    Have you thought that maybe she has some health problem that not let her to loose weight? Not always you can have the body you want.
    The worst thing is that most of you are women in your twenties and thirties, so it’s very sad you say these things.
    It’s very sad that in century XXI women still critic other women by their weight. Sometimes, the worst enemies of women are… the own women.
    And you? Do you have a “perfect” body? Pathetic…
    And I admire men like Pierce Brosnan. A man that can be and, most important, LOVE older women than him (like his former wife) and women with overweight.
    I would like to see men like Tom Cruise, George Clooney or Brad Pitt be with women who are more than 40 years old or/and are fat. But not, they are always with young, SLIM and beautiful girls… They are just pathetic as you.

  369. 369
    operaghost Says:

    The only thing that disgusts me about this issue are the PATHETIC people who write about how DISGUSTED you are with this woman who is not in the business anymore, who obviously doesn’t feel the need to be a size 0 or 2 or 4 or what have you, and who has the audacity to be married to a high profile man. How dare she!

    Well, how dare you? Leave this poor woman alone. She’s done nothing to invite your hatred and bile. If you want to pick on someone, please, feel free to project your hate vomit at one of the starlets who invite the attention.

    Obviously, Pierce Brosnan has evolved enough to know that a person’s body isn’t what makes them a viable partner. It’s their intelligence, their compassion, their sense of humor, their willingness to share the load. Perhaps some day, those of you who spew malice at anyone who isn’t a size 6 or less will find your compassion. Maybe you can evolve, too.

  370. 370
    SweetykaT Says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more! WTF? When are these stupid little girls going to realize that NOT everyone is meant to be a size zero, or 2, or even 10. Also, when are you going to realize that HEAVY doesn’t equal UNHEALTHY.

    I’m heavy and more healthy than most of my thin friends. No I cannot run the 100 meter dash in 10 seconds, but my arteries are not clogged with cholesterol and my glucose level is normal. I do desire to be smaller and have seeked help from doctors to do so but you know what they say to me after they do my blood work? “You have no health problems. I would advise you to see a nutritionists.” Most insurance policies don’t cover a nutritionists. I’ve never heard of one that does.

    Most men prefer women with something other than bones.

    You stupid shallow little girls are going to realize one day when you’re no longer in your teens and twenties and your looks aren’t what they used to be, no matter how thin you are, and the guy that you know married you for your looks, because that’s all you had to offer him, leaves you for a younger, thinner, woman, what are you going to do then? I guess you’ll be camped out in a plastic surgeon’s office looking like you’re made of plastic. Then you’ll get arrested because the surgeon will have to get a restraining order against you.!!! LOL!!! You poor, stupid, misguided, ignorant, shallow little girls.

  371. 371
    suzy Says:

    i heard that she had health problems and with medication it caused her to gain weight…

    What’s with all the name calling? For crying out loud all of you must be cows. Sometimes people who go from thin to big have an underlying reason… so know what the hell you are talking about before you make yourself out to look like a complete ass.

  372. 372
    gwen Says:

    Do you seriously think that Pierce should leave the woman he loves, the mother of his children, because she’s gained weight. What do you tell the kids…”We’re are getting getting a divorce because Mum got fat”.

    Seriously, if he got heavier and she was still slim (mind she was never, ever skinny) would there be this big discussion about how he looked like a beached whale and how she should dump his fat ass. I don’t think so.

    She’s big, but she’s not overly flabby and actually looks quite toned considering her size. I’ve seen lots of recent pictures of her playing tennis, so she’s obviously not sitting on her ass eating icecream all day. Size isn’t an accurate barometer of health or fitness in itself. She’s a 44yr old mother for chrissakes. Only a handful of women look like Cindy Crawford when they’re that age, and most of them still need a bit of surgery to look that way. Yes she could lose some weight, but seriously is it that big of a deal. Most of you don’t even know who she is, leave her alone.

  373. 373
    Kara Says:

    Why is it a big deal that she is chubby? Who cares? Props to Pierce for not being so superficial.

  374. 374
    Normal my butt Says:

    To those that say she looks normal – I’m sorry but being that size is NOT normal. This woman is obese.

    She probably has a plethora of medical problems and obvious image issues – as most obsese people have. She is hurting herself physically and mentally being that overweight. It only gets worse unless action is taken.

  375. 375
    Normal my butt Says:


    But Pierce isn’t unhealthy looking. She has folds of fat and it looks as if she has four breasts. That isn’t normal! If you want to see what a fat man looks like – look at the “Mystery Man” with Keely. That’s fat.

    You act as if Pierce is in her condition. He isn’t. He’s your typical 54 year old man – the majority of them have his body shape. The majority of 44 year old women are busting at the seams.

    She is obese and looks unhealthy. Not good. She probably has vast medical and personal problems.

  376. 376
    Normal my butt Says:

    *aren’t* busting at the seams

  377. 377
    Co Co Says:

    The whole thing about thyroid trouble and her weight gain is a bunch of garbage. I had my thyroid removed due to medical issues and have had a lot of problems regulating it, and I gained maybe TWO pounds.

    She must be eating a lot of burgers, that is all I can say. There’s no way a thyroid condition–either too high or too low–can cause THAT.

  378. 378
    LIVING LARGE ... Says:





  379. 379
    Heywood jablomie Says:


    “Most men prefer women with something other than bones.”


    That old self pitying, self deceiving lie. I swear, if a man walks in to bar and see this blimp, a Susan Sarandon lookalike, and a Michelle Pfeiffer (or Patricia Clarkson) lookalike there, do you think he wants to **** the blimp?

    If he likes curvy (actual curves, not a beachball), he’ll go for the “Susan”. If he likes svelte, he goes for the “Michelle”/”Patricia”.

    Only a chubby chaser would ignore the women with actual form to their figure and go for the blimp.

  380. 380
    Overweight ok obese noway Says:

    To all you people that are calling remarks about Keely being overweight mean you need to wake up. It is won thing to be a little overweight but she is obese to the point she looks unhealthy. Any doctor would tell her she needs to lose at least 50lbs. She is only 44. There is no excuse for her being that heavy, especially with all their $$. You know she has a made, money to buy the best food, and plenty left over to have a personal trianer. I don’t know how people can let themselves go so much. She was average looking & of average weight before they got married. I remember back then thinking she so scored with him What a shame as he looks damn good still & is 10 yrs. older.

  381. 381
    dtb Says:

    Leykis 101

  382. 382
    matt Says:

    Just because she is overweight or even obese doesn’t mean that no-one will find her attractive. Pretty face, large breasts, love handles and full round thighs. She looks very sexy just as she is.

  383. 383
    808 Says:

    my-oh-my…God Bless both of them. they’re so REAL…

  384. 384
    Spooky Says:

    Hard to believe this is the same person…

  385. 385
    Crazy Mike in Grapevine, tx Says:

    This has spoiled every James Bond film I have ever seen with Pierce Brosnan in it. She must have something over him like a invisible gun to his head. Has money and fame got him nothing but stupid? Well, he has got it all now, money, fame and fat! Pierce Brosnan is now at the top of my list for worlds biggest “p” whips! I would give her 90 days to shape up or ship out, and that is only for the kids sake. If it was me, I would have dumped this hog long ago!

  386. 386
    jenna Says:

    what is it with you pple that you say she should be wearing a one-piece? why cant someone who has a bit of “baggage” not wear a bikini??? you know a one-piece certainly doesnt look better on pple who are big.

  387. 387
    pro Health Says:

    To those of you who say that obesity is normal: There is a difference between obesity being (or having become) the norm vs. obesity being a normal (i.e. optimal) state for health. While I don’t advocate being cruel, I don’t think promoting obesity by defending it as normal is doing anyone good service. And while it may be “natural,” the naturalness stems from our biology being wired to store fat as a way to prevent starvation, not for sustaining obesity as a lifestyle. While people should be defended from cruelty, they should not be encouraged to be fat. Obesity is as natural as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. and I wouldn’t want to bring on any of it. That’s not superficial, that’s sensible and responsible.

  388. 388
    Angel eyes Says:

    I have a lot of respect for Pierce for staying with her. What are the vows–through thick and thin, and for better or for worse? He’s a real man.

    As for Keely, she can stand to lose a few pounds, but so can most of America. We dont need to degrade people like this. Being fat isn’t a crime. Far worse, is the cruelty and callousness shown by the people here. People who have no hearts have no souls, in my opinion. I would rather be fat and have a heart –than thin and dead on the inside.

  389. 389
    sophie_laurent Says:

    She looks like a whale and shouldn’t get out of the house! ! !

  390. 390
    erika Says:

    You guys are so mean… I actually like Pierce Brosnan more now that I know that he’s not as shallow as other people(ehem!).

    And don’t get me wrong. I’m thin but I appreciate people who “looks beyond the body”. And come on, she’s a mom. My mom’s kinda big too but she’s still got it.

    I hope you jerks out there get really really fat so you’ll get a taste of your own foul medicine.

  391. 391
    Alix Says:

    There is the healthy, curvy, womanly figure, like Marilyn Monroe or Sofia Loren. But Keely is NOT at a healthy weight! If she has two kids she cares about and love then she should try to live a healthy lifestyle (including maintaining a healthy weight) so she can have the energy to spend time with them, as well as setting a good example.

    For years women have been told it’s beautiful to look like a stick figure like Kate Moss, and it’s absolutely tragic that so many young girls are starving themselves to look the “ideal”. But now it seems we have a counter culture of people (mostly women) who claims that being overweight is beautiful, because it’s “natural” and “womanly”, which is also tragic because it isn’t natural to eat donuts for breakfast, a big mac for lunch and a giant plate of pasta for dinner, with a few candy bars in between! Being overweight is just as dangerous to ones health as being underweight!

  392. 392
    you idiots Says:

    Pierce Brosnan totally hired the photographer to take the photos of his wife and is setting her up. Either to wake her up to loose weight or to get you all to feel sorry for them because a “supposed” paparazzi is taking their picture. Don’t forget he has a lawsuit going with the guy/pap he punched in Malibu, and everyone reading this is a potential juror. So it’s a win/win for Brosnan to post these pictures of his wife. So sad for her. And maybe some of these comments rallying for Brosnan were typed in by his very own computer guy.

  393. 393
    Happierthanyou Says:

    I worked with Keely way back when she was co-hosting Unsolved Mysteries and when her love affair with Pierce was in it’s beginnings. She thin in those days but Pierce did not fall in love with her body – he fell in love with her heart and soul.
    She is one of the kindest, warmest, caring individuals I meant in “the business” and once you meet her, all else is irrelevant.
    I read with disgust some of the horrible comments on her “now” weight and wonder who the heck you think you are to judge her? You look at a photo and DECIDE you are judge and jury. How dare you shallow, ignorant people!
    Keely seems happy in her life and I hope she does not read these mean, ugly words some of you have written.
    How cruel and demented must a human be to say such horrible things about someone they do not even know. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
    I think jealously and hate are easier for the less intelligent. You have made it obvious I am right.

  394. 394
    rs Says:

    Man, some people have too much time on their hands. Sitting around putting other people down like they are perfect. And the stupid assumptions – Pierce had these photos taken; Keely looks like a whale; Keely needs to get in shape (for who dummies), Keely should wear a one piece…etc
    Hope Keely does not see these stupid comments because they will hurt her feelings and why does she deserve that?
    Think people…before you say bad things about someone you don’t know that are totally uncalled for.

  395. 395
    rinna Says:

    What about Pierce’s obvious gut??? In the end so what. What’s more important is: Why is anyone worried or offended by pictures of people they don’t know!!!

  396. 396
    Jaime Says:

    Overweight might not be “normal,” however, I don’t understand why she’s being criticized so harshly. I agree that there are numerous health implications with obesity, but calling her a whale and disgusting is over the top. As is the constant bashing of thin celebrities.

    Meanwhile, Pierce is sporting a gut and a b*tch ***. But I guess that’s okay because our standards for men and women are so vastly different.

  397. 397
    monkeyman476 Says:

    i couldn’t c da pictures b/c there were was a wide load taking up the pictures. James Bond has 2 b da man if he’s doin it w/ her. (sarcastically)

  398. 398
    loser Says:

    he wants to marry her not carry her lmaooo

  399. 399
    john Says:

    This chick is way too fat and for you people to think this is natural or “you go girl” are in total denial. She is unhealthy and disgustingly overweight. She needs a personal trainer asap. He needs to get back as 007 so he can have some hotties in his face. Sure, it is nice that he loves her regardless of her weight but he didnt buy into that flab and she should be at least trying to look her best for her man. If not that, for her health. You go girl…….. to a gym.

  400. 400
    liza Says:

    John I agree with you, this lady is overweight. She needs a personal trainer and a diet that she can live with. It wont happen over night, it will take time for her to loose the weight. However, I disagree with the idea that she should look her best only for her man. Aren’t you forgetting that there are two other important “men” in her life? One is Dylan and the other is his brother Paris. I would hope that the fact that these two boys need their mother, alive and in good health, would be a driving factor to encourage this lady to loose weight.

    As for your statment that “He needs to get back as 007 so he can have some hotties in his face.”, there are two problems with that. One is that the days of Pierce Brosnan as 007 are over. Another actor, Daniel Craig, as taken his place. It doesn’t look like Daniel is going any where soon. Also, if Pierce wants to find some “hotties” all he has to do is look around Hollywood. They are all over the place. But as far as I know Pierce has not strayed from his marriage. He has given interviews saying that he loves his wife at what ever weight she is.

  401. 401
    john Says:

    How many points is she worth on the dead pool? Diabetes and other diseases will get her before she is 65. Too all thoseChunky CHunks that htink they now have a chance with a Pierce Brosnan……. FAT chance! He had her when she was hot and stays with her because he is in love. She wouldnt have had her job or man if she looked like that when they meet. SHe is letting herself go and only fatso lovers and fatsos themselves are encourging this because they are weak too in losing weight. SHe is at least 100 pounds overweight. I lost 34 pounds since June and it makes a huge difference. She needs to get to the gym 45 minutes a day to start. BAD SCENE!

  402. 402
    suzi Says:

    John you lost a whole 34 pound since June, that’s 7 months. A grand total of approx 4 pounds a month. Something not quite right there. Great that you’re exercising so much but what are you eating . I lost 40 pounds in 4 months and have kept it off for three years now.

  403. 403
    bad news bound to lose Says:

    Seriously we all know that fat chicks suck **** like they are trying to pull a golf ball through a garden hose. My only argument with the above current situation is that 1. He’s dumb enough to be settled down with this cow. 2. This is proof positive that everything that DAD warns us about what happens when girls get their claws into your wallet i mean heart they allow them selves to get fat. im far from gay and have been banging the hot chicks but james bond can do so much better.

  404. 404
    jdog Says:

    I think that Brosnan is just keeping the illusion of marraige alive, while he contiues to screw everyone he wants, its cheaper to keep her.

  405. 405
    rey Says:

    It looks like her weight has been going up progressively for years for some reason. Self esteem is fine and I don’t think how she looks is really any of our business but the bottom line is it is not healthy.

  406. 406
    brad Says:

    Real women have curves Big n Beautiful. I love BBW’s they are sexy. I think Keely looks much better she was too skinny a long time ago. Watch out Pierce I could take her away from you :)

  407. 407
    Lysander Says:

    I can almost see the level of the ocean subside as she steps out onto the beach. So gross!! Poor old Pierce, having to face that every night!

  408. 408
    kaveman1021 Says:

    Pierce Brosnan will return as 007.

    The film will be titled: You Only Eat Once.

  409. 409
    Janicey Says:

    I think this is a eating disorder problem at first being underweight and then got overweight. You need to take care your body weight is a healthy way that’s the doctor say.

  410. 410
    NerdWithSwagger Says:


  411. 411
    Willis Says:

    Do you think it is coincidental that Moby **** gains a few pounds? Not at all. Once a woman is married and secure in her relationship and has the laws of the land on her side, she now has options. She no longer has to be so concerned about keeping you totally happy or losing you. When she was dating you, she could not risk losing you to another woman. You could just dump her and she would have no recourse, so she had to stay in shape, have sex with you often, and, God forbid, give you a BJ every once in a while.

    Now married MD has options. Her options now are if Pierce do dump her, she can go to a lawyer, sue his ass, and have to support her for the rest of her life. Not a bad option or back-up position. If there is any guy out there who doesn’t think that is one of the reasons every woman wants to get married, I have an ice factory in the Arctic I would like to sell you. Of course it’s not the only reason, but it is most certainly one of them. My wife keeps her shape even with 2 kids. Love her for that.

  412. 412
    doerayme Says:

    His first wife died of cancer. It was awful, from what I’ve read. He is probably so happy to have this woman, and he must cherish every moment with her.

    He could easily divorce her and still have plenty of dough. For folks who think he keeps her around to avoid a settlement, well, that’s ridiculous. He married for love and he still is in love.

    Sometimes after you have kids it’s hard to find the time for yourself. She’s obviously active, so maybe she does have hypothyroid disease. It’s rare, yes, but people do have it, and I’ve not seen many celebrities who do. Statistically speaking, that seems sort of strange, don’t you think? It’s possible.

  413. 413
    ... Says:

    decent looking guy with overweight woman. ok. show me a beautiful woman. with an overweight guy. the point is both are rare and there is a reason for that. you tell me what it is…

  414. 414
    smartguy Says:

    I think he is into the little boy. The wife is just a cover.

  415. 415
    mark Says:

    I think Keely is a very beautiful woman and she looks wonderful in her bikini. To everyone and their nasty comments about her weight: it doesn’t matter what she looks like because if and when she does lose weight, none of you will benefit from it, anyway. Only she will benefit, so worry about yourselves instead and stop putting down other people.

  416. 416
    karyn Says:

    that cannot be Keely Shaye Smith!!!!!! no way……..she never looked like that and can’t blame it on having kids…….that was more than 6 yrs. ago………..OMG……………………

  417. 417
    Monique Says:

    I agree TOTALLY with “Mean, mean people”. I think it’s awesome that he embraces every curve of his wife’s body. I wish more people would look at “real” woman and appreciate everything about them, for what’s inside and not out! Not all women are stick figures. I happen to think curves are the best feature of a woman (this comment coming from a woman). I think she is a beautiful woman! I must say I watched Unsolved Mysteries ALOT back in the day when it was primetime, and she’s a very pretty woman. I wish there were more decent guys in this world that are out for the “perfect” woman, it’s not going to happen. And if she has the confidence to wear a two piece, then by all means she should!

  418. 418
    O Says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘Bond Girl’ !

  419. 419
    Aaron Says:

    His chest looked better in the James Bond movies. Too bad he’s let it good. He could be a good looking as Dennis Quaid or Scott Bakula.

  420. 420
    Ken Shigemura Says:

    For those of you so shallow, don’t judge him or his wife. all you have to bekieve is true love. I am willing to reviel my self as the one who worked at Coconut marketplace cinemas. I have seen the many times and seen the respectable qualities of thier nature to them selves and children and thier childrens friends. They are great people which I cannot compare myself to and ity doesn’t take money to do it. Ken Shigemura; yes you might know me or seen me.

  421. 421
    popeye Says:

    It’s whale season.

    Canada will be eating soon and plenty :P

  422. 422
    kindness, please Says:

    number 1: These people are having family time together, I’m sure they did not invite a photographer to join them.
    number 2: I hope everyone making unkind comments is at their perfect weight, or they should be saying nothing at all! Correction: They shouldn’t be saying anything at all, regardless.
    number 3: Find something constructive to do, as they are.

    Pierce, Keely, I wish you and your family the best. Thanks for all the good work you are doing. I’m sorry for all the garbage you have to put up with.

  423. 423

    I happen to live here in Kauai, and have not had the good fortune to meet the Brosnans, but I know people who have here and they are very nice people and down to earth. They are having a nice day at the beach and relaxing. I wish people would leave them alone. To say cruel things is awful. I personally think she is lovely. I also think it is so vain for men to want those toothpick women. A real man wants a women with a little meat on her. She looks fine. I hope I have the good luck to meet them sometime. It’s who a person is that is important.

  424. 424
    FRANKIE Says:

    Yes that is his wife! Can’t believe the comments made about her here. How many of your wives or husbands would look that great pictured running around a beach on holidays?
    This world sucks – why is it everyone feels the right to comment on peoples looks?
    Reckon they look happy – give me happy any day particularly in the image conscious world we live in!

  425. 425
    Mansteak Says:

    My God…..he is 007 and she is a she beast! He must be in real love or he is a fatty chaser…she can never be on top!

  426. 426
    pattigurl Says:

    I remmeber years ago they were talking about her being sick. I don’t know if she has a thyroid disorder but it is quite common and quite possible.

    And take it from someone who has no thyroid, you can work out 4x a day and only consume 900 calories daily and still not lose weight.

  427. 427
    Georgia Says:

    God bless all men who loves his wife in any shape… thin or fat… she will get in shape soon, because stay in this kind of weight isn’t healty. But lets give her some time… she will get better… I pray that it is just a difficult time for her and she will get over it. Remember Jenniffer Love Hewitt??? Someone took those pictures of her on the beach, she got mad but now she is just fine.

  428. 428
    Frankie Says:

    Look at older photos of her and she was a little overweight, perhaps, but very beautiful. Now she is dangerously overweight and needs to get a grip on things. She is only 44, she can still do something about this.

    Hats off to Brosnan for standing by his woman despite a change like this. That can’t be the norm in Hollywood.

  429. 429
    Rainbowjessie Says:

    Please check the research. Losing weight is unhealthy especially if you can’t keep it off which 95% can’t! Overweight is not unhealthy! Sure obesity, BMI around 35+ is but as far as longevity goes it’s better to be overweight than ‘normal’ weight or underweight! Remember the medical profession, big pharmaceutical, health and fitness industies etc etc have much to gain from our concern about ‘weight’

  430. 430
    luv_u_lucas ^_^, @%*%# Says:

    she is one sexy woman. she is soooooooooo hot, that every man will fall over her.she is lucky she is dating pierce brosnan, i wish i was but i am just an old lady who can hardly text and write. It already took me 24 minutes(240 seconds) to write this much. shes really hot, trust me girls and, in fact, shes cheating on pierce brosnan. shes dating me.

  431. 431
    Jacqueline Ulrich Says:

    but why the extremes? do we have to go from skinny to fat? is there no such thing as a healthy in between? as a normal size? skinny is not good and neither is fat, either for the body, mind or soul. And of course this is a good, solid and nurturing husband, hurray for him. But I wish for both their sakes that she calms down with the food so that she starts to look healthy and her age again. she has aged 15 years in the last 2-3.

  432. 432
    Pisgah lady Says:

    I’ve got news for all of you. It probably has not been the best thing on her self esteem over the years to have Pierce doing love scenes with folks like Hallie Berry..good lookers. And trust me, Mrs. B knows very well how bad she looks. She sees it each time she walks by a mirror. Usually when someone is eating a great deal, something is eating them. For all anyone knows, her marriage might have run it’s course and they just go along to get along…especially with kids in the picture. I’ll say this…Pierce is HOT. I am 63 years old, and like the character, Donna, in Mama Mia, I have been around the block a few times and I know hot when I see HOT.

    And while I’m on the subject of Mama Mia, when it got to the scene where Pierce and Meryl were staning on that cliff overlooking the ocean and she was singing, “The Winner Takes It All,” I had tears running down my face, and especialy be the end of the movie. I was engaged to someone 20 years ago, who like the characters in this movie, had a bad total misunderstanding and miscommunication, and I’ve paid for it for 20 years by marrying someone I could live with, instead of the person I can’t live without.

  433. 433
    Why all the names? Says:

    Why is there such a need for people to call her names? Yes, she is overweight that is a fact, so what!! It shows what kind of upbringing you had. There simply is no need to be so mean-spirited. Do you have some self-esteem issues, that you have to put others down to make yourself feel better? It just shows your character, your parents must be so proud.

  434. 434
    youRawomanhater Says:


    I can only assume by your username that you are a woman and for a woman to spew the kind of hatred you just did towards another woman, well, honey you are just showing how much psychological help you need. You are obviously an unstable woman who hates herself more than anyone else.

    And if you are a man saying these things, you need help also, but it is not surprising.

  435. 435
    unf unf unf Says:

    I’d love to get between those fat thighs and make her jiggle all night long.

  436. 436
    Nads Says:

    awesome pics… she’s a nice full bodied woman at 44

  437. 437
    qon Says:

    As the spouse of a public figure, she has a responsibility to make sure that her husband is not humiliated. As a wife, she has a responsibility to look after herself to keep her husband happy – it’s not that much to ask.

  438. 438
    marcie Says:

    I’m proud of her. I’m half her size and I won’t even wear a one piece. And she even knows the photographers are gonna be all over it. They are so in love, he probably doesnt even see it. Good for you. We should all read a page from their book.

  439. 439
    viva Says:

    you shouldn’t give all that importance to the appearences, the spirit and the fidelity are much more important !!

  440. 440
    Cibel Says:

    It can feel alone out there blogging and not having anyone comment or answer back even if you recognize folks are visiting.) I always suppose of commentaries like applause, even if they are tough.

  441. 441
    Obesity is not healthy Says:


    What is far more unhealthy in North America and Western Europe is not our “obsession with weight or looks” but rather the obesity epidemic that has inflicted our society over the past 30 years. Whether we are slim or obese, we all share the additional financial costs to an already over burdened health system. This is not just limited to adults, as even young kids are getting fatter and fatter, which is a primary factor in the 3 fold increase in early onset diabetes.

    It seems the fattening of our society has also warped many people’s ability to be objective on the subject of “normal body mass. Each decade it seems we add another 10-15 pounds onto what is considered “healthy”. 30 years ago, what was deemed overweight is now the new “normal”, and what was obese is now merely BBW or pleasantly plump. What will it be 30 years from now? Will it it take 300 plus pounds before a women of average height is considered overweight (let alone obese). Many people on this board are defending a BMI of 35-40 (as it seems from the photos that Keely is) as “normal, which is just absurd.

    It is a beautiful thing that PB loves his wife, no matter her weight, and chooses to stay with her. Dealing with a thyroid problem is not easy, and weight gain can be one of the realties that many women are confronted with. Having said that, most people do not gain large amounts of weight because of medical issues, but rather the age old problem of too many calories, and not enough exercise. Yes, gaining weight as we age is typical for most people, but obesity is something that the average Joe or Jill can usually prevent. It usually comes down to how much of a priority people are willing to place on being in decent shape. IMO, one of the least selfish things you can do when in relationship, is to TRY to look your best for your partner.

    Regarding Keely, for all the people saying she is happy and that is all that matters, who’s to know if that is truly the case. Looking at old pictures of Keely, she seemed 80-90 pounds lighter, and was certainly no stick insect (favorite expression of many over weight woman). When slim, she was very healthy with great curves. If she could find a middle ground between her old weight and present, I would bet she would jump at the chance.

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  455. 455
    george Says:

    made me *** in my pants

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