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Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith go for a dip in the ocean in Kauai, Hawaii on Wednesday.

Pierce, 54, was seen shirtless on the beach horsing around with a little boy (not his son Dylan or Paris). Keely, 44, was seen frolicking in the ocean with a mystery male (brother?) in a two-toned bikini.

30+ pictures inside of shirtless Pierce Brosnan and bikini-clad Keely Shaye Smith

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pierce brosnan shirtless 18
pierce brosnan shirtless 19
pierce brosnan shirtless 20
pierce brosnan shirtless 21
pierce brosnan shirtless 22
pierce brosnan shirtless 23
pierce brosnan shirtless 24
pierce brosnan shirtless 25
pierce brosnan shirtless 26
pierce brosnan shirtless 27
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pierce brosnan shirtless 29
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pierce brosnan shirtless 31
pierce brosnan shirtless 32
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pierce brosnan shirtless 34

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  • Helena

    Looking at pictures of her in the past, she’s never been ‘thin’, she’s been fully figured. It appears that she’s put on weight. Who cares anyway?

  • WTF?

    Being obese IS a big deal. To wave that off like it’s nothing is very dangerous.

  • Original Shar

    At last, a picture of a normal female body. His wife has gain some weight over the years. She’s been gaining steadly since their first child. I say, God Bless Her. She seems to have a lot of confidence, and I’m sure she knows that the papz are taking their picture. I guess she said “To Hell With Them”.

  • anna

    PLEASE it’s january, how many people gain weight in December? Ok, she’s “plumpy” and does not look like when he firs married her… but who does? He loves her, he’s with her, they have kids, she’s not a trophy wife, he’s not shallow even though there are many actors with many women in their past, read about his life and then comment.

  • Miss america

    Well I have no problem calling it like I see it.

    Keely is FAT. HUGE. No self-esteem and obviously no full length mirror. Is she out of her mind wearing a bikini. Come on people…this is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting and a disgrace to the Bond man.
    Awful. Just awful.

  • Miapocca

    women gain weight for a number of reasons…thyriod issues, hormonal fluctatuations..its quite normall…some just take the drugs or go ann nicole style.hhaha..some also are just genes–skinny or big…

  • Observer

    First of all, those of you who are saying it is cruel to say she’s fat… are being ridiculous. She’s fat..face the facts. She’s NOT curvy, or womanly or beautiful, but she is terribly overweight. It is NOT cruel or mean to say so, they are celebrities, so fair game and they had to know that there are cameras everywhere and they were going to get snapped.

    What I’m thinking is maybe she has some medical condition that causes her to stay chubby, like taking pills for thyroid condition, for example. Or maybe she’s just recovered over foot surgery where she was bed-ridden for months. Whatever.

    SHE IS WAY OVERWEIGHT and we have the right to say so.

  • meme

    First observation: I was shocked at how large she was at first too, I must admit.

    Second observation: That bathing suit fits her very well, considering her size.

  • becca

    Here they are when they first got married

  • wow

    Im sorry she is not “normal” looking she’s over weight aka fat. Stating a fact, its not mean. ok so she’s confident enough to wear a two piece but the fact is that she’s NOT healthy.

    Natural woman my ass. I hate when people want to call a fat woman normal NO shes unhealthy! a few pounds overweight ok but im pretty sure if we measure her BMI she would be considered obese.

    Just because more than half of the US is obese doesnt make it normal or ok.

    ok my rant is over. if you dont agree with what I said – thats fine. facts are facts!

  • Cait

    what is that woman doing in a bikini?!


  • lu

    regardless of the fact that she shouldn’t wear the bikini. I am proud to be a woman because she is confident with herself and doesn’t care about society and what they define “beautiful” as.


    # 61 I agree with you WOW overweight women are not healthy.

  • sshhhh

    OMG people who are saying she is a normal looking women, obviously you must be fat to think it is normal, We are so sorry if some peolpe actually take care of their bodies and don’t find this weight attractive. I don’t think stick thin girls look nice either, but she is overweight, don’t hate us for our opinions!!!

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    Keely is FAT. HUGE. No self-esteem and obviously no full length mirror. Is she out of her mind wearing a bikini. Come on people…this is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting and a disgrace to the Bond man.
    Awful. Just awful.

    You’re either a shallow skinny B I T C H OR you’re fat too, and jealous of Keely that she have a man and you don’t. Cause this is just mean.

  • Cait

    can i add that as much as i admire her confidence, there is something to be said for keeping you dignity. she could have found a really cute one piece to compliment her figure rather than a two piece that makes her look not as nice. she’s a really pretty woman and she should compliment her figure not try be “trendy.”

    i will say though, they are an adorable couple.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    So she’s not so call nornal? is it any of us problem?

  • anon

    Why is everyone afraid of the word fat? That’s what she is. She may or may not be happy. He may or may not be happy. I won’t be surprised if later on she goes public with how “healthy” she wants to be like Queen Latifah is doing now and Rikki Lake has. You know for all the talk about how being fat is “ok”, deep down inside, everyone knows it’s not. She’s still beautiful and kudos to Pierce for sticking with his wife through thick & thin.

  • I think she’s still beautiful with some weight on her. She’s one of the fortunate ones who gains weight evenly all over her body, lucky girl.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    Pierce aint all that skinny either. He’s the lucky one, not her.

  • /://

    #66 come on stupid loser Keeley is a fat cow good for her if she’s fine with it…..I still like this couple…….actually I don’t care about them Lol!!!! SHE HAS TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!!!!!

  • ae

    what the heck? is he doing with that whaaaleee i mean hes is not the best both what does he saw on that wanna-be shamuu:O?

  • Angi
  • wow

    Its not our problem but dont call others mean when we call her fat. Some ppl think fat is a mean word its not. Just like “thin”, “skinn”, plump” are not mean words.

    No one said shes ugly but dont justify your unhealthy lifestyle by calling this woman (or any other overweight or obese person) NORMAL because she is not. She probably suffers from alot of diseases because of her weight – oh but that doesnt matter cause she confident enough to wear a two piece right??? gimme a break.

  • MovieMAdness

    SHE LOOKS JUST FINE, I going to disagree with all of you b/c just b/c she is fat doesn’t mean you should make fun of her. And to be full figured, she looks damn good in that bikini…You go girl, you better work…. you better work

  • … yea she’s large but I highly doubt there’s anything unhealthy about her. She use to be really skinny. She just got older, had kids and gained a lot of weight. She still seems happy & healthy, sorry but there are many more people out there that actually fit the term obese and all risks that come with it. He must love her though/not shallow. There’s plenty of people who would try to escape the second their wife started to get fat.

  • WTF

    Just because they make 2 pieces for cows doesn’t mean heifer’s should buy and wear them. We don’t want to see this crap.

  • sarie

    she use to be thinner…a lot thinner

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    #66 come on stupid loser Keeley is a fat cow good for her if she’s fine with it…..I still like this couple…….actually I don’t care about them Lol!!!! SHE HAS TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!!!!!

    Lets see your picture? probably can’t fit on the internet, because it’s so wide.

  • Ha!

    j- comment #24 – You are RIGHT ON. It’s pretty sad when the blog master posts something this low and irrelevant just to get hits. He knew what kind of venom it would draw from the people who regularly say crappy things on here.

    Miss America (ah, right)- comment #56 – I have to say that you are dead wrong. I’d say that someone who isn’t built anything like a runway model wearing a bikini with her celebrity husband on the beach SCREAMS that she has plenty of self-esteem. God bless her for it.

    Keely has NEVER been skinny; she has always been curvy and voluptuous. Obviously she has gained a fair amount of weight in the past few years and maybe she should do something about that for her health, but it’s also none of our business.

  • her weight is not “normal”

    I agree with #61. Her weight is NOT normal. When I look at her, I look at someone that possibly will get diabetes or heart disease one day (if she doesn’t have it already). It’s sad. I had two kids, and yes, it’s a struggle to keep the weight off, but with diet and exercise…it’s possible.

    It’s amazing to see how many Americans are obese. Is being overweight the norm now? It’s really sad. She was once a very pretty lady, but now she just looks unhealthy. So does he…statistics show that men with “paunches” are at a very high risk of heart disease. Bond needs to run around the track again.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    I can see that she’s fat, its the other things that y’all saying about her i don’t like.

  • Ari

    hahaha this is funny! a whale is loose.

  • anon

    her weight is not “normal” @ 01/17/2008 at 4:36 pm
    Britain is right behind (no pun intended) the US in obesity.

  • rlg

    I am not criticizing but I am shocked by these photos. She has been steadily gaining weight over the years but I guess she hides it well with her dresses. I am just so surprised at how much she has gained. And I agree with the posters who said she is not natural. She is definitely at an unhealthy weight even if the camera did add on a few pounds. I just hope there is nothing wrong with her that caused her to gain the weight

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    - comment #24 – You are RIGHT ON. It’s pretty sad when the blog master posts something this low and irrelevant just to get hits. He knew what kind of venom it would draw from the people who regularly say crappy things on here.

    Jared just want to show how shallow some of you are.


    if PB have no problem w/his wife’s weight, then i have no problem w/it too, that only shows PB love his wife big or small, whatta man.

  • Someone>stop>them

    Why the hell is he with that obese whale, he can have a gorgeous smart and thin girl any day. She must’ve put a spell on him or somehting/.

  • Ha!

    Maybe it shows how shallow Jared is.

  • Yawn

    The pictures are all over the internet of her former modeling days. She used to be slim. She was pretty popular back in the late 80′s & early 90′s. She just eats too much for her age. It’s not rocket science

  • Heywood jablomie

    The same wankers who are here crying crocodile tears over the fat bashing would be the first ones to attack thin girls as anorexic or tell them to eat cheese burgers.

    I say, let’s bash women of all shapes and sizes equally, much fairer that way.

  • truth

    If she really loved her husband she wouldn’t be so selfish and munch on food all they, instead she would lose weight and try to be healthy and good looking for him. When a man loves you he will not hurt you and tell you you are fat but you gotta do it yourself and not be a selfish fat slob. This is why I don’t feel sorry for fat women who get cheated on, you get what you deserve. Go have sex with a cheeseburger if you love eating them so much.

  • gross gross gross

    In Europe you will never see people that are that fat. Americans are gross!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oui

    #93 I agree

  • Ha!

    She’s always been a beautiful woman.

  • Logan

    Uh, #94 – there seemed to be a picture of Clive Owen and English wife floating around a while ago. She was almost as big as Keely. So it is not just Americans that are overweight.

  • Karen

    He’s beautiful and she’s beautiful too. He is definitely the best Bond!

    Some of you posters are pretty hypocritical, sitting at your computer munching down a bag of chips.

  • oui

    # 93 but not all americans let’s be fair.

  • Puppies McFarland

    She wears it extremely well!!! However, I agree with the health concerns.