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Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith go for a dip in the ocean in Kauai, Hawaii on Wednesday.

Pierce, 54, was seen shirtless on the beach horsing around with a little boy (not his son Dylan or Paris). Keely, 44, was seen frolicking in the ocean with a mystery male (brother?) in a two-toned bikini.

30+ pictures inside of shirtless Pierce Brosnan and bikini-clad Keely Shaye Smith

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  • malsisk

    she’s UGLY.

  • lily

    props to her. she is nornal and people freak. At least her mind is healthy that she doesn’t care what people think and she had the confidence to wear a bikini. Being the wife of a celebrity must not be easy so i applaud her for being true to herself and keeping it real.

    If she loses weight then she would do it the healthy way and on her time but seriously though people, she had 2 kids. the girl looks fine.

  • holly

    i’m not going to argue with you. i have a girlfriend who has a thyroid issue of some sort. not exactly sure what, because i wasn’t about to pry. that said my friend is not a fatty like this woman. there is simply NO excuse for it.
    you keep sticking up for the fat people tho, someone needs to.
    personally i think people have become lazy and glutton is on a lot of plates.. glutton being snacking too much and not moving enough.
    like i said these people who claim they’re fat a*sses due to a health issue or the ones that get stapled are just lazy.

  • yawn

    Oh so what if she’s fat…does it really matter? They’re married and have kids and to be fair Pierce isn’t exactly looking too skinny either with that belly of his. Neither is he a big time celebrity anymore…why do the paps even care about these people? Must be a slow gossip day.

  • morgan

    She’s cute! she looks FINE

  • coco lee

    fat, ugly

  • asd

    why are the looks so extremely important to some people?
    2 people can be together for a lot more than just good looks! there are other things which are more important on the long run, than the shape of the body!
    She did not go to a photo session, somebody just invaded her privacy! what would you suggest? that she locks herself up?! Good for her that she acts normal!
    If you worry about her health this would mean you care about her, but it does not look like that… considering the attitude of some of the posters…
    Sometimes I had around me people like this, and the fun is the way they are, not the way they look like! And some are a much better company than some brainless flat chicks which are just popular because of a “standard good look”.
    If the girl is cute – cool! if her man is seen as cooler than her – very good! She must be very special if she manages to have him!
    The same applies for men!

    For the people which constantly hunt down others:
    Try to see some nice things in life – it’s much more fun!

  • Sarah Smith

    My mom has a figure like hers and I love my mom and my dad loves her too. Judging from the pictures above, I am wondering if Pierce Brosnan wants to be seen with his wife in public? I mean, why would he chose to go to the water alone while his wife goes with her brother?

  • pinkrose

    So what if she is curvy, fat etc…??? Its not your business!!!!!


  • Lita

    Why!! Why!! Why!!

  • Pia_antoinette

    great ! seems he is having BIG FUN – and I bet he feels warm and cosy and cuddly all night, every night!
    Sooo much better, than getting hurt by hugging “bones” instead, don’t you think?!!!

  • SweetykaT

    You GO! Keely! Strut your stuff, Girl!!!

    Pierce likes REAL women. That’s very sexy!!!

  • Heywood jablomie

    Calling her “normal” is like that one Associated Press idiot journalist calling Nikki Blonsky “curvy and diminutive”. Blonsky is “curvy” the same way a beachball is “curvy”. Or a sack of potatoes. Lumpy and shapeless are the words to use for her.

    Once again, if you folks are going to bash thin women as skeletons or keep telling them to eat cheese burgers, I don’t see why we should give this morbidly obese blimp an even break? Bash all women equally, eh?

    I think most of the women here are of a similar weight to Pierce’s wife and are not defending just her. Fat is fat and obese is obese, sorry.

  • JD

    Despite her size she stil has a pretty face.

    Good that they are still together.

  • matahari

    She used to be pretty and slim, that’s why pierce brosnan married her. And then she doesn’t care with her body image anymore. I salute her for her high self esteem & dare to wear bikini. But please, consider other people, don’t give them eyesores. Next time, wear a one piece swimsuit.

  • Suzz

    WOW over 300 posts … !?

    They look happy, very happy indeed. Some people do eat.

  • remember da truth

    Am appalled at the people who say because Pierce is good-looking, he should leave his loving, smart, kind wife because she got fat.

    I hope you someday learn what love is really all about, and not have to learn it the hard way when someone hurts you for not being perfect.

  • ajerkisajerk

    Fat is fat is fat, Curvy does not mean fat, and fat does not mean curvy. She had alot of guts to put on a bkikini being that big, she deserves a medal for whale of the year. Now I see why Jennifer Love Hewit said she is not fat!!

  • Vee

    It looks like they are both gaining weight, and it seems to be their pleasure to eat. She is not NORMAL, and neither is the man in the picture with her that Jared thinks is her brother. The American society is facing a crisis with obesity, and we shouldn’t ignore it by calling it NORMAL. Just look at all the celebrities who used to be so defensive about being large (Star Jones, Carney Wilson, etc.), had by-pass surgery, and now disclose how miserable they really were when they were obese.

    I admire any man (Pierce included) for staying faithful to his wife whether she’s fat, thin, or normal; but that has nothing to do with the fact that she is unhealthily obese.

  • SJ

    Dont you just LOVE the confidence people have over the net. The guts to say anything cruel



  • Spooky

    Her head looks so tiny in comparison to the rest of her..

  • Besane

    Actually his wife looks wholesome and warm. Much better than some weight-obsessed 40 yr old delusional in keeping her figure, on the way becoming so selfish and self-centered that can’t have a family.

  • Jules

    You know it’s amazing to me that people always say “it’s not healthy to be overweight”. I’m over weight, have normal blood pressure, nothing wrong with the heart, totally fine. On my vacation in December I hiked in the jungle, mountain biked in the jungle, kayaked, snorkled, went caving, and did the zip line!! So yes folks you can be overweight, active and healthy. So lay off the “it not healthy” attitude. What’s not healthy is how obsessive this country is about weight and looks.

  • Vee

    #324 Jules–

    Your situation may work for you, but that is not the case for most overweight people. Obesity often becomes worse and life-threatening.

  • loly


  • JD

    This country is NOT obsessed with weight. If they were 60% would not be overweight or obese. In fact, we are not doing enough to take care of our bodies. I am sick of the waif arguement that is less than 5 % of the population. She is pretty but she is still too large. No one is saying for her to be a size 2 but a size 22 isnt good either. There needs to be a balance there.

  • Didi

    shes probably a mantrap.

    these mantrap women get married so they can let themselves go. once you trap a man (usually with a fake pregnancy declaration) , you marry him then tighten the noose and then chomp away at the fridge contents forever and ever because appearance doesn’t matter anymore – the poor bastard is stuck and has to mount a hippo for the rest of his life.

    he cant escape unless he pays you alimony till he dies or until you lose weight and remarry by trapping another poor arsehole.

    jobs a guddin’

  • Helen

    its just so good to see someone in a bakini that isnt shaped like a rake! love handles are never something, in my opinion that should be hidden!!!!!

  • Princesz18

    She maybe heavy okay, But I give her credit for having CONFIDENCE and BEING HAPPY IN HER BODY! Alot of “slender” girls can’t even say that! YOU GO GIRL!

  • Just Maybe

    Just maybe he has what ‘Shallow Hal’ had in that movie with GP and he doesn’t know that she is fat but sees her as she was when she was thin ;)

    okay, I said ‘just maybe’. Maybe he will snap out if it, maybe not.


    Yikes! Scary how she’s let herself go. I too applaud Pierce for sticking w/ her through thick and thin (pun intended!) but I don’t know too many husbands that would be happy to see their once thin wife gain about 75lbs or more. Just not healthy.

  • Momof3boys

    For those of you who remember, she has NEVER been super skinny. That said, a tankini with a skirt would have been much more flattering they make cute ones that don’t look like old lady suits.

    Having kids is no excuse. I have had 3 and while not at all skinny or perfect I weigh a good 30 pounds less than she does. I think it is magnified by her choice of swim suits – I would not wear a bikini on a bet!

    She looks like she has at least an overweight BMI if not obese, which becomes a health issue. Glad she is so confident though!

  • minimoki

    She is a WOMAN ! A REAL WOMAN!
    Very sexy and very sensual and HAPPY!
    She has more sexappeal than many other young celebrities.
    And what is the best – he is a MAN who loves her and is attracted to her body.
    People you should all be jealous and I bet many of you are !

  • cher

    Can you guess who’s the next jenny craig celebrity !

  • Hypo-thyroid

    I have hypo-thyroidism and can gain weight very easily if I am not careful. So whatever health issues make you gain weight like this can be countered. It’s up to the person. For a beautiful girl like Keely Shaye Smith (I remember when he first dated her, I was so jealous of her) to become the way she is now, there has to be issues too deep to surface. It could be Pierce Brosnan wants his wife this way so she will not be lost to him like his first wife. Who knows?

    But she really needs to do something about this. It’s one thing to call overweight normal, but obesity is not normal.

  • Madmoney

    Yes, metabolic slowdown without some form of excercise after having children, but she is only 43 years of age! My guess is she suffers from emotional and psychological abuse from her arrogant “James Bond”.

    This is what happens when women give up their career and standing in the world for men, children, and then go unacknowledged for the sacrifice. You can be certain there is no sexual activity and she should be in the prime of her life! Where is the photo of them side-by-side at the beach?

    She’s a beautiful woman and deserves to have him let go of his wad of cash for a serious 2008 professional trainer, medical guide, nutritional coach to assist her in losing the weight, and letting go of the emotional baggage she must carry in her relationship.

  • Pretense

    minimoki @ #334.

    That may work for you but a therapist would suggest otherwise!

  • Jean

    I have hypo-throidism and can easily gain weight if I am not careful. So I don’t believe that health issue is the question here if she really is careful about it. I think there’s more to it than what appears on the forefront.

    When he lost his wife I felt horrible for him. Then when he started dating Keely Shaye Smith, I was jealous of her cuz she was so beautiful.

    for someone to get to this stage, there has to be issues. Could it be Pierce allows or even encourages so he doesn’t lose another women? Is he abusive?

    Keely really needs to pull herself out of this. It’s one thing to say 10-20 lbs overweight is normal, but obesity is not normal and she has two young children.

  • jing

    Haha. Everyone commenting are women.
    And under 20. :)

    You kids…Just grow up.
    Thanks to the sixties and Iggy, we think skinny=hot.
    False. That was not the case in the 1800 century.
    People ate less then and they were still N.O.R.M.A.L.

    But yeah. she seems overweigh. Buhu. Like she’s the only one.
    I mean, america is made of fatties and blonde little girls who wanna look like Christina Aguilera. AWESOME COUNTRY.
    Im glad I don’t live there. x)

  • joneblaze

    I love voluptuous women but it is shocking to see her with this much weight on.

  • h.songia

    She’s heavy, but she looks pretty good. There’s more than one body type in the world.

  • New Jersey

    You know it is so weird in this country. The very worst thing you can be is fat. People go wild about others people’s fatness. They ignore them and won’t look at them and treat them like they are invisible. We have a real cultural issue over being fat. Worse than a murderer, a rapist or thief. The worst thing in the USA is FAT. It is so scary to us.

    Sometimes, especially as you get older it is hard to find what the problem actually is. It is usually painful for the person trying to lose the weight but it won’t come off. Anti-depressants can make you gain tons of weight but you need to stay on them because of real chemical imbalances that create depression which is totally debilitating. There is so little compassion in these comments. All the media obsesses about weight and being thin. It’s on almost every magazine cover every month. Most American women are on a constant diet struggling to lose weight and they have a skewered perspective, thinking they are fat when they really aren’t.

    We have no idea what this woman’s problem is. We don’t have the facts. You people act like she wants to be like this. Maybe she has at least accepted herself as even though she is still trying to lose weight but for whatever reasons it’s not coming off. It took me until I was 60 to find out I was allergic to gluten. I was starving all the time and couldn’t eat enough. I was desperate. I also had sugar cravings off the wall. Because of the gluten allergy, I wasn’t absorbing my food and was starved. Once I was able to cut out gluten and get on a healthy eating regime of proteins and carbs together, everything changed. The sugar cravings disappeared completely! I am no longer out of control eating. I am happy with my food and I have let go of the need to be thin. But I am healthy and at a normal weight for my height.

    Don’t assume just because someone is overweight it means they aren’t doing anything about it. Give people a break! Life is hard enough. How about a little compassion for how we all suffer in the human condition. Or is it that everyone on this blog has a perfect life?

    Does it ever occur to anyone that women are controlled by the media and the diet industry to hate their bodies unless they are stick thin. It’s a way to keep women obsessed with their weight and the idea that everything would be okay if they could only weigh such and such pounds. You fill in the blank. It’s a way to get women to think constantly about what’s wrong with their bodies so they don’t have to think about all the other things in their lives that are making them unhappy.

    I never hear people talk about heavy older actors like this. Think about it. Women in this country are brainwashed about their bodies. Get off your high horses.

  • Magnolia Von thunder pussy

    Someone needs to call Celebrity Fit Club. I remember when she was a news correspondent for America’s Most Wanted. She was so slim. She’s still pretty, but lay off the carbs Keely!!

  • Chloe

    You can criticize her all you want but she is still married to one of the world’s hunks…AND James Bond no less!! Lucky woman!! (seems to me all the thin starlets of Hollywood have the most miserable private lives and broken relationships!!)

  • ivermom

    I admire her for being so confident in herself! I wish I were more like that!

  • Helena

    Why do you keep bumping up this thread?

  • Milli

    Come on people, we all know she is not obese. She is just a bit fat and its hard to lose it at her age without significant dedication. It takes a lot of dedication to lose weight. I should know. I was never fat in my life always a skinny 5’10″ and 120 lb girl. But few years ago I gained 30 pounds, unknowingly,after coming to US. It was a huge shock for me when I got into a bathing suit and my BF called me an ‘overweight mermaid’. And I was not even fat, just a bit flabby in the stomach area,unfortunately thats the only area I gain weight.
    However I felt really,really bad about myself and started losing weight. It took a lot of dedication and hardwork and self loathing to get back to my former shape. However i would have felt really happy to be accepted for what I was, a 15o lb normal girl, not a 120lb think stick.
    I feel happy for Keely, that she is loved and accepted for who she is. She looks good to me. All of you guys here saying bad things about her are jealous that she has it all. That she can eat whatever she wants and still have a handsome husband like PB who loves her , that she can eat bread or pie or cake and not just look at them from a distance and sigh(like I do, and sure most of the dieters do) and still have the confidence to get in a two piece bathing suit and not be called mean names by a person who claims to love you. Admit it ladies , she has it all ,she is happy and we are jealous.
    She looks totally good to me and this is coming from a 5’10″,120lb girl who works out hard and denies herself a lot of goodies just to feel accepted. I envy her.

  • DWF

    In case some of you assholes — and I am certain many of you are not thin yourselves — haven’t noticed, Pierce isn’t exactly cut like a god here. To me they look like normal middle-aged folks. I see plenty of ladies in two-pieces like that at the beach. The only reason this was posted was to stir up some fat-hatred, and that sucks.

  • Fat is not normal

    I’m a mom of two, well into my 30′s, and have hypothyroidism. I’m on synthroid (hypo-thyroid med), and work out at least 30-45 minutes a day. Is it a struggle to keep the weight down? You bet your ass it is, but here’s the thing…if I let myself get overweight, I would have even MORE health problems. People of a normal weight (and I’m not even talking about those skinny chicks…because that’s unhealthy as well) have less health problems.

    Keely is at a risk of having a heart attack (more women die of heart disease then men), and her kids are so young. If you ever watch that show “The Biggest Loser” …there are tons of women bigger than her that lost tons of weight. What amazes me is…she has the money to have a personal trainer and chef to cook low-fat foods. It’s really sad, because she has the means to lose that weight. Maybe she just doesn’t want to.