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Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith go for a dip in the ocean in Kauai, Hawaii on Wednesday.

Pierce, 54, was seen shirtless on the beach horsing around with a little boy (not his son Dylan or Paris). Keely, 44, was seen frolicking in the ocean with a mystery male (brother?) in a two-toned bikini.

30+ pictures inside of shirtless Pierce Brosnan and bikini-clad Keely Shaye Smith

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pierce brosnan shirtless 02
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pierce brosnan shirtless 08
pierce brosnan shirtless 09
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pierce brosnan shirtless 13
pierce brosnan shirtless 14
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pierce brosnan shirtless 16
pierce brosnan shirtless 17
pierce brosnan shirtless 18
pierce brosnan shirtless 19
pierce brosnan shirtless 20
pierce brosnan shirtless 21
pierce brosnan shirtless 22
pierce brosnan shirtless 23
pierce brosnan shirtless 24
pierce brosnan shirtless 25
pierce brosnan shirtless 26
pierce brosnan shirtless 27
pierce brosnan shirtless 28
pierce brosnan shirtless 29
pierce brosnan shirtless 30
pierce brosnan shirtless 31
pierce brosnan shirtless 32
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pierce brosnan shirtless 34

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456 Responses to “Pierce Brosnan is Shirtless, Wife in Bikini”

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  1. 151
    qwertypoiu79 Says:

    poor ******* probably breaks his ribs every time they screw

  2. 152
    robert Says:


    All fat people say that :D ;)

  3. 153
    Stroopewaffels Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh she is so full of self confidence !!! a NATURAL WOMAN,, nothing plastic about this gal,, Pierce seems happy enuff to be seen in her presence,, you guys are horrible and shallow and I think you all hate yourselves,,

  4. 154
    lula29 Says:

    Well, unfortunately for his wife she has a medical condition that causes her to gain weight, that’s why she’s bigger than she used to be.

    You can tell she works out because she’s toned, so she’s doing the best she can.

    I think she looks great and I’m glad her and Pierce are happy together.

  5. 155
    lola Says:

    Neither of them are looking that great…

    –read my blog at

  6. 156
    Fyre Tone Says:

    Hey guys, stop giving him so much heat!

    If I saw a beached whale in the sand, I’d go up to it and check it out too. =P

    ROFL!!!!!! xD

  7. 157
    leykis101grad Says:

    DAMN!!! thats a fattie

  8. 158
    Mary Says:

    Props to both of them! Props Pierce for being proud of his beautiful wife even though she doesn’t fit the typical abnormally skinny Hollywood wife and props to Keely for her confidence in her beauty!

  9. 159
    Maureen Says:

    lula29 @ 01/17/2008 at 7:04 pm Well, unfortunately for his wife she has a medical condition that causes her to gain weight, that’s why she’s bigger than she used to be.

    You can tell she works out because she’s toned, so she’s doing the best she can.

    I think she looks great and I’m glad her and Pierce are happy together.


    Well said. There are a number of medical condtions that occur in women that can cause weight gain. Adult hypothyroidism is one and rheumatoid arthritis (the medication is known to cause weight gain in a lot of women). I’ve read that she’s had to battle with weight gain. To stay thin she would have to essentially starve herself. Metabolism isn’t equal in everyone. She’s still a beautiful, compassionate and intelligent woman.

    It’s better than seeing the lipo sucted, botoxed, over madeup women so prevalent in Hollywood.

  10. 160
    JR Says:

    Are you sure it his wife? Maybe it’s a beached whale and should be shoved back into the water!

  11. 161
    tmcd Says:

    PLs, call Greenpeace!!!!

    Save this whale?
    Push her back in water.

  12. 162
    leykis101_student Says:

    what a fat blob. if i was him i would be snorting coke off some hot ***** ass

  13. 163
    Robert Says:

    shame on the bikini manufacturer for making something so skimpy for someone so large ~gag~ I don’t care if your confident or not you should realize when you’re fat or not and realize that nobody wants to see that c;mon Pierce the original Bond you can do much better for yourself

  14. 164
    maestrolv Says:

    Pierce is screwed. Just goes to show you what happens to women after they say I do… and then they don’t. Love is not blind, in this case
    it is costing him HALF.

  15. 165
    mike Says:


  16. 166
    luckyL Says:

    LOL #3 Sandie

    But thanks #30 for directing us in the right direction

  17. 167
    RR Says:

    This is so disgusting! What a Moron to be with this FAT *******? She’s more than a Beach Whale. She’s like an Elephant. How pathetic? This ***** should be told to get her fat ass in shape or else???? Either this guy is a chubby chaser or don’t want to get a divorce because of alimony. I still would advice him to get rid of this loser. Why can’t she lose weight? There’s no excuse!!!!!!!

  18. 168
    hen Says:

    She is a full figure and I for one think she looks great and normal
    Many people are just used to the Hollywood toothpicks and stitched bodies

  19. 169
    RR Says:

    To the morons who claim that all we see is the outside…Please……….this woman is PATHETIC!!!!!! This is what happens when you get married!!!!! It’s called a GYM…go to one!!!!!! There’s no excuse even if you fight for the environment, or any humanitarian causes. Nothing justifies this FAT behavior. I hope she eats herself to death!!!!!! Fatty!!!!!!!!

  20. 170
    JJ in LA Says:

    James Bond married Orca. DAYYAAAAAM.
    All I can say is I am am average Joe married happilf 5 years and my wife asked me one day what would I do If she blew up to 200-300 pounds. I told her I would giver her a deadline to drop it and if she didnt meet she would be dropped to the curb. She said I was mean but agreed she would never blow up. And thats just my expereince, an average Joe.
    This huy is FRIGGIN JAMES BOND!!!!!!! Fat chicks are for losers that have no game( money, education, career, etc.). It’s a harsh statement byt the truth. So that said, i am baffled by Pierce and Shamu?

  21. 171
    RR Says:

    There’s nothing shallow about commenting on weight!!! Get a clue? Are we to assume that men who chase chubby chasers are not shallow? This is what women love to say when they get lazy and out of shape. Blame men!!!! Why the hell would would you put up with this??

  22. 172
    jen Says:

    And most of you 12 year old boys will get to this stage in you life…..
    if you are lucky
    They have something more than physical…it is called love

  23. 173
    Deb Says:

    All you people ragging on his wifes weight…. are you a perfect weight? I didnt think so!

  24. 174
    leykis101_student Says:

    because Hollywood toothpicks are hot and fat disgusting unhealthy slobs are not

  25. 175
    RR Says:

    TO Aisling:

    Yes, she was beautiful before hooking up with this guy?? Note to all guys….. this is what some women do once you sign on the dotted line. They get chunky, get rid of them at any cost because it’s a deceptive attitude. She completely gave up.

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