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Stalking Vanessa Hudgens

Stalking Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens gets the star treatment from at least a dozen paparazzi when she stops at a Mobil gas station in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The High School Musical starlet gave her autograph to one photographer… with a mechanical pencil! Another photographer was even kind enough to help Vanessa pump the gas into her Audi convertible. How sweet of him!

Notice how none of the photographers or videographers are women…

35+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens filling up at the gas station…

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Photos: Matei/JRI/Bauer-Griffin, Bret Thompsett/
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  • LOOK expert

    what a pretty girl

  • Mandy


  • Emmi

    near first?

  • LOOK expert

    lol sorry i am 1st!

  • manisha

    wow that is crazy

  • myluvs

    That is really overboard.

  • kristen0606

    aww she looks cute but i wish the paps would just leave her alone!!

  • Emmi

    haha oh well i was close

  • Christine x3

    awhhh poor vanessa =/


    She a beautiful young woman and some people hate beautiful women.

  • jamie

    she looks so cute!

  • jk

    Poor girl!She has no privacy.There must be a law againts this,or atleast a certain distance from these actors.

  • jamie

    dang so close, lolz

  • daze

    wahhhhhhhhh thanks jj for this update she looks good

  • Awee.

    :] does anyone no if zac is out of the er??

  • cah_zenhah

    linda *-*

  • luckyL

    Well this story is quite refreshing after the ones below it. I think the papparazzi is being somewhat human to her because she’s so young.

  • Maky

    Number 15? or 16?
    I Love Vanessa Hudgens *-*

  • Pikes

    Yuck……… She always looks so dirty.

  • evelyn

    i think zac might be back at home. i guess vanessa was spotted going to his apt. a couple times yeterday

  • troy

    That is just totally ridiculous. But it sounds like she handled it a real trooper. That’s our girl! As far as the photographer helping her pump gas goes, well that was the very least they could do.

  • Ally


  • Jessica

    Ahaha, that must of been weird for Vanessa!

  • http://vanashbrenique jillrenay

    Awee – Zac’s been out of the hospital for a day.

    And this title – so screams E!True Hollywood Story

  • Ally

    lol wanted to get in the top 20 comments but the photographers should leave her alone, give her a LITTLE space. not block her from walking in a strait path

  • Ally


  • tah


  • sara

    vanessa i love you are my idol!!!!!!!

  • alexandra

    she is awesome

  • alexandra

    she is awesome!!!!

  • Emmi

    so does she not need to have anyone driving with her now? im not sure of the driving rules in da u.s. :)

  • luckyL

    I know what you’re talking about Emmi. She got her license when I got mine and for only like 6 months you have to follow that rule if you get it when you’re 17. She’s 19 now, same as as moi. I’m from NJ though and we’re one of the stricter states, so it may not apply to her at all.

  • Malia

    That’s kind of sad that she can’t even go to the gas station without getting swarmed by paps.

  • cscs

    the papp in the red shirt/ jeans is wearing fallen rippers (shoes) for those wondering. aha.

  • Kourtney

    poor v.
    that has to get so old really fast..

    I would rather pump my own gas in my car than someone else do it anyways.

  • go sox

    She looks SO pretty! I wonder if she got her license because no one is with her!!

  • luckyL

    I love NOT pumping my own gas in my state lol

  • Kourtney

    also, thats a really weird looking gas nozzle.. if thats what theyre called haha.

  • cscs

    luckyL. haha NJ. I think it’s weird

  • tell-tale

    lol, i guess you know youve really reached stardom when you have over 12 paparazzi people taking pictures of you just because your betting gas for your car. thats insane, but she handled that well, as always. so beautiful too, i love her outfit, not too wild about the shoes though. i could never walk in heels that high O.O

  • Boji

    It’s nice to know that the paps can be decent people. I suspect that it’s the writers/editors who do the thrashing and spice up the reports given by the paps. You can see that some of them are actually decent people trying to earn their keep. The rest just go overboard.

    Love her shoes.

  • Malia

    I live in a state in which you can’t pump your gas, either and I like that.

  • smdwh

    because she’s amazing

  • viviana



    19511, SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA, Wednesday, January 16, 2008, “High School Musical” stars and best friends Ashely Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens share a laugh as they walk to their Pilates class. After class Ashley dropped Vanessa off at home. After a short while, Vanessa left her home in her Audi, and stopped by her boyfriend Zac Efron’s house before heading to a costume fitting in the San Fernando Valley. Following the three hour costume fitting, Vanessa stopped at a Robeks, where she picked up two large smoothies, before heading back to Zac’s place. When asked how Zac was doing, Vanessa replied he was doing ‘Good!’

  • Ly

    yes, the papz aren’t so bad with some celebrity. They just respect someone that respects them

  • cindy

    In Virginia, if you are 19 or older you can get your license after only 30 days if you have enough practice hours on your permit. Maybe California has a similar situation. Vanessa looks really nice in these pics. I really like her sweater. Must be tiring to have all the paps around all the time. Hope they don’t distract her driving.


    She looks so pretty! I love her shoes and sweater.

  • ssssssasdd

    i love her jeans

  • Jamiieee renee

    awww poor V! The photographers just love her though!
    She looks so pretty. =]

  • luckyL

    I like her shoes too. I really do like her overall style. She seems to be well aware of the trends, yet keeps it her own. Sorry, I’m interested in fashion journalism lol. I think she’s much worthier of being noted for her style than that Hayden girl. She dresses like a mother. No wonder she’s dating a man who is 30 something.