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Charlize Theron is on Fire

Charlize Theron is on Fire

Charlize Theron films her new movie, The Burning Plain on Thursday in Portland, Oregon.

Kim Basinger co-stars in the film where a mother (Basinger) and daughter (Theron) try to form a bond after the young woman’s difficult childhood. The Burning Plain is due out in 2009.

Charlize‘s Sleepwalking is currently being shown at the Sundance Film Festival. Woody Harrelson and Dennis Hopper co-star.

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  • lola

    She’s lovely, as usual.

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  • natalie

    LOL AT THE FIRST PERSON! you’re so lame.

    I love Charlize… It’s great she keeps on makin those movies.. It’s a bit funny that Basinger’s playin her mom. Basinger’s like 12 years older than Char IRL :P
    But Basinger’s disgustingly old-lookin so no wonder :P

  • Just me…

    For me Charlize Theron is the only beautiful actress in Hollywood!!
    She’s has a natural beauty and she’s a incredibly talented actress!
    I love you Charlize… yeah..and just stay how you are!!

    PS: I’m a girl…and absolutely not lesbian!!! :D :D :D

  • Dieter

    I wanna lift her skirt and bang her in the ass !!!!

  • Dieter

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  • hypocrite


    I’m surprised this wash-up isn’t harping on about going au naturale for the movie and how better it would be if women would stop wearing makeup and getting plastic surgery. Where’s your makeup artist and hairstylist, Charlize? How much do they get paid?


  • Dieter

    I just wanked on Kim Basinger !!!!!

  • Euan

    Anyone notice tht she and Stuart Townsend no longer wear their ‘wedding rings’,neither have worn them since they used the married story to plug her last movie.

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  • agathi

    she is so beautiful and simple,…i love her

  • ver

    She’s really one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood.

  • jane

    I think she is the prettiest woman in hollywood today! She looks like a Hitchcok blonde! Seriously if she were around in the 40s and 50s she would be a movie star then and Hitchcock would have cast her for sure! There are a lt of pretty blondes in hollywood but she’s the only one that actually looks like a true classic beauty and movie star. Good to see her getting lots of more roles. She is such a great dramatic actress.

  • christina

    Hypocrite / is that you again!!!! oh my holly god seriously what is your problem ???? deperated to hate and bash at this point ??? you will post as an obsessive freak on all charlize’ s threads to hate on her because you’re an ugly bitch you’ve already post your craps on her other thread why do you go find some help and go throw your hate on a therpay that could work , wow you’re so pathetic hating on someone you don’t even know obsessively i pity you .

  • sofia

    i love charlize she is taletend , breathtakingly beautiful,down to eath and goshhhhh she turns me on and im girl lol i turn lesb for her for a second ! anytime you want charlize !

  • hypocrite


    face it – your idol is a hypocrite! She groans about people wearing too much makeup and looking fake as all get out – then she shows up at red carpets dressed to the nines and sporting caked on makeup that would make Tammy Faye Bakker roll over in her grave! Why doesn’t she go to those premieres and such with NO MAKEUP and a simple JC Penney dress? You know why? Because she can’t take a dose of her own medicine! She is too superficial to take her own spin, but she expects everyone else to listen to her. Please! An actor should stick to making movies – not PRing about ludicrous things such as makeup amounts.

    What a hypocrite this Charlize is. Her career peaked with Monster. She will never have another hit starring movie and she will never be nominated for another award – that is unless she goes ugly again! But she’s too superficial for that…

    Her PR antics have a lot in Hollyweird ticked off. She’s over!

  • christina

    Hypocrite you are just confirming your serious deep isues wow i fell bad for you really, what is your problem at the end you ugly bitch ????????? you’re hating on her because she is beautiful and because she wears a dress on a red carpet ??????? you want her to get naked you jealous bicth to feel good ?? do you realise at least the degree of your stupidy ??? this is all what you got on her you ugly jealous desperated bitch ? since she doesn’t act like an outrageous attention whore since she is private , loved respected by her co workers generous, honest an real and famous by her own hard work and not by sleeping with a famous actors or having a famous parents , a clean actress who didn’t make a tabloids covers each week we don’t see her face ever day in the blogs, a real talented actress who is famous by her talent , desparted much for finding noting on her to hate you ugly bitch ??? and she has been nominated at the academy awards for best leading actress shortly after Monster for “North Country” and not only the oscars an avalanche of nominations in every award show , her performance in her last movie in the valley of elah were applaused by all the critics and the festivals around the world, her up coming movie sleepwalking will be at the sudance film festival and this summer Hancok will kick your ass badly bitch her career is getting higher and higher and im not talking about other up coming projects ,now go blow yourself pathetic jealous bitch

  • Ji


  • ricky

    she sucks big time!!Charlize stinks!

  • Sole

    Lovely Charlize.