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Gwyneth Has Gastrointestinal Problems

Gwyneth Has Gastrointestinal Problems

Gwyneth Paltrow was taken to the hospital Monday for “a little gastrointestinal situation,” her chef pal Mario Batali told Us Weekly.

Batali added, “It’s now been straightened out. She’s [doing] great.”

Paltrow was admitted to New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital Monday afternoon and released early Tuesday afternoon.

The 35-year-old Oscar winner, chef Batali and New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman will star in a 13-part TV series called Spain … On the Road Again, airing Fall 2008.

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  • a.e.h

    thts because she is starving wiht that fdiet:S

  • sara

    what a liar,she was there because of over dose drugs.believe me.I’m the part time nurse in the hospital.

  • scott


  • scott

    or not. Ha!



  • Tess

    I wonder if Mario’s cooking made her sick?

  • karen

    hmmm….that’s the first time i’ve heard of starvation being referred to as a “gastrointestinal problem”
    ….it’s kinda like blindness being referred to as “extreme myopia”.


  • Jack


  • Jack

    o.k., 2nd!!!!

  • Jack

    how about 3rd???

  • WTF

    Really Sara?? Urgh!!
    And what about Two lovers…. Still filming or what?? They must be happy with all this mess

  • Carl

    Poor thing.:=( Swallowing Big Mario’s eel made her ill.

  • Nurse Giggles

    She disappeared up her own ass for a while, and incurred an injury while removing her head from her butt.

  • lola

    Well, at least she’s better now!

    –read my blog at htttp://

  • booyah

    she had really bad gas but has taken a nice shit now so it’s all good.

  • WTF


  • yum yum

    Someone get this woman a cheeseburger!

  • Pooter

    I was there. She has the smelliest f–a–r—t—s.

  • whats the truth?

    # 3 sara @ 01/18/2008 at 4:56 pm what a liar,she was there because of over dose drugs.believe me.I’m the part time nurse in the hospital.

    Its likely more than just a gastro problem, its its just gastro, then Huvane could have already said it and not make it bigger as something personal.

    I think Gwyneth and Chris relationship are on the rocks, they are seldom together, I think he is just there for the kids!

  • jamie g.

    Why is this news?

  • Gwynnie’s Gas

    I am beautiful!

  • franklin

    a miraculously cured case of terminal smugness.

  • Eon

    Who wants to cook her dinner?

  • Passport of truth

    i haven’t left the house in 20 yrs

  • Adam

    I had a feeling it was gas. I bet she chows down on Mickey D’s in private.

  • beth

    I don’t buy it. she probably had a miscarriage.

  • Lar

    She had to be treated for shock because she realized her shit DOES stink!!!

  • Big T

    i was born yesterday…gwyneth squeezed me out!

  • oh miz

    eon, i don’t want to make her dinner but i would like to cut her hair.

  • karl

    #24 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  • Puhleez

    Gwyneth got a bout of the Britneyitis and needed a reason to get a share of the media attention. That’s all. She could have stayed at home.

  • audrina

    #6 DR SINAI
    #14 Nurse Giggles
    # 28 Lar

    Oh my gosh these posts are so fcuking hilarious!
    Y’all have cracked me up big time.
    You guys/gals rock!!
    Thanks for the laughs!

  • e

    Gwyn, please take care of yourself.You must do that…
    You have got two LİTTLE children…

  • Brad

    Se looks old and she looks bad. She always acts like she has NO energy and her hair is so thin it looks like it belongs to a 70 yr old grandma.

    She’s NOT hot . She has NO lips and no personality. She should just take some laxitives and go away!

  • duckie

    Jeesz! Who goe to the hospital for a “little gastrointestinal problem” ? I had 4 gallbladder attacks in a month long period and I didn’t go. I drank some herbal concoction I made and I am all better now. These celebs are oh-so precious I think. No backbone!!!

  • domonique@

    crazy people

  • bebe

    She looks old and seems like losing her bleech blonde hair

  • jennifer125

    Hasn’t he ever heard of HIPAA? Stop giving out other people’s medical info? Geez.

  • Didi

    gastrointestinal problems is hollywood speak for ‘miscarriage.’ because who the hell goes to hospital with tummy ache? not very likely..anyway if she was in the UK, she’d have got MRSA by now thanks to the nhs and she’d be dead

  • Brad


    he’s a freaking CHEF! HIPPA doesn’t apply to him it only applies to medical personel. If she told him that she had stomach problems then he turns around and blabs it, then SO WHAT! That’s between him and her, it has nothing to do with HIPPA. But ifHER DOCTOR or NURSE started blabbing it, then that would be a different story.

  • Dirty Denise

    Awww, poor Gwyn Gwyn. I’m glad she’s alright.

  • Momof3

    Gastrointestinal problems are much deeper than gas–shows how much most of you know. Maybe you should all take your heads out of your ***** and realize that for her to had stayed in the hospital over night, it must have been something pretty darn serious. To jump to the conclusion that she had a miscarriage–SHAME ON YOU! Remember, karma will get all of you horrible talkers back some day. The discourse is pretty sick and uncalled for here.

  • Kim

    Momof3- Funny you should speak of karma b/c I believe karma is eating Gwyneth up. She looks so bad the last few years, I guess skinning her nose up at people have not work out so well for her.
    I believe it’s all lies, she is such a lier-truth do not roll out of her mouth.
    We can be sure it was not a gastrointestinal problems. They plan this leak. Gwyneth and Chris are such fakes.

  • Tiffiny

    I saw that clip of these 2 coming out the hospital. I thought chris acted like a retared bullie. His wife was in the cat vehical and the photo guy was standing their snapping pics and chris bolted on him and snatch his carmera. I can see if they were treating him the way the treat Britney then ok b/c those guy push her lay on her car which is horrid. They don’t even bump hem. I hope that 1 guy sue chris I use to be a fan of his but he started acting all weird after he got his high and mighty wife. I can’t stand them now. She is an horrid actress anyway.

  • Mary

    Oh yeah I’m thinking miscarriage also. What else would make Martin like a madman if the pap stood his distance and took pictures….not an upset stomach.

  • blondie

    Well, maybe the guys with the cameras kept asking:

    “Is it true that the big fat chef collapsed on top of you, Miss Gwynneth Paltrowe,
    right in the middle of a love making session??? Are you and the big Chef lovers,
    and are you leaving Chris for some good old home cooking. OR

    Is it true that Chris clubbed you in the back of your head, Miss Paltrow,
    with a frying pan, when you asked him to make dinner, in addition
    to his “house-husband chores???

  • bily200

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  • Spooky

    Is he her personal chef? I find it hilarious that a chef would talk about someone going to the hospital for gastro problems…Maybe she got food poisoning

  • blondie

    Gwynneth and the Chef are adorable, and I only joke about them
    to lighten the mood. Total abscence of malice.

    I only wish them the best.

    Happy cooking and happy eating,

    Someone give that woman a role!!!
    I mean, a roll.
    Not in the hay.