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Tom Cruise For President

Tom Cruise For President

If Katie Holmes is trying to channel her inner Jackie-O, we can safely assume that Tom Cruise will soon be running president!


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  • Frenchy

    I said the same thing (about Katie reminding me of Jackie) But TC for President? Only of Scientology.

  • sara

    Oh C’mon Jared I’m almost vomiting at the amount of threads you give to this crazy man.

  • Orange Clockwork


  • Cayanne

    those legs look ridiculous in middle of winter. she has great legs dont get me wrong it just looks out of place and besides it looks like a stripper with a coat on oops!

  • kate is no Jackie O

    just because robort brain kate is trying to steal Jackie O’s look… courtesy of tiny tom..doesnt mean cr*p….kate from dawson creek is noooooooo JKO..puleeeeeeeeeese..
    im an independent..i would never vote tom for anything- except beating his wives self esteem down to a pulp..and hes a wack..

  • sara

    the truth is She forgot to put on her pant. ;)

    don’t tell anyone,I’m just saying this to you.

  • question

    is it true she’s cast as Wonder Woman?

  • lmfao


  • stefanie

    Tom Cruise as President???
    Oh no!!! That’s what the Scientologists would love! One of their members in the white house.

    Can’t even imagine the horror.

  • cscs


  • boo

    tom cruise as president will be like effin 1984

  • tom c

    Please. Comparing Katie-fake-can’t-think-for-herself to Jackie O. just because the 60′s fashion is in again, is like comparing a bug to a beautiful painting. Now, who’s the bug? Well, the one with the Beetles haircut, of course.

  • Here’s The Deal

    “Tom Cruise For President”

    It sounds like the title of a horror movie to me.

  • anononymouss

    This thread is hilarious. What an insult to the memory of Jackie O though.

  • the DQ

    Oh, GAG me!!!!!! Ain’t gonna happen!!!

  • dean

    From Defamer

    Katie Holmes Marathon Mystery Deepens With New Questions About Unidentified Runner #6074

    Blogger Harlem 26.2 (whose description, “The chronicles of a Black man running through Harlem in pursuit of rebuilding his business, a sub 3:00 marathon, and a wife – all through the lens of running,” is our current favorite) has been following all the Katie Holmes marathon conspiracy theorizing closely, and adds a fascinating insight to the mix that discounts the official “lone runman” theory:

    All the conspiracy theories fail to mention or recognize the “mystery runner” that accompanied Katie in the race.
    He wore bib # 6074, he does not show up or exist in the results database. He’s the first runner in the history of the NYC Marathon to “not exist”. He can be seen in photos on Flickr, we have the links on our site, just look in the comments of today, you’ll see them.
    The conspiracy fails when you see Katie has registered “split times” – however they could have been recorded by this “mystery runner, bib # 6074 – wearing her assigned timing chip – clearly adjacent to her at all times in the few photos that exists. Check out site, the photos on flickr, the NYC Marathon database – that runner is a total mystery….

    One obvious explanation is that the tall, dark, and handsome mystery runner is Holmes’s bodyguard, as the guy looks like he knows his way around a Krav Maga death-pinch. Still, that doesn’t entirely rule out that Agent 6074’s frequency-mimicking chip wasn’t also receiving constant wireless dispatches from HQ, instructing him at one point to “detonate the fire hydrant by the entrance to the Queensboro bridge, then replace Runaway Bride with her bionic cyberclone during the ensuing confusion. Over.”

  • karen

    yeah, ummmmmm….no thank you.

  • jmo

    No way in hell she can compare to Jackie. End.Of.Story.

  • no no no nooooooooooo

    Lanky tall b*tch can’t touchJackie O.
    Tomthumb being president would be like
    ”The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”".
    Nay for these al.ien fugnuts.

  • stefanie

    If you have Sirius Radio, you should listen to “Bubba the Love Sponge” on Howard 101.

    The great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard is talking about Scientology. He basically called it a pyramid scheme…Hubbard had to keep adding BS that you have to pay for to get to the next level. Called him one of the most prolific con-men in the last century.

    The interview is excellent! Listen if you can.

  • Megg

    She looks more like Johnny Depp when he played Willy Wonka.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    Jackie O looks better.

  • anna

    now we can safely saay that cruise’s people have taken over jared’s headquarters, house, garage, office, etc, etc, etc. !! pleaaaase


    O MY gosh that is the lamest thing they have done yet. who do they think they are? seriously


  • pj

    what a random story jared! Gosh, you are really miling out the attention that tomkat is getting right now.

  • Carol Channing wants her wig

    back .

    Kat-e didn’t even run the marathon-ummm-not surprise.
    She’s mirroring Olive Oyle dressed as a sixties mess.
    JK O’ she wished.

  • postwatcher


    I am sorry, but Katie can’t dress to save her life. Just because she
    picks designer clothes, the clothes wear Katie,not the other way around. She is an idiot who wears sky high heels when carrying a baby. WHATTA DORK!

    Money does not buy Taste or Class.

    What is obvious is that Katie thinks she is Jackie O. PUHLEEZE!

  • doctor

    Tom is already the prez of Scientology. Katie is hunch over and puts me in the mind of a struggling bug somehow.
    Jackie looks completely natural, being herself. Tom has told Katie to attempt this route(classy ,refined, intelligent ,mature woman), she failed, it doesn’t work for her .

  • vetoed

    is this a joke..sounds that way..katy ‘Jackie K.O. & tom the president ??

    Now Jack Black..that’s different.

  • anon7

    Sure JJ lets elect someone with a ninth grade education. LOL

  • dianne keaton

    pleeeeeeeeeeease, she can’t even act, she can’t even complete a sentence. she’s starving her daughter because her BF tells her to. Then she feeds her so she’ll smile for the Paps. Gross!II

    Jared, don’t even put out bulletins like this, it’s like the world is coming to an end. Neeeeeeeeeeever another movie with her, YUK!!! My career has taken a dip, but you know I’m great & will make it up to everyone. love ya, Dianne

  • 8ju


  • Pikes

    I knew she faked that marathon. 3 million a year whore.

  • shenanyginz

    that’s scary…. I’m going back to the motherland in that case

  • SJ

    Jackie O has more class in her coffin, even though she has been dead for 14 years than Katie does.

    Jared, please don’t compare the two again.

  • happy

    You’ve really lost it Jared.

    Comparing Katie to Jackie O?

    And that nutcase for President?

    STOP the endless Katie/Tom threads please!

  • anna

    I agree to one of the posts above, what about a separate at birth thread willy wonka and katie holmes?

  • oh please

    Not even a little bit funny…

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    lmaoo. katie’s the queen of hollywood right now.

    tom cruise for president!

  • palvasha

    omg after bush, another fuker stupid assholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wel i might aswell wish to never see that day when tom becomes a pres!!!!

  • kate

    Ha NEVER

    Jaqueline would never forget her slacks in January.

    Also, Jaqueline was educated and would never misuse words in the strange way of Katie.

    I’m positive the Original would laugh ith peels of helpless at references that Suri is “glorious”, “magical”, and “a strong woman”.

  • kate

    Ha NEVER

    Jaqueline would never forget her slacks in January.

    Also, Jaqueline was educated and would never misuse words in the strange way of Katie.

    I’m positive the Original would laugh with peels of helpless laughter at references that Suri is “glorious”, “magical”, and “a strong woman”.

  • *libraesque*

    the queen of hollywood?
    Her movie is a bomb
    she does nothing but shop shop shop, never does charity work or anything to give back
    and she’s pretending her g a y sterile husband is the father of that kid


    TC won’t even be the president of UA much longer….much less president of anything else

    GOD BLESS the person who is responsible for leaking all those tapes
    woooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo

  • me

    One fruitcake as President for the last 8 years has been quite enough.

    Post about someone else besides Katie will you Jared?

  • the DQ

    Jackie O was a smart, classy, beautiful woman and Katie is none of those. She can never compare.

  • Jessica

    I love the white jacket. I love that red coat too. Thanks Jared. Tom for president. Those haters know they are fighting a losing battle that is why they are desperate and jump from site to site trashing Tom.

  • long live Jacki O

    This stupi b*tch thinks she is Jackie O???
    Is she kidding???
    Money doesn’t buy class Katie…it only buys expensive clothes.
    So dream on.
    Don’t even think of insulting the beautiful, exquisite lady that was Jackie O.

  • jaxon

    Her tree trunk thick legs will forever exclude her from elegance.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    You can resemble anyone..just aske make up artist kevin aucion in his grave…he transformed stars into old icons for photo shoots..however in this particular holmes case they are the face of scientology…have you noticed how teh clams keep reffering to them as royalty.;.this nouveau riche arse cracks as royalty my arse….

    This is a studied yet again manupulative campaign by scientologist to elevate tom cruise to thier level of presidency ans holmes probaly watched reels and reels of tapes to walk and move like jackie O…ALSO THIS POSTING BY JARED PROBALY CAME FROM THE SCIENTOLOGIST THEMSELVES TO PERPETUATE THE IMAGE ..AHAHHA..they try too hard

  • jaxon

    I knew something was missing from Katie’s outfit. Jackie has shown me just what is missing. PANTS. Something Katie and Britney have in common, forgetting to put on pants to complete their outfit.