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Milo & Hayden: Moving in Together?

Milo & Hayden: Moving in Together?

Now that their romance is no longer Hollywood’s worst-kept secret, Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia could be moving in together, reports In Touch.

The Heroes hottie lives with her family in a nice but far from glamorous West Hollywood condo. But it hasn’t been easy!

Hayden, 18, has even been staying over with co-star Kristen Bell “as a way to get some space,” says a friend.

So she recently started shopping for a new home, telling a pal that she wants to live with Milo, 30.

“Hayden and Milo can’t deny that they’re a couple,” the insider explains. “Now that their secret is out, they figure they might as well do what they want – even move in together.”

Hayden was seen checking out homes in West Hollywood on January 7. “Hayden just started looking for a house,” an insider says.

At least if they move in together, they can call it: THE HALO HOUSE.

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  • kaylie

    eeeeewww bloody nasty

  • kate


  • Erin

    I love them together =]

  • j

    She’s a horrible role model, I’m sorry. Not because of her relationship with Milo because age doesn’t matter, but moving in at 18 with a 30 year old is not right. But she acts so perfect and it dirves me crazy.

  • Ally

    I think they look really cute 2 gether! REALLY CUTE!!!

  • suzy

    um what , so not true.

  • reality check

    Maybe she’s pregnant? Why else they would be in such a hurry? Ew.

  • TheTabloidsChic

    Ummmm……………NO COMMENT!!!!!!!!! lol

  • vanessahudgensfanofficial
  • Musicisourhigh

    I don’t think this is a good idea but sometimes you have to learn from living life.

  • Musicisourhigh

    The saddest thing is that she is becoming more known for tabloid stuff than acting ability

  • be-girl

    just think of it like this- when teenage milo probably had his first erection, baby hayden was a newborn. how disgusting is that ?

    their union is a disgrace. he’s too old for her


    I think this is a bit funny. What 30 year old man wants to be dating an 18 year old girl who still lives with her parents? If she needs to move out so they can have “privacy” that means she’s too young!

    I can just picture them snuggling on the couch with her parents popping their heads in every so often. “Hand Check!”

    So ridiculous. I really think Milo needs to find someone closer to his age. She can’t even legally have a drink!

    Just my two cents I suppose.

  • aka girl

    Calm Down People. This Is The Same Mag That Claims Brad And Angie Hate Each Other And Only Weeks Ago Tried 2 Say Britney Was Pregnant

  • luckyL

    I guess he’s trying to find a way to finally be able to sleep with a barely-out -of-her-teens young girl.

    IF this is true. #14 made a very good point.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    Isn’t it a bit too soon for them to live together?

  • genny

    thats terrible pedophile… considering how many starlets there out there can find one closer to your own age…its disgraceful!

  • brittany

    Don’t believe everything you read, people.

    I love them together, they make eachother happy. If it’s true, more power to them. But this is most likley a rumor.

  • brittany

    Don’t believe everything you read, people.

    I love them together, they make eachother happy. If it’s true, more power to them. But this is most likley a rumor.

  • letícia

    they are so sweet!

  • NAty

    why do you care what they do?

  • Nikki g.

    something’s up with him. I remember reading a blind item that suggested that he was abusive to his ex-girlfreind Alexis whatever from the gilmore girls. i know nothing about him except what i’ve read but looking at pictures of him (his eyes) made me believe he was capable of that. I never got over it.
    And Hayden! I remember seeing that chick smoking ciggies and hanging out with Paris Hilton when she was like 16. Now she’s so polished and poised, i’m not buying it but i do give her props for being
    on the DL about her shade.
    I’m not ageist but but as a thirty-two year old there is no way i could date anyone 18 or even 20! Sorry, too much life experience for that shit. Not into teaching youngins. Hollywood or not, something’s off!

  • LOL

    looks like someone *cough* milo *cough* wants to get laid

  • lola

    I think she’s rushing this…Nothing wrong with the age difference, but I would wait at least a couple of years!

    –read my blog at htttp://

  • cynthia

    I create that s this well, they look at to marilyn manson with rachel evan wood, there is difference of 19 years

    they are happy, they are free to do what they want

    they are lovers

  • Cynthia

    Love Hayden and Milo, they make a cute couple. It’s good to know that they’re moving in together. She seems like a one man woman.

  • t

    Bad move. U spend 12 hours on a set with someone and then u have 2 go home with them 2!!! They will get on each others nerve real quick since i imagine work is all they truly have in common

  • niki

    they arent moving in together.. hayden is just looking for a place for herself not for THEM

    so calm down ppl

  • Analia


  • bea

    They’re very cute, my fav hollywood couple..Thrue or not, who cares? They do what they want and they’re happy. Go Halo!

  • Jess

    Most likely not true but it is fun hearing cute Halo rumors, rather than negative.

  • KAitlin

    Obviously this is a rumor. Do you really think that they would be moving in together so soon? She probably is searching for a house for herself but I highly doubt she is moving in with him. They are a cute couple though. I have to give them that. Who cares if there is a 12 year age difference. If they like each other than thats their business. I don’t think they care what any of you think.

  • Jessica

    you know i used to love Milo ventimiglia… that is before he started dating a freaking teenager. what a class act!

  • TATA

    aWW tha Halo house *.* PERFECT!

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    just another 18 yr old in a hurry to grow old…she is not all that and never saw her on tv or any movie except on JJ….I think the quicker she moves ini with him the quicker the pedophilic relationship will be over..hahahah

  • eRyx

    bit boring, innit :P

  • CG

    Hayden and Milo has the same age difference as angelina jolie and Brad Pitt have

  • Zakiyyah

    They are so cute go HALO!!

  • lola

    god shut up guys…it’s not your life!!! if they want to move together that’s fine… don’t even know them!!!!
    it’s none of your business!!

  • Gina

    Why do you all have such problems with the ages difference? (well, not all of you who wrote something but most of you)
    If this article is true….who cares? If they love each other and want to be together, then let them be happy…
    My mom and her boyfriend have got an ages difference of 13 years…and I don’t see why they should be together

    (sorry if I wrote something wrong…i’m from germany)

  • katie

    we shouldnt post rude or mean comments because its none of our business whether they are moving in together or not.

  • Jules101

    They look really cute together.
    As much as I want this rumor to happened, I think it’s a little bit too soon, or perhaps they’re dating longer than we know.

  • jess

    americans are the most critical of this couple in Europe and even South America it isn’t a big deal beacause at 18 you can do whatever u want. HALO are cute and they seem so in love but even as a fan of them I don’t think this is true maybe I am wrong but it’s too soon to move in together IMO

  • Abby

    I say, if she wants to move in with him, then go ahead. Haha I love the whole Halo thing though. =]

  • mjkbk

    Oh please. “Telling a pal”? “The insider explains”? “An insider says”?

    Those are all tabloid code phrases for “We made up this entire ‘news’ item.”

    I don’t believe such stories, any more than I believe emails warning me about the “worst computer virus ever, it’ll destroy your hard drive”. LOL.

    Hoaxers all.

  • kim1891uk

    Man if i was Hayden I would get some new friends all you seem to hear is “A Friend of the family”,”an insider says” or “a close friend to hayden said”
    seriously she needs some more loyal friends

  • Ha!

    Oh geez, I’m already sick of hearing about them.

  • Tiffany

    Well I tried not to be critical, but it got the better of me this time. Age difference aside, something just seems off about their relationship. I know several people on here claimed that they are so in love, but honestly, I don’t see it. I saw a few pictures of them staring at each and grinning, but those pictures of them out in public holding hands seemed really awkward and forced. Every time you see them together (now) they look uncomfortable.

  • gottasayitnow!

    I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO don’t think this is right! I mean, like he is what? In his 30′s? And she’s only 18! Don’t get me wronge or anything, they are both nice and all, but I think they would be better off as friends. There is so much of an age difference!!!! WOW!

  • Sarah

    i love these two…. their so cute together… who cares if there 12 years apart… its legal… she’s 18. and she’s old enouph to make her own decision… LUV YA HAYDEN… o ya and luv ya HALO