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Wentworth Miller Family Photo

Wentworth Miller Family Photo

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, aka Michael Scofield, was in Memphis, Tennessee late last month to celebrate a family reunion of descendants of the late Dr. Green Forte Pinkston of Memphis and Cordova. Pinkston, the grandson of freed Mississippi slaves, died in 1963.

Pictured are (from left) Mila Jasey (Went‘s aunt), Rhena Jasey (Went‘s cousin), Leigh Miller (Went‘s younger sister), Wentworth and Jason Cox (Went‘s cousin).

Read up more of the Pinkston clan honor the pioneering Dr. Green Forte Pinkston at

Thanks, KW!

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  • bethany


  • bibi


  • heather

    his sister is really pretty! must be in the gene’s!!

  • bibi

    okay third,but this is very crazy (:


    I didnt know he was black. “freed slaves?”

  • kateJJ

    actually vera, his sister has a pretty good resemblance to went. she is beautiful. i’d like to know how YOU look like?

  • Ekaterina

    I’ve known his cousin Rhena for almost my entire life. She grew up down the street from my aunt and uncle. Didn’t know they were related until recently. Guess she wasn’t lying.

  • G550

    The entire family has the same strong nose, brow line, and a strong jaw. It’s always fun to get lots of related people together and see what common features stand out amongst them all. And yes, WM is from a diverse background, as are most people.

  • Nando

    Wow, vera, you’re a real Britney.

    LOL!! I’m using “Britney” as an insult because she’s trash.

  • Maja

    Awwww, look at that =) How sweet and his sister is really pretty.

  • em

    His sister is very pretty and does look a bit like Went. He seems to have a wonderful family. :)

  • LL

    His sister is really pretty! You can tell they’re related, they have very similar facial features. Cute!

  • Just me…

    I had already seen this beautiful family picture!!
    They all seems adorable.
    Wentworth is BEAUTIFUL and very touching surround by its family and his sister is beautiful too !!

    We don’t need people like you for criticize and who make fun on the physique of other people!!!
    Just remember that when you point at some one…
    your three other fingers are turn towards you!!!!

  • stella

    This picture isn’t new to me, the pic is on the web since beginning of december. But it’s always a pleasure to see him once again;-) and his sister is a beautiful woman.

  • Giulia

    His sister is really pretty and probably a good&polite person too, so there’s no reason to judge her and also she is not a famous person so we don’t have any right to judge her!!!

    Do you understand Vera? PLEASE GROW UP!

    Ekaterina: LoL, world is so small sometimes!!

  • Mrs Miller

    Wenty looksso cute in this photo. I wish I was in this photo

  • http://JustJared Milla

    WOW! His sister is beautiful, I guess it runs in the family!

  • Didi

    wow thats a nice pic of my in-laws

  • Didi

    jared i said only shirtless pics of wentworth please. what the hell is this..

  • me

    I live in Memphis.I wish I knew what restaurant he was at last night.I would love to meet him.

  • SweetykaT

    Hey Jared,

    Thanks for the pic. I’ve already seen it on another site a while back when you were caught slipping a little. Leigh is a very pretty woman. She and Wentworth look very much alike. He is so damn beautiful.

    To VERA:

    I usually ignore ignorant, immature comments but for you Vera, I will make an exception. You are a very mean, very nasty, and crude person. You really should be ashamed of yourself. First of all, I think you may be looking at the wrong woman which very much displays your ignorance. Even so, your comments still do NOT apply to her either. You, and other stupid little girls like you, never stop to think the harm your comments may cause. You’re an embarrassment to the human race.

  • so

    just jared you should draw a line : this is family pictures it’s personal,
    they should not be here….
    take them out

    am i the only one thinking that ?

  • stella

    no so you’re not.

  • Sammie

    Vera, it’s not Wentworth’s sister that looks like a monkey, it’s his cousin. His sister is the girl sitting next to him. She’s not pretty either though.
    And Went’s aunt seriously looks like a man. Scary!

  • Just me…

    @ So…
    I agree with you!!!

  • stella

    Your comment is disgusting , you make me sick. You have NO RESPECT!!

    JJ LISTEN TO “SO” !!!!!!!!

  • grace

    went’s cousin, jason, is pretty hot too! he’s good-looking as well. :-)

  • Truth seeker

    @ #6

    ..oh snap! that was cold.

  • TC

    Went’s male cousin is the cutie.

  • gettinmykicks

    Beautiful and sweet family pic! Thx so much for sharing this Wenty baby! Your fans just love you!

  • TClrt

    Went’s cousin Jason is cute.

  • Just me…


    Stella the “hôtesse de l’air”?

  • so

    please JJ take the pictures out :)

  • stella

    @SO::: hope JJ read this!!!!!!!!!!

    JUST ME 33 Who are you? :-)

  • eddie

    so, et al: the picture posted here is also posted in the memphis daily newspaper (the commercial appeal), if you would follow jared’s link. it’s not a private family picture; it’s a picture that accompanies an important story, which some should read and learn instead of simply blowing smoke about who is pretty and who is ugly. superficial much, y’all?

  • Sammie

    Stella! I was talking about Went’s FEMALE cousin!!! His male cousin is very attractive.

    Geez, calm down…

  • not risababy

    Went’s sister is pretty.
    He’s absolutely gorgeous.

    And Went’s dad was there, too!

  • Penelope

    LOL at your screen name no. 38! Very funny! :)

    For those who doesn’t know; risababy is the village idiot over at Went’s message board on She thinks Went will be her boyfriend and she hates on every woman he’s been seen with. It’s real fun reading her posts LOL!

  • Mary

    WOW it is so impossible for me to understand why wentworth miller is SOOOOOOOOOO freaking hot!!!!!!!

  • simona

    it’s obvious that everybody likes pretty faces.
    we all like to look like Adonis or Venus.
    but stop say this man or this woman is ugly.i know people so beautiful, but their heads are empty.
    they are normal people and we should be happy, cause rarely we see a picture where persons acts normally and nicely and they are not bothered after all being photographed while they are taking dinner or lunch.


    wents cousin is a real MONKEYFACE-a bit creepy,but he is hot more than ever

  • stella

    Sammy no problem, I understood your comment.

  • not pretty

    Went’s sister is pretty.
    His aunt is a politician.
    Pic of Went’s dad, he was there, too. :o)

  • Bunny

    WM’s aunt looks like a dude!!!

  • not pretty (not risababy)

    Thanks penelope.
    Feel bad about using her name, so have another id.

    Village idiot!!! ha ha ha.

  • amazing.

    vera –
    i agree with you.
    she looks like a nerdy white gorilla with ugly kinky hair.
    i have smooth hair, dress much better, and i am much more attractive.
    that is not a difficult achievement.

  • **R E S P E C T**


  • LOLA

    ….but who cares,went is the one who is important :-)

  • simona

    if you think his sister is ugly i don’t know what to say.
    it’s incredible.
    she looks so nice and with a great smile.
    some of us cannot see nice things even we had horse glasses.

  • lO

    It’s the first time that I come at just jared : all the negative comments on Wentworth’s family make sick !
    Vera : you won’t be agree if someone judge the face of your family : you’re ridiculous !
    Wentworth Miller is one of this man who are nice, smart, clever etc. and his sister is very pretty too ! And they got the same “gene” !!!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR for all the people !! And especially to Wentworth Miller and his family !!!