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Wentworth Miller Family Photo

Wentworth Miller Family Photo

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, aka Michael Scofield, was in Memphis, Tennessee late last month to celebrate a family reunion of descendants of the late Dr. Green Forte Pinkston of Memphis and Cordova. Pinkston, the grandson of freed Mississippi slaves, died in 1963.

Pictured are (from left) Mila Jasey (Went‘s aunt), Rhena Jasey (Went‘s cousin), Leigh Miller (Went‘s younger sister), Wentworth and Jason Cox (Went‘s cousin).

Read up more of the Pinkston clan honor the pioneering Dr. Green Forte Pinkston at

Thanks, KW!

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  • http://Shannon Nicole

    I don’t believe this!

    IT’S A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

  • stella

    oh i see and where did you get this info? because brookboy seems to know what he’s talking about.

  • stella

    ok ok ok nicole you’re right, i’m out, don’t be mad at me lol

  • http://Shannon Marian

    Here they go again.

  • anon

    stella, i see. so BrookBoy knows what he’s talking about but i don’t. lol
    and why is that, stella?
    there isn’t one thing that i’ve posted that hasn’t been factual, as a few of you acknowledged. i wouldn’t state that it is went’s father’s mother who is the pinkston if i didn’t know that for a fact. i would post her name, but i won’t because, frankly, that is nobody’s business and doing so would be an infringement upon went’s family’s privacy.
    now, I’M out.

  • http://Shannon Soulful

    Yeah, I agree this should stop coz it’s not going anywhere and we don’t want this to carry on.It is outright stupid.
    If Went saw this he would make him sick to see strangers discuss his family.

  • stella


  • http://Shannon JustMe

    Word, soulful!
    What about a little respect?
    Would YOU want your family ties discussed in public?

  • lady

    Just a question @Nicole Marian soulful and just me, are you the same person? , I’m asking that because the link to the website is the same.

  • amina

    @ anon
    I haven’t lived in Europe…just been there for holidays. Still, I get your point. And the arrogance is truly amazing. I think only Europeans have such huge issues with skin colour and or religion. I don’t think asians do cos they too aren’t treated very fairly.

    “This is why there are problems with muslims…”
    Who is to tell people what they can or cannot do with their bodies? If we want to be veiled from head to toe, I see no reason for it to be a problem of any sort to anyone who isn’t being forced to wear the veil. The only reason people have a problem with muslims is because they refuse to compromise their religious beliefs for other people’s shallow reasons/beliefs. I didn’t wear a black veil over me before I was treated the way I was, all I did was cover my HAIR. You know, just to symbolise that I’m a muslim and that’s a problem to? I mean Islamic countries like Dubai and certain parts of Saudi Arabia don’t force you to wear a veil if you ain’t a muslim. In parts where one must be veiled, Non-muslims are usually not granted entrance. It’s much better for them to know they can’t gain access to somewhere than for them to get in and then be treated like crap.

    Thanx for inviting me. I love surprises. Just let me know when and where the wedding’s gonna be and I’m sooo there.

  • WentFan

    Went is so perfect that he’s an alien!
    I want him to be respected and people here should stop playing jokes with each other because they have anonymity. This is not a place for trolls or racists or politicians
    I hope Jared gives us more photos,,either Prison Break promo or candids.
    One good point though: nobody started the “gay debate”. That’s a progress.

  • leila


    This shouldn’t be a place to discuss religions and to push islamists agendas.
    This is a section of JustJared ‘s blog were we can talk about Wentworth Miller the ACTOR and eye-candy.
    Your religious opinions can be offensive,, so keep them to yourself.

  • Heidi

    “Saudi Arabia don’t force you to wear a veil if you ain’t a muslim”

    Oh yes they do! I lived there for a while when my father was on a contract. We weren’t allowed to bring a Bible or a cross through the customs. And we HAD TO wear a veil outside the compound.

    Amina, don’t talk about what you don’t know.

  • samira

    STOP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s incredible, everything from a family photo of Went, ONLY A FAMILY PHOTO :(

    @amina :)

    lol, my wedding will take place in summer, in July, it’s preferable, we have not yet decided on the exact date lol!

    And it will take place in France to Paris (I am French lol), like that, we will be less tracked by paparrazis lol!

    See you soon lol !!! :) I hope you will come lol :)

  • amina

    @ Heidi
    Please go back and re-read what I wrote. I said in certain parts. Of course if you’re in Makkah or Madina you’ll wear a veil, DUH!

    It’s not okay to discuss religion,but it’s fine to discuss race. Puhleeease!!! Islamists agendas, huh? Shows how open minded you are.

    Perfect timing girl. I love Paris. I’ll be there. :)

  • Virgin

    Yeahhhhhh MOOOOOOOOOOORE Went’s pics…….. Pleazzzzzzzzz JJ :-)

  • samira

    @amina ;) ;) ;)

  • just have a little faith!

    LOL, it’s so funny how this gorgeous guy can create such huge debates all the time! It’s because he’s so well loved and everybody thinks they know everything about him. Not only is he the most handsome man on the face of the Earth, but it’s also because he’s classy, respectful, smart, kind, friendly, well mannered and a well behaved gentleman in every sense of the word. If every man behaved like him, this world would be a better place.

    Love you Stinky, you sexy man!

  • just have a little faith!


    Thank you for that information. May I ask you a question? What is Went’s religion? I thought I read that he was raised in the Christian faith?

  • Lparks


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and clarifications on various points. To everyone, I think Wentworth would be pleased if everyone would just appreciate the article on his Great Grandfather Dr. Pinkston and leave it at that.

  • ruth ellen


  • I’m watching

    @carolyn morton

    The funniest thing about that flickr photo and the ensuing comments is that YOU were the one who was accused of being a troll and multiposting on that account. And you wont let it go either. Strange that not only have you brought the discussion to JJ’s site but since gingerbread toast was blocked from the site you haven’ t posted either! I think it’s obvious who the internet trolling and crazy delusional one is.

  • WOW

    You know what scares me the most on the koo ka roo posting their is an individual posting death threats to other posters, one was they wished they would die in a car crash(#291), one was to get their throat sliced, (which thankfully was removed) and one was they called an individual a Nazi @#%(#293)……I’m not sure if most of you understand how this works…. you make an indirect threat to someones life, even on a Wentworth Miller thread YOU ARE in jeapordy of being charged w a crime. I’m shaking my head because you think you or this is untraceable or I’m joking ….think again, it’s not a joke and it’s not funny these type of accusations don’t go un.noticed……think about what you post.

  • carolyn morton

    @I’m watching…

    Excuse me, but you are a rude and nasty person and you don’t know what you are talking about.

    I was NOT trying to start shit on this thread. God knows, there’s enough shit on this thread already, but I was just amused at the whole blow up at flicka over that fan’s photo that was posted a few weeks back. When I saw this photo it confirmed in my mind what I had suspected and written on that site at the time: that Wentworth Miller was NOT there with a ‘boyfriend’ or people from PB–that he was there with family. I just thought it was funny that people on the flicka site (like people here) can make such a BIG DEAL out of a photo! I also thought it was funny–and slightly scary–that some girl on the Flicka site named babyrose5555 (ITS PROBABLY YOU!) lied and told delusional stories about being at the restraurant that night when she clearly WASN’T! My whole point in posting here a few days ago was to make people realise that most of what is said and written about this poor guy is NOT TRUE and maybe we should all just give him a break and let him have some privacy! This thread here in JJ is furher proof of how crazy things can get. I happen to be a lawyer. I live in Canberra Australia, and I am not certain of all the laws in America, but I know that here in oz you can get into alot of trouble for making false accusations against people, as well as threatening them. Its called assault (making threats) and libel/slander (making up lies about people to hurt their rep). People better be careful on this site and on the Flicka site, because–like some other poster wrote earlier–you can possibly be in trouble with the law for some of the things being said on this thread and I include you in this, I’mWatching–what you are saying about me is slanderous and I will not stand for it. In fact, I think I need to go read up on the laws affecting websites such as these. This whole thing is just getting insane and someone needs to do something about it. Don’t be surprised if there are ramifications for quite a few people here for the slanderous and threatening stuff being said and written.

    As for being accused of trolling over at the flicka site: I know I was accused of that. I didn’t deny it, and I even mentioned that in my first post in this thread. I don’t know why I was accused of it, and there is NO proof whatsoever that I posted as different identities. Just some random poster accused me of it, and then all of a sudden a bunch of other posters decided to believe her and I was accused of being a liar and sock puppet. But I’m NOT and Poesjoker, (the person who posted that fan photo that caused this blowup in the first place) KNOWS that I am innocent. She even sent me a nice email appologising for what happened on her site, and I have NOT been banned from her site. I HAVE posted on the site since that whole blowup and if you don’t believe me, just go look for yourself! The only person who has been banned is gingerbreadtoast because she was a lying bitch who made false accusations against me–just like you are…hmmm…I see a trend here…why don’t you Grow Up! My IP address and the IP address of the person I was accused of also being are totally different. I live in Australia and the other girl/boy lives in USA! That was pointed out by several different sources at Flicka, but some people like you just chose to ignore the facts and assume the worst about me for some reason. Unlike SOME people I did not lie on the flicka site. I did not pretend to be there that night, I never said I saw or knew Wentworth Miller or any of his friends or co-workers. There were plenty of lies on that site, but none of them came from me, I can assure you!

    You know, I don’t get it. Here on the internet we are all starngers. We don’t really know one another–so why believe the worst about people you don’t even know, whether its Wentworth Miller or some other poster? Why be so nasty to someone who might actually be a decent and good person? Its a scary, sick trend in our society, and it makes me feel very sad for people like you.

    Look, I don’t really care if you think I am some troll, good for you! I have such a low opinion of you that what you think or say doesn’t even matter at all. But I wish your mum had taught you some better manners. You are a sad person. But even so, I wish you a very pleasant day and I hope you are happy.

  • MarieDarmon

    I remember starting to read part of a very long biography of Wentworth Miller a while ago but I hadn’t had time to finish it.

    I’ve been trying to find it again, to no avail.

    Can anybody provide the link to it?

    It would be much appreciated.


  • stella

    :-o :-o :-o

    Punaize! Y a des gens a qui ils manquent gravement une case! ou ils ont deux fils qui se touchent!! Mais leur problème est sérieux!

    JJ WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!! Do something pleazzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • carolyn

    Obviously the person who is attacking me is gingerbread_toast. I can tell by the filthy language and immaturity.

    A full investigation has been made into claims that I was assuming multiple identities and that I was a troll on that Flicka page and I was cleared of any wrong doing. It was others who got banned not me, so the administration there obviously agreed with me. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you contact the Flicka administration yourself and find out what they have to say. And if you don’t stop with the abusive language and libel, I will be taking action–and that’s a promise.

    I am not at all embarrassed by what I was accused of because I know I’m innocent and have been proven so. That is why I was not afraid to talk about that incident here at JJ, even though I am now sorry I brought it up. If you are so sure that you are right, and I am the crazy, delusional one, why don’t you sign your name like I do instead of leaving crude, filthy and anoymous crap on JJ. Leave your email address like I will: Or maybe you are too afraid to reveal your true self and like to hide behind the internet because you are the delusional one?

  • samira

    @marie darmon

    for you


    salut stella :)

    comment tu vas ??? :)

    lol ton commentaire m’a fait rire ( ou deux fils qui se touchent lol !!!!)
    oui, il y a des gens à qui il manquent une case ici lol !!!
    Pauvre wenty, il rend dingue les gens lol !!!!

  • poesjoker

    @I’m Watching

    This is Poesjoker. It was my site over at Flicka that was the cause of the big blowup the other month that you and Carolyn Morton are fighting over here at JJ.

    While I wish Morton.Carolyn had NOT posted here and started all this drama back up again, I wanted to let you know that Flicka’s administrator conducted a full investigation of all the claims made about trolling and lying all the crap that went down. The whole thing got out of control and I didn’t know what to do or who to believe. So, I contacted the admin of the site and they looked into all the claims and counter claims and this is what they found:

    Morton.Carolyn was accused of creating several different accounts and posting contradictory comments under different names. This is untrue. According to the administrations investigation, she only had one account at the time registered to her and her computer’s IP address.

    She was accused of being ‘Elvis4eva” as well as “wentworthy72” and “wentworthy07”. This is also untrue. The IP addresses attached to each of these names were completely different, and in two cases they were IP addresses in foreign countries.

    One of the posters claimed they had seen her post contradictory comments and then delete them when she realised that she had logged in under the wrong name. This is also untrue. The administrations logs ALL deleted entries and there were NO deleted entries on my page.

    As far as I know, she is not delusional because she never said anything that was untrue or unsubstantiated, unlike other people on the page. She just offered her opinion and comment, which I welcome and have nothing against. I only became concerned when people started making accusations and calling one another names. I will not tolerate that childish behaviour on my site and JJ shouldn’t either.

    If you do not believe me, please feel free to contact Flicka adminstration directly and request a copy of the report. It is Investigation #8721/poejoker/nov2008.

    The investigation concluded that the only people causing serious problems on my page were: Cooperpools, who accused Morton.Carolyn of being different identities for an unknown reason and then could not provide evidence to back this up, and gingerbread_toast, who made repeated rude and untrue posts, using filthy and offensive language. The Admin advised me to ban all these users from my site and I have done so. I have not banned Morton.Carolyn because she didn’t do anything wrong. Babyrose5555 obviously told some whopper lies and I feel sorry for her, but she didn’t do anything seriously wrong. If she wants to go around telling people she met WM when she didn’t, that’s her mental problem, not mine, not yours and not Carolyn Morton’s. I didn’t ban her either.

    I hope this clears things up but if it doesn’t, I really don’t give a rat’s ass. You are all crazy. Now stop talking about me and my site, and stay the FUCK off my page. If JJ were smart, he’d ban you from his page as well. Calling someone a cunt? What are you, in third grade? (And learn to spell: C-U-N-T, not K-U-N-T, you retard.)


    Having said all of this, that doesn’t mean I am happy with you either. Do NOT continue to post about this event in other blogs or in mine. Why did you have to start a new fire here when I just managed to put the other one out at my site? I took your side because you were innocent, but now you are acting like a spoiled child and drama queen. Let it go. The other people on this page who called you names are just rude children who probably aren’t even old enough to watch “Prison Break”, don’t sink to their level or I’ll ban you as well.

  • melissa

    hi everyone. i have to say that some of you are way too focused on race. firsly calling people of black descent monkeys is racist. secondly why do you care so much that he is part black and how he identifies. he is at the most 1/4 black. i read that his mum is white and lebanese and his dad is half black and white. he looks mostly white and i think its up to him how he identifies. so what if he wants to say he is black, white or mixed race. i’m british and mixed race. if i have a child in the future i certainly won’t dictate how they shoud idenitify. besides about 20% of white americans have white in them (actual fact i learnt in psychology), so before you start dissing someone because shock horror they have a foot in the kitchen, go have a dna test.

  • mAJČI


  • julianna

    Poesjoker, what is the point of you coming here and causing this? Can’t you deal with carolyn and the other people on YOUR site? You coming here and fighting is not solving anything either. This explanation belongs on YOUR site, not here.

    I don’t think it’s any of your business to comment on what people write about or comment about on this site. Coming here and saying people are crazy or can’t spell? So f u @ cking what?!?! Are you JJ? Is this your site? I think you should leave and just concentrate on your site and fight with all these people over there.

  • MarieDarmon

    Merci beaucoup à toi!

  • marieDarmon


    Merci beaucoup à toi!

    All good fans should save this link…

  • http://none SoHo

    To set the record straight (I lived in Saudi Arabia for many years and am not Muslim) all females past the age of puberty must cover themslves in a long- sleeved floor- length black robe (called an abaya) in public. Those women who are Muslim are always required to cover their hair in public. Most cover their faces below the eyes as well. Non-Muslim women are not expected to cover their faces, but they cover their hair in public or risk being scolded by the mutawa, the religious police. The exception to this is that Muslim women who make the pilgrimage to Mecca do NOT have to cover their hair and faces there. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter Mecca or Medina.

  • 101

    Hey everyone thanks for all the 101s on whatever you choose to express……This is just a photo of Wentworth Miller and his sister and extended famiy……..THATS ALL….Love it or Hate it…..

  • jst1ofme

    I DON’T CARE WHAT WENTWORTH CONSIDERS HIMSELF. BUT, IT IS STRANGE TO ME THAT HE WOULDN’T BOTHER TO EXPLAIN HIMSELF IN COLLEGE AS FAR AS THE WHOLE WENTWORTH IS A RACIST THING AT PRINCETON, BUT NOW WHEN HE IS AROUND PEOPLE THAT MAKE NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT BLACKS, HE FEELS THE NEED TO EDUCATE THEM. I WONDER WHAT MADE HIM CHANGE HIS MIND. Also, I understand how he feels when people make certain comments on his race thinking that he is white. I have been in those situations myself and people make some horrible and insulting comments about my race because they think I am white. Of course I do step in and stop the nonsense.

  • jst1ofme

    I have one question. Why does wentworth say he is half black, half white, if he still has some white and indian in his black side of the family. wouldn’t that mean he’s more like a quarter black? after all, his dad is not fully black. so how is went half black? Everybody is mixed now days which i find pretty cool. except i feel some people parade it. you don’t see me going around saying i am spanish, italian, german, mexican, scottish…. so forth and so forth. i can get annoying sometimes.

  • living in AMERICA

    jst1ofrme………..EVERYONE STOP asking S tuip ?s, if you want a truthful answer just write him a letter and make it snappy :) I’m sure he’ll be quite happy to answer all your questions and if you have taken the time to read some past interviews, he has stated he has a whole bunch of ethnicities in him……give it up…go smoke a fatty and leave the F uukker alone……….. is the Gay debate over and now you all need to focus on something so moronic……………DANCE CHILDREN DANCE….

  • samira

    @marie darmon

    de rien ;)

  • jst1ofme

    living in AMERICA

    I was not asking stupid questions. It was merely my observation.
    False my friend, I did write him a letter asking questions and i supplied paper and a stamped envelope but all i got was an autographed picture. By the way, what’s up with the screen name? that’s a new one.

  • carolyn morton


    Whatever you want to believe. Poesjoker posted that, not me. Any comments against me on this site and Poesjoker site have been removed because they are false, so obviously JJ and Posjoker agree with me, not you. Fuck you and get a life. I won’t be visitng here again and I hope JJ removes this whole thread because its insane. Have fun talking to no one. Bye

  • carolyn

    @ Summer

    Believe whatever you want. I did NOT post that comment from Poesjoker, but if you want to believe I did, I can’t stop you. My hubby always says that it is the last refuge of a troll and a flame war obsessive when she/he starts talking about grammer (‘Oh, you can’t spell! You must be lying because you spelled this word wrong…etc. etc…) I guess he’s write. You know Poesjoker is telling the truth, so you have to find some way to regain your lost credibility, so you accuse me of posting it myself…how original.

    Hope it makes you happy being such a hateful, suspicious and obsessed person. I have a life, do you?

    You are right about one thing: I shouldn’t have threated to sue you or any of your 17 different posting names/identities (hypocritical much?) because, really–you are NOT WORTH THE TIME. But being a lawyer, I tend to get upset when I see myself or anyone else defamed, either by the stupid little unimportant internet trolls like you, or someone who is actually important and matters in the world. But JJ and others should be mindful of what is said in threads like these. I checked with my boss, and in some states in the USA (where I guess this site is located?) you CAN be held accountable for defaming and slanderous comments, as well as threatening ones, made on your site. Another poster mentioned this and said that people should think before they post–this is true. You are not as invisbale as you think. IP addresses and servers can trace you and if you say things about people, using their real names, that are not true, or if you threaten someone with violence, the host of the site and the person making the comments can be held accountable. The result can include up to $15,000 in fines and/or 6 months in jail.

    I am not just saying this to you, summer–I am warning everyone on this thread, because some people said some pretty horrible things here. Think before you post!
    I am done with this thread and won’t be returning, so slag me off all you want, I really don’t care. There’s only about three people in the entire universe still reading this insane thread anyway, so anything you say DOESN’T MATTER!

  • Melissa

    anon and summer and

    using someone’s real name and then attacking them in a defamatory way in posts is not only immature,it also happens to be illegal. Stop. Or you are all going to get in trouble. If you have a problem with a poster, and you know their real name, then it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find out their email address. Take it up with them in email, not here.

  • Melissa

    Never mind. Looks like JJ just got some sanity and removed anon and summer’s comments. Good for you, Jared. Stop the insanity.

  • Carolyn

    Just wanted to add that I have supplied anon, summer and whoever else she posts under with my email adress and my livejournal site address so they could take up any matters that they have with me or my truthfulness…but ofcourse, she has never written to me at my email address or commented on my livejournal. My livejournal even lists my phone number, so if she is so sure I am so crazy and delusional, why is so afraid to call, email or contact me in anyway? Its obviously because she is a troll who prefers the drama of a flame war to actually discussing any issues she might have. She is also a coward who refuses to tell me her name or email address and won’t contact me at my addresses because she knows that she is in the wrong here. Probably some fat ugly girl, obsessed with WM, with no man of her own–get laid and leave me alone. Or if that’s impossible for you because you are so fat and ugly, buy yourself a dildo and leave me and WM alone!

    Okay, I’m really done now. I won’t be back, I promise.

  • anon

    Carolyn you seem to make a habit out of getting people post’s deleted. Isn’t this what you did on the other site? I think poesjoker (the real one that is) knows better now.

  • roger morton

    Anyone who wants to grow a backbone and actually take up any issues they might have with my wife, she has asked me to post her website address here, as she will not be visiting this site anymore, and this isn’t an appropriate place to sling mud at one another just because you don’t like someone.

    Visit this site and see photos of our kids, our family, our life. Realise that we are PEOPLE, not nameless entities to be trashed and lied about.

  • Prison Break


  • Prison Break

    OMG HOW CUTE HE IS. I JUST LOVE WENTWORTH!! I really wish, that he would come here, in Finland. 2nd season of prison break just ended here. 3rd will start at August maybe. :P I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!!!