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Demi Moore is a Bubble Gum Babe

Demi Moore is a Bubble Gum Babe

Demi Moore is featured on 3 separate covers of V Magazine for their Spring 2008 issue.

We now have pics of Demi in a simple white shirt blowing bubbles and a sheer white dress for her photospread. Ashton is a lucky guy!

In case you missed it, here are the three separate V Magazine covers and some interview snippets.

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demi moore v magazine bubble 01
demi moore v magazine bubble 02
demi moore v magazine bubble 03

Photos: Mario Testino
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  • zefronbby1

    1 comment alright

  • www


  • anja

    The reason she is so gorgeous at this time in her life is because she is in love. Love does that to a woman…..she glows and that inner happiness just radiates. A woman in love is a thing of beauty.

    Having said that though, she has had a lot of “help” to look that fabulous and a little bit of air brushing never went astray…

    So all in all…amazing set of pics.

  • confessing7girl

    Wow she still looks absolutely gorgeous!!

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Hands-down this woman is hott, but is she getting ANY MOVIE ROLES for investing soo much on her body image? I think she has always been beautiful, she could have paid the doctor for Rumer! hihi!

    One question though, could one part of her body till satisfy a 30 yr old man nomatter how young she looks on the outside.Could this one body part lie about its age??

  • kim


    Hahaha! LOL out your last question!

  • Anthony to the S.
  • Shana

    I freakin hate her.

  • Helena

    She seems desperate.

  • Regina

    I find it funny people calling her milf and that she’s still gorgeous. Well it isn’t down to her…it’s down to her plastic surgeon, which by the way Rumer needs to call sometime.

  • Mia

    Beyotch is an exhibitionist. Conceited. Asshat.

  • amber

    Why is she doing all this press? Does she have a movie coming out?

  • V is the shite

    V magazine is one of the most coveted covers to be on. It’s an art & fashion magazine. Very art centered. It’s less Instyle and more VISIONAIRE. IFor her to get this is quite the coup. She doesn’t have to have anything coming out to be on V. They choose you.

  • shark_bait

    She looks great!

  • anon

    Stunning photography. why can’t some of you just appreciate the artistry that these pictures are. Jeez…..


    The 45-year-old actress is returning to the big screen this spring to star alongside Michael Caine in the jewelry heist caper Flawless. Demi talks personal histories, false rumors, the raw food diet that never was, and her relationships with ex-husband Bruce Willis and current husband Ashton Kutcher. Interview snippets below:

  • 55

    she looks her age and older on pic 1..but with the help of many surgeries (knee surgery ect,,) and retouching, her legs look great,
    i like her legs.

  • ughh

    fake beetch. hate her.

  • h

    In the end it doesn’t matter how young her surgeon can make her look, she’s still a 45 year old woman. I find it kind of silly that a woman of her age feels compelled to appear in magazines half dressed and with bubble gum in her mouth. Too bad Kabbalah can’t help her with her vanity.

  • syl c.

    Now this is a beautiful woman whom plastic surgery has done alot of justice to, too bad Katie Holmes has tried so much plastic surgery and she still is ugly and robot looking. I think her youngest daughter is the prettiest of all her kids the older two look like Bruce Willis. Demi is so gorgeous and classy at her age, even if she had help. No wonder she has a equally good looking husband.

  • mimi

    To see more sexy pics with Demi try

  • lola

    She looks really sexy- I hope I look like that in 10 years!

    -read my blog at

  • SweetykaT

    Demi Moore is a very beautiful woman. I just wish she’d stop lying about the fact that she purchased it. Does she really think that people are that stupid to believe that she hasn’t had plastic surgery or lazor dermabrasion, or botox, or?….. I could go on and on. She really needs to stop the charade. I mean really. That is so obviously blatant deception, it’s not even funny.

    There ain’t no love in the world that can make woman look like that. If that’s the case, her love must have a few sets of plastic surgeon’s hands attached to it.

  • Original Amber

    Gorgeous, before and after surgery.

  • onlyinamerica

    she’s on her way to becoming a joke if she doesn’t start to fess up about her maintenace.

  • antoine

    #13 get over it, V isn’t so high up on the chic chain. have you even seem some of the past cover people? whatever, that’s besides the point.
    i don’t care if this is a mass of photoshop and plastic surgery.. this hot ho looks fierce.

  • eyecandy

    i love her since i was 10.

  • luckyL

    And I still like her and she looks great.

  • evelyn hillsman

    she has paid a great amount of money to look how she does but she is a very cold and calus person ugly ugly ugly

  • Madonna


  • RElosddd

    She is absolutely gorgeous. I have read some interview snippets at, where she writes a blog.

  • brkk

    That’s plastic surgery for you, Jared!


    Demi can do no wrong in my book. Hot, smart, lovely and cool. Love her.

  • remember da truth

    Regina, Sweety whatever your name is, and others….. Do you even have a CLUE what plastic surgery is? Have you bothered to look at pictures of Demi Moore from six or seven years ago and now?? Uh, didn’t think so.

    Plastic surgery doesn’t MAKE you beautiful. It has to work with what you have. Demi has ALWAYS been gorgeous, from her Miss New Mexico days to now. And plastic surgery does NOT make you toned all over. YOU have to do that.

    Botox and laser dermabrasion are NOT plastic surgery. They are ordinary procedures done to take care of yourself that anyone who can afford it does, male or female, just like anyone who can afford department store creams vs. drugstore creams buys the real stuff, and anyone who can afford a monthly facial does it, or goes to a real salon and not Supercuts. It’s basic skin care, not vanity or cheating.

    Take a look at pictures of Demi when she was just being an ordinary mom in Idaho, no makeup, taking the kids to school. She has always looked good, and doesn’t deserve the jealous women who are desperate to have an excuse for why she looks better than they do bashing her.

    Get over yourselves! You are showing your ignorance and immaturity.

  • Meredith


  • pokeman

    she is not that beautiful. i think there are many women (non-celeb) that are out there that look better than demi. if these women have the money, personal chef, personal trainer, personal this and that they will have the same if not better body than demi. plus the photos have been photo shopped. she didn’t look that good when she was in GH.

  • Black is beautiful

    cute picture

  • stefanie

    At her age, if all she can show is is the body that tens of thousands of dollars built and nothing as far as acting going, then I say, so what?

    Middle-age, has-been actress trying to still be relevant in the business.

    All these celebs are really starting to sicken me.