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Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl are a Pastis Pair

Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl are a Pastis Pair

Grey’s Anatomy co-stars Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl spend time together off-screen at Pastis restaurant on Friday in New York City.

Ellen and husband Chris Ivery originally was having lunch with her hair colorist Harry Josh. While there, they bumped into Kat and Kat‘s mother Nancy.

Ellen and Chris recently attended Night of Diamonds at the Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom in New York City on Wednesday.

5+ pictures of Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl, the Pastis Pair…

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ellen pompeo katherine heigl pastis 01
ellen pompeo katherine heigl pastis 02
ellen pompeo katherine heigl pastis 03
ellen pompeo katherine heigl pastis 04
ellen pompeo katherine heigl pastis 05
ellen pompeo katherine heigl pastis 06
ellen pompeo katherine heigl pastis 07
ellen pompeo katherine heigl pastis 08
ellen pompeo katherine heigl pastis 09

Photos: Anderson/Bauer-Griffin
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  • CG


  • angel


  • angel


  • Carlie

    I think it’s nice the way Kat always has a pleasant smile for the cameras.

  • t“


  • j..

    It is nice Katie took EP and her felon husband as her latest charity case.
    Too bad, EP could not attend KH’s wedding, when even the very low profile SO did. However, EP will definitely attend a photo op at KH’s movie premiere (where noone else showed up but TR). Then follows her to NY attends a non-important fashion event when KH just happens to be in NY promoting her latest movie. EP is following KH around like a orphan puppy dog.

    I bet KH paid. EP’s felon husband is stealing all her money.

  • nat

    Katie looks great. Ellen looks like the garbage trash she is. Her ugly husband is disgusting.

  • Julesey

    ellen is so beautiful!!!!

    love her hair…so amazing! she always looks good.

    and chris seems so great

  • zoe

    what on earth are you talking about j…..

    katherine looks lovely. ellen looks haggard…

  • kate


  • t

    Aww i love EP, thanks JJ u rock. I heard EP went to Patis with her hair stylist just before the chanel event, how cute!

  • t

    no#6 get a life cause everyone else has, i hardly doubt EP is following KH around, especially as Girgio armani invited EP to new york for her to come to his show on monday. But hey its nice to see you’ve moved on from the abc board!

  • jenn

    Heigl is despised by all who have worked for her.

  • John

    I hate ellen pompeo. She is such a whiny ho! Why wont the writers kill her character off? On top of that, she supports obama, who is no good!

  • t

    Oh sorry for 3rd post, hehe but i dont think EP was there with KH because EP’s hair stylists is in some of the pictures on another site and he never reported in his blog that KH was there with them.

    Oh well, very coincidental but cute.

    Thanks again JJ. :)

  • Violet

    Pretty! Thanks for posting!

  • liz86000

    Ellen looks absolutely beautiful!! Love her hair!!! She dresses so simple & normal, you can see that she is so not a diva (like another person on the pictures…).

  • DanY

    That is so nice they are friends and go out and stuff.

    Ellen is gorgeous
    KH looking good

    Whats with all the hate here…
    J poster number 6.. you are truly pathetic with a sick soul.
    i think you even hate yourself… shame really.

    thanks JJ
    kepp thoe Ellen pics coming. love her.

  • magie

    OOH ELLEN I love how much we are getting these days
    thank you JJ
    love their friendship
    Ellens hair looks great, i adore her.
    Love them both, Katherine is pretty cool.
    Grey’s rock!

  • tom


    Ellen Pompeo is gorgeous. she is all over NEWYORK, she will be at the private armani dinner this Monday.. more pics YAY
    Loving Katheirne and Ellen together. love this cast

  • Jane

    I just don’t get all this irrational hatred towards EP. Just because her character, Meredith, is a ‘whiny ho’ (I sometimes even think that), doesn’t mean EP is. When soembody has nothing to do, they trash-talk like number 6 did.
    P.S – Just because she is supporting Obama, she is crappy? How lame could you be.

  • Niles

    Love Ellen. looking great. katherine looking great too.
    thanks JJ

    best to ignore thoe pathetic haters.

  • Madonna

    Two witches!

  • Fay

    Great to see the two girls out together. They both look gorgooues!!! KH’s hat is really cute and love Ellens boots.

  • llo

    love love .. love them :)
    thank you JJ so mcuh

    Ellen looks AMAZING! loving the new hair.

  • punkY

    I can’t believe why there are so many haters out there..?
    there both pretty especiall EP and if any of you really new one of them and said they’re bitches I’d be like: Yuck, two bitches.
    But none of you do know them, so you have absolutely nothing to do than look at and COMMENT on pictures of people you don’t even like…?
    wow, no wonder the world is so fucked up^^

  • Sam

    Ellen rocks!
    thanks JJ

  • john

    I love Ellen with blond hair, she’s beautiful!
    JJ, I hope you’ll cover the Armani’s Event, we want a lot of pics of Ellen.

  • Suzz

    BTW Meredith is just a fictional character … all right! LOL

    I love Ellen’s hair … WOW


    Ellen is cute, but catherine is dressed like a security guard and there is always something off with her physique and clothes. Her torso is unproportionately long compared to the the rest of her body. She just rubs me the wrong way always.

  • Sam

    yeah I hope JustJared will be there.
    always more Ellen Pics :)

  • Lax-ative

    Heeee, keep on hating EP, I’m sure she really cares about what nasty shit you say to her, at the end of the day, Pompeo is still the one whose having a big grin on her face, she earns a big fat check, she gets to have a fab life, she’s invited to big events and recieving gifts, she’s making out with Dempsey, she has Ivery as a husband, heck if I’m EP I would just laugh my ass off from all of the crap that you throw to her.Bwah!

  • tommy lee

    Lax-ative lol love your post… sooo true.

    Love Ellen to death
    nice KH pics too.

    more Ellen JJ
    thanks a bundle.

  • hmm

    i love ellen, i think she is absolutely beautiful. Love the blonde hair, makes her look younger. Noticed, ellen is not wearing any form of makeup on her face and she still looks great. Kathrein is beautiful too but she does wear alot of makeup. Between, why all the hatred toward ellen? is it becos of her character? or is it becos she married an ex-felon? i really just don’t get what all this crap is all about.
    thks jared pls more pics of ellen. thks

  • Petro

    I lot of people hate EP for many reasons, one being the character she plays on Greys who has to be the most whining irritating characters ever.

    Also she is the weakest actress in the cast which doesn’t help.

    Fans of hers always claim she keeps a low profile & hates the media etc etc. when that’s a blatant lie !!

    She doesn’t do many interviews cos her mouth ran away from her on Punked & she’s been advised to keep it shut since, but she turns up at the opening of an envelope as we have seen recently.

    Too bad she couldn’t spare the time to attend Katherine’s wedding, but seeing as EP is so anti-marriage, Church etc. she is a hypocrite too.

  • curious

    ellen looking as amazingly beautiful as ever. pls make sure u cover the monday private dinner she is attending.
    all you haters are just unbelievable! whatever, the stars dont even know what you are saying.

  • Liam

    Ellen looks haggard & old. Nothing new there. She’s obviously over-dosed on the collegen again – trout-out lips ahoy !

    Katherine looks great – her movie is going to be a big hit, she should leave the Greys soap opera asap. She is a way better actor than others on that show.

  • tommy lee

    petro … i feel sorry for you. really. get a life.

  • tommy lee

    amazing how KH fans love to bash others. specially EP.
    you feel the need to that because Ellen is the actual star of the show shes the lead, its her show and KH is actually leaving it soon, she asked for it. you feel annoyed and jelous of EP. or you wouldn’t be bashing her. you people are not fans. you don’t deserve to be.

  • Paula

    For someone who supposedly keeps a low profile, Ellen sure loves the limelight. She will turn up at any fashion show for a free outfit & always looks hideous in them !

    Too bad Katherine always eclipses her – younger, beautiful, Emmy-winning, movie career etc.

    Poor Ellen will be forever typecast as that whiny girl from that awful medical soap show.

  • t

    #38 the movie isn’t a hit, it didn’t even come first at the box office on friday, sorry.

    #36 you’re comments dont even deserve a reply its just a sad sad post. let me guess ur a KW fan?

  • gabi

    Both of these women are GREAT actresses and they look great here
    thanks JJ

    I hope for more EP pics

  • k

    they look grogeous. both fo them
    I love Ellens new hair color.
    thank you JustJared


    EP is great on the other hand KH is irritating. Jared please more Ellen posts and pictures.

  • Kim

    I’m not a particular fan of KH, but I can’t stand EP either.

    And #40 – EP is not the STAR of Greys, it is an ensemble show. She gets less screentime than Katherine & TR. She is widely regarded by the public & critics alike as the weakest link. it’s no coincidence that she has never won a top award like Sandra, Chandra & Katherine have. Kate Walsh is the STAR of Private Practice because she is front & centre, the whole show is built around her & she is the public face. On Greys that is not the case, if anything Patrick Dempsey is the STAR.

    She only has fans cos her character is the ugly duckling that McDreamy rescues – if she wasn’t paired with Patrick Dempsey she would have no career period.

    There is even a new Grey now so they can leave her to drown this season & it would improve the show tenfold.

  • Lance

    Ellen is so adorable and gorgeous. her new hair do and color is very pretty. can’t wait to see her this Monday at the VIP Private Armani thingi.

    And She is one hell of an actress. the best LEAD out there.
    Ellen rocks!

  • LEE

    #46 – you said it man. EP has Patrick Dempsey to thank for her career. Without it she would still be white trash with her fraudster husband caasing joints to raise money for their drugs.

  • tammy

    #4 and now i think we know why the show sucks this season, thank you. And wow u’ve read all critics opinion, all the hundreds of them, than you for giving us such an informative reply. :)

  • Lance

    no matter what anyone says the fact is fact: Ellen Pompeo is the lead of Grey’s Anatomy. Rhimes herself said it. everyone knows it.

    KW fans, you know you don’t need to bash EP every chance you get. jeez… you people make me sick. they are all friends. why do this.

  • tammy

    Sorry i meant #44, hehehe