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Kate Moss is 'Grade A' Market Fresh

Kate Moss is 'Grade A' Market Fresh

Kate Moss gets back to normalcy on Friday in London, England with some supermarket shopping.

It’s been a wild week of partying for Kat as she celebrated her 34th birthday with a bash at Soho’s Punk Club in London. Peep Kat‘s gold star make-up!

5+ pictures of Kate Moss at the market…

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kate moss supermarket 01
kate moss supermarket 02
kate moss supermarket 03
kate moss supermarket 04
kate moss supermarket 05
kate moss supermarket 06

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • breanna

    totally cute.(:

  • T

    like the outfit

  • alohaland

    She looks terrible! Just goes to show what too much partying does to you. YUCK

  • lola

    Oh, man. She looks 50 years old. Drugs=bad!

    -read my blog at

  • bobby

    she looks gorgeous! even without the makeup! I love her!

  • jenn

    she looks natural, her age…but i do think the drugs/smoking have pre-aged her skin. she looks dry….

  • Original Amber

    Kate, is that you…? Baby girl, lay off the coke. You look atrocious.

  • whatthe??

    WOW….She looks like a old woman, what happened to her??

  • jade

    sad, she’s so beaten down by all the drugs and partying. in pic #4 you can totally see the shades of what her beauty once was.. she has amazing cheeks bones and facial structure. such a shame. and what is with the guys beard in pic #6.. yikes,lol.

  • mossy

    so let’s say she all of a sudden has fresh glowing skin, will people bash her and assume that she’s gotten botox then? she looks natural, unforced and relentlessly fierce. i’m sure the haters are all eternal 16 year olds or some freak show like that.

  • katy


  • leah

    My mums 20 years older then Kate Moss and has better skin. THE MAKE-UP, PARTYING, DRUGS AND ALCOHOL HAVE REALLY GOTTEN TO HER SKIN.

    Her skin looks terrible but her outfit is cute.

  • steph

    #10 she wouldn’t need to get botox had she taken better care of herself. and when people do bash botox, it’s mostly because people deny they’ve gotten it and it’s the lie that bothers people. not really that they’ve had work done.

  • WickedWench

    Honey, I’m 4 years older than her and look 8 years younger – but then I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs and I do workout, eat right and sleep. A little bit of vanity never hurt anyone, but too much and one wrongly assumes one is exempt from the ravages of time and self-destruction, forces which plague “the poor, pitiful masses”.

    Kate nees to realize she’s not omnipotent and she, too, can look like a crack whore.

  • lulu

    I guess those wild partying, alcohol, drugs are gettting it’s toll. She look like an old lady.

  • luckyL

    #13, thanks for taking the words right out of my mouth. i haven’t seen someone on here yet think that a glowing complexion = botox.

  • luckyL

    A frozen face = botox

  • luckyL

    Only her expensive creams it seem have saved her face from being a total disaster. Drugs and alcohol will age you -quuick-

  • luckyL

    seems* Sorry for the quad post

  • patricia night

    She has no make-up on and still looks good
    Love her style

  • isha

    love her boots,and her style.does she have on her jeans????she looks cute but i now when she puts muke up on she will be pretty.

  • isha

    love her boots,and her style.does she have on her jeans????she looks cute but i now when she puts muke up on she will be pretty.

  • isha

    sorry i mean make up.

  • Shango_Hispanico



  • brea

    now, now.. most models aren’t typically pretty. it’s all about being the right kind of plain or interesting so you photograph well and can adapt your looks to different styles. also doesn’t hurt to be slim and taller.. tho kate’s one of the shortest successful models.
    in her prime kate had a look of her own and there was something special about her. was she girl next door pretty? no. would most people pass her on the street? probably. but given time to really look at her, she was something special. now she’s nothing but a dead leaf echo of what she once was.

  • Madonna

    I love Kate!

  • Raichill

    She looks haggard.

  • RElosddd

    She looks bad in these pictures, I prefer to view her photos which are posted at They are beautiful.

  • Helena

    Look alive! She looks better than most people without makeup!

  • remember da truth

    Oh please!! Okay, we get it, we all have to copy what others say…… What a bunch of 15-yea-olds on here!!

    The woman is 34, grocery shopping, and has on NO makeup and didn’t do her hair. She STILL looks better than most 34-year-olds in the same situation, and either you spend all your time on a computer and aren’t out in the real world, or you’re LYING.

    Kate, as always, looks GREAT!! Her beauty comes from that incredible bone structure. Her David Yurman campaign is breathtaking. Even her freckles are cute on her.

    YOU GO KATE!!!

  • remember da truth

    #29 Helena — You are so right! These people just don’t have a clue. They hear something, and then repeat it to sound “cool” and beat it into the ground.
    This woman is stunning. She has always partied, but not more than other people in her industry, which is why they kept using her. It’s just part of the fashion world.
    And, Kate has NEVER gone so far overboard that she can’t be professional, show up on time ready to go, clean face, and turn in marvelous work. That’s why she is STILL at the top after 18 years. You don’t party to distraction and stay on top.

    Even Johnny Depp says she’s a good mom, and you NEVER see her taking her child out where the paparrazzi are, or dragging them around. The daughter has a good relationship with her father, as does Kate.

    This woman does NOT deserve the bashing she gets here from giggly, mean-spirited, jealous girls who don’t know anything about her.

  • Klara

    I think Kate look’s great!! Nobodies perfect!!


  • SofiaRocket

    Come on, noone is giggling, people here just express their opinion!

    I personally like Kate because she looks genuine, sincere and un-bitchy, but on these photoes she does look bad, there’s no denying it. and its not just her grey skin and wrinkles, but her miserable mood and unhappy expression.

    As for her being a great mom…I don’t know. Liv Tyler IS a great mom because she devotoes her every free moment to her son. Can you say that about Kate?

    Depp may praise Kate, but he DID NOT marry her :)

  • bethany!

    she really looks terrible!
    shows how much drugs, drink and fags can actually age u! :O

  • NAty

    She may look better than other 34 year old, but that doesn’t mean she looks good, or that she doesn’t look old. just because other people don’t look good doesn’t mean she look good.

  • Whocares

    My gosh! She seems to be 50 years old!

  • someone

    BEST 34year old looking woman Ive seen esp no make up.

    And agree I think some of you teenagers who live on the internet need to get a life and you will be 34 one day and youll probably be FAT because all of you americans are FAT! You must have no life if you could be bothered all the time to say stupid things about celebrities, your living through their life than your own.

    Kate is beautiful! Thank you just jared.

  • http://justjared Momma

    So fug but with make-up she looks ok. Wow it must be nice to do crack and look haggard and still make those millions. Lucky her

  • Astrid

    She looks like a crackhead.

  • lol

    OMG! She looks AWFUL…now her career seems to depend heavily on airbrushing and VERY clever make-up. So sad :(

  • sasha

    She looks horrible!!! So sad…

  • kelly jerk

    She is very ugly, detoned by drugs.

  • Black is beautiful

    Yet she still gets paid a ridiculous amount for her work

  • kellirc

    No all of us Americans are not fat. Just because you saw something on television doesn’t make it true. And what does that have to do with Kate Moss? She does look unhealthy and older than her age. And no she does not look good for a 34 year old. I can think of a lot of people that are older than her and have better skin. She needs to quit drinking, smoking and taking drugs. If she were to start living a healthy lifestyle she could possibly save her looks and extend her career.

  • http://yahoo Liberty

    She’s as homely as her ugly ass boyfriend!!!Her modeling agency must of owed her daddy a big ass favor cause she is a nasty ass ugly druggy even with make-up on.And I guess if she is still working its ok to do them drugs.Only a face a mother could love.!Just as ugly as Clay Aiken’s!They owed his daddy a favor too!