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Katherine Heigl in 27 Coats

Katherine Heigl in 27 Coats

After a few days of promoting her movie 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl tries on a bunch of coats on Friday at Tod’s in New York City.

Kat recently spent some time with Grey’s co-star Ellen Pompeo at New York City’s Pastis restaurant.

15+ pictures of Katherine Heigl with 27 coats…

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katherine heigl tods 01
katherine heigl tods 02
katherine heigl tods 03
katherine heigl tods 04
katherine heigl tods 05
katherine heigl tods 06
katherine heigl tods 07
katherine heigl tods 08
katherine heigl tods 09
katherine heigl tods 10
katherine heigl tods 11
katherine heigl tods 12
katherine heigl tods 13
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katherine heigl tods 15
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Photos: Anderson/Bauer-Griffin
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  • grace

    i can’t wait till 27 dresses comes out in the uk! if it good?

  • sarah

    i wanna wacth 27 looks goodd

  • lola

    27 Dresses got absolutely BASHED by the critics. Not seeing it!

    –read my blog at

  • boo

    this woman needs to stop tipping off the paparazzi. she’s terribly boring & always on this site

  • Malibumom

    I have to admit, she always looks great and stylish
    I’ve never seen her movies, but I can’t deny that she looks great-

  • matches

    hope she didnt STENCH em’ up with her ciggy ordor..ew.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    i truly hate this bish!

    27 dresses – garbage.

  • anja

    27 Dresses….I loved it! Go and see it everyone.

    She is gorgeous. I love this brown coat she is wearing. She makes it look even more beautiful.

  • S.

    Congrats to KH the first movie that she carries on her shoulders is a solid hit.

    No wonder the other less famous one, EP, seems to be with her lips stuck up KH’s ass of lately. Good to see a set of clean photos of KH, with out the parasitic attachment.

  • linda

    #9 Why you have to bash EP!!! Why just can’t you make a nice comment about KH and stop here!!!
    And EP definitely doesn’t need KH for being famous!
    If you read all the thread about EP, you can see that she always get a lot comments, and in the threads about EP and KH, Ellen seems to have more good comments than KH!!! (and I’m not bashing KH here)

    They are both famous on their own way, they don’t need each other for being famous and appreciat, and FYI they’re very close friends.

  • ugh she’s so boring and average. if i passed her on the street i probably wouldnt give her a second glance.

  • LD

    I can’t stand her, what a publicity w hore. Actually, I don’t like any of the GA cast. I’ll take the cast of LOST anytime.

  • S.


    Katie Holmes gets even more comments the EP and her movie tanked is the big fat looser of Fridays box office. Anyone can change the name and and the email and post the almost the same comments over the EP thread to make her look popular. I bet it’s her dumb PR people.

  • wowza!

    i just saw 27 dresses yesterdayy.
    it was veryy good!! (:

  • john

    I agree with #10, why do people have to bash EP in order to make KH looks great!!!

    I find both of them great and it ‘s sad that when a thread is about someone, it always ends up with bashing someone else!!!!
    In particular, when it concern the GA’s girls, why do fans have to put them in competition when in their life they’re friends ; they are famous on their own!

  • ………

    I don’t get why anyone has to bash any of them *shrugs*. I love Katherine and Ellen, and they do what they want to do with their careers. I respect that as a fan. I watched 27 Dresses today with a packed theatre, and the whole audience and I loved it. It’s great romantic-comedy, and very cute. So I’m glad it’s doing well, and it’s a solid hit for Katie’s career. I’m also overjoyed to see the cast having lunch and eating out together in various places. They are friends why can’t we all respect each other and not bash the actressese.

    Just my 2 cents……

  • tammy

    She’s alright most of the times in my opinion but ever since she ‘s started making stupid comments, she buggs me!!

    I have a question, is all she does when she’s off is shop?? Furniture shopping and clothes shopping practically every day, do something else with ur life for gosh sake.

  • Madonna

    Tod’s for coats? This ho has no taste!

  • boomer

    i SO agree with tammy. she just comes across as so ungracious sometimes making comments about how sexist ‘knocked up’ was – which made her the movie star she is and how she thought the george/izzie thing was purely for ratings-dissing the show that resuscitated her career.

    she needs to zip it sometimes. i just wish someone would smack her and be like ‘dude, you where in “My Father the Hero”‘, get over yourself!

  • knockeduprubbish

    saying Knocked Up was sexist misogynist fare only put KH UP in my estimation for being truthful. why in hell cant she be allowed to say it as she sees it? like you never say some of your boss / company decisions outputs or decisions aren’t to your liking? its still your job.

    27 dresses is good fun – she lights up the screen – and while it isnt shakepeare it’s a fun film. i’ve seen it twice!!!

  • pants would have been better

    I slept half way though 100 dressess..refund I wanted ..didn’t get..

  • Sarah halles

    Um, I do not understand why this gal became famous.
    She has a pig face and acts soooo full of herself.
    She was quite annoying on Letterman. Don’t get it.
    I can’t stand to look at her in a movie. Therefore, I will not see her movies.

  • me

    That coat is fantastic!!!

  • sunny

    I saw 27 dresses. It was pretty good-a chick flick but good. I like Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo, but I’m kind of dissapointed they went to Pastis. I mean really? I’m from NY and Pastis is the place you go when you want people to see you. It’s like Robertson Blvd. in CA. I would much rather see them in a down to earth hole in the wall cafe in the village, but maybe since they aren’t on TV right now, they need to be seen. Good for them that they have this time off to shop and eat and attend fashion shows in Paris. I’m certainly jealous-they have great lives.

  • http://hmm. Skyylar

    you all need to shut your mouths.
    katherine heigl is beautiful and a great actress.
    she isnt ugly and sure as crap aint no bad actres..
    okay-get over yourself.
    she is pretty and a GREAT actress.

  • http://hmm. Skyylar

    you all need to shut your mouths.
    katherine heigl is beautiful and a great actress.
    she isnt ugly and sure as crap aint no bad actress..
    okay-get over yourself.
    she is pretty and a GREAT actress.