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Cloverfield Hotties Top Box Office

Cloverfield Hotties Top Box Office

Cloverfield, the much-buzzed monster movie from Lost mastermind JJ Abrams, topped box offices this weekend.

The film took in $41 million, according to studio estimates ($10 million more than projected estimates). Cloverfield‘s budget was only $25-$30 million.

If you’ve already seen Cloverfield and didn’t sit through the ridiculous 12-minutes-long credits, you probably missed this. An audio clip was played backwards!

Pictured below (first row): Cloverfield hotties Michael Stahl-David and Odette Yustman (in J. Mendel). Second row: Costars Mike Vogel, Lizzy Caplan (in white) and Jessica Lucas.

The Katherine Heigl romantic comedy 27 Dresses also doubled projections, raking in $22 million. Here’s the rest of the top 10 films:

3) The Bucket List — $15.2 million
4) Juno — $10.3 million
5) National Treasure: Book of Secrets — $8.1 million
6) First Sunday — $7.8 million
7) Mad Money — $7.7 million
8) Alvin and the Chipmunks — $7 million
9) I Am Legend — $5.1 million
10) Atonement — $4.7 million

75+ pictures inside the Cloverfield hotties…

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  • stud

    Love it….the golddiggers movie FLOPPED!!! hAHAHAHAHHA
    What’s Tommy and Katie going to do now? They’re both LOSERS. Katie’s movie debuted with $2.3 million? That must be a record for the worst opening ever.

    Told you so cult lovers. Can’t wait for Team Cult to start posting excuses. here!!!!

    The two freaks need to start their own FREAK SHOW. LMAO!!!!!!

  • Tania


  • mad money

    all that and Katie did not bring the bacon home.

    Famous, Miapocca, and all TomKat – she flopped and so badly.

  • stud

    According to US Magazine:

    Moviegoers didn’t flock to see Katie Holmes’ return to the big screen this weekend.

    Her comedy Mad Money, co-starring Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton, came in at No. 5 with $2.3 million, according to preliminary estimates.

    Cloverfield, the sci-fi monster flick, was the box office champ with $16.8 million.

    No. 2: Katherine Heigl’s romantic comedy 27 Dresses, with $7.7 million. (See her in a bridesmaid dress here.)

    The Jack Nicholson comedy The Bucket List ranked No. 3 with $4.2 million, while the indie comedy Juno (starring Ellen Page, who just signed on for Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut) came in at No. 4 with $3 million.

    Critics had slammed Holmes for her role. The New York Times called her “the movie’s weakest link.”

    Holmes, who seems to have changed a lot since her early days based on her talk show appearances this week, also recently got blasted for some questionable style moves in NYC.

    Her husband Tom Cruise faced his own criticism for a series of newly surfaced videos in which he says he helped save America after 9/11 and declares that psychiatry doesn’t work.

  • liz

    i loved the movie rocked.nd the rob guy is hotttt

  • Suzie

    Uh, it says mad money made $7.7 million, not 2.3 million.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    wow. mad money’s doing really good.

    cloverfield rocked.

  • Black is beautiful

    It’s a sad day when Jack Nicholson is beat out by Katherine Heigl

  • Anonymous

    [~F a m o u s~] @ 01/20/2008 at 3:10 pm
    wow. mad money’s doing really good.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha , mad maney flopped.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a sad day when Jack Nicholson is beat out by Katherine Heigl

    Jack Nicholson’s movie has two weeks at the B O.

  • notbusy

    Early estimates are “always” higher than the final numbers so each movie above will make 1 to 2 million “less” than the totals listed above. 27 dresses probably 20 million and mad money probably 6 million. They had to have spent millions on promotion for mad money because the trailer/commercial was on tv non stop until Saturday morning. Hopefully mad money will go away now.

  • ………

    ALRIGHT!!!! It’s awesome that both Cloverfield and 27 Dresses succeeded, and 27 doubled it’s projection. Congrats to J.J. Abrams and Katherine Heigl on their success. I’m really interested in seeing how the whole weekend pans out after Monday is done. I bet these two movies will continue to increase their profit. I saw 27 Dresses in a packed theatre, and I loved it. It’s a great romantic comdey, and Katherine Heigl and James Marsden were just downright adoreable.

  • troy

    “Cloverfield” was a good movie. I don’t think its the watershed moment in the history of monster movies that some on-line geeks (Harry Knows of “Aint It Cool News” for one) seem to think it is. It basically felt like “The Blair Witch Project” with a budget. But the good news is I bought the love story that at its core and it had some effectively scary scenes. And the monster once you get a good look at it is fairly original looking.

  • Brandy

    I loved Cloverfield. It did make me really sick with all the documentary camera movements, but I liked it. I was holding onto my friend the whole time. I saw it 2 times. The ending shocking me though, to be honest. lol. I also saw 27 dresses. That was so cute. I loved it. I love Katherine Heigl and James Marsden! I recommend those two movies.

  • luckyL

    It got a lot of promotion behind the scenes on the internet and with pre-screenings. I’m not surprised.

  • abby

    Yay, I am so happy for Odette. Cloverfield rocked

  • luckyL

    People saw it was good and went to go see it. Congrats J.J. Abrams

  • matt

    mmm Mike Vogel and Michael Stahl-David… so attractive.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    flop is such a strong word.

    damn that diane keaton! she ruined the movie! lol

  • the_original_nika

    I’m not surprised that it did good. It got a lot of promotion and people reacted to it positive.
    new stars might be born, only time will tell…

  • Natalie

    OVERRATED. I went to the midnight showing eeeearly Friday, and while the film LOOKED cool, there was no substance to it. The only good thing about it was the camera work.

    I preferred 27 Dresses to be honest, lol.

  • Devin

    Mmmm, Mike Vogel!

  • lia

    This movie gave me vertigo..seriously.. I saw it Friday and I am still sick, I had to leave the theater, and I never do that.

    Wonder how it ended? if they found Beth..found out what the monster was.. oh well… this movie should come with a warning.

  • http://justjared zefronluver


  • LIem

    Does anyone know where Michael Stahl David”s Chicago shirt is from?

  • vertigo

    Went to see Cloverfield wanted to leave during the first 15 minutes. Not worth all the hype. And couldn’t watch the last 30 minutes I just closed my eyes and listened most of the time, verito setting in. Hated the ending. Oh well to each thier own. I didn’t like it.




    FRESH: 76% Cloverfield
    ROTTEN: 36% 27 Dresses
    ROTTEN: 18% Mad Money

  • MovieWatcher

    Neither First Sunday nor Mad Money looked appealing. I’m definitely looking forward to Cloverfield. Hope it doesn’t disappoint

  • MovieWatcher

    vertigo….say it isn’t so. Just read your comment. Hmmm, maybe I’ll wait to check it out from the library

  • troy

    #27 It’s definitely a movie people either loved or hated another similarity it shares with “The Blair Witch Project.” In the showing I went to the guy behind me burst out with this sophisticated review: “What the f**k? I want my f**king money back!”

  • Kourtney

    Ahhh Mike Vogel, hottttttt.

    Juno is still holding strong!!

  • Amy

    One review said something to the effect of ‘Spin around in a circle for ten minutes. Did you like that? Go buy your ticket.”

  • shannon

    ok since ever1 is talking about which movie made money i have to say cloverfield was a pretty good movie although at the beginning it hurts ur eyes the monster and all that was actuelly scary !!

  • Del

    ANyone know where Mike Vogel’s “Chicago airplane” shirt is from?

  • Madonna


  • kn

    All that promotions that Katie did last week didn’t do much at the box office. She was everywhere on the tube. I saw the trailer and when the bad reviews come in, I know right away that she got a stinker in her hand.

  • elle

    Well 7.7 million isn’t so bad for a low budget comedy like Mad Money

  • brittany


  • ………

    @kn: I don’t think you read your stats right. 27 Dresses did very well, in fact, better than expected. It doubled it’s projection, and exceeded all expectations by the studio. Not to mention similar to Cloverfield…27 Dresses the movie had mixed review, but no matter the review critics adored and hailed Katherine Heigl’s acting.

    27 Dresses was no stinker……

    From Entertainment Weekly
    “Of course, we shouldn’t let one great opening overshadow another: Katherine Heigl’s 27 Dresses may have remained a bridesmaid at the box office, walking down the, er, multiplex aisle at No. 2, but it still looked great with $22.4 mil, the 10th-best January debut ever. Its crowd (which was a whopping 87 percent female) was doubly charmed, granting the romantic comedy a respectable B+ CinemaScore mark. In just three days, 27 Dresses has already landed at No. 6 on the list of the top MLK openings, and it should rise to second or third place in that ranking by the end of the holiday weekend.”

    From Yahoo
    “Fox spent the previous two weekends holding sneak previews of “27 Dresses,” which stars “Grey’s Anatomy” actress Katherine Heigl as a perennial bridesmaid. The News Corp-owned studio said the opening was “fantastic.” The film held at No. 1 in Australia for a second week, it added.”

    Yea, some stinker lol……I think your judgement is a wee bit off lol.

  • Reatty

    #38, Mad Money is in over 2000 theaters and had a huge promotion so it did do “so” bad… Cloverfield is not a big budget movie according to hollywood standards, but it still made big money.

  • ………

    Oops, my bad. My apologizes kn :(. I thought you meant Katie as in Katie Heigl. But you meant Katie Holmes. Ugh, I’m having one of those days where I’m mixing names all over the place. My apologizes.

  • cscs


  • interesting

    I just saw Cloverfield two hours ago….awful. I hated this movie like very few in my lifetime. If you are looking for intelligent dialog, or reasonable decision making, or something other than plain stupidity from every character…don’t go see this movie.

  • pixiestick3

    Wow, all the folks that I know actually loved Mad Money. I am not a huge Katherine Heigel fan. She annoys me to no end and I was hoping that damn movie flopped. Oh well, saw the Bucket List last week and it’s hilarious. I see why it was number one last week!

  • vertigo

    #30 This is just my opnion. Go watch the movie , you might just like it. From most of the posts here , the average opinions thought it was great. By the way I truely do suffer from vertigo which made it impossible for me to watch.

  • smiles

    Look retards and haters:

    Cloverfield is a blockbuster by Paramount.
    27 Dresses is by 20th Century fox and I believe Bucket Lists is by Universal.

    Katie’s movie Mad Money did well for an Independent movie and small studio Overture and the budget was only 12 million.

    Looks like 7 million is close to its 12 million payoff.

  • english

    some know nothing about box office analysis and the difference of major studios and indie financing. Its like some dont know the difference of Spiderman vs. Atonement or Valley of Elah. LM6O.

  • gambit

    Reatty no.41 you are funny and please do some research!!!!!!!!!!

    Go read the L.A.Times,NY Times and Variety……

    27 Dresses is by Fox and do you know who owns Fox? Cloverfield was where everywhere with their promotions.
    27 Dresses promos were all over too.
    SciFi geeks have been solving the puzzles since 2007 on Cloverfield wondering if Cloverfield is Godzilla,Voltron etcccccc
    Their first tease was the most hyped online and on the theatres.
    All over the fanboys sites it was the most popular trailer even more bigger than The Dark Knight,Narnia,Iron Man etcccccc

    Cloverfield has $25 million budget funded by Paramount the same studio he did MI-3 and now Cloverfield and Star Trek.

    Mad Money had no publicity budget but they said to Cineblend and Cinematical all they have is Katie Holmes. Other films had publicity money to spend.

    Mad Money only cost $12 million to make by Overture.
    Overture is not a GIANT company.

  • arbuckle

    My brother and his friends went to see “Cloverfield” at the drive-in on Saturday night. At the end of the movie someone stood on their car and screamed out “that was fcuking sh*t!!” Everyone around burst out laughing and a chorus of expletives about the movie followed.

    I saw “Blair Witch” and thought it was the most fcuked movie ever. Got vertigo bigtime.
    Then I saw “Bourne Ultimatum” (was that the most recent one?) and lo and behold, I got vertigo with that movie too. Had to close my eyes for half of the movie which was so diappointing because it was such a great movie. I thought if I don’t close my eyes, some poor bast*rd around me is goin to wear my popcorn puke.

  • Reatty

    Mad Money cost 22 million and is in 2400 theaters. Most small movies will never see that many theaters. If people were interested in Mad Money, It would have made tons of money regardless of how much it cost because it’s in enough theaters for people to see it if they want to and most don’t want to see it.