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Inside Jennifer Lopez's Baby Shower

Inside Jennifer Lopez's Baby Shower

Mom-to-be Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony arrive at NYC’s Gramercy Park Hotel for their baby shower on Saturday.

The rooftop party décor had Swarovski crystals everywhere in both blue and pink, helping rumors along that J.Lo is expecting twins (a boy and a girl).

Guests included Scientologist BFF Leah Remini and designer pal Roberto Cavalli, who gifted J.Lo with a pink leopard crib.

Jennifer is also next month’s cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar.

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  • Helena

    What kind of idiot wears heels that high while pregnant?

  • Steffi

    Helena: i was thinking the same…

  • HF

    Or a dress/skirt that short?

  • katherine

    i think her coat’s from h&m. it looks a lot like the one i saw at the stores. she looks great!!

  • Helena

    Yes, the dress is very short, especially since she’s in NYC (isn’t it cold there?), I like the coat, though.
    I mean those heels look very dangerous, it reminds me of the time when Nicole Richie wore those ridiculously high shoes when pregnant. How comes she got more flack for it?
    I think it’s best to keep the shoes flat!

  • manta

    @Helena:obviously,the kind that feels comfortable with them.
    I’m pretty sure that Victoria Beckham wore high heels throughout her 3 pregnancies and it hasn’t prevented her from having 3 healthy sons.

    I seriously doubt that’s there’s a medical publication out there that forbids women to wear heels as long as their backs handle it.So just wait a little bit before calling the social services.

  • Helena

    I never said there was anything wrong, I just said it looks dangerous.

  • KittKatt

    I love, love, love those shoes!!

  • TheLostGirl

    Wonder if she really is having twins?

  • CeleBratty

    She looks beautiful!

  • http://deleted vana

    she looks awesome, i doubt that she would endanger her twins.

  • CeleBratty

    LOL @ 2!!!

  • wtf

    I’m not sure if marc anthony is the doorman, valet or if he just got done with marching band practice!!
    Oh, and you are asking why is she wearing those heels and the short dress, c’mon folks this is JLo, she wouldn’t be caught dead not being made up and god forbid wearing maternity clothes, she knows she’s going to be photographed this is her chance to say to people, “Remember me I’m JLo, yeah I have no career and no real talent, but I’m pregnant”. She’s so over, atleast her husband is talented.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    What kind of idiot wears heels that high while pregnant?

    Jennifer and Posh, its all about vanity for them. I heard her list for the baby or babies are pretty expensive.

  • anon

    Helena @ 01/20/2008 at 10:42 am What kind of idiot wears heels that high while pregnant?

    A DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ok

    Well the Scientology crew was represented, I see.

  • serenab

    Does anyone know where to get the COAT Jennifer is wearing? I saw a girl at my school wearing the exact same one! H&M maybe?

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    JLo is reportedly having twins, a boy and a girl, and she’s already spoiling their asses. Are we surprised? This is the woman who wore mink eyelashes. Rush & Molloy reports that JLo has registered for gifts at Petit Tresor in Los Angeles and is asking for all sorts of overpriced crap. Here’s what the bitch wants:

    2 cashmere outfits, one blue and one pink – $349 each
    2 moses baskets – $225 each
    1 jogging stroller for two – $560
    2 Peg Perego strollers for 2 – $429 each

    JLo has also hired Petit Tresor to decorate three nurseries in her 3 homes in Bel Air, Fisher Island and Oyster Bay. Each nursery will reportedly cost her $40,000.

    I copy this from Dlisted!!

  • marilyn

    Girl is large and in charge.
    I highly doubt the coat is h&m.

  • bmoss

    To Manta:

    No there’s no publication that says you can’t wear pumps while pregnant, but sometimes you just have to use common sense. Have you ever been pregnant and with twins. Let me tell you, it’s a balancing act trying to adjust your posture along the back to accommodate the added weight in the front . Which is why you see people with that “pregnant” walk, leaning back to adjust their balance. Those are not 1″ pumps she has on , they look like 3 – 3 1/2 ” heels. Try wearing those even without being pregnant…

  • barn

    She looks so beautiful!

  • miranda

    #24 closest i eva benn in dis site

  • MovieWatcher

    Nice shoes, I admit they do look awfully high. Oh well. You can’t win. She likes dressing up and gets talked about. Those who don’t, people also have something to say.

  • sophie

    Those shoes are gorgeous and she looks amazing (even if she wasn’t pregnant with possibly twins!) . i think there is nothing wrong with wearing those shoes whilst pregnant if she feels it’s ok to do so. if i had those shoes i would have no doubt about wearing them so i say give her a break!

  • addictedtobampzs

    Why doesn’t anyone ever mention she “accepted” her husband’s attentions immediately after she announced her break-up with Ben? Even though he had just re-married the mother of his three children, one of whom was an infant! A young wife, mother of three, in love with him to the point where she marries him twice, who then must read all about how he “always loved Jennifer”, never got over her, was never happier, wants children with her, etc. This is never an issue with the press, fans or even anti-fans, maybe because she never made it an issue, never made herself a tragic victim, held her head high and made it work. She is the true role model–the former wife and mother of his children, gracefully wishing them well. Hope she has found love again.

  • uh

    re sci-fy freaks..toms buds..marc and his 23 illegitimate children ,plus jload ..more gifts and presents and money for self centered jload, send some to marcs baby mamas..ewwwww to these scientology losers.

  • Nuni

    The reason why she’s wearing a dress that short and heels that high is because she has to show off whatever good on her body is left which is obviously her legs.

    I don’t even want to see what she’s gonna look like after this pregnancy!! Her body as ASS is going to be sooo stretched out and flabby….

    She’s going to have to work hard (or get heavy work done) to have herself recontructed!!! Go JLO!

  • cheaters

    Jlo is foul and Marc is too. Im glad Marcs first wife has moved on.. Jlo moved right in on her faux friend Marc knowing he was married and Marc wnted her too. Disgusting both are. Yeah they both are in that Cruisel/ Leah/ Hubbard cult.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    We dare not living uner the same roof with J.Lo, so we can’t accuse her of wearing heels throughout her pregnancy. A diva like her,knows she’s going to be photographed in public for the baby shower, so she’s wearing heels for the photogs to give the illusion that she’s not become a whale! I’m sure she’d be asking her assistant to bring her flats for her to wear in between photo shoots of the baby shower.

    The best fitness instructor should start lining up to be hired by Jenny-from-the-block in a few months!

  • manta

    To bmoss:

    Like I said everyone is entitled to chose what it suits him or her.And thank you for soliciutde,I know what it’s like being pregnant(not with twins,I acknowlegde it).And to answer you I wouldn’t wear such shoes during my pregnancy.
    But it doesn’t mean I would judge a woman doing it or call her an idiot for that.
    Again if she’s comfortable with it (even if she just wears them for photos and by pure vanity),I still don’t see exactly who she harms.
    And I’m not even a fan of this woman…

  • koko

    J.Lo’s babies will be full-blooded Puerto Ricans!

  • Susan

    She looks amazing. I am so happy for Jennifer and Marc.

  • jkl

    She looks like a bowling ball on a stick.

  • valery

    she looks gorgeous

  • http://justjared Momma

    Who gives a crap about her and her baby, they all suck and they have to have the best when some people can’t even get a friggin crib for their baby. I wish hollywood and all that it is would just go f themselves and have them make 100,000 a year for what they do I mean really they are all over paid and don’t get me started on atheletes they will never get my money !!! America find something else to do instead of making these creeps rich and look down on us normal people.

  • palvasha

    i dnt think high heels affets the baby but there is a strong chance of falling which can, so ppl shud be careful. im not pregnant and i stil cant walk in heels that high, i dnt know how she can!!! lv j-lo

  • bleh

    They have to be the least liked couple in Hollywood! Seriuosly the moment they got together her movies tanked and so did her albums. Don’t care about Marc Anthony, and no ones cares about this couple!

  • Kacky

    How idiotic she looks, teetering on those shoes. What a bimbo.

  • Angel

    The woman DANCES in higher heels than those, so I’m sure she can handle herself walking. She performed in a concert in heels while pregnant, so why is this such an issue?

    Pregnant and still looking better than your favs, and she’s much much richer too for the one who said she has no career.

  • EJ me

    Wom en are different and different things affect each pregnant woman. So don’t judge others by your pregnancy problems. I am sure JLo consults doctors and know what is good for her and the babies.

  • ld

    Tacky, tacky, tacky. These two are loaded and they are asking for expensive gifts. Why not ask the guests to donate to charity? I have never heard Jennifer giving or doing anything for charity. How she made it to A-list with NO discernible talent is beyond me.

  • EJ me

    o, and alo I don’t think her baby gift list is anything to shout about. She is a rich woman who worked hard for her money and has even richer friends who could afford those. I know it is bad that some mothers cannot even afford medical insuarance but that is the fault of capitalist America!!

  • mo money

    is Skeletor refereeing the extravagant baby shower for the Ron l.hubbard groupees..
    Those pants hes wearing must be.

  • Marie claire

    They’re strip club pole dancer shoes! Yikes!

  • Jen the homewrecker

    She’s a homewrecker. Remember Marc was married when Jennifer moved in on his wife, and took over.

  • Jillian

    Marc was married to Daiyanara when Jennifer started a relationship with him. Jennifer is a home-wrecker.

  • Chaz

    They are both sleazes, they were having an affair when Marc was married .

  • j


  • Regina

    Didn’t she say she was going to disappear during the late months of her pregnancy? She got my hopes high! :(