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Rachel Bilson: Hair Well Done

Rachel Bilson: Hair Well Done

Rachel Bilson takes a trip to the Chroma Studio in Hollywood to get her hair done on Saturday.

Her upcoming film Jumper, costarring Hayden Christensen, opens in theaters the country on V-Day.

Leather jacket from French line, Ba&sh, and tasseled bag by her designer pal Zac Posen.

20+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s hair well done…

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rachel bilson hair 01
rachel bilson hair 02
rachel bilson hair 03
rachel bilson hair 04
rachel bilson hair 05
rachel bilson hair 06
rachel bilson hair 07
rachel bilson hair 08
rachel bilson hair 09
rachel bilson hair 10
rachel bilson hair 11
rachel bilson hair 12
rachel bilson hair 13
rachel bilson hair 14
rachel bilson hair 15
rachel bilson hair 16
rachel bilson hair 17
rachel bilson hair 18
rachel bilson hair 19
rachel bilson hair 20

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  • Laureen’s b*tch!!

    She is wearing the “H” necklace once again. She did say in GQ that it was indeed for her little sister Hattie and she loved hashbrown’s. As media horny as Rachel is she will be sporting this “H” necklace more then ever!! Funny! She could not brag it was from Hayden!! BOOO HOOO!!! LOL! That must have been tough on her since, she loves the media lime light so much.

  • lida

    i like it :)

  • lida

    i love her :) and i like it

  • jackie

    i am so getting my hair just like hers

  • Daniela

    LMAO! Nice Laureen…and how long did it take you to look up “schizophrenia” in the dictionary for an attempt at a “smart comeback”?

  • Laureen’s b*tch!!

    @ Daniela,
    Yeah!! It took you what 24 hours or so to come back @ me?? Who is the ignoramous here?!!!

  • anni

    omg soooo pretty! but prefer the darker hair
    Rachel sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • racheltwin

    Haters go away!! you are soo jealous!Rachel is NO media**** rachel you are a sweetheart and a really nice person. she is simply herself so she has decency opposite the paparazzis!! Let Rachel be Rachel *love ya*

  • racheltwin


  • glc

    I think the point Jared was making on that other thread was that he is going to continue to post articles about Rachel as long as the traffic warrants it. He’s doesn’t care whether the posts are positive or negative. He just knows that you girls can’t resist posting in a Bison thread, which means more dollars for him. And keep in mind that he has a hit counter for every page on this site. And as a webmaster myself I can tell you that for every post on a blog, there are at least 100 people viewing that are NOT posting. And as long as the conversation continues, those people will continue to return to view additional posts. Its a webmaster’s wet dream.

    So I agree with Smilehexe that as long as people continue to post in these RB threads, he’s going to continue to keep her at the top of his list and make a good living doing so.

  • clueless

    Who is this chick? Never heard of her.

  • Kim

    She has to come up with some viable excuse to Hayden and others as to why she is being followed everyday so she had her paid photographer leave a card on her SUV so she can tell people she has an ‘admirer’ and that the reason she is being followed everyday is because the pap has a little ickle wickle crushy poo on her!

    Admirer or not she STILL posed for that SUV pic of her massaging Hayden’s forehead. Now she stages this Chroma hair studio encounter with a stupid greeting card and her VERY BADLY acting all ‘flattered’ (totally phony facial expressions) like I would be totally pist off if I had a pap following me and leaving cards on my truck, I would just throw it on the ground like an advertising flyer…oh, UNLESS I LIKED being followed by the paps and needed to come up with an alibi to my ‘boyfriend’ as to why I was being stalked so he would not think I was arranging it. Too transparent! She is an idiot if she thinks Hayden would be jealous of some sleazy pap, he would be thrilled most likely”Thank God she’s someone else’s problem now!” LOL

    This woman is really beneath contempt! Is there no low she will stoop to? Does she think we all can’t see right through her antics? She must really be deluded if she thinks she can explain away her photo opps stunts with stupid card planted on her SUV. Man, I’m always one step ahead of the girl, she just can’t fool me!

  • Scorpio

    This is Laureen again!! I’m getting tired of going by my first name and you don’t go by yours anyway you hypocrite!

    I may swear and it may come across like trailer trashy talk to you but, welcome to the real world. Everyone swears. Even Rachel does. She said, “Sh*t and F*cking” in both her Playboy interview and GQ! I actually liked that about Rachel. She did not hide the fact that she does swear from time to time. So! Right on w/ that Rachel! I wish she was more real in other way’s however! Cough! Cough! Cough!

    My hubby adores me and swears right along with me!! We are a happy bunch unlike, you that is angry and miserable and has to keep coming in and annoying people!! Keep with the subject Spider!! This thread is on RACHEL BILSON! Please focus on her and not me.

    Now Spider. You go on back to doing your homework since you sound and act like your in grade school still. I mean your childish and catty attemps to keep this cat fight up is now looking silly and stupid! You must see that by now. Oh! I forgot. You are pretty dense!

    @ Kim,
    I was thinking the same thing!
    BRAVO! That card was totally staged on Rachel’s SUV. God! Rachel really must be desperate you think??

  • Hanne

    Is the weather in California so cold??? I mean she’s wearing leather jacket, boots and probably long sleeve shirt!!!
    Does she really need to wear that clothes???

  • Irishdreams

    TO me I wish Hayden would work with a leading lady who is his equal and not some B rated actress who has to stoop to press attention to get herself sold. Thus far this movie and the last one along with VT the ladies were not his equal in the can make a good movie, great stories but, if you don’ t have a great cast even the best actor (who in my eyes is Sam and Hayden not sure about Jamie Bell yet don’t know his work) can’t sell the movie with all the hype they do for it..They want to push this out during super Bowl not many men like the Hayden enough to want to run out and see him, but if you put Natalie Portman in My Blueberry nights showing Natalie in a low cut blouse and nice chest..who do you really think the men will want to see..A guy jumping around or a sexy lady..

  • bree

    How I really wish that RB would be caught up doing any of those antics of Paris, Britney or Lindsay so that at least she can WARRANT all these media hyping that she’s been doing lately.
    And when that time comes, she won’t probably have those paid paps. anymore but they’ll do it for FREE this time around…

  • joon

    AS EVERYTHING DO COME AND GO, THIS “GNOMISH CRAP” SHALL PASS TOO. I cant wait for that to happen soon!!!

  • nova lee

    you guys are aware that she does not want to go away. all b/c she craves to have all the attention! what a waste! rachel needs to go and shop and gust star on sticoms and leave the serious acting to the A listers.oh and eat doughnuts and hashbrowns.:)

  • Scorpio

    @ Nove Lee,
    I know with my post I will catch hell for it. Oh well. Here it goes!

    @ Joon, OMG!! You said it!! I hope soon too this gnomishshit soon shall too pass!! YUCKY!!

    I saw the card given by Flynet to Rachel on There is an actual video take on it! It was sooo obvious and fake like Rachel is being stalked by an admirer! Yeah!! An admirer my azz!!! This media stunt was labeled with so much cheese it staannnk to high heaven!! YUCKY!

  • nova lee

    do i hear a dito on the gnome to make like a tree and leave soon? i sure f*cking do. the card thing is as cheesey as they come. oh did i cuss? oh someone might get offended if i did. well let me say that i have a potty mouth . that is the way iam!! so there is not a f*cking thing i can do bout it so if anyone does not like it don’t read got it. it is everone ‘s right let off steam and it is what it makes us the way we are . so no one should not tell someone not to cuss. nuff said.

  • Scorpio

    @ Nove Lee,
    I f*cking second that f*cking sh*t!! Enough f*cking said about the gnome f*cking master!! I’m f*cking going to bed.

    If, f*cking peeps don’t like f*cking swearing then they need to just f*cking go away! F*cking enough said!! F*ck it with this f*cking sh*t!

  • nova lee

    you have a f*cking good night and sleep night. don’t let the f*cking bugs bite. enough sh*t bout the f*cking gnome already this trainwreck is getting to f*cking old. nuff f*cking said!! so take that you virgin ears. you know who you f*cking are. tootles!!

  • Songbird6282

    I have never once commented on any kind of gossip blog, but I have decided to finally delurk. As a 25 year old female who loves reading these boards, I have to say one thing:

    You people are sad and pathetic. Acting like catty, jealous children. What did this girl ever do to deserve this. Because she’s close with Hayden? Newsflash, he will never date you, let alone know you!!!! And even if he did, why would he ever date girls like you. You’re cruel and immature!!!

    This girl has ten times the comments that anyone else does on this board. All by like 4 of you gossiping back and forth. You’re all so obvious, and it’s quite sad.

    Here’s an idea let this girl live her life, and you live yours. Get off the pc, go out into the real world, and maybe look for a man who you have an ounce of a chance with! And if you aren’t single how about focusing on the guy your actually with!!

    I don’t know much about this girl, but what is she guilty of exactly? She’s not flashing her crotch to the world, she’s not getting DUI’s, and she’s not coming across like a spoiled diva! She seems quite normal to me, save for her impossibly expensive wardrobe. I say save the contempt for the horrible “hollywood” starlets who actually deserve it!

    You think because your behind a computer screen that you can get away with saying such awful things. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I know Hayden would be. He couldn’t possibly want fans like you!

    That is all.

  • sloane

    @ # 73

    And there goes those “gullible” fanatics of hers to the rescue!
    If this “media megalomaniac” would pull out all her resources for any obtuse photo opps. to be in the headlines, it wont be that “far-fetched” too if she would hired a certain number of blog workers that do nothing but to haunt those naysayers blogs, do some damage control and refute negative information about her.
    That’s their job, also “pathetic” as it is, they live their lives doing damage control for celebs that don’t want the “truth” out about them. As it awfully looks like that Bilson is one celeb who’s extremely concerned “only” about maintaining her so-called awesome image and her perception of being paparazzi magnet even on such an “empty credits”!
    That’s all too…

  • Mindy

    These people who are coming on here with jealous and childish behavior are older women in their late 20s and 30s and even 40s.You never would know it by their actions would you? To the few that are doing it and you know who you are its time to start acting your age and stop making fools out of yourselves.

  • Scorpio

    @ Mindy,
    ROTFLMAO!!! Rachel is acatually now considered in her late 20′s! What are you?? Only 13??? LOL! You and #73 are your typical gullibles as Sloan say’s!

  • anni

    go to hell rachel haters! rachel you are the best awww she’s too cute! I went the same day to a hair salon :)

  • Isabella

    Irishdreams Is Rachel using Hayden to get attention?

  • lida

    greatttttttttttttttttttttttt sweetyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • lida

    i realy like her hair she’s fabulousssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • carlito

    I like what I see…

  • lol


    nah im just joshing ya she’s alright


    i am so sick of negative comments theres no need for it.
    i personally love her but even if i didnt (what a crazy thought) i wouldnt post stupid stuff like ”she’s a dog” and allsorts of negative stuff because its so silly.

    but she is not a dog, she is gorgeous and these pics proove it.