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Sophia Bush Makes Her Mark at Macy's

Sophia Bush Makes Her Mark at Macy's

One Tree Hill cast members Sophia Bush and Daphne Zuniga make an appearance at the Macy’s store in NYC’s Herald’s Square on Saturday.

The duo held a One Tree Hill casting call and walk-on role for a lucky fan. The “Ultimate Fan Weekend in Wilmington” promotion will give eight fans the chance for a nonspeaking, walk-on role and a weekend visit to the North Carolina set of the show.

Pumps by Christian Louboutin.

45+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush making her mark at Macy’s…

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sophia bush macys 01
sophia bush macys 02
sophia bush macys 03
sophia bush macys 04
sophia bush macys 05
sophia bush macys 06
sophia bush macys 07
sophia bush macys 08
sophia bush macys 09
sophia bush macys 10
sophia bush macys 11
sophia bush macys 12
sophia bush macys 13
sophia bush macys 14
sophia bush macys 15
sophia bush macys 16
sophia bush macys 17
sophia bush macys 18
sophia bush macys 19
sophia bush macys 20
sophia bush macys 21
sophia bush macys 22
sophia bush macys 23
sophia bush macys 24
sophia bush macys 25
sophia bush macys 26
sophia bush macys 27
sophia bush macys 28
sophia bush macys 29
sophia bush macys 30
sophia bush macys 31
sophia bush macys 32
sophia bush macys 33
sophia bush macys 34
sophia bush macys 35
sophia bush macys 36
sophia bush macys 37
sophia bush macys 38
sophia bush macys 39
sophia bush macys 40
sophia bush macys 41
sophia bush macys 42
sophia bush macys 43
sophia bush macys 44
sophia bush macys 45
sophia bush macys 46
sophia bush macys 47

Photos: Workum/Bauer-Griffin, Steven Henry/Getty
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  • 564165045015604510543216541510

    Oh and i’m lovin’ the shoes!

  • renee


    love the pumps.

  • renee

    haha ok jk third

  • katy


  • natalie

    I have friends who went… heard Sophia was extremely nice. I love her so much and she is one of those few woman in hollywood (well, wilmington. LOL) I look up to and admire.

    Jared, if you have any pictures of Bethany Joy Galeotti or JAMES LAFFERTY doing their Macys appearences today, pleeeease post…

  • shannon

    she so pretty and a great actress and evertime i see her on a post she always looks great

  • Manu


  • cortni

    those shoes were FANTASTIC! and they looked even better up close… pictures don’t do them any justice. :-)

  • goz

    loving the shoes!

  • cortni

    Sophia was incredibly sweet! For more pictures check out tonight! :-)

  • Jen

    Gah, that woman is amazing. I love her so much, she looks stunning, and the outfit and her shoes are both extra fabulous!

  • natalie

    JARED — we need some James Lafferty pictures from his appearence in SF today. lol

  • whatevvvvv…

    i own a pair of those pumps like that except in black

  • Jughed

    She seems stuck-up but, oddly enough, that’s a turn on.

    Is she related to our President?

  • :)

    shes really pretty

  • Ally

    I love her, she’s the only reason I still watch OTH.

  • kate


  • Charlene

    beautiful as always Sophia, loving the hair

  • toolip

    she’s so pretty

  • Pretty

    Shes really great. Love her hair :) Cant wait to see the rest of season 5 :=

  • CSJ


    I feel like Sophia Needs a disclaimer everytime someone mentions her last name.

    just because she has the same last name as that Idiot in Washington.

  • tinka

    steph, you’re an ugly idiot. sophia is the best female on the show, and you can’t hate someone you don’t have the pleasure of knowing. she’s too good for your ugly ignorant fat ass anyway ;)
    your opinion is the minority for a reason–you’re too stupid to ever be right

  • Maria

    Steph, Are you fucking stupid or just a skank ass bitch?

    Sophia is featured on this site because she is the most talented, most beautiful and most popular actor/actress ON the show. Get over yourself. The rest are just runners-up.

  • rachel

    shes beautiful. go former rose queen!!

  • amy
  • amy

    can anyone tell what bracelet she’s wearing with a blue band?

  • RElosddd

    Wow, she is sweet~~~have a look at her ads at She is cute in that dress

  • lola

    GORGEOUS !!!! LOVE HER !!! I’m watching tree hill just because of her ..just like so many other people out there !!!

  • like red

    it is dont fair :(
    because of this things i hate that i dont leave in America
    i am ssssssssssssssooooooooooooo jealous of the people
    that meet her i will do everything only to see her face to face
    i love her she is so beautiful and the best role model EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Mary

    loath her! and her 500+ faces.

  • Maria

    amy- blue band.

  • Maria

    mary, you’re just a blind ugly bitch. she’s awesome and beautiful. get over your loser self!

  • Jagoda

    I LOVE HER !!

  • Lilly

    I’ve always been a fan of Daphne, it’s sad to see her share scenes with a talentless chick. What a shame.

  • Maria

    lilly, oh what the hell would you know? pull your head out of your butt. clearly daphne finds sophia talented–and she is, so keep your ignorant trap shut, skan k

  • Mina

    Oh I got to meet them bought and they were so sweet and lovely! Sophia is so gorgeous and her mannerisms and dimples are adorable. She is the ONLY reason I even watch One Tree Hill.

  • Karma

    What’s up with you!? Sure she’s beautiful but you shouldn’t say that she’s the only one important in the show. That’s not true. She’s just gettin a lot of media attention, even because she attends a lot of parties. Which is good for her, but only because other cast members don’t show themselves up that much doesn’t mean that they are less important.
    I like Sophia, but I don’t like how her fans are always trying to make her look better by talkin trash about other people. She doesn’t need it, seriously.

  • heli

    i know She is the only reason I watch One Tree Hill too
    i love her she is absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T i wish i looke half pretty as her.
    and the person that said she dont have talent is clearly stupid because this girl is the best actress i ever see

  • heli

    ans yes, sophia is much more good actress from all five of tham
    and is really dont connected to the fact that she attends parties it is because her acting is amazing (and i dont able to say thet about the other four)
    and like i said she is the only reason I watch One Tree Hill because without her the show will be B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • abby

    If it wasn’t for her, I would have given up on OTH a long long long time ago. Rock on Sophia. :)

  • whit

    She doesn’t have the body type to wear skinny jeans well. I think she has a good body, but her legs are too thick for how tight those pants are.

    Also, attacking another poster, who you don’t know, because they don’t like an actress you also don’t know, is stupid and makes you look stupid.

  • Ariane

    She’s beautiful but she’s just on OTH, like the other cast. On that show no one will ever reach true fame. I did hear Hilarie Burton will star in The Secret Life of Bees. Is that true?

  • Karma

    yeah Ariane, it’s true. Hilarie will play in The Secret Life of Bees, playing Dakota Fanning’s mother. This is gonna be big, and I’m glad because Hilarie deserves it. And hopefully she’ll get a lot of attention too, but only thanks to her acting skills and not something else.

  • ron

    you really stupid?!!?!??!?! or you just pretend to be?!?!?!?!?!?
    and you sure your mirror dont broken when you look because is clear that you ugly creature because i dont really see any alse reason apart from JEALOUSY of the beauty (and talent) of sophia
    find yourself a good place in psychiatric hospital you moron.

  • ron

    i really dont understand people like you
    you post nasty things about her in her article i cant believe how much people are evil
    if you dont have nice things to said dont said nothing (i hard this advice from really incredible person)
    you need to grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sophia is L-O-V-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ally

    Why don’t you haters go talk in Hilarie’s Thread? Oh yeah right, there is non!

  • Giulia

    for the losers defending people who are saying nasty things, saying sophia defenders are the ones out of line. maybe you have trouble evaluating a situation. if you losers don’t like sophia, then don’t read this post and don’t comment.

    karma- if i believe she is the most talented, i can say it. no one bashed the others’ directly, they just said they aren’t as good. that is THEIR opinion, and they can state it, just like YOU stated yours, after all this is a SOPHIA article. they didn’t call the other cast members the nasty names some of the loser posters here are calling sophia. also when you said: “I don’t like how her fans are always trying to make her look better by talkin trash about other people.” well there are people talking trash about sophia, so guess what? they’re going to get verbally pummeled. don’t like it? go to another board. what those scummy losers are doing isn’t right, either.

  • Giulia

    Karma- get over your snarky self. You’re just as bad as the others. Sophia has incredible acting skills, and fyi? Hil’s role is MINOR, while Sophia will be the female lead in The Narrows, with Vince D’Nofrio from law and Order. Sophia’s popularity among her fans has nothing to do with what parties she attends, as her fans arne’t at those parties, also, Sophia is involved in many charities, including one she founded for teens with cancer–this also got her name out there–also, if you’re a hilarie fan i doubt she’d like you very much for bashing someone she considers a friend.

  • kjad

    The Narrows cant compare to The Secret Life of Bee’s….sophia tried to get hils role but they did not think she would fit. and oh ya The Narrows is gonna be huge! i have heard….nothing about it other then ‘sophia is in it’ haha that movie is gonna suck you know it, i know it, we both know it. btw when does it come out? umm never.