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Fashion Faceoff: Armami Privé Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Armami Privé Dress

Dita Von Teese rocked out an Armani Privé (Fall 2007 Couture) close-fitting, waisted jacket at the Giorgio Armani Prive Spring/Summer 2008 Haute Couture Collection Show on Monday in Paris France.

To the right, Russian supermodel Laura Blokhina.

Who wears it best — DITA VON TEESE or THE RUNWAY MODEL?

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dita von teese armani prive 01
dita von teese armani prive 02
dita von teese armani prive 03
dita von teese armani prive 04
dita von teese armani prive 05

Photos: Julien Hekimian/Getty
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  • alexandra

    wow weird hair yay im first

  • required


  • luckyL

    Dita. She really has a spectacular set, if you know what I mean. Good for her.

  • http://um um

    Heather Renée Sweet (dita the stripper’s real name) looks like an old ghost lady with that horrid bun.
    Laura Blokhina wins

  • frap

    THE RUNWAY MODEL of course..wasn’t she married to Manson ewwwwww.

  • pam


  • Tootsie


  • kc

    DITA! yaaay

  • get with it

    the model -ditta is fugly- yal need to stop lying-her expose your fake breasts/ vayjay act was ripped off.
    this is ”2000 not the forties”.

  • yaya

    Russian Model Laura no doubt. Ditta’s a midget.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    who is this fcuking von dit teese bish?

  • mary

    model, sorry dita aint cute.

  • dee

    model model model

  • izzy

    DITA – the model looks like a boy, she has NO curves.

  • okay

    dita looks as aged as my granny, def Laura.:smile:

  • http://tami tami

    laura the runway model

  • Jonathan

    Dita FTW!!!

  • sandra

    Heather is plain jane. LB yayyyyy!!

  • garbage

    These things always confuse me. The outfit looks pretty much the same on both. I guess you can see Dita’s boob’s more. The color does got better with her dark hair, rather than the model’s brown hair, and the contrast on the skin tone looks better on Dita than on the model.

  • http://elizabeth elizabeth

    Model 4 me, Dita has fake breasts and she is nasty.
    Can’t admire showing your cooch 4 cash to gross men.

  • Nanea

    The model wins!

    Heather is too small for most things she wears, and her make-up is wrong on so many levels – unless she was to strip there? – which I highly doubt.

  • giselle

    she has 10lbs of cr*p on her homely mug, ”heather^ditta”, that is.
    l. blokhina. beats.

  • kath

    at least dita has the boobs to pull it off!

  • alex p

    dita… it simply suits her personality better, plus – boobs are boobs.
    also dita’s shoes match better

  • zoe

    dita. colour looks good on her skin, and the black hair!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I prefer the runway model. I like Dita but the dress looks better on the model.

  • Wow

    Dita. She looks gorgeous as usual!

  • Mel

    What a weird outfit. The model is seriously fug whereas Dita has the goth chic to rock it, so Dita wins!

  • Jason

    No comparison. Dita wears it better plus the high res pic of her is beautiful.

  • Dieter

    Dita!! She has small t-its but I would still wank to her. Laura is just plain UGLY!

  • Misa


  • lolly

    model. ditas a hoe. plastic surgery ska.nk

  • http://nan nan

    Heather is gross. Model looks rough too. But stripper or model.I say Model. Being married to MM makes her look even worse, besides exposing herself for a living.

  • lol

    Dita of course. She really knows how to fill out an outfit! :D

  • Cookie Monster

    I pick the beautiful MISS VON TEESE who looks like she EATS! Give that model a COOKIE!

  • donna

    don’t dig

    Laura,models are thin &
    at least she does’nt have fake boobies &a strippah.

  • jena

    BEAUTIFUL DITA,, haaaahaaLMAO ,thanks for the laugh, puleeeese ..beautiful she isn’t. That said Model Laura.

  • h.


  • Gus

    Dita. SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. Not really a fair vote since the model is so damn ugly.

  • elady

    Well, Dita of course. The so-called “model” looks sickly and has bad skin.

  • um ok

    Both r fug. Model wears it best. ditfa is hideous.

  • canton

    what’s up with you lately????? you are fashion missing quite a bit! you need to get back in your groove asap!

  • Heidi

    Pretty Dita wins hands down.

  • nicki.

    Dita Von Teese. I usually don’t like her but she really did well with this outfit. She actually has some cleavage to show off compared to the model. And if you notice, Dita actually glows even though she’s so pale. The model looks like she’s a sick sort of pale.

  • john mirror

    dita. she definitely rocks this hideous outfit.

  • peaches

    Ha. Who the hell is Dita?
    She’s short with ugly legs and too much make-up on.
    I wonder what she looks like without it…

    That pasty midget better not think of comparing herself to a model.
    Yuck, look at her.

  • peaches

    Ha. Who the hell is Dita?
    She’s short with ugly legs and too much make-up on.
    I wonder what she looks like without it…

    That pasty midget better not think of comparing herself to a model.
    Yuck, look at her.


  • sara


  • dolly

    DITA, model looks like every other model!

  • Teele

    Dita is always so stunning. but model looks good too.