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Elle Fanning @ 2008 Sundance Film Festival

Elle Fanning @ 2008 Sundance Film Festival


Elle Fanning, Dakota‘s little sister, attends the Cotton Market world premiere party for Phoebe In Wonderland held during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival on Sunday in Park City, Utah.

In the film, Elle, 9, plays a little girl named Phoebe, who struggles with her increasingly mysterious and obsessive behavior and her Alice in Wonderland-infused fantasy life. Phoebe seeks enlightenment from her unconventional drama teacher (Patricia Clarkson). Felicity Huffman plays Phoebe’s mother and Bill Pullman also co-stars.

Pictures of Elle and costar Felicity shooting scenes turned up back in May.

Also check out this interview with the film’s director Daniel Barnz at

Barnz spoke very highly of Elle: “We went to Elle Fanning, who had made an impression on me in both Door in the Floor and Babel. When I met her I was immediately struck – as I think many people are – by this kind of luminous quality she has about her. In fact, later on, when we were in the height of our pre-production stress and wondering how we were ever going to pull this off – we did our hair and makeup tests. Elle‘s face appeared on the screen – there were probably ten people sitting in the room – and there were audible gasps. It sounds like a clichĂ© but it was true – she literally lit up the screen. It really reassured all of us, knowing that we had that kind of presence in the role.”

Elle Fanning and Felicity Huffman in Phoebe In Wonderland

20+ pictures inside of Elle Fanning @ 2008′s Sundance Film Festival…

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • Meg

    she’s sweet

  • funny

    she’ll marry tom cruise in about 20 years.

  • Jessica

    the fanning family is a pretty one don’t you think? NOT!

  • http://Chileee Domi

    she is mm rare ? :O

  • Stevie

    She’s cute! Gonna be a big star like Dakota!!! =]

  • http://fanpop ellie

    lol how cute!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    holy mother of god!!

  • aww

    she’s so cute!


    SHE is so little and cute!


  • imogen

    shes so cute, she acts her ageunlik dakota who tries to act like she is so grown up!

  • Helena

    So adorable and a better actress than Dakota, by far!

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    The Fannings are pimping both daughters now at such an early age!
    On the other side of the argument-who would play child characters in the movies that keep us entertained? oh well!

    I always thought Dakota looked soo much like Eminem, like a daughter-father image !

  • Didi

    Annoying like her stupid screaming banshee of a sister dakota. neither of them can act. stupid kids need to f*ck off and concentrate on school instead of fawning on screen. if they continue on this path they’ll be dead in 10 yrs from substance abuse. child stars never bode well in the end. its like their fate is already doomed from the first time they appear on screen. And what kind of parent would want their little kid to face the pressures and temptations of childhood stardom anyway?. these parents should be locked up as should parents of those kids in beauty pageants

  • Stefanie

    awww she’s adorable!!

  • luckyL

    LOL Didi. All that needs to be said has been said.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    keep pimping out your kids parents.

  • Musicisourhigh

    I like seeing kids look their age

  • Helena

    Didi, you must really hate the world if you insist on bashing a nine year old who has done nothing to you!

  • shiloh nouvel

    what a cutie with her Harry Potter glasses

  • canton

    i don’t know what sane and caring parent would put their child in the environment of hollywood ever but especially these days…how many horror stories have we all heard??? very seldom does it turn out to be a happy ending experience for the child turned adult…if they even make it that far. i just question what the motives are…really.

  • barbergrl

    wow # 14 little bitter are we?? she’s adorable.

  • luckyL

    I just hope it was her decision (and Dakota’s) to pursue acting.

  • Diane

    She is so cute

  • Heather

    I think she’s a better actress than her sister.

    And why do people criticize her parents. There are tons of child actors and there always has been. This industry needs them. Its not a bad thing.

  • Secret

    Damn, she’s grown. Where the hell have I been. I feel so old and I’m only a teenager, haha.

  • ver

    She’s so cute! Just hope they don’t turn out like Britney or Lindsay.

  • eyecandy

    Dakota is one of the best child actress in silver screen history.
    she proved she can draw big box-office by herself tho..that’s very impressive….
    Elle is cute & talented!

  • goz

    i love the fanning sisters!

  • Dr Jube


  • zanessa so cute!

    She is so cute like Dakota!!!

  • borieye

    bulletin 14 !!
    shes nine years old !!

    shill dude. its my dream and
    im 11 and school sucks you just
    dont know what it feels to go to
    school these days. there TALENTED girls the
    fannings and dakota started reading at 2 ya`ll are
    just jealous and i have to admit i am jealous of them
    talented girls

  • Sam

    Love the pics of her with Patricia Clarkson. They are adorable!

  • mistresstea

    I don’t think in this families case it is so much of pimping out their kids, and I don’t think we will be seeing Dakota turn into a Britney, From interviews with her co-stars it seems that she is the one who wants this, she asked to go to an audition when she was younger. Denzel Washington said she was the best and most mature actress he has ever worked with, and that she takes the job very seriously. If her sister is anything like her then I don’t think there is much need to worry, or bash their parents. Some kids are just born to do the job and other are pushed unfortunatly, I think these two were born for this, and they have the personality for it. Look at Kirsten Dunst, she turned out to be fine even though she was a child star!

  • neil (a brangelina loonatic)

    Whats creepy is many of the comments here.

  • rayt

    Shes a beautiful kid that’s for sure. And she has thebest parents so you people can shut up. Elle loves acting, she’s the best!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Awwwwwwwww, what a cutie pie!

  • the_boyfriend

    what a strange thread.

  • CARA

    Aw, so cute. Both her and Dakota are amazing actresses, much better than Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and the rest of those teeny-boppers.

  • Astrid

    She’s just as creepy looking as her sister.

  • http://- Joanna (Poland)

    she’s going to be bigger than dakota.

  • CelebFanChatRap

    she looks cute

  • (useLess)

    no… just… NO…

    we dont need any more funking Fannings….
    this one is MUCH worse then the sister… at least i could somewhat LOOK at dakota with little vomiting, but, no, this one is worse, and i agree with #14…

    P.S>- i hates dakota fannings, and others alike

  • (useLess)

    P.P.s>- #32, i know how school is, yur only in SIXTH GRADE!!!!

    >: O!!!!!!!
    yur just dumb, and NO, they are NOT talented….
    they, like YOU, are dumb…

  • (useLess)

    P.P.s>- #32, i know how school is, yur only in SIXTH GRADE!!!!

    >: O!!!!!!!
    yur just dumb, and NO, they are NOT talented….
    they, like YOU, are dumb…

  • Steven mark pilling

    Didi and the others have a right to be concerned. Has anyone forgotten what happened to Dakota in the summer of 2006… and her consequent humiliation at Sundance just last year? Does anyone remember why?

    Dakota was once as endearing, on and off the screen, as her little sister now is. All that changed when, at the age of 12, she was made into the youngest screen tramp in Hollywood history. When you’ve been exploited like that by your own agent and parents, what is the result; both long and short term, both personally and professionally? Historically… unpleasant. It’s reflected even now in Dakota’s life. Thelong term? Well, no child star has ever been subjected to repeated and graphic scenes of child sex and other abuses on a film set as she was in “Hounddog”. Britney and Lindsey had dream careers as children compared to Dakota… and look what’s happened to them.

    Elle Fanning has not suffered like that. No other kids in feature films have. Therefore, her personal dearness is reputedly still intact. But she’s already been involved in R-rated movies. And she shares in her sister’s desecration by proxy. Worst of all, her life and career are managed by the same people who control her now pathetically degraded sister and are leading her to ruin.

    How long before Elle Fanning is presented with her own “Hounddog” moment? She’s only 9, it’s true. But her sister was hardly an adult when her “moment of truth” was thrust upon her. And, while “Hounddog” failed to get a distributor and was widely decried by parents and children alike, it was never prosecuted, despite any number of broken child protection laws. Thus, a terrible precedent has been set. When the next overt attempt to bring legitimized child p*rn to the theaters occurs (and it will!) who better to fill the central role than the younger sister of the actress who vanguarded the movement?

    This may not be what Elle wants. She has the advantage of knowing what her sister didn’t about the soul-numbing destructiveness of being sexually exploited like that… and from her sister’s own example. But, if and when that moment arrives, what will she do? Like it or not, her parents and agents command her life. And, as has already been remorsefully proven, the legal safeguards for children no longer extend to Hollywood.

    God help the Fanning sisters, all child actors and, particularly, all the young supporters who generationally share in their abuse. No one else seems concerned anymore. Everyone should be.





  • dc

    hahahahahah…lotta jealous people on here cutting down little kids…;

    the fannings have fame and a lotta money…things you assholes will never see…..Didi,you are nothing in this world….the fanning sisters are,so go on and continue on with your sad life and shitty job and little money…hahahahah Dakota and Elle are talented beautiful young girls with their whole lives ahead of them….what do you have?? NOTHING! drop dead Didi,,no one will care…DIDI IS A NOBODY AND A LOSER