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Fashion Faceoff: Armani Privé Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Armani Privé Dress

Ellen Pompeo got all glammed up in an off-the-shoulder Armani Privé dress (Fall 2007 Couture) for Paris Fashion Week on Monday. The Grey’s Anatomy star arrived at the Giorgio Armani Privé Spring/Summer 2008 Haute Couture collection show held at Palais de Chaillot with music exec husband Chris Ivery.

Who wears it best — ELLEN POMPEO or THE RUNWAY MODEL?

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ellen pompeo armani prive 01
ellen pompeo armani prive 02
ellen pompeo armani prive 03

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  • clive


  • Randi

    Ellen looks hot!!! like normal!!! i love her!

  • talia

    definitely Ellen

  • steph_b_247

    why is her husbands face blurred?

  • Rita

    OOOH the hubby got dissed

  • the model

  • PAOLa

    Ellen definitely wear it the best, she’s stunning, and her boobs are way more appealing with this dress than the runaway who ruin it!!!

    Love Ellen, I hope we will get more pics!!!!

  • tyler

    Go Ellen!!

  • Carry

    Ellen does honour to Armani, she’s stunning!!!

  • Helena

    The model.

  • http://...... carla

    ellen looks definitely hotter!! love her

  • canton

    the runway model. ellen dumbs it down by not wearing the belt.

  • Sandra

    definitely Ellen!!!

  • John

    The runaway model doesn’t put the dress in value, Ellen gives it a great dimension, specially her boobs!!!!

    Ellen has great tastes in fashion, there is no need to ask why she’s invited at all this great fashion’s events!!!


    ellen. i don’t like how the model has that belt on…


  • mark

    ELLEN and points plus for the boobs!!!! She’s sexy….

  • http://Chileee Domi

    ellen :)


    Ellen fills the dress and she’s definitely sexy!!!!

    Bump Ellen

  • Sara

    Ellen is stunning

  • Mint

    ok WOW! simply..
    Ellen id STUNNING! GORGEOUS! … i am lost for words…
    did she put on some weight?? she looks AMAZING!
    thanks JJ

  • kamy

    I can’t believe she’s 38, she looks so much younger!!!
    She’s stunning, Chris is handsome in this tux, they are my favourite black and with couple!!!
    They are glamour!!!

  • john

    She’s wow, the more I see of her the more I find her sexy!!!

  • Amanda

    can I say neither?


    Perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect dress, perfect cleavage, perfect legs, just PERFECT!!!

    Totally glam!!!!


    Oh the shoes are perfect too, well not as much as Ellen but perfect!!!

  • Suzz

    Ellen! She looks perfect.

  • Pete

    MODEL although Ellen looks decent for a change & not her usual fashion disaster.

    I love that she is EVERYWHERE at the moment, attending shows for free clothes.

    So much for keeping out of the limelight !!! She’s a mediawhore !!!

  • Demi

    Def. Ellen, she looks gorgeous in that dress!

  • Maria

    Ellen has an unfortunate face that looks like a steamroller has run over it. And the dyed blonde hair washes her out, she looked better as a brunette.

    Otherwise she looks better than normal. The dress is a improved choice than her normal event wear.

  • curious

    just one word OMG! wow……ellen looks absolutely stunnibg! beautiful. WOW!
    HJ her hair sylist sure knows what suits her. perfect just gorgeous.
    thks jared

  • Anna

    I like Ellen, but I agree that she looked better with brunette hair, she looks very pale & washed out here & older than her 38 years.

    And I have to agree that she does love the limelight at these shows. I like the girl, but she definitely ain’t media-shy as her fans claim she is !! Free clothes for media pics.

  • Carly

    “And I have to agree that she does love the limelight at these shows. I like the girl, but she definitely ain’t media-shy as her fans claim she is”

    shes media shy about her personal life she aint pimping for money her wedding or bridal party to the highest bidder like other stars but she’ll dress up for an event.

  • curious

    i was waiting when the bashing will start. pete you are a soryy excuse for a human being, tell us why you and the others care to always comment on this woman when you definately hate her so much? you haters can just do yourself a favour and choose not to read or comment on anything to do with her. thks you. oh and thks jared you are the best.

  • sunny

    the model

  • Jake

    ~33 – Carla – she won’t pimp out her marriage because she’s a hypocrite & doesn’t believe in marriage or Church weddings, despite the fact she’s married herself.

    She’s also married to a convicted felon, so she would be MAD to pimp her wedding anyway – after Punked she obviously has been advised to keep quiet. Why attract attention to a felon ?

    It’s great that she attends all these events for the FREE clothes. If that isn’t selling out I don’t know what is !!

    LOL @ her husband’s head being cut off the maim picture !

  • mark

    AMAZING! definitely Ellen.
    OMG she looks GORGEOUS. LOVE HER.. this lady knows how to do it.
    thanks JJ

  • hmm

    ellen of cause, she looks great. so what if she loves the limelight? she is an actress for god’s sake and every once in a while it doesnt hurt to be in the limelight.
    why dont you losers BACK THE HELL OFF? thk you.

  • Helen

    Curious – this isn’t a fansite !!

    People can hate who they like. If you want to gush about her, find another site.

    This site is for people to comment on celeb appearances. If a celeb puts themselves in the public eye then they have to take the comments – good & bad. Their fans too !!

  • go sox

    Definitely Ellen!! She fills it out and looks gorgeous! The model looks like a skeleton, and doesn’t look as happy wearing it!!

  • Linda

    Here come the bashing…. I was waiting for it!!!
    Totally sad!!!

    Anyway keep going with it because bad or good opinion, she makes react about her, and that what mags and paps run after famous who make react !!! So continue because with your bad comments and her fans support, we’re going to see her a lot! Thank you!!!

    And by the way Ellen wear the dress better and blond hair suit her more than the dark hair which made her fade!!!

  • Anna

    ELLEN for sure. she is very very beautiful.
    stunning actress.

  • remember da truth

    That’s Ellen Pompeo?
    When I first glanced at the pictures, I thought that was Renee Zellwegger!

  • Eve


    Ellen has the worst skin EVER.

    And HMM – Ellen fans always say she is a very private person who doesn’t court the media & yet here she is having pics taken in order to bag a free dress. Double standards.

  • love Ellen


  • Chloe

    She’s a poor man’s Renee Zellweger only famous for a role on a trashy soap opera. Bet she’s envying Katherine Heigl’s movie career.

  • zACK

    WOW this is one HOT SEXY lady.
    jeeeeez what was I missing.. i’m watching grey’s from now on.

  • Kim



  • leo

    Ellen. for sure! she’s sexy. ..very sexy.

  • Jessie

    Ellen wore it better, but it looks good on the runway model too.
    Ellen does look curvier in that dress, don’t you think?