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Gisele Bunchen Nurses Tom Brady Back to Health

Gisele Bunchen Nurses Tom Brady Back to Health

Lovebirds Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen arrive back to her New York City apartment Monday morning.

Brady, 30, was seen hobbling around in an orthopedic boot on his right foot from an injury during Sunday’s victory over the Chargers.

“There are always kind of bumps and bruises,” the Patriots QB said Monday. “I’ll be ready for the Super Bowl. I’m not missing this one. I’d have to be on a stretcher to miss this one. There will just be some treatment this week and like I said, games like this you get a little nicked up but it’s nothing serious.”

Get well soon, Tommy Boy!

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  • Amy

    I hope he’s Okay. We need to go 19-0. We can’t go all the way to lose the last game, that’d be awful. Especially when its Mini Manning we’re up against. They annoy me to no end, that Manning family.

  • megan

    Patriots need to be 19-0

  • jean

    Just a beautiful couple. :D

  • neil (a brangelina loonatic)

    That the idea Tom, take a load off and just relax into her warm loving arms. (And don’t stick your head out the window).

  • Ruth Ellen

    No wonder Tom threw 3 interceptions. Tom NEVER throws that many picks, but I didnt know he was injured. I hope he gets better. PERFECT SEASON!

  • Mitchie

    Does this guy EVER spend time with his son?

  • LOL

    this is boston’s year.
    Boston redsox, boston celtics, new england patriots.
    that’s why the giants need to win. PLEEEASE.

  • samantha

    He is two weeks from his 4th Superbowl (Something only 2 other quarterbacks have done) and two weeks and a win away from 19-0, and appears wounded. He is wearing a walking cast on his foot, he might be staying in the NY/Boston area in order to get treatment, I don’t think he’s wearing the cast as a fashion statement.
    Football is his job, it’s sad that he does work cross country from his son, and he’s under contract for a while, and do you think the Patriots would trade him with how valuable he is to them, and unless his son’s mother moves back to NY or Mass. (Where she is from actually) there will be six or seven months out of the year where he won’t be able to be around his son a lot, sadly.

  • zahra

    he is soooooooooo hot

  • buckeyegurl

    Love Tom, yuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy. I would nurse him back to health ;)

  • Lori

    Give me a break #10. He had a bye week a little while back and he went to Fiji with Gisele. He CHOOSES not to spend time with his kid. I defended him for a long time, but its gotten so obvious that he is choosing his gf over his child.

  • M

    That’s gross! Gisele has no dignity. I would never be with a man that had a kid. Too much baggage…
    My aunt went to college with him…she said he’s dumb as a rock! So yeah, they are perfect for each other. They’re both dumb…it doesn’t take a lot to be a model cos you just sit there and stare at walls.

  • Tim

    get well soon? are you serious Jared!? any football fan(except Patriots fans) should hope for the worse in Brady.

  • nidyzylc

    i do agree with MITCHIE and LORI about the son’s issue SAMANTHA…he’s got choice to be with his son if he want to but all we see is him with Gisele..

  • happy

    He is gorgeous but I have no respect for him at all. Leaving a pregnant woman and when does he see his son? Maybe after football season is over.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    that lil dog is damn cute. Hope tom gets better soon

  • bobbie

    Go Patriots. This little foot issue will not stop The Perfect Pats. The Giants are going to go down hard. :)

  • Marie

    oh guys,c’mon
    he is not a monster leaving his child with bridget.
    he has his life,so let him date gisele.
    she’s gorgeous and a great girl for him.
    Lovely couple!

  • samantha

    I don’t see where my comment is making an excuse, it looking at the facts.
    1. He wouldn’t be walking around in a walking cast for nothing
    2. Tom/Gisele are followed by paps of course we are going to see pics of them together, it’s not their fault their high profile with their jobs.
    3. It’s stated in online biographies (And unless all of them are wrong) Bridget is from Mass. and lived in NY area for years, and only moved to CA after her and Brady broke up, I was just stating fact not trying to bash Bridget, fact he works in Boston and barring him having a career ending injury he will most likely be there for the next 5 to 8 years, and unless Bridget moves back to the NE area there will be 6 or 7 months where he can’t/won’t be seeing his son.

  • GO Big Blue

    You will need your rest shady brady,better get it. You and belicheat and the rest of you r dirty team.

  • love


  • Angelina

    Gisele’s hair match very well with her dog

  • Sagogo

    Must be nice to be able to spend time with your supermodel girlfriend all day and work 3 hours a week while your ex takes care of your son. We should all live like TB. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sagogo

    I forgot to add this to Samantha. Just because he can throw a ball well doesn’t mean he is a decent person. Bridget’s an actress and her career is in California, why should she have to stay in NYC? Face it, TB is just another dead beat DAD.

  • dd

    why does bridget half to move i dont blame her for moving to ca
    she is trying to move on with her life and tom does not wont to be a father and his actions have showed that he has only seen john one time and that was because people were talking about him so bad so let just face it he is a dead beat dad

  • anna

    you don’t live around them nor you should trust papparazzis for reporting every coming and going of any celeb. since when are they reliable?

    in that case , many celeb’s children never go out un the sun, nor have friends, see their parents, etc, etc, etc. because the paps aren’t around them 24/7

    Even if he were a family with bridget, he probably would be very concentrated in his game, as the athletes who go to Olympic games, they have to concentrate for a while whe n they need to.

  • dd

    he still needs to be a father to his son he has not went to ca at all
    i understand that football is inportant but when you become a parent your children should come 1st he could have gone to go see his son even if it was for 1or 2days thats better than not going at all

  • Amanda

    Path to Perfection here we come!

  • Jane

    Tom Brady is gorgeous. I never grow tired of looking at him. Go Pats!!

  • think about it

    it has been stated that gisele said that a single women who has has child should not get any money from the father could this be the reason why tom is not a father to his son gisele is crazy and tom is crazy for being with a women like her tom need to grow up and be a father no wonder why bridget gave her son her last name i wouldnt name my dog after him they both have disrespect her and her son

  • kate

    GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • breezy

    he may win another super bowl but not FATHER OF THE YEAR

  • dd

    you can say that again breezy

  • Carlie


  • Carlie


  • lala

    wow Sagogo is a complete fuckin bitch. why don’t you all stop bashing him, none of you know whether or not he wants to see his son. bridget may not want him around because it’s to painful for her to see him.

  • Blah

    Sick of all these stupid posers who are jumping on the Patriot bandwagon. Ugh! I bet the only player that these bitches know is Tom Brady. Pathetic! Stick to your makeup and clothes!

  • dd

    why should she let him see the baby clearly he put his women before john so whats the point of him being around if john cant come 1st he and gisele have not been nice to her and from what i have read at tmz board he has let several of his team mates disrespect bridget to make tom look like a stand up guy gisele has made several comments about killing a baby if the father dosent wont any thing to do with it and promoting that a father not take of his child and help pay for the child if you are a single mother to me john is BETTER OFF WITHOUT TOM children COME 1ST GIRLFRIENDS COME LAST AND IF YOU CANT DO THAT THEN STAY AWAY

  • Astrid

    He’s a deadbeat and she’s a tramp!

  • dd


  • laurie

    Tom is nothing but a dead beat and giselle all such a ugly bitch……

  • Sagogo

    Hey Lala,

    It has nothing to do with Bridget wanting to see him. Don’t you think a child should have his father. But no he’s off boffing supermodels and playing with a ball. You and him should grow-up.

  • cheryl

    Psssh…. Eli and Peyton Manning are the FUTURE! They have more personality and decency then TB will ever have. I’ve met Peyton and he’s funny and sweet as hell. I’m sure Eli is the same. So Eli… KICK SOME ASS!

  • Bonitto

    Hey Cheryl, the mannings are the future you say, must be your future only, please dont speak for no one else – and go kiss Tom ass, you know shit about him.

  • Bonitto

    As for all who are taking up for bridget, you better all open your eyes and take a good look at this woman.

  • dd

    bonnito you take a good look at tom he is nooooooooooooooooooooo real man

  • frickinhot92

    I used to think Tom Brady was soooooooooooo hot and sexy
    but now he is dating Gisele I am so jealous and mad
    Just for him dating Gisele SO GO GiANTS!!!!!!!!!!!! In your face Brady

  • eLISE

    Tom didn’t leave his pregnant girlfriend! Bridget announced she was pregnant after they had been broken up for a little while. Tom and Gisele are a hot couple and it will be even hotter once he makes NFL History (again!).
    I love being from Boston. City of Champions!!! Everyone else is jealous.