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Violet Affleck Enters Into Orbit

Violet Affleck Enters Into Orbit

Jennifer Garner takes daughter Violet Anne, 2, to pick up groceries at a supermarket in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday morning.

Violet showed off her cute dimples as she carried around a pack of Orbit chewing gum. It also looks like she also had some powdered sugar donuts or something earlier–check out her face!

On a sad and unfortunate note, Jennifer‘s paternal grandmother, Exie Mae Garner, died Friday at Edgewood Summit in Charleston, according to Sunday Gazette-Mail. She was 97. The funeral service was held on Saturday in Baytown.

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  • daisey

    too cute!

  • j

    Cute, but the paps are following her way too much. She has a little kid, and they need to back off a bit.

  • who cares

    omg 1st??

  • Cord

    Kids that young should not chew gum.

  • kate


  • Rob

    What the heck is up with the fonts? Bold text throughout???

  • kiely alexia

    pure joy

  • Contra

    Where’s her husband Ben Affleck? why is she nearly always alone.

  • happy

    Really cute little girl, but I agree with a previous poster who said the paps should back off a bit.

    Not that they are going to.

    I think Jennifer wants a quiet life with her daughter as much as she can, unlike TomKat.

  • ??

    outrage outrage violet has gum.

  • wuri

    She is so adorable cute girl

  • alohaland

    What a cutie pie! Love the Afflecks!

    By the way, Violet is holding the gum, not chewing it ;)

  • zoe

    such an adorable mom- daughter moment. and yes, the paps should back off. i few bad even looking at the pix…but i guess that that’s, that!

  • the_original_nika

    If the Sunday Gazette-Mail is right, its so unfortunate about her grandmother.

  • joanna

    Her grandmother was 97 everybody has to die, there is nothing unfortunate about it, she lived a long life.

    Why should the paparazzi back off? They don’t bother Jennifer, she understand that’s the prices she has to pay for being famous and she has said she loves being famous. If she really hated the paparazzi she would leave Violet at home with Ben occasionally while she runs errands instead of parading her constantly for the cameras.

  • jade

    Violet is a darling little girl,she is getting cuter, every time I see her.

  • Raquel

    I hope that those chewingum are not for her!!! Little Violet is too young to eat Gum!
    She didn’t look to sad because of the death of her grandmother, however she was 97, she could show some kind of simpathy for her!!!Gohs these people are really strange!

  • Edie

    Ditto, joanna. My question is why didn’t she attend her grandmother’s funeral. I mean it’s not like she hasn’t traveled across country to attend an event only to return via the red-eye to resume her role in the Broadway play she was appearing in. Umm, I guess a photo-op was more important.

  • becky


  • becky

    she is so cute,

  • Shango_Hispanico

    VERY CUTE KID!! THEY NEED TO SAVE FOR DENTURES THOUGH.. She has some serious snaggers!!

  • katie

    Violet is so cute!
    I love her dimples!
    Jen is a good mother!

  • Summers

    I love this girls!
    Jen looks good, and violet is a doll!

  • Meluk

    Some people are so bitter on here!

    1. Violet is CARRYING the gum not chewing it. Considering Jen’s always at the farmers market and Violet usually chewing on a carrot it’s highly unlikely that Jen, who appears to be a wonderful Mum, would give her gum to eat.

    2. We don’t know if Jen attended her Granmother’s funeral or not.

    Anyway I think Violet looks as cute as ever and the donut powder is so sweet.

  • RElosddd

    I feel sorry for Jennifer. Because it is said her husband is dating a model at, is that true?

  • alli

    seriously how thin is jen???????she looks so stressed she should relax and her husband is never taking care of little Vi!anyway if he´s making a movie or not he could be there!other famous dads can do that too although they are busy ben doesn´t get the meaning of a father you´ve to be there all the time not only if you´re not making a movie like Jen you see er always with Vi even on her busy shedules!

  • CG

    Such a Cutie Pie!!
    Aww I love this kid so much

  • bea

    Beautiful pics, Violet is cute, cute.
    For more about this family, come to my forum:

  • eg

    There were ultra cute photos of Jennifer last Thursday with Violet pushing a baby doll carriage. Interestingly, JJ didn’t show those he shows ones where she’s carrying chewing gum (anyone who has kids knows they see things in the checkout line that they want to carry, I doubt if Jenn lets her chew gum, lets be real) but this is obvious JJ’s way of counteracting the ohmygod! posts of Shioloh eating chips. Like Ang is not a bad mom, look at Jen! sO OBVIOUS jj. And what with making up stuff about “powdered sugar donuts or something”? Grow up!

  • love

    awwww cuuuute:)
    I adore them !!!!

  • katie

    Ben is in Washington, DC working in his new movie… they were together last week on National board…


  • katie
  • thanks

    katie :)

  • Jo

    ^^ Oh, heck, katie, are you the Affleck’s PR person or something? Who gives a crap where Ben is! You’re contnually trying to defend the validity of their marriage when actually, you know nothing that goes on behind closed doors.

  • katie


    I’m not Affleck PR, but I read that Ben is in Washington and saw pics… just this! If you want the pics I can show to you…

    I just don’t like of people who talk about they don’t know!

  • Worried

    alli @ 01/21/2008 at 8:13 am
    Lol, are you ok, girl?

  • Baby Doll

    Thanks for the pics katie.

    There some people who post here clearly dislike Ben Affleck. When you post links to pics to counter act their made up statements and theories it discredits them.

    There is nothing wrong with showing facts through pictures.

  • neil (a brangelina loonatic)

    Edie @ 01/21/2008 at 4:39 am Ditto, joanna. My question is why didn’t she attend her grandmother’s funeral. I mean it’s not like she hasn’t traveled across country to attend an event only to return via the red-eye to resume her role in the Broadway play she was appearing in. Umm, I guess a photo-op was more important.

    Yeah, that’s right, Jennifer is asking for it, having paps getting in her baby’s face is her fault. That woman that got smacked around by her boyfriend was asking for it too. And how about that chick that looked at that guy; it’s no wonder he raped her.

  • Ally

    AWWW!!!! SHE IS THE CUTEST BABY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!! i love the powder all over her face!! shes adorible and looks just like her mommy!!!

  • eg

    THANKS to Katie for counteracting all the JJ creeps (Alli, Jo, im talking to you) with the truth~ keep the pics coming–you know JJ isnt going to show all –he only does that for Jolie-Pitt.

  • katie
  • katie
  • eg

    Thanks Katie…They both are so adorable!

  • Jo

    Re: eg #40:

    Well, duh, as one creep to another…the Jolie-Pitts aren’t photographed every freaking day like Garner and child. So, when Jared does get photos of them, he posts the majority of them.

  • to neil(a brangelina loonatic)

    I am sure Brad & anglina appreciate you calling them “brangelina ”
    yeah you must be such a great fan… not!!!
    stop judging her maybe she didn’t attend the funeral (there could be so many reasons) but it’s not like she didn’t keep in touch with her there are pics of them together where Jen looks so happy to have her grandma…
    please stop making up shit like that we don’t go to brad and angelina posts to say bad stuff about them and you shouldn’t either
    what is wrong with you why are you so bitter it’s not the first time you’re spreading all this hate, you need Help!!!
    now get the hell out of here !

  • tc

    Awwww…what a little love :). She has just gotten cuter and cuter!

    It does seem funny that Ben is never with his girls. You see Gavin and Gwen and little Kingston together doing their thing constantly. I’m sure he’s busy, but he should take a break to get some fresh air with the girls more often :).

  • ohh stfu already!!!

    Ben is in alot of pics and he is around JJ chooses not to post them for some reason
    If you want to see them together than go to one of their sites
    but Stop with the ben stuff it’s old !!!

  • katie

    To people who want to see pics of them together… ASK ME!!!
    I have a milion pics!

  • cjean

    You people are nuts.

    Just because she’s carrying the packet doesn’t mean that she’s chewing the gum.

    Just because they were photographed on Sunday, doesn’t mean they were not at the funeral on Saturday.

    Just because you don’t see the photos of Ben with them, doesn’t mean he isn’t there.

    Just because she takes her daughter out with her doesn’t mean she’s looking for photos ops.

    You complain about her being a bad mom for every little assumption and then jump on her when she is a great hands-on mom because it means taking her daughter out with her.

    Do you honestly know how stupid you sound.

  • cjean

    Oh, and the biggest one…
    Just because she’s not crying as she walks through the parking lot doesn’t mean she’s not mourning her grandmother or being disrespectful.