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Zac Efron's Belt is Broken

Zac Efron's Belt is Broken

Zac Efron leaves his apartment for a check-up appointment at the Riverside Medical Building in Studio City, Calif on Sunday. (He was recently hospitalized due to appendicitis.)

On his way into the building, Zac dropped his car keys and gave photogs a great view of his blue boxer briefs.

The 20-year-old High School Musical hottie was later seen picking up a hot drink at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and then a smoothie from Jamba Juice. Zac whipped out cash from his Louis Vuitton wallet.

25+ pictures inside of Zac Efron‘s broken belt…

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zac efron broken belt 01
zac efron broken belt 02
zac efron broken belt 03
zac efron broken belt 04
zac efron broken belt 05
zac efron broken belt 06
zac efron broken belt 07
zac efron broken belt 08
zac efron broken belt 09
zac efron broken belt 10
zac efron broken belt 11
zac efron broken belt 12
zac efron broken belt 13
zac efron broken belt 14
zac efron broken belt 15
zac efron broken belt 16
zac efron broken belt 17
zac efron broken belt 18
zac efron broken belt 19
zac efron broken belt 20
zac efron broken belt 21
zac efron broken belt 22
zac efron broken belt 23
zac efron broken belt 24
zac efron broken belt 25

Photos: EB/, oceanup
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  • http://myspace/muffymutt zanessafan-

    first haha \!

  • http://myspace/muffymutt zanessafan-


  • http://myspace/muffymutt zanessafan-

    and fourth! man im on the first pave!

  • bradleyj

    1st its his style

  • Connys

    OMG he’s So Hot… I Love Him (L)

  • hannah

    ewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!vanessa help zac

  • :)

    aahahah nice look u got going there zac

  • czar


  • marissa

    so hot…hope he is feeling better!

  • bradleyj

    4th its his style

  • troy

    It’s obvious he’s p!ssed in the inset picture and I can’t say I blame him but on the other hand LOL. Maybe he should have worn better fitting pants or a belt. I’m assuming he drove himself, I hope he’s not pushing it too much.

  • leroy


  • Kelly

    ahhh that sucks ha

  • czar

    looks like v’s tastes in leather goods (louis vuitton) is rubbing off on zac…

  • Hey

    Where did he get that jacket?!?!?!?!? If anyone knows…… let it be known!

  • kym

    ewww!! pull up your pants Zac! he’s still hot though

    YAY! first page

  • rach

    isnt that LV wallet V’s? it seems like i have seen her in pics with it

  • Kevin

    at #16 it’s Modern Amusement :)

  • eyecandy

    he should be good bottome tho.

  • hasmeera

    poor thing!!

  • shimmershimmer

    Oi Oi Sexy ;-)

  • eve

    He seriously needs to wear a belt. A

  • czar

    his jeans are too tight and too skinny to fit his butt that’s why he keeps it really low.

  • i love vanessa

    Okay. i love zac dearly but seriously man wear a belt!!! AND why does he have a louis vuitton wallet????

    Oh and would the papartizzi just leave hime alone!!! seriously

    love zanessa

  • leroy

    his belt broke guys give him a break, if anything we should be thanking him. I think my heart stopped for a bit there.

  • rach

    see, here is v with the wallet

    so maybe those are extra keys are something to her house or whatever. since he obviously had a car service he may not be able to drive yet and she may have been busy. so im thinking maybe the bag is for him to go to her house and pick up his clothes from possibly staying there for the past couple days or to get some of her for her.

    just a guess, i just dont think thats his coin purse, i think its hers

  • czar

    #25 LV is a unisex brand.. they have a line for men… wallets, bags, shoes, cuff liks, key chains and neckties

  • william

    He is wearing a belt, and it didn’t break. Thats just JJ being clever.

  • Kaitlin

    God he is hot…. yummy.

  • eve

    It’s good that he was not wearing weird underpants. Just imagine the reaction of people if he was wearing something out of the ordinary.

  • leroy

    LOL ok thanks #29 well obviously he didn’t mean for it to happen so give him a break. Poor thing you can tell he is bending in pain, oh well he is making a good recovery. The wallet is V’s it probably has keys or something idk. go zanessa!

  • ?????

    #27 that actually is a good idea. It could be vanessas. Maybe he had to go to her hosue for a bit later on.

  • eve

    It is V’s wallet.

  • rach

    i think it may be her spare bc she has been carrying around that new red one. i mean, it makes sense for him to have a key to her place and what not

  • mrs schmidt

    How old is he – 10?

  • i love vanessa

    okay yer LV is a uni sex brand. Ummm i dont think its Vanessa’s if im correct Vanessa’s is red LV thing. Yer we shouldnt be bagging him cause his pants were “low” who cares. give the poor guy a brake hes been is hospital and i no what it feels like i got my appendix out once it was soooo painfull.

    love zanessa lots xxx

  • cortney

    I would like to know why does Zac have a key. It shows in the pic that he was picked up to go to his appointment. So maybe Vanessa is finishing her recording and he later will meet up with her. But it sure looks like V’s coin purse and keys. I don’t know but that’s just my opinion.

  • rach

    i love vanessa

    this is the reason we are speculating that it is an old LV of vanessa’s

  • ?????

    He is actually 20

  • Tera

    I think when vanessa got her new red one, she gave the old one to zac.

  • Stephany

    I LOVE ZAC!!!

  • Boji

    This is the most awful ill-fitting pair of pants you own, Zac. Pls get rid of it. It doesn’t do you justice. It’s too short in the leg and everytime you sit or bend over your butt pops out.

  • ghie
  • xoxchriisyxox

    why isnt he wearing his ring!
    im just askn?

  • jRAYLE2

    SO HOT! His jacket is so cool, what is it!??!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    that happened to me a few times in my old jeans after i lost weight lol, went down to the knees.

  • Ariana.s

    hahahh istill love him

  • Boji

    Zac isn’t wearing his ring because:

    a) he lost it while he was was on set filming.

    b) he had an operation and had to remove all jewelry before the surgery and was too lazy to put it back on.

    c) After his op he lost weight so the ring was too loose for his finger

    d) he accidentally swallowed it and it got flushed down the toilet.

    Take your pick.

  • Sarah

    hottie. :]