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Zac Efron Needs a Nap

Zac Efron Needs a Nap

Zac Efron lets out a big fat yawn as he’s back to work on the set of Seventeen in Santa Monica, Calif on Monday morning. Cover your mouth next time, Zac!

The 20-year-old High School Musical star just had his appendix removed last Tuesday. What a quick recovery!

And don’t be jealous–you all know you want to be Zac‘s umbrella holder! Ya’ll would do it for free too…

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron needing a nap…

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zac efron nap 01
zac efron nap 02
zac efron nap 03
zac efron nap 04
zac efron nap 05
zac efron nap 06
zac efron nap 07
zac efron nap 08
zac efron nap 09
zac efron nap 10
zac efron nap 11
zac efron nap 12
zac efron nap 13
zac efron nap 14
zac efron nap 15
zac efron nap 16
zac efron nap 17
zac efron nap 18

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467 Responses to “Zac Efron Needs a Nap”

  1. 1

    wow im 1st!


  2. 2
    hannah Says:

    yay! first!

  3. 3
    hannah Says:

    yay! first!

  4. 4
    Marcella. Says:


  5. 5
    merce Says:

    so cute!!

  6. 6
    Rebecca Says:

    soooo cuuuute!!!!!!

  7. 7
    Leyre Says:

    he also is pretty with the mouth open ( in spanish bostezar)

  8. 8
    stellar sophie Says:

    zac looks gross

  9. 9
    Marcella. Says:

    aw with him going back to work on “Seventeen”
    and Vanessa getting ready to shoot “Will” in Texas
    there won’t be any Zanessa candids = (

  10. 10
    nathalia Says:

    yey 4#

  11. 11
    Rachel x Says:

    4th! .. He must be so tired, bless him.

    Did ya’ll know..Vanessa’s Pregnant? :O

  12. 12
    narf Says:

    Awee, don’t overdue it Zac. Take plenty of breaks, and drink lots of fluids.

  13. 13
    Caron Says:

    aww..poor zac…he can sleep in my bed ;)

  14. 14
    Amanda Says:

    he doesn’t carry his own umbrella? what a life!

  15. 15
    ellie Says:


  16. 16
    zanessa 4 eva!! Says:

    aww me poo baby!! he relli needs 2 rest hes all ready up n at it after an operation!!
    mwah xxxxx

  17. 17
    Marcella. Says:

    doesn’t he look just a tad bit sad in picture 5?

  18. 18
    zanessa 4 eva!! Says:


  19. 19
    Secret Says:

    LOL, I totally would hold his umbrella. -sighs in a dream-
    He’s so hot.

  20. 20
    Milena_From_Italy Says:

    he’s so sexy in this pic!!!!!!!!!
    yawn!! :P

  21. 21
    zanessa110 Says:


  22. 22
    suzy Says:

    working hard bb

  23. 23
    Annie Says:

    Awww I lov zac!”

    So cute


  24. 24
    katie Says:

    i love my zacy!

  25. 25
    jennifer Says:

    Aw I just want to give him a big hug.

  26. 26
    canton Says:

    awww…what a pretty little girl!!!! so precious!!!!

  27. 27
    sternenfaenger Says:

    bless him….its a quite unfortunate pic of him….I think thats what he means that there are some situations you don’t want to have taken picture of….i guess nobody would like it! Luv the “broken belt” one…

  28. 28
    july Says:

    Oh to have an umbrella- carrier… douche

  29. 29
    narf Says:

    LOL, they have an umbrella over his head but the top down on the car. Either way Zac’s going to get wet.

  30. 30
    Hannaaah Says:

    Hes Soo Hot

  31. 31
    Hannaaah Says:

    Aww bless
    Hes Soo Hot

  32. 32
    reero Says:


  33. 33
    lina Says:

    so cute

  34. 34
    Zanessasupporter4eva Says:

    He looks cute when he yawns :D

  35. 35
    Helena Says:

    Yes, because he’s doing so much hard work, what with his mind-blowing, outstanding acting…

  36. 36
    chandni :] Says:

    first.. please say im first :]

  37. 37
    zanessa110 Says:

    narf, can you put the x17 video of zanessa on youtube. i dont know how. or does anyone here know how to do it? i cant see it, it wont load.

  38. 38
    aleyda Says:

    OMG gorgeous!

  39. 39
    Sam Says:

    Y can’t he hold his own umbrella???
    I don’t understand why people like him think they’re sooo ‘amazing’ that they have to get ‘people’ to hold their own umbrella because god forbid!!! they have to carry their own like normal people!!!

  40. 40
    Rocio!!!!fan de ashley tisdale Says:

    hermosoo bombonasoo1
    sben algo sobree qeu le paso de la pendicee o algo hacii?

  41. 41
    luckyL Says:

    Well, I think it’s a lot on your shoulders when you go from a young actor just trying to get jobs to “instant fame”. I’m sure now he is expected to carry movies when he really is just a fledgling and still needs to hone his talents. I haven’t seen any of his movies, but I’m sure just like any other big name, he’ll have his bad movies, good movies, ones that bring him critical acclaim, and then the ones that just bring him more money and commercial success.

    George Clooney, James McAvoy, and Ellen Page explain it pretty perfectly in the Oscar Roundtable.

  42. 42
    [~F a m o u s~] Says:

    looks like that lil homoo wants to take some meat in his mouth.

  43. 43
    emily Says:

    umbrella carrier?WTF


  44. 44
    TheTabloidsChic Says:

    Zac is gettin a lot of press…..

  45. 45
    luckyL Says:

    I think their remaining pretty normal so far (Vanessa and Zac), but besides all that, being an umbrella holder must suck, then again P. Diddy’s former umbrella holder made a fortune out of the product.

    I would feel weird having someone being a assigned to do that for me.

  46. 46
    narf Says:

    Zac still has stiches from his surgery, so he can’t due anything too strenuos for a couple of weeks. I am sure holding your arm up with the weight of an umbrella may not seem like much to some of you, but after a while to someone in Zac’s state, it can do some damage.

    I’m not even sure he should be back at work, but I guess with his schedule he really can’t take too much time off.

  47. 47
    Lior Lilov Says:

    he so cute :]
    love him

  48. 48
    troy Says:

    Back to work already he doesn’t get a week off? I have to say I’m in awe of Zac’s recuperative powers. But then again when you’re shooting a movie time is money and since “Seventeen” doesn’t have a “Titanic” sized budget I’m sure there isn’t a lot of time or money for dilly-dallying.

  49. 49
    narf Says:

    Sorry zanessa110, I don’t know how to do that.

  50. 50
    Carolina:-) Says:

    Oh Zac I love you:*:P

  51. 51
    Lore Says:

    I love him! gorgeous like ever!

  52. 52
    Cheyanne Says:

    not only does Vanessa need to buy him a belt but she also needs to let him sleep over at her house seeing as how he is tired LOL he looks so cute though

  53. 53
    EmilY>>> Says:

    datz RUDDEEE>

  54. 54
    EmilY>>> Says:


  55. 55
    iheartzacefron Says:

    um stellar sophie you look gross.
    zac looks so freaking cute and happy (:

  56. 56
    marisol Says:

    me hencanta como lo cuidan se ve cansado pero a lo mejor como descanso toda una semana por lo de la poperacion y volver a levantarse temprano no es facil pero como siempre se guapicimo .

  57. 57
    oie Says:

    so hot *————*

  58. 58
    Malia Says:

    Awwww . . . poor Zac. Hope he didn’t go back to work too soon after his surgery. But since he was at the doctor’s yesterday, he must have gotten a clean bill of health.

  59. 59
    rokstur Says:

    OMG pic five is soooooooooooooo cute, man he is hot, haters don’t hot, cause you ain’t him.

  60. 60
    go sox Says:

    Hi, everyone!! Can’t believe Zac is back to work already! But troy is right; I”m sure there isn’t much room in the budget for schedule set-backs! As far as the umbrella holder, I’m sure that’s standard on set. They don’t want the actors getting wet or whatever repeatedly during takes, cause they’d have to redo hair and make-up each time!! I’ve seen that on lots of other sets! It, by no means, indicates he’s a “diva”!!!!!!!

  61. 61
    Ariana.s Says:

    j love him

  62. 62
    erica Says:

    I wouldn’t mind holding that umbrella for him *lol*, seriously though, I think that he’s going to still be a little tired for a while but it will past. Zac does look happy being back filming though, I bet that he didn’t like being the one that cost them to miss several days of filming, not that it was his fault or choice, but he seem to be the guy that would bit together and continue with that they were doing even if he was hurt/tired etc. just so that the rest wouldn’t suffer.

  63. 63
    Anonimous Says:

    Poor boy.
    He looks good. I’m glad he’s recovering. But I’m impressed. Less than a week and he’s already working? A very quick recovery indeed.
    I guess they did a laparoscopy surgery then.

  64. 64
    Lior Lilov Says:

    I Love Zac So Much
    He so perfect

  65. 65
    wow Says:

    Wow, can’t even hold his own f ucking umbrella? What’s he afraid of, that he’ll break a nail? PUH-LEASE!

  66. 66
    Christine x3 Says:

    awh he’s so cuuute! :]

  67. 67
    a.e.h Says:

    toocuteee:) i like him in that do’

  68. 68
    shannon Says:

    did anybody get the new video of zanessa from x17?

  69. 69
    Rachel Says:

    thanks Jared!

  70. 70
    Rachel Says:

    thanks Jared!

  71. 71
    rokstur Says:

    I am so proud of him, some people might take there surgery as an excuse to not do work, but he did, you can tell how focused and dedicated he is to his work, and doing it with style, so handsome, and sexy.

  72. 72
    vanessahudgensfanofficial Says:

    new video fan

  73. 73
    zanessa forever Says:

    so SEXY!

    he’s GORGEOUS!

    i love you efron

  74. 74
    Regina Says:

    He needs to come out already…even his publicity girlfriend thinks so.

  75. 75
    rokstur Says:


  76. 76
    devenyy Says:

    omg dats so cute!

  77. 77
    rokstur Says:


  78. 78
    erica Says:

    rokstur – I agree with you about pic 5, he looked…wow, well, he always looks great but there was something special about that pic, ha, it might be that it’s Zac in it.

  79. 79
    rubyred Says:

    Vanessa at gas station

  80. 80
    wowza! Says:

    so many updates!! thanks JJ

  81. 81
    HO Says:


  82. 82
    Nessa Says:

    i love him :)) bless he looks so tired, and he soo good to go back to work so soon after his preation

    we should all be so proud loll

  83. 83
    Nessa Says:

    i love him :)) bless he looks so tired, and he soo good to go back to work so soon after his preation

    we should all be so proud loll

  84. 84
    Ashley2 Says:


    Don’t you belong in Jennifer Aniston threads? Or was it Angelina, i can’t quite remember. Don’t be sad and bitter cause the people you like aren’t out and about.

  85. 85
    go sox Says:

    I like his grin in #17 !

    wow, it might help if you read previous posts before you make comments like that. Others have explained why someone is holding that umbrella and it just makes you look like an idiot.

  86. 86
    carrieanne Says:

    Luv Zac! he is so unbelievably hot.! So glad to see he’s doing well.

  87. 87
    Wedding Peach Says:

    He can yawn anyway he wants to: wide open and gross, half-closed mouth, who cares? He so cute in any way. Go umbrella girl. I’m eating my heart out.

  88. 88
    morgan Says:

    so hot

  89. 89
    narf Says:

    It’s amazing how they can take that picture and write a completely different story about it.

    We know that picture in # 82 had no such story behind it.

  90. 90
    go sox Says:

    HO, she is worth the wait, and he knows it!!

  91. 91
    ? Says:

    I would definitely hold his umbrella… as soon as there’s peace in the world. Then i’d be more than happy to do something a 6 year old could do.

  92. 92
    narf Says:

    Hey go sox, how are you enjoying your day off?

  93. 93
    go sox Says:

    LOL… Maria’s Italian Kitchen!! How bout you, narf?

  94. 94
    narf Says:

    Well, I thought I was good until I realized that I want to be in Maria’s Italian kitchen. LOL!

  95. 95
    Sarah Says:

    omg. he is so effin sexy. =)

  96. 96
    rokstur Says:

    AWWWWWW he looks young again, like the first HSM movie, wow how can he do that, like sometimes he looks manly,then teen, then back to manly, that cool.

  97. 97
    ashnaheartszac Says:

    Rawr ! Still effing sexy :D

  98. 98
    ashnaheartszac Says:

    Hi rokstur haha how are you?

  99. 99
    cindy Says:

    Glad Zac is well enough to be back at work. He is still tired though. Don’t work too hard, Zac. He looks really great in these pics. More like his old self again.

  100. 100
    rokstur Says:

    hey ashnaheartszac, I am doing fine, who about you, haven’t seen you around for a while, bussy raping zac!

  101. 101
    lc Says:

    Haha, aww he looks cute yawning.

  102. 102
    zanessa110 Says:

    now i know! in the fifth picture he kinda looks like ryan sheckler and jesse mcCartney

  103. 103
    narf Says:

    rokstur, I don’t want to sound harsh, but rape is not a word to be used in a humorus manner.

    It is a traumatic thing that happens to alot of women (and some men).

    Please stop using it in the carefree manner that you do.

  104. 104
    erica Says:

    I just have to say, I really like the yellow car, it’s awesome, I don’t think that Zac’s the one that drives it but my guess is that being the car person he is (I dunno if he prefers older cars over new once) but maybe he went out just to check it out, I know I would again, I dunno, I just wanted to say that I liked the car. I can imagine Zac driving a car like that though, even if it’s just for a day, you know, double the hotness.

  105. 105
    Mariana Says:

    BABEE!! :L hahahaha

  106. 106
    ashnaheartszac Says:

    haha, rokstur not really just my exams coming up. So i have to study alot
    I would never rape zac without informing you first .
    lol. I thought our plan was to rape him, videotape it and post it on youtub
    x] haha we’re geniuses!

  107. 107
    zanessa110 Says:

    guys, raping is a serious matter. please dont joke about it. it offends alot of people. please stop.

  108. 108
    troy Says:

    #82 I don’t know what’s amazing the fact that the site you linked to distorted the story behind that picture or the fact that were so incompented at it. There copies of that picture taken from wider angle that show Vanessa DRIVING OFF while Zac is knocking on the door. So this picuture was when she dropped him off. Secondly there are pictures on this VERY site of Zac and Vanessa EXITING the house.

    So if you’re going to post things trying to make Vanessa look bad don’t do it on a site where there is direct evidence totally refuting what you’re claiming. It just makes you look like an idiot.

  109. 109
    Didi Says:

    Zan Effron needs a nappy more like. the f*ckwit still looks like he’s 2 yrs old.

  110. 110
    A True Optomist Says:

    I do believe that some people commenting on here have never seen shots from any other movie set. That’s how it works, folks. When you are doing movie scenes and it’s raining, someone else holds the umbrella. They do it for any actor when it’s raining. I know . . . I know, it’s a good opportunity for people who don’t know that fact to bash Zac.

    And the picture of Zac standing in front of the door in a previous thread. . . if you saw all the other pictures, Vanessa dropped him off, he knocked on the door and is standing there waiting for someone to answer. He’s not waiting for HER. She’s in the car driving away. Amazing how some people’s hatred can make them twist a story to suit their own needs.

    Hatred is self-punishment. It’s far better to live in love.

  111. 111
    rokstur Says:

    hahaha thanks, hope the camera comes in HD, well good luck on your exam ashnaheartszac, hope you pass, doesn’t he look smokin hot today, man I want him, I would be his umberella holder any day, damn it.

  112. 112
    narf Says:

    Thanks for the back up zanessa110!

    Troy, well said as usual dear.

  113. 113
    sanam Kharazi Says:

    okay ya your famous but its not like you have no arms you can hold your own umbrella. but i still love you zac

  114. 114
    Danielle Says:

    Zac looks so cute and hes making me yawn!!

  115. 115
    zanessa110 Says:

    your welcome narf. does the x17video work for you?

  116. 116
    rokstur Says:

    didi, why are you hating, you just mad cause your the ******* two year old,and your not as hot as him, stop hating, and be happy *****!

  117. 117
    helen Says:

    Sweeeeet car. Zac looks so cute. And hot.

  118. 118
    ashnaheartszac Says:

    haha rokstur thanks. Hopefully i will do well. Same here , zac’s umbrella
    holder what a nice job! Although i plan on being something more successful but an umbrella holder will do. :D
    Do you know when seventeen is coming out?

  119. 119
    narf Says:

    Haven’t really tried it zanessa110, I don’t like going to x17.

  120. 120
    Vhater ASHfAN Says:

    Ha Ha
    Zac has his own perosn to hold his unbrella lazy sod!
    Picture of his butt last thread picture of him yawing in this thread whats the next one going to be…

  121. 121
    zane Says:

    no matter what, he is still cute!

  122. 122
    Lee Says:

    Oh its not his fault. Being hot is very demanding :P

  123. 123
    rokstur Says:

    ashnaheartszac , I heard it coming out I think august of this year,I think the produces changed the year from 2009 to 2008. so happy!!

  124. 124
    My Hero Says:

    OMG! He’s holding coffee. Amazing. He should really have someone do that for him since you know he can spill it, having it run down his shirt, inside his pants, which is were the surgery took place. What a brave man.

    “Mr. Efron, I’ll take that coffee for you.”

    “NO! I want to hold it. I think i can take it. Oh, but will you be a dear and get me those things that wrap around it to keep your hand cool. Thank you.”

  125. 125
    rokstur Says:

    Vhater ASHFAN, whats next for you jumping off a cliff, shooting yourself, or becoming a depressed *****, which one, come pick one.

  126. 126
    ashnaheartszac Says:

    OH YES! I’m soo excited this year :D, are you going to watch it the day it comes out rokstur?

  127. 127
    My Hero Says:

    …..Or you can choose D. Hand cuffing Rokstur’s hands, unabling her to type anymore so we wouldn’t have to see the nonsense she writes.

  128. 128
    Zanessa Says:

    Vanessa judiou do Zac hein?! XD


    a noite foi booooooaaaaa XD

  129. 129
    rokstur Says:

    My Hero don’t start with me, cause I know you are going to be the ugly depressed ***** walking down the street banging for money, and am going to be the one who bitchslaps you.

  130. 130
    rokstur Says:

    ashnaheartszac, yes I am going to watch it when it comes out, can’t wait, you?

  131. 131
    dearf34fee Says:

    how ******. he’s making a girl hold his umbrella!

  132. 132
    Mìh Says:

    Soo cute!

  133. 133
    lisset Says:

    i’d carry his umbrella anyday ;]
    and your right jared..
    i do it for freeeee! lol.

    && i agree with narf..
    hes being covered to not
    get wet.. but hes getting
    into a c-o-n-v-e-r-t-i-b-l-e.
    with the roof.. down. lolol.

    i hope hes doing better!!
    hes sure being a trooper
    and going back to work
    fast! wish him the best.

    && again.. if zac ever needs a
    spare umbrella carrier.. im
    there for you babe! in a heartbeat.

  134. 134
    danielle Says:


  135. 135
    My Hero Says:

    Of course you will. I bet you wouldn’t have the gull to say that to my face, but… whatever.

    I was just saying that you should really shut up about those things and not wish them upon anyone. My friend has depression and it’s not a laughing matter.

  136. 136
    kendra Says:

    Principal photography should be wrapping up soon on this, right? They’ve been at it since Dec. 4. I’ve got the book “Me and Orson Welles” on order from, just waiting for it to arrive, so I can read up on Zac’s next role. Ben Chaplin is co-starring with him in that one….no word yet on what actresses will be playing Zac’s love interests.

  137. 137
    rokstur Says:

    well did I know your friend had depression?, you just started bashing me ,when I wasn’t even talking to you,so don’t even go there. I wouldn’ t want to see your face even if they payed me to, so whatever

  138. 138
    parker. Says:

    oh zac,
    deserves to
    get some rest.
    he looks so cute though :)

  139. 139
    Malia Says:

    I think a lot of Zac fans/bashers are young and don’t realize these pictures are on the set of Seventeen, the movie Zac is currently filming. The yellow car is not his, nor is it one he’s looking at. It is a car they are using in the movie.

    They are filming scenes, thus the umbrella carrier and the people fixing his clothes. This is how movies are made. He is playing the character of Mike O’Donnell. He is in character and they are filming him playing that role. This is not Zac Efron walking around the streets of LA with someone carrying an umbrella for him. He is on a movie set making a movie.


  140. 140
    My Hero Says:

    Wow, you are one callow girl. You were going off on someone out of know where saying all these horrible things, that i thought i should say something.

    By the way, callow means immature.

  141. 141
    missisefron Says:

    I love Zac ! I would totally hold this umbrella !! get better zac !! XXXXXXXX

  142. 142
    iluvzac Says:

    Yawn! I am tried Zac! Try to be ENERGY!!! and don’t give the movie HSM 3 and SEVETEEN! You can make it!

  143. 143
    Cami Says:

    ohhh i love him soo much he’s soo cute

  144. 144
    rokstur Says:

    so if you think I’m a immature girl, then what do you think you are.

    but anyways, I don’t have time to argue with a person that has a **** stuck up her ass, so goodbye *****.

  145. 145
    Cait Says:

    aww, what personal treatment. he’s such a stud! haha ;)

  146. 146
    ashnaheartszac Says:

    oh same here rokstur , i want to be the first one to see his movie .
    GOSH, he’s soooo hot. Are you going to the theatres to watch HSM3?

  147. 147
    My Hero Says:

    Boy, your parents certainly raised you right!


  148. 148
    rokstur Says:

    hey aashnaheartszac, yes I am , I heard they are going to have new characters in it, I wonder who they are, so can’t wait any more.

  149. 149
    Kim Says:

    Hi All,

    Zac is lookin’ soooo good. I hope he’s not trying to do to much to soon though. That yawn kinda speaks for itself.

    Malia #140 great point! I just hope all the younger posters take the time to read it.

  150. 150
    mrs.efron Says:

    he’s so damn sexy when he yawwnss. aww

  151. 151
    Kim Says:

    You know what I think is kinda funny about the yawn pic. The girl holding the umbrella looks like she’s about ready to crack off a yawn, you know that whole contagious yawn thing. ;0)

  152. 152
    Jennifer W. Says:

    I still think Zac needs to be resting some more but Zac still looks good and I think its so cute when he was yawning

  153. 153
    narf Says:

    I know I want to yawn just looking at him Kim.

    How are you today?

  154. 154
    shannon Says:


  155. 155
    Kim Says:

    I’m great Narf, how bout you?

  156. 156
    Cheyanne Says:

    hey i heard some things —-Is Vanessa pregnant??????????

  157. 157
    shannon Says:

    i don’t think she’s pregnant

  158. 158
    lizz Says:

    Cheyanne no she is not pregnant. and um.. did zashley ever happen? I know this is really random, but my friends are telling me that Zashley did happen. I now they are not a couple now but I am just wondering were they in the past??????????????????????????????

  159. 159
    narf Says:

    Doing good Kim, went out and picked up some dog food for my dog.

    LOL, I don’t know why he insists on eating everyday.

    I hope zac is taking it easy.

  160. 160
    Kim Says:

    Narf, I hear ya. We have two Alaskan Malamutes, Gracie and Willow and we go through a 40lb bag of food every week and half.

    The kids and I went to Borders bookstore today since everyone was out of school and I picked up the latest issue of Details mag with Zac in it. Those Diesal jeans he has on in this thread and the previous with the OOps pic are the same as in the mag spread. They must have given them to him.

  161. 161
    camie Says:

    I don’t think Zashley ever happened, let me tell u my theory. Zac is always behaving as a friend when he is with any of his co-stars he is very free and outgoing. But when u see him with Vanessa u can see he is shy, scared. That is pure love, when a guy loves a girl he will always be quiet around the girl, if u see from 2005 he was always quiet around her. That’ s the same situation that happened between me and my ex. If u read previous threads u would know who my ex was.

  162. 162
    lizz Says:

    Wow! Camie ur theory actually makes sense, and thank u !!!

  163. 163
    go sox Says:

    Taking a break from the kitchen…..narf, good job! Sticking it to that poster and feeding your Rascal!!!

  164. 164
    narf Says:

    Well, wherever he got them, those pants sure suit him Kim.

  165. 165
    Kim Says:

    Yah, That V sure is one lucky girl!!!

  166. 166
    narf Says:

    Thanks go sox!

  167. 167
    zanessababe Says:

    that website has V’s new Neutrogena Commercial.
    it also has the caps and she is sooooo pretty in this
    so go check it out!!!

  168. 168
    narf Says:

    BTW kim, 40 lbs every week and a half? I will no longer complain about getting rascal’s 20lb bag of food once a month.

  169. 169
    liz Says:

    aww i wanna be zac’s umbrella holder!!
    he looks so hot as always!!
    love him!!

  170. 170
    Kim Says:

    Yah I know…they each weigh about 100lbs. I can’t even walk them my hubby has to. When they were younger we had a dog sled and they would pull the kids around when we had enough snow or in summer in the wagon. They loved it (the kids and the dogs) Now the kids are too big and the dogs are too old.

  171. 171
    narf Says:

    Awee, sweet memories. How old are they Kim? The kids and the dogs.

  172. 172
    Z+V FAN Says:

    im on x17 … where about is the vid??

  173. 173
    daze Says:

    thanks for the articla and the video zac looks tired and maybe its his medication or something…

  174. 174
    Kim Says:

    Taylor is 14 and our son Skyler is 16. Time sure flies.

  175. 175
    Malia Says:

    Anyone see this? The information is nothing new to Zac and Vanessa fans, but Vanessa is on the cover of the February issue of Girlfriend Mag. It’s an Australian publication:

  176. 176
    Malia Says:

    Sorry . . . Girlfriend is a New Zealand magazine.

  177. 177
    Kim Says:

    Thanks for the link Malia. I’m not familiar with that magazine. V looks so tiny in the cover pic but beautiful as always. I hope she doesn’t plan on losing any more weight.

  178. 178
    Karen Says:

    Hey, narf, go sox, troy!

    Narf, thanks for the post about the “rape”. Sometimes people don’t really think about what they are saying. However, making jokes about such things trivializes it when it actually happens. There is NEVER a joke associated with that word.

    You know this thing about reading? When people can’t even come on this board and read 2 or 3 line posts, just think about if they actually ever read a book. No wonder we have such ignorant people around us. If some of these people would just quickly scan the posts they might find the answers to the questions they ask—like about the ring, if Zac has ever been involved with Ashley, why someone ELSE is holding his umbrella, AND the fact that the door Zac is knocking upon is NOT Vanessa’s house!

    However, since these people have not read any of the other posts I seriously doubt they will be reading any after they ask their questions so they still will be still be uninformed—that’s why it is so aggravating. I’m beginning to think some of these “winners” who come on asking such stupid questions or making such crazy accusations are from the ragazines or places like that and they do it to get some lie and rumor going so they will have something to print. They must think it is their duty to keep a celebrity in the public eye whether it be good or bad publicity. It makes my head hurt sometimes.

  179. 179
    narf Says:

    Awee, Vanessa looks great in that picture.

  180. 180
    Kim Says:

    Well said Karen.

  181. 181
    ZANESSA forever!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. 182
    ashley..zanessa lover Says:

    he looks so hott

  183. 183
    narf Says:

    Well said indeed Karen!

  184. 184
    Kim Says:

    I know….random question here. Does anyone know where they will be filming HSM3. St George UT or ? or if it’s a screen release maybe a studio somewhere? Any thoughts?

  185. 185
    Karen Says:

    Another thing I wanted to point out about the lies and rumors.

    #82–as it has been pointed out, that link has no truth in it as Zac is NOT at Vanessa’s house. She had dropped him off at a friends. ANOTHER amazing thing about that picture is I received that in my Zac Efron updates from yahoo this morning and it had a write up that he was visiting his PARENTS and it was wondering why he had to knock and didn’t have his own key to their house!! AND the MOST amazing thing about that picture is right here on JJ it is one of the thread for Zanessa and it proves all these other links to be a lie and furthermore there are several other pictures of this happening which tells the whole story!!

    People , if you are a basher or hater, YOU are the ones who need to be the most informed if you don’t want to look so stupid.

  186. 186
    troy Says:

    #186 Very well said indeed Karen.

  187. 187
    ashley..zanessa lover Says:

    i cant wait for this movie to come out……..vanessa is not pregnant……zac looks so hottttt he is so f en cute vanessa is so lucky but hes lucky to have a girl like her so i guess it goes both ways omg he looks so f en hottt…….
    zanessa 4 eva

  188. 188
    Kim Says:

    I guess I should have spelled out Saint in Saint George Utah in my previous post

  189. 189
    Malia Says:

    Karen, I’m with you. They either can’t or won’t read.

    I think some of these people who come on and say “stupid” things are actually from the tabloid rags. They start a rumor and then use it in a magazine as “according to an inside source.”

    Again and again I see on different Zac fan site the same words: “did them breaks up. my frend sed them did. just askin.”

    I’m willing to bet that is coming from a tabloid rumor starter who thinks we’re all ten year olds.

  190. 190
    narf Says:

    Wait, you mean we’re not all 10 yrs old Malia? LOL!

    Kim, why didn’t you tell me?

  191. 191
    narf Says:

    Troy, did you know and not tell me? LOL!

  192. 192
    Marcella. Says:

    Hey Kim, you said you got the “Details” magazine with Zac on the cover?
    Where do you think would be the best place to find it?

  193. 193
    Kim Says:

    heheheheh How did you know??? Awwww to be ten again……..NOT

  194. 194
    Kim Says:


    I’m not sure where you’re from but, we have a bookstore called Borders and I found it there. If you don’t have a Borders you might try their website, they team up with

  195. 195
    Karen Says:

    Well, Malia, I also think there is something “fishy” bout some of these posters. Time and time again we see really stupid stuff being posted and ridiculous questions being asked. I guess now someone somehow wants to start the old pregnancy rumor again—afterall, it has been probably 6 weeks since we’ve seen that one!

    It’s just like the tabloids and entertainment news shows and wire releases that always have to say something about how the “tweeners” will be crushed or excited or…anyway, they have to make it sound like the only people that will be interested in the article or news would be someone under 16. I find that insulting. IF that was really so, some of these publications and new shows wouldn’t even BOTHER to make such a big deal of it. They themselves are embarrassed that they are so taken in by these two beautiful “kids”. And some are so angry these two have so much clout at such a young age. It’s just like on this board, when you read the random post from someone who mentions “Jared, nobody is interested in these two except for the tweeners”. Those post are becoming just as old as the gay rumors because it feels to me that someone just wants some of us “oldies” to point out that there are definitely a lot of people who are over the age of 25 who are interested in this couple. That is why we see so many threads on this young twosome anyway.

  196. 196
    loren_la Says:

    so cute, he looks like a little kitty,
    what a sweet photo,
    but hot as always

  197. 197
    raider814 Says:

    kudos Jared, you are really on the job today! That 5th picture…O.M.G…just made my day. Sooooo cute!

  198. 198
    narf Says:

    Yeah Kim, I don’t think I want to be 10 again either.

  199. 199
    Marcella. Says:

    Thanks Kim!
    I’m going to try to go to a local bookstore and see if they have it.

  200. 200
    Marcella. Says:

    Thanks Kim!
    I think I’m going to go to the local book store and see if they have it there.If not then I’m going online! lol

  201. 201
    Kim Says:


    I went to and picked magazines in the drop down sesarch box and typed details in the box beside it and was able to find it. It looks like you might have to purchase a subscription for 9.97 for 1 year. My one issue was 3.99. Thought I’d let ya know.

  202. 202
    Karen Says:

    If I was going back in time I certainly would not go back to being 10 again. As a matter of fact it would never be anything less than 28. I really feel for teenagers and people Zac and Vanessa’s age especially now.

  203. 203
    Marcella. Says:

    But I don’t think I want a years worth of Men’s magazines
    I only want the magazine because Zac’s on the cover lol.

  204. 204
    Karen Says:

    Believe it or not, I don’t have the Rolling Stone magazine. I’ve seen it and read it but don’t have it. The only one I could find when I looked a few weeks ago was non ebay and they wanted like $25 and then the s&h was something like $8. I love you Zac but I don’t think I am going to spend over $30 for a magazine even though I really want it. LOL So, I’m not buying the Details magazine either just like I didn’t buy the Seventeen magazine. Now, if I had not been able to read the articles in either mag or seen the pictures, then I would have made a real effort to get them. I would really have liked to see the People mag that had the whole magazine about HSM2 but didn’t catch that either! (Yes, I do have my head hung over in shame.)

  205. 205
    Kim Says:

    I agree Karen. My kids are in high school right now and some of the things they come home and tell me would leave you shaking your head. Like I do. They have so many more issues they’re dealing with than I did.

  206. 206
    narf Says:

    I’ll sit in the corner with you Karen. I did not get any of those magazines either.

  207. 207
    Kim Says:

    So true Marcella. ;0)

  208. 208
    Karen Says:

    Hope to catch all of you a little later. Yes, it is that time that I need to go to work—actually I need to get ready to go! It has been around 0 degrees around here and I am hardly anxious to get out at this hour. Well, if I make it through the night and get through my two cases tomorrow morning, I will have Tuesday and Wednesday nights off!! They go by too fast though.

    Goodnight, for now, go sox, narf, troy, Malia, and Kim!

  209. 209
    Kim Says:

    Talk ya later Karen. Try and stay warm.

  210. 210
    Kim Says:

    OMG Narf I am going to make it my mission to get you and Karen the Rolling Stone issue with Zac. Out of all magazines I think that one is the best interview and pics. Every Zac fan should have one! That’s just my opinion you know. =0)

  211. 211
    narf Says:

    Good night Karen!

    Awee, thanks Kim.

  212. 212
    roma Says:

    awww sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  213. 213
    Kim Says:

    Hey no problem Narf. I was just wanting to send you a couple of Taylors pics from her photo shoot but I’m still trying to figure out how to do that without blasting my email out there.

  214. 214
    narf Says:

    Awee, I would love to see them Kim.

    Hey, did you ever read all the comments on the Zanessa @ orso thread? I think you would find them very interesting.

  215. 215
    Kim Says:

    Where is that Narf? Orso thread.

  216. 216
    narf Says:

    Here you go Kim, I usually start from the bottom and work my way up.

  217. 217
    Kim Says:

    Thanks Narf I’ll be right back

  218. 218
    Zanessa fan live from england Says:

    errrrrr yeah…as much as i love zac….I have to say…
    ‘dude dnt be a male diva – i dnt care how much ur paying the lady or how tired u are ….u can soooo hold ur umbrella urself’
    And to top it off his jacket has got a hood !!…stop being lazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i still think he’s cool x X x : )

  219. 219
    Marcella. Says:

    I don’t think this was posted yet but its Vanessa’s new commercial for Neutrogena

  220. 220
    Marcella. Says:

    oops i posted the wrong one…
    thats the new one = )

  221. 221
    Zanessa fan live from england Says:

    Hey!!! Its me again i just wanted to agree with karen and malia…it is sooo true what u guys are saying…people just want anything to talk about….so they spread the same repetitive rumors again and again and again – its a vicious cycle not to mention the pictures they take of people sometimes its sooo unnecessary and a waste of people’s time – if you’re going to take pictures take something of significance!!!….

    plus they askd the most dumbest and ridiculous questions about these two especially…as if they dnt have eyes.. the answer is right in front of them!!! Neway on a brighter note ou guys take care

    Stay blessed
    Zanessa Fan

  222. 222
    Kim Says:

    Thanks Narf!

  223. 223
    igotyou Says:

    an Umbrella holder – to live the life of a celeb lol

  224. 224
    julia Says:

    he is SO hot. i feel for him though. the poor boy needs a break. he works so much! and after his appendix removed! poor poor gorgeous zac.

  225. 225
    narf Says:

    Your welcome Kim, did you find them interesting?

  226. 226
    Kim Says:

    Oh yah!

  227. 227
    vesey Says:

    if people wonder why these young actors get so conceited and self
    important, you only have to look at the person holding the umbrella for him……………….

  228. 228
    Kim Says:

    Vesey please go back to post #140 by Malia for a little enlightenment.

  229. 229
    Kourtney Says:

    he is so adorable in all of these pictures :)

  230. 230
    Kim Says:

    Nite All,

    I need to get stuff done before I go to bed. Snowing like crazy, the kids are hopeful there will be no school tomorrow. Who knows. Have a great nite. See ya on the flip side.

    Nite Narf , thanks again!

  231. 231
    narf Says:

    god night kim, you’re welcome.

  232. 232
    zanessa Says:

    he’s so sexy in this pic!!!!!!!!!

  233. 233
    zanessa Says:

    he’s so sexy in this pic!!!!!!!!!

  234. 234
    Steph Says:

    Saying hi and gnite to all ZA’s, Charlie and all V and Z supporters. Was going to suggest for Zac to buy a belt… but kind of like him without!!! LOL

    Go Zac!

  235. 235
    Jacqueline Says:

    this is he best i have seen him look in a long time. he looks like his good old self again :)

  236. 236
    Boji Says:

    I know I’m very late on this thread but better late than never. Zac does look very handsome here. His hair frames his face well.

    Totally, agree with Karen and Malia, on their thoughts and comments. Oh, Wise Ones! and Troy. I suppose it is an ongoing battle to keep the ignorant informed. But never ever give up! Angels and Charlie onward charge!

    Vanessa does look different in this new neutrogena commercial. Anyway, she’s got a lovely complexion.

    I whole heartedly agree as to the loose usage of “RAPE” It certainly is not a pleasant word and not to be taken lightly whether in jest or otherwise.

    Was gonna add that Zac was a true blue butt on the previous thread but now I’ve said it. No offence meant.

    To Malia and Ashley2, yes, you got it. D was definitely the best answer to the never ending question of where’s Zac’s ring? It just came across my mind if one fine day, Zac should turn up with that Darn Ring
    through the centre of his nostrils. What a field day we’d have with the paps and posters. Just my random thoughts. Brings a grin to my face picturing this.

  237. 237
    i love... Says:

    could he get any more sexy!

  238. 238
    milli Says:

    zac, you can stand under my umbrella any day
    he looks so hot!

  239. 239
    gudiya09 Says:

    he looks so hot in some of those pics!
    hell, i’d PAY to hold his umberella!

  240. 240
    babyG Says:

    awww…he’s such a cutie…and hot!!!

  241. 241
    mel Says:

    he’s gorgeous!

  242. 242
    The Arab Aquarius Says:

    he sures loves them skinny jeans!

  243. 243
    Laura Says:

    ahh he iisz so sexy =) …
    and hisz new hair aww so hott =) … omq ZAc ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Yes iisz qoinq but not more zanessa piic =( …

  244. 244
    Kikigirl101 Says:

    aww! he’s tired!! o well. Not one of his best photos lol!

  245. 245
    anna Says:

    aww I would love to be Zac’s umbrella holder!

  246. 246
    zanessa 4 ever Says:

    gd hez back but it’s sad hez at work now
    & vanessa z goin 2 texas we wo’t c zanessa but he had a very quick recovery !!!!!!!!!!!

  247. 247
    carla Says:

    As I accidentally stumbled on the site and began reading the comments out of curiosity, I could not help but feel sorry for this young man and others. I never knew who he was until I took my daughter to see Hairspray and loved Zac Zefron and Nikki Blonsky in the movie.

    However this stalking and not being able to yawn or loses your pants without it being captured in pictures is just awful. But the sad part is that all these young fans can’t wait to get the juicy details and every moment of these stars lives to comment about. We as a society encourage the paparazzi demanding more and more pictures of the private lives of these mere people who just happen to be actors.

  248. 248
    yets Says:

    Zanessa forever

  249. 249
    Elisa Says:

    No need to cover his mouth, he looks adorable! :)

    Zac’s umbrella holder… That has to be THE coolest job in the world. Wonder what I should study to get that job… :D

  250. 250
    Elisa Says:

    Oh forget the umbrella holder, I want this woman’s job!

    She’s got her hands all over him… Now that’s the coolest job in the world. ;)

  251. 251
    Fe :*' Says:

    so cute (l)

  252. 252
    Tah Says:

    anyone can see the x17video of zac and vanessa?

  253. 253
    beverley Says:

    #253 Tah

    Don’t think anyone can get it to load.I do know that some people who comment on the VABN site have emailed x17,so we’ll have to wait and see.

  254. 254
    may Says:

    That yawn is so contagious. I yawned myself after I saw his picture.
    He is still experiencing the effects of pain medication. It usually takes a while before your get rid of it in your system. In the meantime, coffee is the answer especially when you are forced to work.

  255. 255
    mindy Says:

    zac has not fully recovered..couldn’t they have given him at least 2 weeks to recover before going back to work…and where are his parents?

    that umbrella carrying thing reminds me of Imelda Marcos….

  256. 256
    usfk Says:

    zac efron you need support USFK please

    i need afn-eaglefm- dj private-zac

  257. 257
    Boji Says:

    Zac has to get on filming otherwise any further delay would raise the cost of production. Time is of the essence here and there is a schedule to follow. Don’t forget Zac, himself has another movie to make round the corner. He is well taken care of ,anyway.

  258. 258
    gillian Says:

    he is such a cutie…being so young and healthy am sure he’s recovering pretty fast..i can’t imagine how much haters there are here and why they contiuue to post…
    i would love to see zac in something like fiddler on the roof…he could play the husband of one of the daughters…just a thought…

  259. 259
    V-loyalist Says:

    Awwee… I am so proud this guy. I love his dedication he put into his work. A week after the surgery and i assume the wounds aren’t that completely healed yet, now his back at work. Anyway… i hope after
    he’s done filming thismovie he can get a good rest before he starts filming his next movie.

    Jia you Zac!

  260. 260
    nat Says:

    id carry the umbrella if i gotta say hi :P

  261. 261
    V-loyalist Says:

    Before i turn in.. I want to say my Hellos to my ZA’s, Charlie, and supporters as well! Have a great day to all!

  262. 262
    Rebeca Says:

    omg! yeah! i want to be Zac’s umbrella holder and i’d do it for free!!
    i totally love him! he is so hot!!!

  263. 263
    ºO.oMaddieo.Oº Says:

    Love u Zac
    Call me xD

  264. 264
    babypuff Says:

    lol, oh come on zac, you can hold your own umbrella, lol, still i would do it for free too. lol ;)

  265. 265
    kristen0606 Says:

    lmao elisa!! i think most of would love that job!! just to touch him would be a great job!!! lol he looks tired but sooo cute!!! i can’t wait for this movie :)

  266. 266
    Nessa Says:

    poor baby!!!! I think he isn’t completly cure from the appendix removed!!!! But dispite of this is still trying to retake his habits and day by day to restart playing!!!!
    Go on Zac!!! You’ll win the game!!!

  267. 267
    Bimba*22* Says:

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  268. 268
    sara Says:

    He still looks hot with his mouth wide open! blesss him

  269. 269
    ANIMAL Says:


  270. 270
    ANIMAL Says:


  271. 271
    Poo Bear Says:

    Hope the filming of Seventeen wraps this week. Poor guy needs to get some rest before he starts filming Me and Orson Welles. He’s had the script for about five months now, hasn’t he? So I would assume he already knows his lines. Such a young guy and so dedicated. Yes, he will go far as an actor.

  272. 272
    Maria Angelica Says:

    Hey the video in x17 is working and there is a video in E! on line.
    glad to see you good zac … best wishes Zanessa!

  273. 273
    Malia Says:

    To reiterate:

    I think a lot of Zac fans/bashers are young and don’t realize these pictures are on the set of Seventeen, the movie Zac is currently filming. The yellow car is not his, nor is it one he’s looking at. It is a car they are using in the movie.

    They are filming scenes, thus the umbrella carrier and the people fixing his clothes. This is how movies are made. He is playing the character of Mike O’Donnell. He is in character and they are filming him playing that role. This is not Zac Efron walking around the streets of LA with someone carrying an umbrella for him. He is on a movie set making a movie.


  274. 274
    vanessa Says:

    anyway, he’s so adorable oh my god.

  275. 275
    keisha Says:

    Hi everyone,

    The script for ‘Will’ V’s new movie seemd to have been leaked and is being read freely at ZF. I’m not sure how things work in Hollywood but it seems wierd that the script is available online.

    Anyhow, as curiosity killed the cat, I confess I’ve read it and it’s really interesting and witty. A different and unique role for V though not a leading role. I can’t wait to see it now. I’m really impressed with her role choice, this proves that she meant what she said about not just taking any role but waiting for meaty roles that would showcase her talent. I think this role would challenge her. I find her character the most interesting of the lot and I can already see a cult following for her charcater as soon as the movie is released. I hope it would be released this year. I so can’t wait!

  276. 276
    zanessa23 Says:

    keisha, can you post the link?

  277. 277
    Vanessa Says:

    awwww! poor baby!! my bed’s open Zaccy babe! lol!! jk! still love him!!!

  278. 278
    keisha Says:

    For some reason, my comment is awaiting moderation, you can access it through this blog:…ipt-leaked.html

  279. 279
    Jenn Says:
    new x17 video

  280. 280
    zanessababe Says:

    it doesnt look like Vanessa will be going with Zac to the SAG Awards on Sunday.

    according to this blog, Vanessa left for Texas yesterday.

    what a bummer, but at least we will get to see Zac

  281. 281
    keisha Says:

    Zanessababe, I don’t think that is confirmed yet. No other site has reported it.

  282. 282
    Cassandra Says:

    zac efron is so hot and sexy

  283. 283
    Cassandra Says:

    zac efron is so hot and sexy

  284. 284
    roma Says:



  285. 285
    Cheyanne Says:

    DID VANESSA REALLY LEAVE TO GO TO TEXAS ????????????????? IDK :-? :-? :-? :-?

  286. 286
    whatsup Says:

    why are there so many posts about this gay no talent wannabe. Has she got no arms hold your own umbrella you egotistic maniac. how hard is it to hold an umbrella does she have someone to tie her shoes for her too what about someone to tell her when to blink and breath. this girl should start doing thing for herself. and you people should GET A LIFE.

  287. 287
    mia Says:

    oh so cute xoxo

  288. 288
    Rayshelle Says:

    awwww poor zac i hope you r alright if u read this poor baby i luuuuuuuuv u

  289. 289
    Missy Says:


    i agree wiht you on that picture..

    i think that is like the gorgeousest picture of him!

  290. 290
    nett Says:

    Zac , take good care of yourself my dear. Love you so much and Vanessa !!!

  291. 291
    nett Says:

    Back to work so soon ! Well I guess that’s Hollywood !! Zac, you are young and healthy but take care of your body young man. LOVE Zanessa so much!!!

  292. 292
    odaaa Says:

    excuse me?? i love zac efron, buuut…. UMBRELLA HOLDER??? are you serious?

  293. 293
    go sox Says:

    whatsup and odaa………it might help if you read previous posts before you speak. It’s already been discussed that it’s common practice for actors to be shielded by umbrellas for many reasons during takes, if even just to keep them dry , so as not to need to redo hair and make-up inbetween takes. Stop making him out to be lazy! That is one word I would never use to describe Zac Efron. Quite the opposite…..he’s filming 3 movies between now and April. I say that’s pretty busy for a 20 yr old.

  294. 294
    Malia Says:

    whatsup @ 01/22/2008 at 6:35 pm
    why are there so many posts about this gay no talent wannabe. Has she got no arms hold your own umbrella you egotistic maniac. how hard is it to hold an umbrella does she have someone to tie her shoes for her too what about someone to tell her when to blink and breath. this girl should start doing thing for herself. and you people should GET A LIFE.
    OK, I’ll try to explain in simple sentences:
    These pictures are on the set of Seventeen.
    This is the movie Zac is currently filming.
    They are filming scenes, thus the umbrella carrier and the people fixing his clothes. (sorry, compound complex sentence).
    This is how movies are made.
    He is playing the character of Mike O’Donnell.
    He is in character.
    They are filming him playing that role.
    This is not Zac Efron walking around the streets of LA with someone carrying an umbrella for him. (sorry another complex sentence)
    He is on a movie set making a movie.


  295. 295
    go sox Says:

    Nice post, Keisha. Getting us all excited about Vanessa’s new role!!

  296. 296
    Poo Bear Says:

    I’ll bet zac is really getting excited about starting work on Me and Orson Welles. anyone know when he’s finished with seventeen?

  297. 297
    Amelia Says:

    i want that girl’s job. the one who’s touching zac’s chest. oh, damn. i would fall over dead. sigh!!!!

  298. 298
    Malia Says:

    Sometimes scripts are “leaked” to generate publicity. This may not be the final version, but it does give a good idea of what Vanessa’s role is. It is a good meaty role for her and I can see her doing it. The dialog is very funny, especially Will’s. He’s a real hoot. So is his mother.

  299. 299
    rokstur Says:

    can’t get over these pics, he is so cute, i wish him luck on all his movies, hope they all come out in success for him, can’t wait for them.

  300. 300
    Malia Says:

    As for Vanessa jetting off to Texas . . . I find it hard to believe that she escaped without the paps stalking her. She must have done some smart maneuvers and worn a disguise.

  301. 301
    rokstur Says:

    malia,do you know where i can read it? thanks

  302. 302
    Karen Says:

    Oh, Malia, it’s not use. These people are too ignorant and since they don’t bother reading other posts it is unlikely they will learn anything new from any of ours. People need to understand on a movie set that these actors don’t even need to move for themselves! (I know that’s stretching the truth but really everything is done for them, it’s true and it’s not because they are divas or lazy.) Plus, in case anyone hasn’t heard, Zac is the STAR of this movie.

  303. 303
    rokstur Says:

    awwwwww that sucks no more zanessa sites,is zac about to live for new york soon, after seventeen is done.

  304. 304
    Boji Says:

    Good evening and Afternoon Angels!

    Malia, Karen, All I can say is some of these posters have either very thick skulls(numb skulls) , tiny brains or they have blinkers on . They just never get it.

    I commiserate with friends and family of Heath ledger. He was one fine specimen. No doubts abt it they (the staff) are looking after Zac and treating him with kid gloves on set with consideration for the fact that he’s still recuperating from his appendectomy.

  305. 305
    Boji Says:

    Thanks, Keisha, it’s good to know that Vanessa is moving on. She doesn’t need to be stuck by Zac 24/7. It’s all about trust. I think the Zanessa we’ll see in future is when either of them has a break or long weekend to catch up.

  306. 306
    emma Says:

  307. 307
    katie-lee delaney Says:

    zac is so hot

  308. 308
    ANIMAL Says:


  309. 309
    Piki Says:

    omg!!!!!!!!he is perfect!!!!!

  310. 310
    little puppy Says:

    zac and vanessa are not together

  311. 311
    yets Says:

    I Love Zanessa

  312. 312
    yets Says:

    I Miss Them Today!!!
    God Bless Zanessa!!!

  313. 313
    whatsup Says:

    Malia @ 01/22/2008 at 10:17 pm
    well it looks like i’ve helped you cause i bet writing all those big people sentences really made your head hurt and buying all that asprin really wasted you allowance (thats money your mommy and daddy give you because you’ve been a good litle girl) by the way i know he needs an umbrella for his make up (i doubt its his hair since he’s wearing a hood) but he can still hold his own umbrella

  314. 314
    agostina Says:

    I LOVE HE!!
    I LOVE

  315. 315
    cindy Says:

    As far as Vanessa being in Austin already , it is possible if she took an off time flight. I’m sure if she didn’t get spotted in LA, she for sure didn’t in Austin. I lived there for 3 years and visited my parents who lived there for 25 years and I never once saw any paparazzi. I really hope Zac can take a long weekend and visit her there before he goes on location for his new movie. They would have a great time and no paps would be following them down there unless they followed Zac from LA.

  316. 316
    fOTINI Says:

    He’s so hotttttttt.

  317. 317
    kendra Says:

    You guys realize he’s going to need a 1930′s haircut for Me and Orson Welles, right? UGHHHHHHH!!!

  318. 318
    cindy Says:

    Maybe they can somehow use a wig. Otherwise HSM3 will have him with funky looking hair.

  319. 319
    hdgirl Says:

    WOW . relax jared.. he’s just tired.

  320. 320
    rokstur Says:

    nooo, please don’t cut your beautiful hair zac, nooooooooooooooooo, hope his hair grows fast or else, troy bolton is going to have short funky hair, wow.

  321. 321
    loren_la Says:

    OMG zac is so hot
    i hope he never change
    with all actor+drugs+dead going on right now
    if the worst thing that anyone can tell about him is that he is gay (with is so not true) or that he wears make-up (how cares, he looks hot make up or not make up) he´s fine.
    i love him

  322. 322
    go sox Says:

    whatsup, it’s just wrong for you to assume things about people you don’t know. Do you know how stupid it makes you look?? Since we don’t divulge too much about our personal lives here, let’s just say you’d be surprised at who we are. Make your stupid statements, since you just can’t help yourself, but don’t ridicule other posters here!

  323. 323
    rokstur Says:

    hey loren_la

    you are so right, I really hope he doen’t change his ways, and become oneof those celebities that use drug, get arrest,smoke, drink, and go crazy,I idolize him, please don;t change zac. love you.

  324. 324
    nett Says:

    I miss Zac and Vanessa already !!!!!! What’s up JJ ?????

  325. 325
    Cheyanne Says:

    Its kinda sudden for Vanessa to just go and leave for Texas , i bet she hasnt left yet i really wish Zanessa will do something new !!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!zanessa 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ever and ever and ever and ever and well you get the point

  326. 326
    zanessa110 Says: a pic of them in the pizza place.

  327. 327
    Boji Says:

    Whatsup#314, You are an ignoramus,aren’t you. Where have you been all this time? for one, you don’t seem to know much abt the movie industry and what makes it tick. A vain attempt, though, to belittle one of our mature posters.

  328. 328
    Boji Says:

    Even JJ is so taken up with the demise of Heath Ledger that he’s forgotten about us. Hey, JJ we’re stuck here at page 8. How abt a new thread, any of our Hsm cast will do if zac and vanessa are aren’t available. No pics is fine, maybe an update of a sighting or latest news on anyone of them. Thanks!

  329. 329
    rokstur Says:

    Boji, thanks
    you are so right, I have been waiting for a siting, or at least a new update, please JJ give us somthing, thanks.

  330. 330
    KellyT Says:

    I don’t think he will necessarily need his hair cut for Me and Orson Welles. I’m not an expert but actors like Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart in that period had longer hair and it was combed and slicked back.

  331. 331
    rokstur Says:

    ohh, thanks KellyT, i thought he had to cut his hair, thank god!

  332. 332
    Amy Says:

    HE’S HOT!!!!!!!! LOVE ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’D TOTALY CARRY ZAC’S UMBRELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  333. 333
    nett Says:

    We miss ZANESSA sooooooooooooo much JJ !!!!! Any sightings Jared?????????????

  334. 334
    nett Says:

    How about some Zac, Vanessa or ZANESSA JJ ????? We miss the so much ! LOVE ZANESSA !!!!!!!!

  335. 335
    Yets Says:

    I Miss Vanessa and Zac!!!

  336. 336
    emily Says:

    you are so hot you light up my day…. i love you

  337. 337
    evelyn Says:

    cute pic that was posted over on vanashbrenique

  338. 338
    rokstur Says:

    more zac pics pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee JJ!

  339. 339
    natu Says:

    oooooooooooh I LOVE HIM

  340. 340
    rubyred Says:

    Ten Most Powerful Girls in Hollywood

    Vanessa is #4 after Miley , Taylor and Rihanna

  341. 341
    hugepleasure Says:

    Zac’s in hurry:),,20173324_6,00.html

  342. 342
    tony the tiger Says:

    ok well I am back!! and I have a great news for all u Zanessa fans out there. Vanessa doesn’t want to get married to Zac, and she hates children so much for being nice.Vanessa is a **** and Zac is gay, wow they are great couple aren’t they? *sarcastic*
    Here is the link Vanessa saying all that…

  343. 343
    tony the tiger Says:

    I mean anyone who hates children is a ****, becuase they forget that they themselves were a child once a upon a time.

  344. 344
    Katy Says:

  345. 345
    troy Says:

    I knew this would happen. The site our feline friend linked to does not quote every Vanessa said, which is that right now at this point in her life she does not want to have kids. She goes on to say “When I get older maybe that will change.”

    As far as marrying Zac goes she says “I’m too young for that.” Remember she just turned nineteen a month ago. So ignore Tony’s totally phony indignation, nowhere does Vanessa “I HATE kids.”

  346. 346
    smiley Says:

    tony the tiger @ 01/24/2008 at 2:49 pm

    She is only 19 years old and that is great answer that she gave. It would be more strange if she went on talking about marrying Zac and having kids. Wake up this is 21st century and she has lots of time before she gets married.

  347. 347
    go sox Says:

    Totally agree, troy and smiley. She is far from wanting marriage or children at 19!!! Geez, why is anyone surprised at that? And as far as “not liking kids right now? She means the ones who won’t leave her alone!!! I’m sure that comment was completely taken out of context by that stupid rag, US. There are so many pictures of Vanessa enjoying her fans who are kids, and she adores her little sis. There’s no way she “hates kids.”

  348. 348
    rokstur Says:

    katy, thanks

    those pics are gorgouse, he is one beautiful man, liking that shirt on him, sexy.

  349. 349
    Cheyanne Says:

    i mean come on do you really think Vanessa “hates kids” she seems like the girl who had a babysitting job when she was 14 ?!?~?!?~!?~!?? as for marrying Zac, WOW Hollywood would be shocked if the ran and got married they should wait until they both can drink :-) + oh and dont worry they WILL get married :-0

  350. 350
    beverley Says:

    tony the tiger

    Your comment is a classic example of reading an article and taking from it what you want to take,NOT what the person actually said.

    I think Vanessa’s answers were very sensible for someone of 19,I wouldn’t expect her to be thinking of marrying Zac YET anyway.

    She also DIDN’T say that she doesn’t like kids,she just said that she has a problem with the ones who constantly follow her.

  351. 351
    cindy Says:


    If you are going to quote someone at least quote what they actually said. You are using your own words. She did not say that.

  352. 352
    Karen Says:

    I don’t know why my comment is awaiting moderation as what I said was along the lines of what go sox and beverley said! Oh well.

  353. 353
    go sox Says:

    That’s ok, Karen!! We know your support doesn’t need “moderation”.

  354. 354
    Boji Says:

    Right on the dot, Go Sox! That’s exactly what I was gonna say after reading the article and Tony the tiger’s comment.

  355. 355
    Boji Says:

    I must say, I find Tony the tiger kind of amusing. He’s definitely obssessed with Zac. This thread is now 12 pages old.

    Missing you, Angels and Charlie.

  356. 356
    tony the tiger Says:

    For all you Zanessa fans out there she said that she does hate them but in a different way so it doesn’t sound like that. Here is the quote: As for children, “Right now, I do not like kids at all. I love my fans and everything, but when you have little kids following you around all day, it’s like ‘Oh God, kids!’”
    She says I do not like kids and when you say do not like it basically means hate. Oh and Cheyanne they will not get married maybe in the next century!!

  357. 357
    tony the tiger Says:

    oh and u guys have to learn to read between the lines and u shud that one thing can mean 2 diff things.

  358. 358
    evelyn Says:

    i am keeping my fingers crossed for an SAG sighting!

  359. 359
    tony the tiger Says:

    oh sorry it shud say that ” u shud know that one thing can mean 2 different things”

  360. 360
    Lisa Says:

    Ok everyone, you dont have to believe me if you dont want to, but why would i waste my time otherwise.
    I swear to god by pure accident i started talking to stella hudgens on AIM.

    Here is what haoppend.

    My friend from school, told me hers and it was like heyiammex and i added it but i must have done some mistake. Anyway today she came online and i said “hey is that jules” and she said “no its not” and we started talking mind you i swear she stayed very very very tight lipped and didnt mention anything to do with vanessa or hsm. she just talked about her friends and some acting and modelling she does. She doesnt say much at all, and i swear to god you can tell its her, she told me about vanessa and that she is an actress. otherwise she just talks like a normal 12 year old.

  361. 361
    Karen Says:

    The problem comes when people “read between the lines” where there are NO lines. To take words someone said and twist them just enough to infer some other meaning or to add a word here and there which makes what was actually said become something you want it to say is called a lie. And that’s how Okay magazine and blogs start rumors.

    If Vanessa started talking about marrying Zac and having children she would be blasted for not being very mature because of their ages. Or people would never leave them alone because someone would always be asking when they were getting married, let alone the pregnancy rumors that would be an everyday rumor. Plus, I doubt that she feels it is the mass media’s or general public’s business if she would like to one day marry Zac and have children or not.

  362. 362
    leroy Says:

    hi people!

  363. 363
    Boji Says:

    Hi, back leroy and the rest of you Angels, just got back from sending my husband’s car to the workshop. The aircondition keeps shutting down. Left it there and took a cab back. My daughter & her friend went clubbing with her college mates, came back close to 5a.m this morn. they’re now both sleeping it off. they’re all waiting to attend Uni in Feb.

  364. 364
    Boji Says:

    Karen, I for one think it’s very wise of Vanessa not to jump the gun and declare that she’ll marry Zac. They’re both still so young and we never know what the future says. Remember all those celebrities who outrightly spoke of their undying love for and devotion to their partners at the time and before we know it they had split up.

  365. 365
    lor Says:

    We want new vanessa pix or zanessa!more power to you JJ.

  366. 366
    narf Says:

    OK, we know what every single ragazine/blaboid is reporting in regards to what Vanessa said about kids, but did anyone read the actual interview she was supposed to have said this in?

    We all know how the words from a legit interview can be twisted to mean something completely different.

  367. 367
    annie Says:

    i lov zac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  368. 368
    nett Says:

    Please update us JARED !!! WE LOVE ZANESSA SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!

  369. 369
    Steph Says:

    about this article….. consider who posted it, LOL

    Dont even read what TTT rights anymore….

  370. 370
    rokstur Says:

    more zanessa or zac pics please JJ

  371. 371
    just the facts Says:

    narf @ 01/24/2008 at 9:22 pm OK, we know what every single ragazine/blaboid is reporting in regards to what Vanessa said about kids, but did anyone read the actual interview she was supposed to have said this in?

    We all know how the words from a legit interview can be twisted to mean something completely different.

    Couldn’t agree more. The only time she was on Tyra Banks was the interview she did in August. The topic never came up. She has mentioned on several previous interviews about her young fans but again no mention of not liking kids. This is a prime example of twisting the facts to fit the story. Consider the source as well. Transworldnews rates right up there with the other rags on the market.

  372. 372
    Boji Says:

    Nice to see you dropping by, Nett, Karen, steph, rokstur, Narf, leroy, evelyn and the rest of you. We’re now into page 13 of JJ’s threads.

    I wonder if there’s a video of Vanessa’s interview with Tyra Banks. Anybody got a link?

  373. 373
    just the facts Says:

    Boji @ 01/24/2008 at 10:39 pm Nice to see you dropping by, Nett, Karen, steph, rokstur, Narf, leroy, evelyn and the rest of you. We’re now into page 13 of JJ’s threads.

    I wonder if there’s a video of Vanessa’s interview with Tyra Banks. Anybody got a link?

    boji just go to you tube and type in vanessa hudgens on tyra banks. The interview is there.

  374. 374
    Boji Says:

    Looked up and could only find the one interview Vanessa had with Tyra way back when.

  375. 375
    narf Says:

    here you go boji.

  376. 376
    Boji Says:

    just the facts,#373, thanks. But isn’t it the old interview and there’s no mention of kids?

  377. 377
    narf Says:

    Thanks Just the facts.

  378. 378
    just the facts Says:

    Boji @ 01/24/2008 at 10:49 pm just the facts,#373, thanks. But isn’t it the old interview and there’s no mention of kids?

    That’s right it’s the one that was taped in August and broadcast in September. It’s the only one Vanessa has done on that show. And there is no mention of kids in it.

  379. 379
    Boji Says:

    Thanks, Narf. Saw that one . It’s old. Was expecting a new one. The article reported by Tony the Tiger and as reiterated by you and the rest is agreeably way way off base.

  380. 380
    narf Says:

    So what’s new with you Boji?

  381. 381
    Steph Says:

    Hi Boji :)

  382. 382
    audrey Says:

    There were a few new pics of Zac filming Seventeen that we posted on our ZA blog. It might help tide some of you over during the drought :)

  383. 383
    Boji Says:

    Hiya Narf and Steph, sorry went browsing on the brangelina thread. Things are as fine as fine can be with me, if you know what i mean. The usual aches, otherwise, nothing major.

    Chinese New Year is on the 7& 8, Feb. It’s a big thing over in malaysia. A good portion of our population is chinese. It’s not so much religious as in tradition/custom. So you can belong to any denomination and celebrate this festival. My husband is pure chinese .

  384. 384
    Boji Says:

    Audrey, thanks a bunch, you’re right , withdrawal symptoms setting in not so much abt Zac or Vanessa. I just miss the funny,witty and intelligent comments from my compatriots here.

  385. 385
    narf Says:

    Awee, get some rest boji.

  386. 386
    Boji Says:

    Back again! Just finished reading that fanfic story, had to skip all that descritption and went right to the crux. Boy! I must say It was sooo Hoooottt! I still can feel the burn.

    Narf, The more I rest, the more I ache. Maybe should go back to badminton. miss it.

  387. 387
    Boji Says:

    Audrey, your writers sure have some vivid imagination. It’s so Hot ,I give it my X rated approval.

  388. 388
    eve Says:

    Can anyone tell me when this picture was taken?

  389. 389
    czar Says:

    eve, i think that was taken in new york.. promoting hsm2

  390. 390
    rokstur Says:

    those pics of him the car are so cute, he is like a little kid again, how adorable.

  391. 391
    kajsah Says:

    is Vanessa’s Pregnant? :O omfg..

  392. 392
    zanessa 4 ever Says:

    vanessa isn’t pregnant who came wed dis idea guys we haven’t seen zanessa 4 3 days where r they is it true vanessa left 2 texas poor zac he won’t c his girl 4 along time … i wish we can have vanessa updates in texas i wish her da best in her new movie

  393. 393
    darkcharmer.x. Says:

    is it true that zanessa broke up??

  394. 394
    camie Says:

    darkcharmer.x where did u here that? because that isn’t true even 1 bit.

  395. 395
    loren_la Says:

    i read in a local newspaper that they broke up but this newspaper also said that she don´t even see him after the operation, and thats a lie, so who knows,
    but anyway, what about more zac pictures jj, we need him here

  396. 396
    rokstur Says:


  397. 397
    sapphire Says:

    zac efron is so cute evan more than cute hes mega cute hes a cutie

  398. 398
    Raquel Says:


  399. 399
    evelyn Says:

    hey everyone! that interview with tyra banks is a misquote. the us interview asked her about marriage and she said she was too young and then Us said, “and in an earlier interview w/ tyra banks she said she had a crush on matt damon”, i saw other online articles that misquoted that and indicated she talked about marriage on tyra .. she didn’t ..

  400. 400
    evelyn Says:


  401. 401
    rokstur Says:

    yah the SAG awards is on sunday, can’t wait, praying for a zanessa siting!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  402. 402
    daze Says:

    does anybody know what time is the saga award

  403. 403
    Faith Says:

    The sag awards are at 8/7c sunday night on tbs and tnt & coverage starts at 6:15 i think!

  404. 404
    zanessababe Says:

    The SAG Awards will be broadcast @ 8PM ET/PT on TNT and TBS, with the pre-show starting at 6:15. E! (5-8pm) and TV Guide (4-8pm) will also have live coverage of the red carpet arrivals

  405. 405
    nett Says:

    Where’s our lovely couple JARED ????????? WE miss ZANESSA sooooooooooooooooooooo much !!!!!

  406. 406
    nett Says:

    WE MISS ZANESSA !!!!!!!

  407. 407
    rokstur Says:

    WE WANT ZANESSA!!!!!!!!
    WE WANT ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!
    WE WANT ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!
    OR ZAC :)

  408. 408
    nett Says:

    Where is ZAC ?????
    Where is Vanessa???????
    Where is ZANESSA ???????????????
    What’s up JJ ????????????????????????????

  409. 409
    narf Says:

    OK, making nasty comments to Jared will NOT get you the pictures you want.

    It has only been 5 days since we saw the 2 of them together.

    Everyone relax.

  410. 410
    nett Says:

    See, JARED got us spoiled with a daily Zac, Vanessa or ZANESSA .
    So now , for 5 days ZERO !!! WE JUST MISS ZANESSA SO MUCH !!!
    That’s all. Thank you very much, JJ !!!

  411. 411
    rokstur Says:

    hi guys look at one of the background actors wrote about zac and the movie seventeen. its actully very interseting.

  412. 412
    daze Says:

    thanks for the info of the saga i hope we see some zanasse on that day we missed seeing them… i wonder where there are….

  413. 413
    vlover Says:

    omg guys go to this site i know the pictures arent real but wow

  414. 414
    yets Says:

    I Miss Zanessa!!!

  415. 415
    rokstur Says:

    omg vlover the pic of them in bed looks so real and cute,so is the one she is siting on his lap,so adoreble.

  416. 416
    daze Says:

    i wonder who made it its so cute…

  417. 417
    luuu Says:

    I love you zac …..remember zashley

    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you

  418. 418
    Jeanette Says:

    Zac Is So Cute !

  419. 419
    Karen Says:


    It is hard to remember something that never happened.

    It may be easy for you to live in a fantasy world about that but not Zac or Ashley who BOTH deny anything like that was ever a fact. Instead they both have always maintained all they ever had was a friendship—and still do.

  420. 420
    donna Says:

    I have been visiting this site for a long time but have never posted. I am one of Zanessa’s “older” thirty-something fans. I decided to post since I found this link that gives us a little insight into the SAGs. If you watch the clip of Nikki talking about the SAG awards, it shows a seating chart. Zac is sitting next to James Marsden. It is hard to tell if he has a guest sitting with him since there are 2 seats on one side of him and 1 in between him and James. It looks like they are sitting at tables which is good. Also, Nikki mentioned that she is presenting with John so maybe Zac and James are presenting together! That would be just fine with me. Again, I love coming and reading all the ZA posts. Hopefully, we will have some Zanessa tomorrow.

  421. 421
    zanessababe Says:

    thanks so much donna!!!

  422. 422
    nett Says:

    We miss Zac and Vanessa so much Jared!!!!!!

  423. 423
    Zac Fan Says:

    Thanks for all the great links, rokstur, vlover, and donna!

  424. 424
    rokstur Says:

    Zac Fan, you are welcome.

    OMG, I just got the book, ME AND ORSON WELLES, today, I read two chapter, and it is really good so far. richard smauals is funny,I kind of feel bad for him, because his relationships never workout. and he kind of a bad boy, who loves threater. he plays the drums and can sing too. how sweet is that. this book is really good.I sould stop,don’t want to give any more spoliers.

  425. 425
    zanessababe Says:

    A source from Hollywood Records has just announced that Vanessa has recorded 19 songs to this date with one more to go – which may or may not be while she’s filming Will. The first single has also been chosen with a video shoot coming up soon! And the album is set to come out in mid April, & if it ends up being pushed back, it’ll be released a few weeks after HSM 3 finishes shooting. So around July/August. The dates are not finalized yet.

    -from VanAshBreNique

    i am so excited!!! i can’t wait for this album!!!!

    hopefully there will be a zanessa sighting tomorrow at the SAG’s. my fingers are crossed

  426. 426
    rubyred Says:

    This is funny video

  427. 427
    Zac Fan Says:

    rokstur – that’s funny! My copy of Me and Orson Welles just arrived in the mail today. I haven’t started it yet, but maybe I’ll do that now. :-) Glad to hear it seems good.

    zanessababe – wow! That’s very exciting! I love listening to the songs from her first cd…can’t wait to hear this next one. :-)

    rubyred – that was a cute video!

  428. 428
    Zac Fan Says:

    Hee…reading…first few pages…aw, I can totally see Zac playing this part…next few pages…hmmm…can still see it…but should be a bit of a departure for him…adios Disney. :-) The book does have me laughing a bunch already. Good sign.

  429. 429
    rokstur Says:

    Hey Zac Fan,
    how is the book so far,enjoying it, I am, its so funny,and orson has such a big ego,well so does richard but in a funny way.this is a big change for zac,bye bye disney.

  430. 430
    Lexi Says:

    he’s adorable
    even when he yawns lol

  431. 431
    rokstur Says:


  432. 432
    Vanessa Says:

    hI YOU GUYS i AM HAPPY 2 SAY THAT YOU ARE MY me and zac are dating so please dont leave any more coments about,baby v

  433. 433
    go sox Says:

    Can’t wait to see Zac in a tux…..he looks so manly!! And romantic!

  434. 434
    evelyn Says:

    ok, fingers STILL crossed for a zanessa sighting tonight!

  435. 435
    Savannah Says:


  436. 436
    Savannah Says:


  437. 437
    rokstur Says:

    hey Savannah,
    I don’t know, but we all are hopeing they both go as a couple. but mostly I want to see zac.

  438. 438
    Savannah Says:


  439. 439
    evelyn Says:

    sananah – very safe bet zac will be there .. as he is scheduled as a presenter .. we are all just hoping vanessa goes too .. but absolutely no news to this point that she will be there.

  440. 440
    zanessababe Says:

    here’s some new pics of Zac outside of his apartment yesterday

  441. 441
    Faith Says:

    just saw ashley on the red carpet (:
    maybe vanessa will be there too

  442. 442
    zanessa110 Says:

    ashle want on the red carpet

  443. 443
    zanessa110 Says:

    never,ind i just saw ashley, what was she doing there?

  444. 444
    go sox Says:

    Ashley looked really pretty! But definitely no Vanessa…:o(

  445. 445
    evelyn Says:

    no vanessa!!! what a BUMMER!!!! zac is ringless as well. that would have made me feel a little better.

    a disappointing evening!

  446. 446
    rokstur Says:

    Zac looked so hott, nikki looks beautiful,so does brittany and amanda. Elijah and james were looking awesome and hot too. I don’t know what the HSM cast where doing there, but every body is suppose to be there according to the seting chart I have seen. ashley, vanessa, jared, lucas, corbin, and kenny. there names are on the charts. so there all there.

  447. 447
    zanessa110 Says:

    rokstur for real!?

  448. 448
    lil old me Says:

    I used to think he was kind of cute but then i seen him dance. And I have one Question is he gay?

  449. 449
    rokstur Says:


    thats what I saw, but know I’ve heard that the HSM cast was invited but only ashley and jared showed up. this stinks:(

  450. 450
    rokstur Says:

    lil old me.
    he is not gay, he dances cause of the movies he does, in fact his not even a dancer in real life he not that good at all. and he really is a good looking guy.

  451. 451
    yets Says:

    im sad no vanessa in SAG.

  452. 452
    zandv Says:

    i saw the seating charts vanessas name was on it but no show:(

  453. 453
    Tiana Says:

    love zac efron

  454. 454
    loz Says:

    Hes Fit

  455. 455
    Mayara Says:

    My Belo!Zac Efron!

  456. 456
    shecklergirl1996 Says:

    he iz ugly and gay

  457. 457
    JB_ROCKZ Says:


  458. 458
    ashley Says:

    you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  459. 459
    ashley Says:

    i love to look at u

  460. 460
    ashley Says:

    i wish i knew u so we can be friends

  461. 461
    Chantel Says:


  462. 462
    zac i will love u 4 eva n eva Says:

    was it so wrong 2 love you that u had 2 hurt me so bad n i know how it feels 2 be broken apart from families because that has happened 2 me before thats why zac would u love me 4 eva n i know if u r real because i am goin out there n looking for u

  463. 463
    KIM Says:

    OMG Zac looks so damn sexy in pic 5 it makes him look like a model and he’s not even trying oh i love zac so much

  464. 464
    elyssa/Kacey Says:

    We Love u ssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Zaci

  465. 465
    jane Says:

    zacc you are the reason for mi lifee
    kiss :)

  466. 466
    tess callum Says:

    you are hot and rilley sexy

  467. 467
    Desirae Rameau Says:

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