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Zac Efron Needs a Nap

Zac Efron Needs a Nap

Zac Efron lets out a big fat yawn as he’s back to work on the set of Seventeen in Santa Monica, Calif on Monday morning. Cover your mouth next time, Zac!

The 20-year-old High School Musical star just had his appendix removed last Tuesday. What a quick recovery!

And don’t be jealous–you all know you want to be Zac‘s umbrella holder! Ya’ll would do it for free too…

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron needing a nap…

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zac efron nap 01
zac efron nap 02
zac efron nap 03
zac efron nap 04
zac efron nap 05
zac efron nap 06
zac efron nap 07
zac efron nap 08
zac efron nap 09
zac efron nap 10
zac efron nap 11
zac efron nap 12
zac efron nap 13
zac efron nap 14
zac efron nap 15
zac efron nap 16
zac efron nap 17
zac efron nap 18

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  • lc

    Haha, aww he looks cute yawning.

  • zanessa110

    now i know! in the fifth picture he kinda looks like ryan sheckler and jesse mcCartney

  • narf

    rokstur, I don’t want to sound harsh, but rape is not a word to be used in a humorus manner.

    It is a traumatic thing that happens to alot of women (and some men).

    Please stop using it in the carefree manner that you do.

  • erica

    I just have to say, I really like the yellow car, it’s awesome, I don’t think that Zac’s the one that drives it but my guess is that being the car person he is (I dunno if he prefers older cars over new once) but maybe he went out just to check it out, I know I would again, I dunno, I just wanted to say that I liked the car. I can imagine Zac driving a car like that though, even if it’s just for a day, you know, double the hotness.

  • Mariana

    BABEE!! :L hahahaha

  • ashnaheartszac

    haha, rokstur not really just my exams coming up. So i have to study alot
    I would never rape zac without informing you first .
    lol. I thought our plan was to rape him, videotape it and post it on youtub
    x] haha we’re geniuses!

  • zanessa110

    guys, raping is a serious matter. please dont joke about it. it offends alot of people. please stop.

  • troy

    #82 I don’t know what’s amazing the fact that the site you linked to distorted the story behind that picture or the fact that were so incompented at it. There copies of that picture taken from wider angle that show Vanessa DRIVING OFF while Zac is knocking on the door. So this picuture was when she dropped him off. Secondly there are pictures on this VERY site of Zac and Vanessa EXITING the house.

    So if you’re going to post things trying to make Vanessa look bad don’t do it on a site where there is direct evidence totally refuting what you’re claiming. It just makes you look like an idiot.

  • Didi

    Zan Effron needs a nappy more like. the f*ckwit still looks like he’s 2 yrs old.

  • A True Optomist

    I do believe that some people commenting on here have never seen shots from any other movie set. That’s how it works, folks. When you are doing movie scenes and it’s raining, someone else holds the umbrella. They do it for any actor when it’s raining. I know . . . I know, it’s a good opportunity for people who don’t know that fact to bash Zac.

    And the picture of Zac standing in front of the door in a previous thread. . . if you saw all the other pictures, Vanessa dropped him off, he knocked on the door and is standing there waiting for someone to answer. He’s not waiting for HER. She’s in the car driving away. Amazing how some people’s hatred can make them twist a story to suit their own needs.

    Hatred is self-punishment. It’s far better to live in love.

  • rokstur

    hahaha thanks, hope the camera comes in HD, well good luck on your exam ashnaheartszac, hope you pass, doesn’t he look smokin hot today, man I want him, I would be his umberella holder any day, damn it.

  • narf

    Thanks for the back up zanessa110!

    Troy, well said as usual dear.

  • sanam Kharazi

    okay ya your famous but its not like you have no arms you can hold your own umbrella. but i still love you zac

  • Danielle

    Zac looks so cute and hes making me yawn!!

  • zanessa110

    your welcome narf. does the x17video work for you?

  • rokstur

    didi, why are you hating, you just mad cause your the fucking two year old,and your not as hot as him, stop hating, and be happy bitch!

  • helen

    Sweeeeet car. Zac looks so cute. And hot.

  • ashnaheartszac

    haha rokstur thanks. Hopefully i will do well. Same here , zac’s umbrella
    holder what a nice job! Although i plan on being something more successful but an umbrella holder will do. :D
    Do you know when seventeen is coming out?

  • narf

    Haven’t really tried it zanessa110, I don’t like going to x17.

  • Vhater ASHfAN

    Ha Ha
    Zac has his own perosn to hold his unbrella lazy sod!
    Picture of his butt last thread picture of him yawing in this thread whats the next one going to be…

  • zane

    no matter what, he is still cute!

  • Lee

    Oh its not his fault. Being hot is very demanding :P

  • rokstur

    ashnaheartszac , I heard it coming out I think august of this year,I think the produces changed the year from 2009 to 2008. so happy!!

  • My Hero

    OMG! He’s holding coffee. Amazing. He should really have someone do that for him since you know he can spill it, having it run down his shirt, inside his pants, which is were the surgery took place. What a brave man.

    “Mr. Efron, I’ll take that coffee for you.”

    “NO! I want to hold it. I think i can take it. Oh, but will you be a dear and get me those things that wrap around it to keep your hand cool. Thank you.”

  • rokstur

    Vhater ASHFAN, whats next for you jumping off a cliff, shooting yourself, or becoming a depressed bitch, which one, come pick one.

  • ashnaheartszac

    OH YES! I’m soo excited this year :D, are you going to watch it the day it comes out rokstur?

  • My Hero

    …..Or you can choose D. Hand cuffing Rokstur’s hands, unabling her to type anymore so we wouldn’t have to see the nonsense she writes.

  • Zanessa

    Vanessa judiou do Zac hein?! XD


    a noite foi booooooaaaaa XD

  • rokstur

    My Hero don’t start with me, cause I know you are going to be the ugly depressed bitch walking down the street banging for money, and am going to be the one who bitchslaps you.

  • rokstur

    ashnaheartszac, yes I am going to watch it when it comes out, can’t wait, you?

  • dearf34fee

    how skanky. he’s making a girl hold his umbrella!

  • Mìh

    Soo cute!

  • lisset

    i’d carry his umbrella anyday ;]
    and your right jared..
    i do it for freeeee! lol.

    && i agree with narf..
    hes being covered to not
    get wet.. but hes getting
    into a c-o-n-v-e-r-t-i-b-l-e.
    with the roof.. down. lolol.

    i hope hes doing better!!
    hes sure being a trooper
    and going back to work
    fast! wish him the best.

    && again.. if zac ever needs a
    spare umbrella carrier.. im
    there for you babe! in a heartbeat.

  • danielle


  • My Hero

    Of course you will. I bet you wouldn’t have the gull to say that to my face, but… whatever.

    I was just saying that you should really shut up about those things and not wish them upon anyone. My friend has depression and it’s not a laughing matter.

  • kendra

    Principal photography should be wrapping up soon on this, right? They’ve been at it since Dec. 4. I’ve got the book “Me and Orson Welles” on order from, just waiting for it to arrive, so I can read up on Zac’s next role. Ben Chaplin is co-starring with him in that one….no word yet on what actresses will be playing Zac’s love interests.

  • rokstur

    well did I know your friend had depression?, you just started bashing me ,when I wasn’t even talking to you,so don’t even go there. I wouldn’ t want to see your face even if they payed me to, so whatever

  • parker.

    oh zac,
    deserves to
    get some rest.
    he looks so cute though :)

  • Malia

    I think a lot of Zac fans/bashers are young and don’t realize these pictures are on the set of Seventeen, the movie Zac is currently filming. The yellow car is not his, nor is it one he’s looking at. It is a car they are using in the movie.

    They are filming scenes, thus the umbrella carrier and the people fixing his clothes. This is how movies are made. He is playing the character of Mike O’Donnell. He is in character and they are filming him playing that role. This is not Zac Efron walking around the streets of LA with someone carrying an umbrella for him. He is on a movie set making a movie.


  • My Hero

    Wow, you are one callow girl. You were going off on someone out of know where saying all these horrible things, that i thought i should say something.

    By the way, callow means immature.

  • missisefron

    I love Zac ! I would totally hold this umbrella !! get better zac !! XXXXXXXX

  • iluvzac

    Yawn! I am tried Zac! Try to be ENERGY!!! and don’t give the movie HSM 3 and SEVETEEN! You can make it!

  • Cami

    ohhh i love him soo much he’s soo cute

  • rokstur

    so if you think I’m a immature girl, then what do you think you are.

    but anyways, I don’t have time to argue with a person that has a dick stuck up her ass, so goodbye bitch.

  • Cait

    aww, what personal treatment. he’s such a stud! haha ;)

  • ashnaheartszac

    oh same here rokstur , i want to be the first one to see his movie .
    GOSH, he’s soooo hot. Are you going to the theatres to watch HSM3?

  • My Hero

    Boy, your parents certainly raised you right!


  • rokstur

    hey aashnaheartszac, yes I am , I heard they are going to have new characters in it, I wonder who they are, so can’t wait any more.

  • Kim

    Hi All,

    Zac is lookin’ soooo good. I hope he’s not trying to do to much to soon though. That yawn kinda speaks for itself.

    Malia #140 great point! I just hope all the younger posters take the time to read it.

  • mrs.efron

    he’s so damn sexy when he yawwnss. aww