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Zac Efron Needs a Nap

Zac Efron Needs a Nap

Zac Efron lets out a big fat yawn as he’s back to work on the set of Seventeen in Santa Monica, Calif on Monday morning. Cover your mouth next time, Zac!

The 20-year-old High School Musical star just had his appendix removed last Tuesday. What a quick recovery!

And don’t be jealous–you all know you want to be Zac‘s umbrella holder! Ya’ll would do it for free too…

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron needing a nap…

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zac efron nap 01
zac efron nap 02
zac efron nap 03
zac efron nap 04
zac efron nap 05
zac efron nap 06
zac efron nap 07
zac efron nap 08
zac efron nap 09
zac efron nap 10
zac efron nap 11
zac efron nap 12
zac efron nap 13
zac efron nap 14
zac efron nap 15
zac efron nap 16
zac efron nap 17
zac efron nap 18

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  • Kim


    I went to and picked magazines in the drop down sesarch box and typed details in the box beside it and was able to find it. It looks like you might have to purchase a subscription for 9.97 for 1 year. My one issue was 3.99. Thought I’d let ya know.

  • Karen

    If I was going back in time I certainly would not go back to being 10 again. As a matter of fact it would never be anything less than 28. I really feel for teenagers and people Zac and Vanessa’s age especially now.

  • Marcella.

    But I don’t think I want a years worth of Men’s magazines
    I only want the magazine because Zac’s on the cover lol.

  • Karen

    Believe it or not, I don’t have the Rolling Stone magazine. I’ve seen it and read it but don’t have it. The only one I could find when I looked a few weeks ago was non ebay and they wanted like $25 and then the s&h was something like $8. I love you Zac but I don’t think I am going to spend over $30 for a magazine even though I really want it. LOL So, I’m not buying the Details magazine either just like I didn’t buy the Seventeen magazine. Now, if I had not been able to read the articles in either mag or seen the pictures, then I would have made a real effort to get them. I would really have liked to see the People mag that had the whole magazine about HSM2 but didn’t catch that either! (Yes, I do have my head hung over in shame.)

  • Kim

    I agree Karen. My kids are in high school right now and some of the things they come home and tell me would leave you shaking your head. Like I do. They have so many more issues they’re dealing with than I did.

  • narf

    I’ll sit in the corner with you Karen. I did not get any of those magazines either.

  • Kim

    So true Marcella. ;0)

  • Karen

    Hope to catch all of you a little later. Yes, it is that time that I need to go to work—actually I need to get ready to go! It has been around 0 degrees around here and I am hardly anxious to get out at this hour. Well, if I make it through the night and get through my two cases tomorrow morning, I will have Tuesday and Wednesday nights off!! They go by too fast though.

    Goodnight, for now, go sox, narf, troy, Malia, and Kim!

  • Kim

    Talk ya later Karen. Try and stay warm.

  • Kim

    OMG Narf I am going to make it my mission to get you and Karen the Rolling Stone issue with Zac. Out of all magazines I think that one is the best interview and pics. Every Zac fan should have one! That’s just my opinion you know. =0)

  • narf

    Good night Karen!

    Awee, thanks Kim.

  • roma

    awww sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Kim

    Hey no problem Narf. I was just wanting to send you a couple of Taylors pics from her photo shoot but I’m still trying to figure out how to do that without blasting my email out there.

  • narf

    Awee, I would love to see them Kim.

    Hey, did you ever read all the comments on the Zanessa @ orso thread? I think you would find them very interesting.

  • Kim

    Where is that Narf? Orso thread.

  • narf

    Here you go Kim, I usually start from the bottom and work my way up.

  • Kim

    Thanks Narf I’ll be right back

  • Zanessa fan live from england

    errrrrr yeah…as much as i love zac….I have to say…
    ‘dude dnt be a male diva – i dnt care how much ur paying the lady or how tired u are ….u can soooo hold ur umbrella urself’
    And to top it off his jacket has got a hood !!…stop being lazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i still think he’s cool x X x : )

  • Marcella.

    I don’t think this was posted yet but its Vanessa’s new commercial for Neutrogena

  • Marcella.

    oops i posted the wrong one…
    thats the new one = )

  • Zanessa fan live from england

    Hey!!! Its me again i just wanted to agree with karen and malia…it is sooo true what u guys are saying…people just want anything to talk about….so they spread the same repetitive rumors again and again and again – its a vicious cycle not to mention the pictures they take of people sometimes its sooo unnecessary and a waste of people’s time – if you’re going to take pictures take something of significance!!!….

    plus they askd the most dumbest and ridiculous questions about these two especially…as if they dnt have eyes.. the answer is right in front of them!!! Neway on a brighter note ou guys take care

    Stay blessed
    Zanessa Fan

  • Kim

    Thanks Narf!

  • igotyou

    an Umbrella holder – to live the life of a celeb lol

  • julia

    he is SO hot. i feel for him though. the poor boy needs a break. he works so much! and after his appendix removed! poor poor gorgeous zac.

  • narf

    Your welcome Kim, did you find them interesting?

  • Kim

    Oh yah!

  • vesey

    if people wonder why these young actors get so conceited and self
    important, you only have to look at the person holding the umbrella for him……………….

  • Kim

    Vesey please go back to post #140 by Malia for a little enlightenment.

  • Kourtney

    he is so adorable in all of these pictures :)

  • Kim

    Nite All,

    I need to get stuff done before I go to bed. Snowing like crazy, the kids are hopeful there will be no school tomorrow. Who knows. Have a great nite. See ya on the flip side.

    Nite Narf , thanks again!

  • narf

    god night kim, you’re welcome.

  • http://justjared zanessa

    he’s so sexy in this pic!!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjared zanessa

    he’s so sexy in this pic!!!!!!!!!

  • Steph

    Saying hi and gnite to all ZA’s, Charlie and all V and Z supporters. Was going to suggest for Zac to buy a belt… but kind of like him without!!! LOL

    Go Zac!

  • Jacqueline

    this is he best i have seen him look in a long time. he looks like his good old self again :)

  • Boji

    I know I’m very late on this thread but better late than never. Zac does look very handsome here. His hair frames his face well.

    Totally, agree with Karen and Malia, on their thoughts and comments. Oh, Wise Ones! and Troy. I suppose it is an ongoing battle to keep the ignorant informed. But never ever give up! Angels and Charlie onward charge!

    Vanessa does look different in this new neutrogena commercial. Anyway, she’s got a lovely complexion.

    I whole heartedly agree as to the loose usage of “RAPE” It certainly is not a pleasant word and not to be taken lightly whether in jest or otherwise.

    Was gonna add that Zac was a true blue butt on the previous thread but now I’ve said it. No offence meant.

    To Malia and Ashley2, yes, you got it. D was definitely the best answer to the never ending question of where’s Zac’s ring? It just came across my mind if one fine day, Zac should turn up with that Darn Ring
    through the centre of his nostrils. What a field day we’d have with the paps and posters. Just my random thoughts. Brings a grin to my face picturing this.

  • i love…

    could he get any more sexy!

  • milli

    zac, you can stand under my umbrella any day
    he looks so hot!

  • gudiya09

    he looks so hot in some of those pics!
    hell, i’d PAY to hold his umberella!

  • babyG

    awww…he’s such a cutie…and hot!!!

  • mel

    he’s gorgeous!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    he sures loves them skinny jeans!

  • Laura

    ahh he iisz so sexy =) …
    and hisz new hair aww so hott =) … omq ZAc ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Yes iisz qoinq but not more zanessa piic =( …

  • Kikigirl101

    aww! he’s tired!! o well. Not one of his best photos lol!

  • anna

    aww I would love to be Zac’s umbrella holder!

  • zanessa 4 ever

    gd hez back but it’s sad hez at work now
    & vanessa z goin 2 texas we wo’t c zanessa but he had a very quick recovery !!!!!!!!!!!

  • carla

    As I accidentally stumbled on the site and began reading the comments out of curiosity, I could not help but feel sorry for this young man and others. I never knew who he was until I took my daughter to see Hairspray and loved Zac Zefron and Nikki Blonsky in the movie.

    However this stalking and not being able to yawn or loses your pants without it being captured in pictures is just awful. But the sad part is that all these young fans can’t wait to get the juicy details and every moment of these stars lives to comment about. We as a society encourage the paparazzi demanding more and more pictures of the private lives of these mere people who just happen to be actors.

  • yets

    Zanessa forever

  • Elisa

    No need to cover his mouth, he looks adorable! :)

    Zac’s umbrella holder… That has to be THE coolest job in the world. Wonder what I should study to get that job… :D

  • Elisa

    Oh forget the umbrella holder, I want this woman’s job!

    She’s got her hands all over him… Now that’s the coolest job in the world. ;)