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Zac Efron Needs a Nap

Zac Efron Needs a Nap

Zac Efron lets out a big fat yawn as he’s back to work on the set of Seventeen in Santa Monica, Calif on Monday morning. Cover your mouth next time, Zac!

The 20-year-old High School Musical star just had his appendix removed last Tuesday. What a quick recovery!

And don’t be jealous–you all know you want to be Zac‘s umbrella holder! Ya’ll would do it for free too…

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron needing a nap…

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zac efron nap 01
zac efron nap 02
zac efron nap 03
zac efron nap 04
zac efron nap 05
zac efron nap 06
zac efron nap 07
zac efron nap 08
zac efron nap 09
zac efron nap 10
zac efron nap 11
zac efron nap 12
zac efron nap 13
zac efron nap 14
zac efron nap 15
zac efron nap 16
zac efron nap 17
zac efron nap 18

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  • rokstur

    malia,do you know where i can read it? thanks

  • Karen

    Oh, Malia, it’s not use. These people are too ignorant and since they don’t bother reading other posts it is unlikely they will learn anything new from any of ours. People need to understand on a movie set that these actors don’t even need to move for themselves! (I know that’s stretching the truth but really everything is done for them, it’s true and it’s not because they are divas or lazy.) Plus, in case anyone hasn’t heard, Zac is the STAR of this movie.

  • rokstur

    awwwwww that sucks no more zanessa sites,is zac about to live for new york soon, after seventeen is done.

  • Boji

    Good evening and Afternoon Angels!

    Malia, Karen, All I can say is some of these posters have either very thick skulls(numb skulls) , tiny brains or they have blinkers on . They just never get it.

    I commiserate with friends and family of Heath ledger. He was one fine specimen. No doubts abt it they (the staff) are looking after Zac and treating him with kid gloves on set with consideration for the fact that he’s still recuperating from his appendectomy.

  • Boji

    Thanks, Keisha, it’s good to know that Vanessa is moving on. She doesn’t need to be stuck by Zac 24/7. It’s all about trust. I think the Zanessa we’ll see in future is when either of them has a break or long weekend to catch up.

  • emma
  • katie-lee delaney

    zac is so hot



  • Piki

    omg!!!!!!!!he is perfect!!!!!

  • little puppy

    zac and vanessa are not together

  • yets

    I Love Zanessa

  • yets

    I Miss Them Today!!!
    God Bless Zanessa!!!

  • whatsup

    Malia @ 01/22/2008 at 10:17 pm
    well it looks like i’ve helped you cause i bet writing all those big people sentences really made your head hurt and buying all that asprin really wasted you allowance (thats money your mommy and daddy give you because you’ve been a good litle girl) by the way i know he needs an umbrella for his make up (i doubt its his hair since he’s wearing a hood) but he can still hold his own umbrella

  • agostina

    I LOVE HE!!
    I LOVE

  • cindy

    As far as Vanessa being in Austin already , it is possible if she took an off time flight. I’m sure if she didn’t get spotted in LA, she for sure didn’t in Austin. I lived there for 3 years and visited my parents who lived there for 25 years and I never once saw any paparazzi. I really hope Zac can take a long weekend and visit her there before he goes on location for his new movie. They would have a great time and no paps would be following them down there unless they followed Zac from LA.

  • fOTINI

    He’s so hotttttttt.

  • kendra

    You guys realize he’s going to need a 1930′s haircut for Me and Orson Welles, right? UGHHHHHHH!!!

  • cindy

    Maybe they can somehow use a wig. Otherwise HSM3 will have him with funky looking hair.

  • hdgirl

    WOW . relax jared.. he’s just tired.

  • rokstur

    nooo, please don’t cut your beautiful hair zac, nooooooooooooooooo, hope his hair grows fast or else, troy bolton is going to have short funky hair, wow.

  • loren_la

    OMG zac is so hot
    i hope he never change
    with all actor+drugs+dead going on right now
    if the worst thing that anyone can tell about him is that he is gay (with is so not true) or that he wears make-up (how cares, he looks hot make up or not make up) he´s fine.
    i love him

  • go sox

    whatsup, it’s just wrong for you to assume things about people you don’t know. Do you know how stupid it makes you look?? Since we don’t divulge too much about our personal lives here, let’s just say you’d be surprised at who we are. Make your stupid statements, since you just can’t help yourself, but don’t ridicule other posters here!

  • rokstur

    hey loren_la

    you are so right, I really hope he doen’t change his ways, and become oneof those celebities that use drug, get arrest,smoke, drink, and go crazy,I idolize him, please don;t change zac. love you.

  • nett

    I miss Zac and Vanessa already !!!!!! What’s up JJ ?????

  • Cheyanne

    Its kinda sudden for Vanessa to just go and leave for Texas , i bet she hasnt left yet i really wish Zanessa will do something new !!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!zanessa 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ever and ever and ever and ever and well you get the point

  • zanessa110 a pic of them in the pizza place.

  • Boji

    Whatsup#314, You are an ignoramus,aren’t you. Where have you been all this time? for one, you don’t seem to know much abt the movie industry and what makes it tick. A vain attempt, though, to belittle one of our mature posters.

  • Boji

    Even JJ is so taken up with the demise of Heath Ledger that he’s forgotten about us. Hey, JJ we’re stuck here at page 8. How abt a new thread, any of our Hsm cast will do if zac and vanessa are aren’t available. No pics is fine, maybe an update of a sighting or latest news on anyone of them. Thanks!

  • rokstur

    Boji, thanks
    you are so right, I have been waiting for a siting, or at least a new update, please JJ give us somthing, thanks.

  • KellyT

    I don’t think he will necessarily need his hair cut for Me and Orson Welles. I’m not an expert but actors like Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart in that period had longer hair and it was combed and slicked back.

  • rokstur

    ohh, thanks KellyT, i thought he had to cut his hair, thank god!

  • Amy

    HE’S HOT!!!!!!!! LOVE ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’D TOTALY CARRY ZAC’S UMBRELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nett

    We miss ZANESSA sooooooooooooo much JJ !!!!! Any sightings Jared?????????????

  • nett

    How about some Zac, Vanessa or ZANESSA JJ ????? We miss the so much ! LOVE ZANESSA !!!!!!!!

  • Yets

    I Miss Vanessa and Zac!!!

  • emily

    you are so hot you light up my day…. i love you

  • evelyn
  • rokstur

    more zac pics pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee JJ!

  • natu

    oooooooooooh I LOVE HIM

  • http://ZacEfronNeedsaNap rubyred

    Ten Most Powerful Girls in Hollywood

    Vanessa is #4 after Miley , Taylor and Rihanna

  • hugepleasure
  • tony the tiger

    ok well I am back!! and I have a great news for all u Zanessa fans out there. Vanessa doesn’t want to get married to Zac, and she hates children so much for being nice.Vanessa is a slut and Zac is gay, wow they are great couple aren’t they? *sarcastic*
    Here is the link Vanessa saying all that…

  • tony the tiger

    I mean anyone who hates children is a slut, becuase they forget that they themselves were a child once a upon a time.

  • Katy
  • troy

    I knew this would happen. The site our feline friend linked to does not quote every Vanessa said, which is that right now at this point in her life she does not want to have kids. She goes on to say “When I get older maybe that will change.”

    As far as marrying Zac goes she says “I’m too young for that.” Remember she just turned nineteen a month ago. So ignore Tony’s totally phony indignation, nowhere does Vanessa “I HATE kids.”

  • http://ZacEfronNeedsaNap smiley

    tony the tiger @ 01/24/2008 at 2:49 pm

    She is only 19 years old and that is great answer that she gave. It would be more strange if she went on talking about marrying Zac and having kids. Wake up this is 21st century and she has lots of time before she gets married.

  • go sox

    Totally agree, troy and smiley. She is far from wanting marriage or children at 19!!! Geez, why is anyone surprised at that? And as far as “not liking kids right now? She means the ones who won’t leave her alone!!! I’m sure that comment was completely taken out of context by that stupid rag, US. There are so many pictures of Vanessa enjoying her fans who are kids, and she adores her little sis. There’s no way she “hates kids.”

  • rokstur

    katy, thanks

    those pics are gorgouse, he is one beautiful man, liking that shirt on him, sexy.

  • Cheyanne

    i mean come on do you really think Vanessa “hates kids” she seems like the girl who had a babysitting job when she was 14 ?!?~?!?~!?~!?? as for marrying Zac, WOW Hollywood would be shocked if the ran and got married they should wait until they both can drink :-) + oh and dont worry they WILL get married :-0

  • http://justjared.buzznet beverley

    tony the tiger

    Your comment is a classic example of reading an article and taking from it what you want to take,NOT what the person actually said.

    I think Vanessa’s answers were very sensible for someone of 19,I wouldn’t expect her to be thinking of marrying Zac YET anyway.

    She also DIDN’T say that she doesn’t like kids,she just said that she has a problem with the ones who constantly follow her.