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Clay Aiken Has Blonde Hair

Clay Aiken Has Blonde Hair

Chameleon Clay Aiken debuted his new hair color on Tuesday morning during The View.

Clay bleached his hair a bright blonde. All of the Claymates in the audience definitely seemed to love it!

The American Idol alum also got all of the girls of The View to get down on their knees to demonstrate one of the dances from Broadway’s Spamalot. Clay extended one of his legs and that’s about as far as they got since Sherri didn’t want to open up her legs.

“I have a dress on!” Sherri screamed.

You can catch Clay in the role of Sir Robin on Broadway in Monty Python’s Spamalot until May 4th.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Clay Aiken’s new blonde bob? Sound off in the comments!

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  • hanane


  • menna

    umm, ewww

  • http://um um

    eewwwwwwwwwww..ewwwwwwwwwww..and ew.

  • CrazyDaisy

    he looks creepy!

  • Didi

    why do gay people LOOK gay? i dont even know this guy since he’s not famous where im from ( thank god) , yet i can tell he likes sucking c*ck just from looking at his photo. if he claims he straight then he’s lying.

  • Halli

    WORD Didi.

    He got fat too.

  • ej me

    Why would people, especially people in show biz, let go of themselves like this? And he looks very funny as a big man.

  • miz em

    This guy has always looked like a caricature of himself you’d see on madTV, almost unreal…like, who would walk out of the house that way, let alone go on TV???

    Oh, yeah…probably someone who had legions of loser fans who think he’s just precious.

  • Frenchy

    He’s starting to look like CoJo.

  • abby

    Good God, He looks awful.

    Such a mess

  • Sarie

    I cannot believe I share my birthday with this guy, right down to the year. I think my blond hair looks much better. Sorry Clay but it’s not working for ya!

  • TheTabloidsChic

    He gained a LOT of weight!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob

    Clay looks great, and his debut in Spamalot was a huge success. He’s having a great time while you jerks are wallowing in your misery.



  • cr7

    He’s f***** annoying that’s for sure. He looks like that from the old Willy Wonka movie, that gay looked gay too.

  • Cynthia

    He makes me sick, can’t wait for his 4 minutes to expire

  • Carrie

    The extra weight is long gone. He was wearing his lucky shirt while signing authographs on Friday. It’s the same one he wore for Bridge Over Troubled Water performance on Idol.

  • Mike

    While the rest of you are acting like 12 year olds, Clay is starring in a Broadway play with sold out shows all weekend and he’s appearing on national TV shows. He’s talented – he can sing, dance, and act -and the director Mike Nichols went after him for the part. He’s successful, famous, rich and has thousands of fans who love him. So, tell me, what are all of you idiots doing with your lives? Oh, and the hair is blond because he has to wear a blond wig for the show so he really has no choice about it. In six months it will look different anyway so what’s the big deal?

  • miz em

    Mike and Jacob think he’s precious.


  • lmbtexas


  • sue

    EWWWW, why does this blog always attracts these juvenile delinquents?

    He looks fine.

  • Jacob

    miz em thinks she’s witty. Awww, bless your heart.

  • ewww

    i like how its mainly guys defending him…..

  • aw!

    He looks gross (as usual.) He needs to go back to Spermalot and then go away. Ew!

  • jay

    I see the usual suspect comments abound. In the end it doesn’t really matter because Clay’s the one in the big house, with the huge bank account, the admirers, for whatever reason, and his own self worth. Must really frost some major ass for some of y’all.


    Some people just never make it past the age of 15.

  • Helena

    Oh great! How much more are you going to post of Clay Gayken?

  • jay

    If it were only women defending the guy y’all’d be all it’s housefraus! A guy MUST be gay to take his side. Natch. Only not. Who gives a shit who likes the guy…the fact is he must be doing something right, the important people notice, or he’d be bagging groceries at a Winn Dixie somewhere.

    Grow the fuck up.

  • janna

    I think he looks great! Man, he just gets better and better.

    He’s making a fine living and ignoring the lowlifes who know nothing about him. What a bunch of losers here, hurling insults born of ignorance.

  • july

    ew ew ew ew ew

  • Bitch, Please

    OMG…what a flaming queen!

  • Sarah

    GAY!!!!!!!!! LOL.

  • lu


    that is just scary!

  • me

    goosssh, he looks like that COJO guy from entertainment tonight!

  • x

    Easily one of the most vile humans alive. Just what the world doesn’t need more of – stupid, fat, closeted, republican assholes. Go get hit by a bus, Gayken.

  • x

    LOL at this website that won’t let you say @sshole. Congratulations on keeping such a lame site kid friendly.

  • mk

    I don’t doubt his talent, but he is a fugly looking guy. He really should invest some time in the gym. And all of you making discriminating comments about him being gay . . . get over it. There are many gay people in the world. So what’s the big deal?

  • M

    He looks so freaking GAY! He needs to stop lying! Look at the pictures and his feminine mannerisms!

  • M

    He looks so freaking GAY! He needs to stop lying! Look at the pictures and his feminine mannerisms!


    WOW he looks so fat omg!


  • Linda

    For your information, x, Clay Aiken is a registered democrat. And if this site is so lame, WTF are you doing posting here?

  • 12344321

    he’s very talented. who knew the readers on here cared so much about people’s sexuality. why do you care? he’s said hes not gay. drop it! it doesn’t matter. if he were, what, you’d hate him for it or something?? get a life people.

  • 333

    jared, why did you screen cap all the weird faces??? all the other times he looks completely normal, and nor fat. come on jared!!! this isnt a tabloid.

  • jerry

    “There are many gay people in the world. So what’s the big deal?”

    It’s not the gay people that are a problem. It’s the idiots like you who are giving them the reputation for being intolerant bigots.

  • Didi

    That haircut screams ‘I LIKE C*CK!’

    could he be any gay-er? I think not

  • Doodle Whore

    The blond looked better on Winehouse.


    Is he showing the ladies proper cock sucking technique
    is that why they are all on there knees??

  • MRW

    Mike and Jacob like big dicks in their mouth.



  • luckyL

    The hair suits him, and yes he looks more “pretty boy” than ever.

  • luckyL

    Anyway, he is talented, people can easily call Zac Efron a pretty boy too, but good luck to him continuing to live his life and make money.