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David Beckham for UNICEF

David Beckham for UNICEF

Soccer star and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham recently completed a visit to Sierra Leone, where he traveled with UNICEF representatives to focus attention on the issue of child survival.

“We can’t turn a blind eye to the tens of thousands of young children who die every day in the developing world mostly from causes that are preventable,” Becks said.

The father-of-three took the time to play soccer with local children and gave them autographed soccer balls.

Added David, “In Sierra Leone, one in four children dies before reaching their fifth birthday. It’s shocking and tragic, especially when the solutions are simple – things like vaccinations against measles or using a mosquito net to reduce the chance of getting malaria. Saving these children’s lives is a top priority for UNICEF and as an ambassador I hope I can help to draw attention to this issue across the world.”

On one point, David met with Foday, a five-year-old boy who had swallowed a chemical that scarred his throat so severely that he was prevented from eating solid food for months. Foday held Beckham‘s hand and joined him on a walk through the facility.

“Surely there is no reward more precious than saving the life of a child?” Beckham said. “Their futures remain in our hands.”

15+ pictures inside of David Beckham volunteering his time for UNICEF

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Photos: David Turnley/UNICEF
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  • alex p


  • ray

    first, he is so cute and hot
    congratulations beckham

  • Flisbeth

    Don’t care what ppl say…when he smiles…he just lights up the place!

  • alex p

    his arms are too skinny.. and i’m def not a fan of the tattoo sleeve

  • LeMartien

    strange arm !

  • winki

    Bet his wife is disgusted to travel to these kind of places. Her existence is so useless anyway.

  • ella

    His hand looks horrible in the first photo.

  • cmo

    beautiful man. period.

  • pinkelstein

    Flisbeth, that was a lovely thing to write, and you are right….he has a warm, enveloping smile. He LOVES children, and it comes naturally to him. He is a golden soul. Well done Becks. Peace.
    More strength to you, go with God.
    Pinkie South Africa

  • emma key


  • lea

    love his smile….

  • luckyL

    Thank you for visiting my home nation. #6 Winki is correct. Becks still isn’t my type though lol

  • LJ

    Thanks jared. Lovely pics, hopefully his trip in Sierra Leone will bring people’s attention to those poor kids.
    And to you #6 his wife has been also that kind of trip in Peru part of british sport relief campaing.

  • Liz

    to winki – actually victoria has previously visited poverty stricken peru for the charity called Sports Relief. It’s the same charity that Just Jared reported the Spice Girls were promoting (I think last week). So I think your comment is unfair

  • NEv

    always knew he was a styler.
    the man can dress.
    this is the first time l ever found him attractive.
    what a great smile.
    compassion and giving is very sexy.

  • Musicisourhigh

    Flisbeth, must agree he has a great smile. Great expressive eyes too

  • Sarie

    Way to go Becks! I love seeing celebs showing their support to issues outside the Hollywood world.

  • sheira

    NEv, i agree with you…especially on the last line you wrote…

  • luckyL

    #13, #14–she visited, but what did she DO? And you just said it was for promotions with her troupe the Spice Girls.

  • Kashi

    Glad to see celebs leaving their sheltered lives to help others.

    I just wonder why he signed the soccer balls, does he really think those kids know and care who he is?

  • luckyL

    Yes, they do know and care. Football/ Soccer is the number one sport in the world. Children from these countries idolize players like Becks, Henry, etc. He is like the world’s Michael Jordan.

  • winki

    To LJ and Liz:
    Victoria agreed to visit the South American nation to film a documentary on behalf of charity SPORT RELIEF. If it was not for publicity- no one will ever hear her name being associated with this place. Besides she is not wearing any shoes appropriate for no red carpet.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Long time no see davey.. good to see he is doing his part for the unicef.

  • erica

    sexy ass David Beckham :) in Africa doing some good :) yeah!

  • sharene

    not really a fan of his body, hes pecs are weird. ronaldo’s better

  • Galaxy

    I’m so glad to see their smile. Great job Becks!!!

  • Maxim

    You can tell he’s totally at ease holding little kids. I bet he’s a great dad.

  • luckyL

    I bet the children will remember his visit for a lifetime. The autographs must really be such a treat as well as simply giving a helping hand.

    This really puts me in a great mood. Thanks for all the humanitarian post on this page Jared.

  • suzy

    so cute with the kids

  • Ruby

    I commend him for what he is bringing attention to but also agree although soccer is the number one sport in the world, how would children who have very little, know who he is? What’s a signature on a ball when food, shelter and education are far more relevant?!

  • vecky

    where have been this all time?

  • vecky

    where have been this all time?

  • black

    It´s no wonder that certain people always stay poor…….never working, only sitting around and waiting for others to help.

    Just look at China, or Korea, even Japan decades ago.
    Lazy people are earning what is coming their way.

  • Ellie

    Aww David! He is officially the cutest, nicest, kindest, most compassionate, and generally amazing man in the world. With a gorgeous face and a HOT body. Him and Victoria are absolutely fabulous.

  • 1 more photo-op

    Please! This is yet ANOTHER photo-op for the “Beckham-Brand”… if he REALLY CARED he WOULD do humanitarian work from the heart, like Bono or Angelina- NOT prancing around without a shirt on- so completely TASTELESS! He and his vile wifey-do should just stay ensconed in their multi-million $$$ mansions… it’s sooo obviously FAKE when they “try” to “do good”… PUHLLEASSE!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    now here’s a person who really cares.

  • Cynthia

    Wtf!!! I didn’t know my bb is the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Love you Davey!!!!

  • lory

    he’s amazing

  • Natalie

    I have respect for him, trying to use his fame in a positive way.

    And on a shallow note… he is very HOT. I think everything about him is sexy except for his Minnie Mouse voice. lol!

  • inmomar

    Lots of celebrities have brought this to the attention of the world, oly Beckham would get this kind of publicity, why, because he desperately wants to continue playing for england and after his modelling of underpants looking like a male hooker, he has to try and redeem himself in some way, hasnt he. First time EVER he has been photographed for any charity. Also, if so concerned, I am sure he and his wife could spare a few million, afterall, he is being paid for playing soccer which he hasnt done, like stealing really, isnt it??? funny how he is so fit now, isnt it??? but wasnt for LA GALAXY. PONCE

  • tx

    BECKHAMS GREAT!! yes he is rich but at least he isnt snobby and takes his time to help these poor children which more of us should be doing!! instead of taking the piss out of his tatoos..etc…theres more important issues in this world to think about l

  • becks fan

    For those of who don’t know this….

    David has been a UNICEF Ambassador since January of 2005. Here is the article.

    @ inmomar – the whole point of appointing a celebrity for a charity such as this one is that it will get people and media attention.

  • Hello

    i know i was a beckham fan before too.. but must agree in the pic weird arm. haha. and lol what does taking off your shirt in africa have to do with saving their lives. sigh..

  • :)

    its hot for an old guy

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Those pics of David touching those children lives, brought tears to my eyes. He was convincing and natural. Somehow, I will also bet that Posh seems less pasionate about philantrophic causes. I’ve seen Youtube videos of her at their children’s charity and Victoria was really trying hard to be genuinely involved-like it was a reccomendation by their PR to boost their Public image and their their band. Some people on here argue that Posh is involved in charities, and recently she participated with The Spice Girls towards a cause, but is she doing it from the heart or because Spice Girls was doing social marketing?

  • mar

    david beckham is a true role model
    u dont see him getting into shit like other pple
    wat a sweetheart!!

  • rose

    I think he is doing a wonderful job! It’s always a plesure to see celebs that actually care and help others. I think it is one of the most beautiful things in the world to be a genorous person. Now unlike his wife she needs to do some helpfuls thing and maybe the media wont be so hard on her. It’s funny im not even a fan of his, but when you see a human care for others it just touches your heart.


    Wooh! Thanks Jared! I’m soooooo loving the pics! Yay!

    Go Becks!

  • yanina

    hermoso gesto becks

  • jenn

    he has that real effeminate voice from doing steroids