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Ellen Pompeo Has Her Real-Life McDreamy

Ellen Pompeo Has Her Real-Life McDreamy

Ellen Pompeo gushed about her two-month marriage to music exec husband Chris Ivery at Paris Fashion Week.

“We’re blessed,” the 38-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star told People.

Chris later chimed in, saying, “I’m the real McDreamy!”

Earlier this week at Paris Fashion Week, when asked, “How’s married life?” Pompeo joked, “It sucks. It’s terrible. Our life is very difficult.”

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Photos: Julien Hekimian/Getty
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  • sheira


  • sheira

    but not really fan of her…

  • luckyL

    From her comments, she seems like she may be really cute and funny in person.

  • ray

    i don’t belive he is her husband
    he isn’t her mcdreamy

  • Maxim

    Well, of course, that is her husband and maybe he is McDreamy to her.

    Not a flattering dress at all.

  • kim433

    Thanks for posting Jared!

    i love Ellen she is so awesome on greys and thats great she is so happy with her husband!
    i believe they will be together alot longer then any other hollywood couple they seem so real.

  • kate


  • Bren

    sweet he’s her mcdreamy. The real mcdreamy is an asshole . meredith should get a new hottie! ellen wouldnt mind she does not sound happy with the meredith -mcdreamy question.

  • lilo


  • Sara

    Awww and she looks stunning!

  • Ann

    So does she think her TV alter ego, Dr. Meredith Grey, will ever find similar happiness with Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd? “Who can say?” she sighed at Italian designer Giorgio Armani’s Monday show.

    wtf does that mean?

  • Hmm

    Means she wants her character away from that scumbag?

  • Diane

    I would gush about my marriage to if I had a handsome man like that

  • chris

    hot bod

  • Michelle Depp

    The best this twig has EVER looked!! Nice hair, makeup & clothes! 2 thumbs up!

  • bataglio

    apparently there is a point of diminishing marginal returns in primping, as in everything else. how do these people manage to spend 1/2 a day getting ready w/the help of several minions – you KNOW they do – and then end up looking such oily slick messes on the carpet? how DO you do that? i see better looking people just out at clubs, dinner, whatever in the evening, and they don’t have near the resources these do.

  • tc

    That dress makes her boobs look strange. She is odd looking to me – old looking and her mouth/teeth/voice are yuck.

    Sorry to be so negative, I just do not think she’s pretty at all…

  • thegamingamine

    She looks cute, & Chris looks better then usual as well, It’s endearing that she calls him her ‘McDreamy.’

  • Alex

    Lovely piece. love her sense of humor. i saw the video when she said that how she teased the paparazzi guys. they love her. it was funny. :) thanks JJ. and she just blows me away in that dress. she looks stunning.

  • Haley

    the top of her body looks weird in that dress. It looks like a man’s chest

  • ad45

    LOVE HER. Ellen and Chris look great together. and stunning at the ARMANI show. love her even more. flawless…… thanks jj

  • TJ

    She’s sexy! hot.

  • Fran

    Ellen sure can put her outfits together. she is GORGEOUS!
    always love her comments. funny and happy. and she has a good smart head on her shoulders. Chris looks real good here.

  • sillyme

    McDreamy? Sorry, but that guy is not attractive at all. I wouldn’t exactly call him McNightmare, but he’s not good looking, at least not to me. I don’t think she’s attractive either. But, together, they are kind of made for each other.

  • Katie

    Her top half does look weird in that dress. I agree with the comments. She’s very ordinary plain looking.

    I read her husband is a convicted drug dealer & credit card fraudster so I hope she made him sign a pre-nup.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    thats a sexy dress, she looks great

  • tamey

    I like how Chris looks. he’s charming in a very elegant classy way. he’s got something Mcdreamy about him I say. :)

    Ellen is absolutely gorgeous and so adorable with her sense of humor and happy soul. wish them all the best always.

    thank you justjared..always more Ellen. :)

  • tamey

    its a very sexy dress. :) i love it. and she wears perfectly… Armani was happy with it when he greeted her and hugged her till death. :)

  • Violet

    She’s sweet and funny!

  • Ana

    ughh… ugly dress!

  • Stefanie

    AAAAAAAAWWWW I LOVE HER!!! thank you so much Jared!!!!!!! she looks HOT

  • Didi

    i hope he cheats on her, ruins her life and she ends up killing herself. can’t stand this b*tch. such a rude, snide, and arrogant woman to the husbands friend who works on the production team of greys heard ellen refer to the fans outside as ‘ravenous scum’ to somebody. shes also a catty b*tch to everybody on set.
    I hope her career goes t*ts-over-a*se

    shes also fug as f*ck. her face looks like a smashed in omelette pan with lips

  • Peggy t

    I love Ellen! Thanks JJ!

  • jen

    her hubby looks like obama

  • lara

    HAHA Chris is teasing Patrick Dempsey here. they are very close friends and Patrick teases Chris all the time, like how he embarrased him on Extra when he yelled at him from the back to say his wedding date… I bet Chris is aiming a joke at patrick here.. :) they are really close. and funny.

    He is good looking and elegant and take cares of Ellen. a lot. I love how they are together.

    Ellen is Stunning here. the dress is gorgeous, she fills it right. her hair shoes makeup everything is perfect. love her. thanks JJ.

  • carry

    I worked as a sound taker assistant on the set before the strike and I always heard EP, PD or ED saying good things about the fans, they’re very aware of their success and are very grateful toward the fans in particular EP andPD.

    #32, Why do you have to say lies like that, if you don’t like her she say it but saying such crap it’s really sad!!!
    EP is someone to know, she’s very kind, always smiling andvery polite with the people with who she works!!! for the most of them, they’re all great!!!
    Chris is not my type but if EP consider him as her McDreamy and they love each other it’s ok!!!

  • ADAM

    I worked with a catering team on the set of Grey’s Anatomy too. four times last year. I’m not a fan of any of them exactly but a fan of the show.

    But I hold a lot of respect for Ellen. She is genuine and honest. respects everyone, simple and one of the most polite people I have ever met. and she is very very sweet and as carry said #32 is all lies. everyone on the set adores Ellen.

    Carry, maybe I met you or saw you on the set. remember a kinda short dark spiky haired dude (which Ellen insisted on touching by the way and laughed the cutest laugh when she did :) ) I hope we get called again this year once the strike is over, i love being on their set, they are a fun gang to be around.

    And Ellen looks stunning here. thanks JJ.

  • christy

    how do you go from hottie that to the ugly nurse? hope she gets a new guy on the show mcdreamy’s dead .

  • Selena

    Carry and Adam, you’re so lucky to work with her, I met her in NY and she was very nice, Chris too!!!

    They ‘re a great couple and they really do love each other, you can see that in their eyes and I’m happy that Ellen is still with him since all this year despite her success and the rudeness of people cause of Chris’past!!!!


  • carry

    Hi Adam, sorry I don’t remember you, I worked here since the beginning of season 4 and also hope that they will contact us soon to go back at work!!!
    Anyway my name is Carry and I’m tall, blond with blue eyes and glasses, with an accent from Boston (like Ellen beside PD and her joked about it a lot when I speak!!!)
    So if I get a chance to meet you, I’d be happy !!!

  • Katie

    she is so happy and pretty she shines as meredith. i hope she gets a new love on the show like michael vartan

  • ADAM

    Hi Carry, I will look for you if we get called back on the set of Grey’s this season. fingers crossed :)

    Ellen is really glowing here. I like those pics.

  • Didi

    I am not making it up, the background people on the set say shes horrible and obnoxious and her ‘niceties’ are just a front. I believe them because I saw her cattiness on Punk’d first hand. her guard was down and she exposed what kind of a person she really is from the way she spoke to the waitress.

  • melissa

    She looks gorgeous! :)

  • Astrid

    He’s creepy, a drug dealer and a jailbird!

  • Mint

    She looks gorgeous.
    Ellen rocks! loving chris’s look here as well. they make a lovely couple.
    thanks JJ
    keep them coming :)

  • carry

    #43 DIDI for God sake just say you don’t like her, you’ll save us a lot of time, why do you have to say lies!!! It’s really pathetic….
    And you want to prove your point using the pun’k thing, but she said she knows since the beginning, even Ashton said it and she sign for the tape to be diffuse!!!! This thing it’s old, give serious prove, not a pathetic story about your husband’s friend.

    I have the chance to work on the set with her, even Adam #37 confirms that she’s a kind person, everybody who met her or work with her (fans, actors, interviewer,producers, directors…) think that so stop your c.r.a.p and admit you hate her!
    It’s ok to be honest but sad to lie!!!

  • playmate

    Nicely say Carry, it’s funny how people use everything to make pass EP as a bad person, always using Chris’ past, the pun’k thing….

    I think EP is a nice person, to lie by saying that she makes nasty comments about her fans is a hypocritical way to attack her.

  • kamy

    “”"”"”"”"”Love EP”"”"”"”"”"”"
    Thanks JJ for all this pics of her.
    Can’t wait the SAG!!!!

  • Suze

    Thanks for all the recent Ellen pics. More Ellen and less of the spouse please.