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Heath's Family Found Out From the Media

Heath's Family Found Out From the Media

Heath Ledger‘s family is reeling after learning of the actor’s death from the media today, reports In Touch.

Family friend and private investigator Paul Barresi spoke to Heath‘s uncle Neil Bell today. Bell is in his early 60s and was, Heath‘s personal assistant, confidante and mentor.

“The last thing that Heath would want to do is throw it all away. He was very happy living in New York, ” Bell told Barresi. “His mother and father (in Australia) heard of his death on the news. We are all devastated. The whole family is devastated over his death, and more so over having to learn of his death from the media.”

Bell recalled, “Ever since Heath was a little boy, all he ever dreamt of was becoming an actor. Heath knew at a very young age that acting was his destiny and purpose.”

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  • suzette

    damn :(

  • http://hg jellofmeh


  • Frenchy

    F Intouch!

    This is soooooo sad.

  • luckyL

    That is really so friggin’ terrible.

  • http://lizzie Lizzie

    The upside and downside of being related to someone famous. I feel for those who loved him, and am sorry to see him pass.

  • Caroline

    Awww… that would be devastationg to find out your son died by hearing it on the news.
    Its seems so surreal.I am stunned as it was so unexpected.
    My thoughts are with Michelle ,Matilda and Family

  • irma

    May he rest in peace. God be with him.

  • alexis

    this is horrible. the poor family :(

  • virginia

    im so fuckng sadddddddd
    poor the familyyyy

  • Fer

    Oh man,
    What a way to find out your son’s dead.
    I reeaaally liked him. Rest in peace Heath.
    hope he’s somewhere better.

  • queerclick

    This is awful. It doesn’t matter how his family found out. He was so talented. Such a loss! RIP, Heath…

  • Queena

    *sigh* :(

  • That is terrible!
    Would the police not call his parents or someone in his family first?

  • Russian Girl

    i am sooooo regret to his family.My condolences.

  • Ally

    ouch, thats horrible :(

  • Kaitlin

    please tell me it’s not real….

  • gossippup

    Grizzly, Grumpy, and High
    All one person.
    Not that doing drugs is any kind of shocker but a supposed family man? A serious actor? Settled down and severe? Apparently what happens in Toronto stays in Toronto.
    So as I’m sure you know, celebrities don’t procure their own happy substances. That’s what wranglers are for. Go-t0-guys and girls assigned to the task of purchasing the poison and getting it into the hands of the stars who want it.
    Popular local hot spot, A list actor is itching for some action. His runner is dispatched on the errand and comes back with more than enough to satisfy a five member rock band. But on this night, only one knight is the user, and according to my source – lock tight at that – he did s0 much blow it’s a wonder he hasn’t died from a heart attack.
    Which explains the Jekyll & Hyde behaviour. Super accommodating one day, sullen and snarky the next. Method acting perhaps… but still, if I were the woman in his life, I’d probably keep a closer eye.
    Just a suggestion…

  • Loper

    i keep on wishing that everything is make up..or its a dream im in.=(

  • Sarah

    The police should of called his family and told them but keep in mind with the media things spread pretty quick. So sad

  • Alexis

    I still cant belive it…


  • Alexanderina

    RIP Heath Ledger, such sad news. My prayers goes out to his family and especially to his little daughter Matilda

  • Julia


  • parker.

    oh my gosh,
    thats so unfortunate.

    my prayers go out to his loved ones.

  • Here’s The Deal

    This is all incredibly sad :(

    I’m still in complete shock.

  • Mina

    My God, if we feel so sad just imagine the pain his family is feeling, I cannot believe this is happening, I just pray for his soul and his family specially his little girl, is so crazy just a week after Brad Renfro died, I just hope this was really an accident,
    RIP Heath, you were a great actor

  • ash

    this is sooo sad
    i can’t believe it!

  • 3rd world

    This may sound crass but now we’re going to be subjected to weeks and maybe months of ‘poor little Matilda’ and ‘Heath’s secret life’ by ET, First Edition, UsWeekly, etc. And we’ll all stay tuned.

  • terrible

    that’s terrible
    my prayers are with him
    and i know people who are making fun of him
    after finding out he was dead

  • Chloe

    He was so talented…reminded me of James Dean. My heart goes out to his family and his little daughter who will never know her father. Rest in peace…God Bless…..

  • hypocrite

    That is so sad and horrible.

    A news report actually brought this up but more about Michelle Williams how she quite possibly could have heard about it first from some sort of blog or news bulletin.

    The life of a person in the limelight….

  • celebpsychic

    Wow, poor family.

    My Dec. 2007 prediction for Heath Ledger:

  • Ashley

    This is so incredibly devastating. R.I.P. Heath. You will be terribly missed.

  • cutiepie

    Wow, can you imagine finding out that your child had died on the news? Sad.

  • LYB

    oh my GOD, I cant believe this… so sudden I just can’t believe it.. he was just shooting a movie earlier… I really hope this is all NOT TRUE…
    this is just so sad, he was so young, and a great actor.
    my prayers go out to his family and friends.

  • Len

    I don’t know what it was about Heath but he always looked a lil sad for me. It was always in his eyes and I read a few years back that this girl was at a party that he was at, he sat all alone & when their eyes connected, all she saw was sadness. I think he really was depressed, his girlfriend left him a year ago, he was living all alone and all he had was work. They say that money can’t buy happiness and obviously it’s true. Owen Wilson commited suicide last year and I never would have suspected that coming from him either. RIP Heath… when i saw his pic a few minutes ago, it was something in his eyes that kinda looked like he’s finally at peace. RIP

  • the_original_nika

    terrible way to find out.

  • suzy

    That is so sad.

  • marisol

    I feel sooo sad

  • darla

    this is sooo sad…his a family man ,my pity goes to his loved ones whom he left behind…

  • jude

    Rest in peace

  • lulu

    It’s a tragedy!!! I can’t believe yet. I feel so sad!!!!

  • pixie

    That is really really disgusting! Imagine finding out about the death of a loved one over the radio………..F%*#%N assholes!!!!!!!!!!!! Where’s the respect??? >:o(

  • Elena

    ……………………………..I’m Still in Shock!!!…………………………….

    I dont know, i just can’t believe it! (i dont want to believe it )


  • Julianne

    Sad enough to lose a son, a brother, a friend or lover, but how shocking and traumatic to learn about it via the media.

    In the media’s defense, it is their job to report the news, not to make sure the family has been notified. And in the media frenzy that was taking place outside his apartment building, they were just doing what pays their bills.

    It is the police or medical examiner’s responsibility to notify the next of kin. I know first hand from a brother who died alone in his apartment. It was a police detective who called me and that was only because I was on the “emergency contact” list for his landlord. Maybe they didn’t know who his parents were or where to find them?

    Nonetheless, a very sad day for the family of Heath Ledger and those who were close to him. They are in my prayers tonight. May he RIP.

  • jd

    I still can’t believe it. It’s so sad. I’m sad. Doesn’t seem real.
    My heart goes out to his family & loved ones, esp. his little girl.

  • court

    I am so sad for this coz I remember watching him on home and away and so do all the other Australians out there probably :(

  • ally.j

    Everything about this tragedy is heartbreaking.

  • ally.j

    Court I remember watching him on Home and Away too….I’m in the UK. His character was a surfer dude, I think Sam took up with him.

  • Becca

    I have heard about it all day and I still can’t not believe it. He was so young and soooo talented. i would hate to have my family find out like that. They should have learned about it first before the media.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his lovely little daughter Matilda. She was such a daddy girls. My heart goes out to her.

  • Heath

    I dont want to quit you.