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Jared Leto & Paris Hilton: KISSING

Jared Leto & Paris Hilton: KISSING

Here is that wonderful photo of Paris Hilton kissing Jared Leto.

The pair was spotted sucking face last night at Hyde Lounge in Park City, Utah during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Paris and Jared are not dating seriously,” one source says. “But this is not the first time they have made out – there just weren’t any cameras around before. She likes him and she thinks he is really sexy and fun.”

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WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jared and Paris spit-swapping?

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  • dancerjaredletoechelon

    Jared isn’t the first man to be attacked by Parasite and you’re all saying Jared is disgusting. Call the other people disgusting too if you must. Don’t be ridiculous and pile it all on top of Jared. Get over it please.

  • Krisko & Chelskye (the twinz)

    Well… umm… o.o” o.o”
    This is quite unfortunate…and uncomfortably disturbing…
    Finding out about this obscene picture six months after the fact makes it all the worse!…

    Sure, I agree with Sara when she said it’s wrong to abandon 30 Seconds to Mars’s music over Jared Leto’s personal life (your English is excellent for not being your first language, btw!)…
    Also, dancerjaredletoechelon had a point when they said that Jared isn’t disgusting for kissing Paris Hilton.


    Considering the fact that Paris doesn’t always get the best attention and is associated with people whose reputations are even worse, I’m not sure it was the best choice on his part (that is, if he even wanted to). Personally, if he had the chance, I think that Jared should have thought about what he was about to do when he kissed her.

    Actually, I would like to know the answer to two questions:
    (1) Who really wanted to kiss who, and
    (2) What was Jared thinking when it happened?
    (Hey, I’m not saying that he can’t do what he wants; I’m just asking two “simple” questions.)

    As others have mentioned, just because Jared made what most are calling “a bad decision” does not make him a bad person and definitely doesn’t make it right to abandon the band over one member’s “activities”. After all, the other members of the band had absolutely nothing to do with this (that we know of). We don’t even know if he truly made that choice, so we can’t criticize him for it.

    Also, as Sara mentioned, we don’t know Paris and she may be a really cool person. However, that’s not the side she has shown in the past (that is, if she has one), so the least we can do is go on what the media feeds us and try not to jump to conclusions. In fact, we don’t even have the whole story. All we have is a picture and a quote from a website (that’s all I have, anyway), so we don’t know what truly happened! It’s not even fair to judge Jared (or Paris, for that matter) one way or the other from the little information that we’ve been given about this.

    However, taking from the scraps of information we have been “so graciously provided with”, it doesn’t even state in the quote, or anywhere else, Jared’s opinion about Paris. Also, the quote isn’t coming directly from Paris, so how should we know that she feels that way?

    But, when it all comes down to it, we know, as gross to some as it may seem, that they kissed…
    …and it does look like he was about to choke her. XD
    We also “know” that it’s not the first time this has happened…
    …and, for many of us, we hope it’s the last!

    Please note that this comment isn’t taking any specific “side” in this situation. Sorry that it’s terribly long and we hope, at least for those who are still “in shock” upon tripping over this picture, that you would consider what we have said…and not kill us for it, too.

    Have a nice day! =D
    Krisko & Chelskye (“The Twinz”)

  • Razz

    #22 …. My stomach hurt so much from laughing so hard at your comments!! I had tears coming out of my eyes, and I think I even peed a little from laughing so hard!!!! FUNNY & TRUE!!!!


    SE CUINDAN :’(

  • Mary_Has_died_suffering

    Jared what a f**k????
    she is a miserable b***h!!!!
    Paris all echelon HATE YOU!!!!

  • Paola

    I cannot believe it, this dad with this prostitute, not I love him and it scares me to know that that dribbly of shitthis with that of beautiful eyes, this she is mommy’s girl and for that reason she wants alone Jared for her, god like hate to this damned heiress.

  • laura

    hi paris hilton is really nice and jared leto but no effene they dont suit lol

  • Rlo

    I just can’t believe it… I expected MORE from Jared…. now I’ll kill myself
    and I’ll put the blame on HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just kidding hahaha…

  • BoxOfAshes

    Ahahaha what a bitxch. Oh well, he’s still sexy.

  • Bereleto


  • shannon

    man thats gross it sickens me to even see the pic
    jared can so much better then that scank

  • http://frencylove26 SOLARIS24LOVE26

    QUI .!. . . . ! MI STA ! . . . . . . SE GUARDO QUESTA FOTO . . .
    TI VORREI . . . .!

  • http://israel Danit :]]


    HHHHH…. I WANTT TOOO !! ^.^

    I LOVE U !!!
    PLIZZZZZZ !!! ^___^

  • http://israel Danit :]]

    you cann plizzz ????

  • stephanie hubbard

    Jared,why you do that?
    what you had in that little head?
    i just want you to know that i love you more than you think!

  • Robert Brandon Sandor

    Jared and Paris;

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  • Robert Brandon Sandor

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  • lastfagstanding

    gross-if one kiss can kill a career or shatter an image, this is the one. Get thee to a nunn’ry, scank.

  • Shockah.

    Jared, I’m sorry.

  • SC

    I just threw up in my mouth. Way to hit every jutting rock and tree branch on the way down Jared.

  • Mis

    Guess he just needed ‘some’. But that sure is desperation. She is an embarrassment

  • Nicole

    he is so HOT and she is so weird.
    I HATE IT!

  • Michelle

    Paris looks like a bird and Jared is HOT!!!!!!! PARIS HILTON IS A SLUT AND FULL OF HERSELF

  • http://yagoo angela

    i lov u jared

  • HP

    :( I still love Jared…even though that is seriously disgusting…

    30 seconds to mars is amazing <3

  • Ya!

    its disgusting…. their kiss.. Jared, when u kiss someone, u must think before, that u haven`t got problems in the future with it!

  • gtdior

    HOT! I love them both!

  • sarrrrrrrrrrraaaahhhhhhhhh

    Errr She Prob Paid Him To Do Thatt haahaaa She Is A SLUT!! She actuallly thinks shes pretty when shes not tbhh…ha

  • nessy

    I Agree With
    He Would Of Got
    Millions For Doing That!
    Hes Fit And Shes Not
    Her Voice And Accent
    Is Cheap And Shit
    I Love 30 Seconds To Mars
    So Thats Why Im Sticking Up For
    Jared And Letting Him Know He Can
    Do Better Than That Scabby Cheap SLAG!

  • nessy

    I Agree With
    He Would Of Got
    Millions For Doing That!
    Hes Fit And Shes Not
    Her Voice And Accent
    Is Cheap And Shit
    I Love 30 Seconds To Mars
    So Thats Why Im Sticking Up For
    Jared And Letting Him Know He Can
    Do Better Than That Scabby Cheap SLAG!

  • Rumii

    eeewwwwww xS

  • Elena

    eeeewwwww… i HATE PARiS 4 doing that…
    Well, actually I never liked her, but now I really hate her…
    What was Jared thinking? I mean, I forgive him, but what was he thinking? He’s a million times too good for that…

  • Sarah

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! NO WAY!!!
    Jared Is SO Much Better Than Her!!!
    This Is Sick And WRONG!

  • CharO

    Wow, I thought Jared would have a little morals…Paris? Come on….

  • Carla 8)

    Xcuse me while i puke!!
    He deserves waaay better…

  • http://! jared’s wife

    jared leto is an angel on earth!! i LOVE you!1


    oh em gee, the most beautiful man on the planet is kissing the ugliest skank?!
    NOT really.


    oh em gee, the most beautiful man on the planet is kissing the ugliest skank?!
    NOT really.

  • angela

    I honestly think she’s nasty! SHe’s a ho, guys will do anything to get a piece from a ho; i dunno why? She isn’t ‘hot’ at all bc she looks like a misquito with her funny looking nose, has a bad reputation in life. I guess jared leto was thinking with his you know what; instead of his brain. Who hasn’t she kissed? I’m sure she’s had an std by now or something or him; hopefully not him bc he’s gorgeous but i wouldn’t touch him; after i found out he made lips with her!

  • Velosity

    I just lost all respect for you Jared. Shame on you!!!

  • http://car carla

    jared you are son beautifull for her…..jaja sos tan lindo para ella …

  • Lisanne

    that’s defenitly not him

  • http://jkl mor

    he can do so much better then that low class !!
    but she’s ok for one night flam i guss

  • Karlaa♥

    NO! Jared Letoo!
    noo dont do this to mee I love yoou
    haha well I thiink that paris isnt the right person for him
    shee Is more like a lesbian and nasty

  • ilovejaredleto30


  • Simone

    Why does he kiss her?? I don’t understand that. She is a *** and he is just so different then her.

  • Yoanna

    So what??? You people think Jared Leto don’t F*U*C*K??? I personally don’t like Paris, she is Whatever…. I think Jared is a great actor and musician, love his music… and yes he is hot!

  • lizzieeee

    He is too good for her. SImple as that. She make out with any guy she can get her hands on for christs sake! Obviously, I can’t blame Jared because when a person is thrusting themselves at you, you just do what they want so they leave, but he seriously needs to ignore some people because he is too good for her !!

  • lizzieeee


  • SHue

    Ohhhh,NO!!!!!!! She’s so disguisting. TT