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Jared Leto & Paris Hilton: KISSING

Jared Leto & Paris Hilton: KISSING

Here is that wonderful photo of Paris Hilton kissing Jared Leto.

The pair was spotted sucking face last night at Hyde Lounge in Park City, Utah during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Paris and Jared are not dating seriously,” one source says. “But this is not the first time they have made out — there just weren’t any cameras around before. She likes him and she thinks he is really sexy and fun.”

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WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jared and Paris spit-swapping?

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339 Responses to “Jared Leto & Paris Hilton: KISSING”

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  1. 101
    Getu Says:

    I mean…i dont unerstand…that’ s like so not normal……jared leto is too normal for paris hilton …..i feel sorry for him :S

  2. 102
    Natalie Says:


    I love Jared, but Paris is just disgusting and…. GOD SHE’S A ****!!!!
    i’m gonna puke………

  3. 103
    casey Says:


  4. 104
    July Says:


  5. 105
    xurra Says:

    he’s crazy?????? whyyyy??????? she is a stupid fox

  6. 106
    Jessica Says:

    ok, so im oficialy a Paris Hilton hater!!!! She has no buisness kissin up on my man!!! she is so gross n disgustin!!! she’d kiss anything on 2 legs!!! He realy should hav more sense…But i Still LOVE U Jared!!!!!!!

  7. 107
    lola Says:

    she’s only a FAT WHOREEEEEEEEE!

  8. 108
    Billiam Says:

    PWNED to all the stupid teenies.

    I think they are cute together.. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but they are cute together.

    Go Paris!

  9. 109
    Michelle Says:

    Oh. For god’s sake.

    First off- I love Jared Leto. I really do. I’m one of his staunch defenders who appreciates his music and his work.


    Jared is a *****, straight up. And while it may have appeared that he had decent taste in women (the graceful Scarlet Johannsen -which I likely misspelled- and the virtuous, though pretty unattactive, Cameron Diaz) we all knew that at some point, he’d be sleeping with Paris Hilton.

    Great whores think alike.

    Oh, dear saint someone, PLEASE make sure they use a condom. The very LAST think this planet needs is a mini-Paris, or La Leto Junior.

    Um… and last I’d heard, he was dating his bandmate, Tim.

    Guess not.

    Why is he wearing a rosary? If it was for protection against that blonde soul-sucker, I’d say “FAIL.”

  10. 110
    Diamond Says:

    Jared should focus on his new album actually. And… Paris?!… I don’t get it! A few times ago I saw a news about Paris and her one-night-date. I’m furious and a little dissapointed in Jared. I thought you was wise enough to tell apart one-night-sludge and normal woman.
    Actually I’m a big fan of him…

  11. 111
    vanessa Says:

    wit paris?! jared r u crazy?! i hope that he`s not wit her seriously….

  12. 112
    charlie Says:


    Jared Jared Jared…..why her?
    Ive been here for a long time waiting for you…
    why have her when you’v got me and dani here…
    cant see the point in having one when you can have two?

  13. 113
    EternalWinterBliss Says:

    Hey guys please, noone of them is fat or a hore or disgusting.Tell me how many times did you made out with someone in a party?Like 90% of you never even saw them so why do you think you have the rite to say all that?They just made out they are not going to get married and have kids, get over it!

  14. 114
    letofan Says:

    She is such pig. He should know better.

  15. 115
    ghgjrkg Says:

    Why is this so imported its normal that peoples want to kissing with who she/he want!!

  16. 116
    tatiana Says:

    OMG,! Jared, ;’(

  17. 117
    Lynda Says:

    :O thats horrible !!!!! shes a thick blonde **** !! >:(


  18. 118
    micky Says:

    she is a **** and he is so hooot

    luckly it wont last cause she is a back-stabing b-itch and he can do better


  19. 119
    shell Says:

    urhhh why the f**k would ya wanna kiss paris riddled hilton shes disgusting but if they like each other i dont c wats wrong

  20. 120
    berna Says:

    i think im already dead. jared, is dat really u??! fvck! ewwww.

    paris, stop speading germs!! geeeees!

  21. 121
    wiip Says:

    baaaad, very bad(((((

  22. 122
    Nicole Says:

    but who’s wondering?
    He also kisses Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson und Ashley Olsen…

  23. 123
    tocaIAS Says:

    oh my ******* god! shes such a *****! SHE IS A FAT ****!

  24. 124
    copra Says:

    i am seachless…

  25. 125
    Janice Says:

    Jared Leto, your such a talented person, you ruin your reputation this way, kissing little ***** like this. You ruin yourself. i dont even think i like you anymore. you used to be my idol, I thought you were the most original celeb because you werent like everyone else, You were yourself, & now your Smacking your gourgues lips on Paris Hilton. God, i swear, i should just throw your 30stm cd’s away and take off your posters on my wall. you suck. your just like everyone else on MTV,
    what a lose

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