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Lauren Conrad Visits Her New Hollywood Home

Lauren Conrad Visits Her New Hollywood Home

Lauren Conrad visits her new $2.5 million Hollywood home with her mom, Kathy, and a team of designers on Monday.

The Hills star’s mini-mansion measures 3,009 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Pictures of interior here.

Current roommate (and BFF) Audrina Patridge has said that she will still be living with Lauren.

“We’re still living together,” Audrina said. “I’m so excited. The house is beautiful!”

Living in the third bedroom will be Lauren Bosworth, aka Lo. It’s going to be a slumber party every night in that house!

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  • bethany!


  • Suzz

    I watched the Hills for the first time ever in the UK for one minute and couldnd´t stand it … Heidi was on the toilet talking to this one that was in New York delivering a dress … they talked in monosyllables and with hot potatoes in their mouths .. how boring! Evidently there is money is dumbness (sic).

  • Michelle Depp

    It makes me sick that this little nobody is getting rich & famous for doing nothing! MTV has a tendency to make “stars” out of incredibly annoying people!

  • cmo

    This is the BEST she has EVER looked. Now if she would only switch up the handbags. Although its refreshing to see a ‘celeb’ use something more than once.

  • cmo

    Boo hoo we live in an era where people get famous over small things, times change, dont blame her, blame the millions of viewers who tune in, blame mtv for churning out the scripts, blame the people who buy a magazine when shes on the cover, i know if i was in her position i wouldnt turn down a single thing. you only live once!

  • zee

    wow. i love lauren. shes so beautiful….she has great skin too. this girl has got the full package. god bless her soul.

  • Sarie

    Wow, MTV sure is nice to her. First her own show, then a job with a top magazine, then her own fashion line; must be nice. Now she was fired or let go and yet can still afford that place. Is she still in school?

  • Belen

    she look cute

  • Belen

    she look cute

  • Belen

    her house is gorj

  • Taylor

    I love Lo! I am excited she is moving in with Lauren and will hopefully be shown on The Hills more. Who cares that she is getting famous for The Hills?! Jealous? Obviously she is pretty savvy because she turned a stint on Laguna Beach into all this! Everyone is so envious in this world… just go get yours, help a few along the way, and worry about that.

  • KC

    She has to check out the crib MTV purchased for her to live in while filming The Hills. It’s cute in a pathetic sort of way that they invited the paparazzi along. She sux so badly.

  • Julia

    i love her hair!! :D She’s real beauty!!

  • loly


  • Jane

    How the hell can she afford a $2.5 million house? That is absolutely ridiculous! She is a nobody!

  • vera

    She is ugly but she has a great sence of Fashion. I thougt he bought her own home but when she will live with audrina and Lo than Mtv had bought the house for the Mtv Hills.
    I wish i had her life she has everything a great show , fashion line she is so rich but she is still ugly LOL….. It´s very upset that in America everybody can be famous I mean Lauren is not a big Talent!!

  • kat

    good for her!!!
    the place is beautiful

  • Hot dog

    Who is this girl? Why is she famous?????

  • Twan

    okay u all need to stfu she isnt get all this money from the hills yeah shes famous from it but she also designs clothes and shes the face for mark make up!

    stop hating what has she done to u guys!

    lauren is hott!

    and dont call her ugly until u can prove ur hot. YOU SHOULDNT BE TALKING


    okay u all need to stfu she isnt get all this money from the hills yeah shes famous from it but she also designs clothes and shes the face for mark make up!

    stop hating what has she done to u guys!

    lauren is hott!

    and dont call her ugly until u can prove ur hot. YOU SHOULDNT BE TALKING

  • j

    she looks fabulous! not loving the inside of the house though

  • jrosey
  • cydie.

    OMG, yay ! i LOVE lo. =D
    lauren is such a sweet person.
    hopefully we’ll see the new house on the hills. ;D

    if you hate lauren, then dont waist your time posting.
    honestly. stfu. if you have nothing nice to say,
    then dont say it all.

  • Halli

    Beautiful home! Hate the floors though!

    SHe looks too high-maintenance here. Hopefully she not trying to pull a Posh, who actually tries to pull a Hepburn but actually looks like a sun-damaged robot barbie.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    wow.. i’ve never seen reese witherspoon so happy.

  • blah

    Apparenly being a celebrity is the job to be in!! You could be at the bottom of the celebrity totem pole and still have millions of dollars. Clay Aiken probably has a million dollar mansion! F*ck I’m in the wrong business.

  • Cynthia

    How do you spell muffin top!? Looks like she had a few choco muffins too many . It’s shows in her tight dress!

  • Aleisha

    She’s fairly useless in my opinion. And WTF is she wearing?

  • Hmm

    If you are familiar with Laguna Beach and then the Hills.. Lauren comes from MONEY!! Her parents have one of the best houses in Laguna..

    So when you start off with money and then have a popular reality show.. and have a clothing line etc..

    its like the old Steve Martin line.. Let me tell you how you how to make 2 million dollars.. first you get a million dollars…

  • taylor

    She’s beautiful, successful and smart. No wonder some of you hate her. Go Lauren, young girls need someone possitve to look up to.

  • taylor

    She’s beautiful, successful and smart. No wonder some of you hate her. Go Lauren, young girls need someone possitve to look up to.


    i like lc and she looks way cute in that dress!


  • erika

    i hate how these mtv people get famous for doing nothing at all

  • luckyL

    Her parents spoiled her before we ever saw her face, now she has money to spoil herself now too.
    Whatever. She’s obviously in-tune with America’s obsessions and banked on it. I wish people wouldn’t act like she was some poor kid who made it big in the biz though. She has been privileged, just good job on capitalizing on everything. And the shades don’t go with her face shape and black doesn’t suit her. Nice try on trying to look like a fashionista though. She’ll learn the longer she works at Teen Vogue at least.

  • wowza!

    i love her hair!!
    she is a great woman (:

  • heather

    Thanks for posting, you rock.

  • alexo

    People she is a good influence not like Vanessa Hudgens or Paris Hilton. Just because she comes from money you people need to look at what she has done, she now has a fashion line and is going to do her own fashion show and she is also on the show (even though it is not that great), she makes her own money. Lauren Conrad inspires me. She is smart and has great style. She also has a positive outlook on things.

  • Hello

    she looks cute. her house looks cute but how is that a mini-mansion? it’s so small… not really mansion enough.

  • Cc

    Good for her! I could only dream to buy a home like that and have two of my close girlfriends move in with me at what age 21…maybe someday, which I don’t see in the near future, unless I win some unexpected money. Life is a lot about luck, and being at the right place at the right time, which no doubt she had, and I’m sure she knows. But she also took full advantage for the most part (besides going to Paris) what was given to her and learned from her experiences, and ran with them. Hey I know I would of done the same thing if I was given the opportunities she was given. LC was also given a step up from most of the nation growing up in one of the most affluent communities in the USA. Children that grow up in communities like that are always given chances that kids that grow up in normal non-affluent communities are not. She is no different then any other Laguna Beach, CA Newport Beach, CA Greenwich, CT, and Lake Forest, IL child.

  • Jo

    Love Lauren. Her new house is a typical dream house. Picture Perfect ! Any haters… seriously her family are minted ! She didn’t need hollywood or the hills to buy a home like this believe me!

  • emilie

    i want her shoes:(
    too bad i dont have the money to get them.
    she looks really good with short hair.

  • Jemma

    In a way Lauren NEEDS to keep her show “The Hills” because if you look at all of those other Laguna Beach people (Like Kristen) they can’t have a “normal” job now. Everything is entertainment related (acting, singing, other BS) She has no choice, and since her clothing line is SHIT she can’t even rely on that as a steady job. She is going to be just another wannabe leaching off of daddy because she doesn’t want to get a real job. I hope she has an unlimited contract for her show because without it she is FUCKED.

  • Madonna


  • http://justjared britt

    love u lauren from philippines i dont like kristine shut up jemma

  • gina

    Good for her. This is really good investment. She’s earned it by doing the Hills, being a spokesperson for Tmobil, Mark Cosmetics and lot’s of other stuff. Plus, she designs her own clothing line and bag line. She’s making a living by doing what she knows best. What so wrong about that? If i had the same opportunity I would do the same. She’s a good role model compared to the other Hollywood “it” girls.

  • jpcrzyluv

    love you lauren, she deserves whatever she has right now…

  • jpcrzyluv

    i dont understand why there r ppl who are very mean and jealous…just be happy for her…she is famous alright…that is why she can afford to buy a 2.5 million house at age 21…but even before laguna hills she is already rich…but im pretty sure she is more richer now…

  • nidyzylc

    JROSEY–how can you say that she’s looking like a pig??if you’re thinking that way, you must look like a goddess..just make sure that if you’re saying that you’re atleast 1/4 more pretty and fit than her…

    ERIKA–she’s not doing nothing at all..maybe you should check the things that she already accomplished..

    LAUREN is very pretty..her new-do suits her pretty well…

  • Karma

    I think she could afford this house way before her reality show, she was already rich. Still, I don’t understand why she is famous.

  • http://- Joanna (Poland)

    awww, i love LO!

  • thatgirl

    I wonder where in hollywood the house is?