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Lindsay Lohan Mourns the Death of Heath Ledger

Lindsay Lohan Mourns the Death of Heath Ledger

A visibly upset Lindsay Lohan wipes a tear from behind her sunglasses as she mourns the death of Heath Ledger on Tuesday in West Hollywood.

La Lohan was seen eating at Le Pain Quotidien cafe earlier in the day but her bodyguard whisked her away before she could comment. Lindsay is rumored to have been dating Heath in December 2007.

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  • zanessa110


  • Annie

    -sighs- Oh man, this is horrible. Poor Heath and all his loved ones.

  • TP

    So sad

  • miz


  • goz

    i cant believe it

  • wow

    as much as i dislike lindsay lohan, i feel very very bad for her. i hope her and all of heaths family will have strength.

  • CherryLuver190


  • miz

    oh yeah,,,, and it’s sad

    amd i’m clearly not first

  • Carlyyyy

    this is just soo sad. i still cant believe it.

  • arthur


  • michelle

    i’m still in complete shock… my hands were shaking when i first found out… i’m surprised i haven’t cried yet, but i know i will in time…


  • luckyL

    I hope to God she stops all her erratic behavior. Let his death not be in vain. Put down the drugs and stop the DUIs.

  • zanessa110

    im upset. i didnt really know him, but its sad to know he died—— and so young.

  • Shar

    “Wait, she responsible for his death”, I Predict the gossip rags will be saying this next!!!!!

  • Ally

    even if u didnt know him its still very sad…
    its ok lindsay, and people, lindsay hasnt done anything majorly bad (except for the champagne and cmon, it was new years eve) i think lindsays attempting to turn her life and career around.
    rest in peace heath! :(

  • Didi

    who cares about her, she’ll exploit anything for publicity, shes that shameless.

  • Ally

    zanessa110, how many times have you gotten #1 post this week!! lol!

  • celebpsychic

    His death has affected so many-so sad,

    My Heath Ledger prediction from Dec. 2007

  • kant

    that must suck

  • lu

    ugh, I am still in shock! I still can’t believe it.

    I miss you Heath and so does the rest of the world!

  • unfcukinbelievable

    celebpsychic @ 01/22/2008 at 8:57 pm

    how’s this for a prediction? u’ll be as broke and pathetic in 2008 as u were in 2007. every freakin thread, o for cryin out loud, give it a rest won’t u?

  • Orange Clockwork

    Fake bitch.

  • you no u love me

    that is so sad he was so young! i feel for his family and friends tragic loss!

  • happy

    That’s tacky Jared. I’m not a Lindsay fan but the paparazzi need to leave her alone.

    I just hope Michelle will be granted privacy but I’m not holding my breath.

  • zanessa110

    Ally,lol. im always on justjared.


    wow i didnt know she cared!!! i hate her. and i never even heard of this guy so yea watever dont care

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    Hopefully she’ll learn something from this and stay on the right path.

  • millionaire

    What a tragedy~~~My prayers go out to his kids and family. He will be missed by people. RIP

  • AMS

    She will do anything to get her ugly face in the news. This is about the death of a talented young actor

  • wow…

    “dont care” go f uck yourself, seriously. a heart, go f ucking find one. i hate ignorant as*holes like you.

    and seriously, saying “first” on a post about a death? grow the hell up! holy, somebody just died, show a little more maturity and respect.

  • a.e.h

    i don’t like her but this heath thing is so sad even for the ones that were not his fans=(

  • ?

    Heath separated from his wife Sept.07, so I doubt he dated this wack in Dec.07. Luv U Heath.

  • :)

    he was on ellen today
    it was weird….

  • http://hg jellofmeh

    aww even though i didnt really know him its still sad and he was soo young. r.i.p

  • jenn

    Lindsay Lohan ffs?!! She probably dropped her pills down the toilet or something. This girl is all kinds of selfish. I feel bad for Heath’s family and friends..and most of all for his little baby, who will have to grow up without him.

  • Courtney

    So sad. I just hope the family can pull through ok.
    How tragic.

  • marykate

    i dislike lohan but even tho she was with him for a short time i’d be crying too,i mean i don’t even know him and i’m upset.

  • monikay

    this is so sad and heartbreaking
    my prayers go to his family
    i’m sure!!! he didnt want this to happen
    he was a wonderful father and man
    and very talented out of his mind
    RIP love

  • delff

    i juts can’t believe
    poor lindsay
    and poor him and his family…
    i still in’s very sad

  • :(

    she wasnt the only one mourning him in hollywood. there were a lot of celebrities who made comments about it and probably cried about it, doesn’t mean they all dated him at some time. she was just sad and the emotion came out, like i’m sure it did for a lot of other people.

    if she did date him, i dont know. hopefully she’ll turn her life around for him.

  • MMM

    I agree with #28 (Wow). Do you really need to “1st” on a post about Heaths death??? Please stop this, it is immature and disrespectful.

    That said, I had no idea Lindsay was dating Heath!

  • http://cakeface oo

    i doubt it ,the self centered orange alkie..

  • maggie jules

    omg this is sooo sad. loosing someone u love is a hard thing so people need to show respect or don’t comment at all.. sayin ”who care” is soo f*cked up n you need to chill out.

  • 3rd world

    I just watched NOVA tonight about a Turkish family who live a very isolated life because of a genetic infirmary that limits them to walking on their hands and feet. Cut off from society, impoverished; they can’t even enjoy the simple pleasures most of us take for granted. Bad timing I guess but its hard to be anything but philisophical when in the same evening I hear about some privileged westerner throw his life away and deny a daughter her father and his parents’ a son. Perhaps instead of spending a part of his fortune on drugs (for his family’s sake it would be better if this isn’t the case) he could have used his wealth and fame to help destitute people like this, if only to get some perspective on how blessed his life was. What a waste. Sorry if I have offended.

  • kathleen

    I swear, that girl can’t for a second have something not written about her. I’m sure all the people he hung out with/dated etc. are sad. But go figure, leave it to Lindsay Lohan to start crying and visibly show it in front of all the cameras. Oh, feel bad for me I’m a coke whore, feel bad for me my friend died. F uck off!! If you had any class at all, you would have been a lady and waited to be in private before shedding a tear.

  • yep

    43 ITA she has no SHAME!!!!!!!

  • anja

    #43 kathleen

    Oh and so you think she can control her tears when she has just received shocking news like that. It’s not Lindsay’s fault that the paps are always around close by. She is a celebrity for goodness sake.

    As for being “a lady”…why don’t you try and be one and not post such a callous message about someone’s emotions after hearing the shocking news of the someone’s death.

    I am going to not be a lady here and I am going to say to you “you’re a fcuking callous, judgemental b*tch”

  • tony the tiger

    why do we need to see a picture of lindsay blowhan in connection with heath ledger? heath wouldn’t touch her toxic minefield of a body with a ten foot pole.

  • aww

    To “Don’t Care”, if you don’t f**king care, then why are wasting your time posting here, since you have no life and nothing better to do than say ill mannered things to people who just died. I mean wtf?!

    Heath was a dearly loved actor! So just stop reading this and go away and read something YOU CARE ABOUT, jeez. Is that so hard? Talk about being so damn disrespectful to him and his family.

    We love you Heath, and we will all miss you terribly! You were one of my fav actors!

  • jenn

    I’m sure if he dated Lindsay in Dec 2007 he must have caught some deadly virus from her diseased vajajay. Or maybe he took a bad hit from Lindsay’s personal drug dealer and enabler Samantha Ronson.