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Madonna's Sunsilk Commercial

Madonna's Sunsilk Commercial

Three of the world’s most iconic women–Madonna, Shakira and Marilyn Monroe–are going to be featured in a new commercial for Sunsilk (using old stock footage) that will debut during Super Bowl. But you can already watch the commercial below!

It’s all part of a new Sunsilk Campaign called “Life Can’t Wait,” which has the goal of inspiring women all over the world to live their lives to the fullest.

Question: Who’s collecting royalties for Marilyn??

Madonna, Shakira and Marilyn Monroe for Sunsilk
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madonna sunsilk commercial 01
madonna sunsilk commercial 02
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  • Sare

    First to comment, and wow this is a really cool commercial.

  • luckyL

    How the f*** is Shakira iconic?

  • southern

    I’m sorry….when did Shakira become an icon???

  • Orange Clockwork

    Shakira….an icon? WTF?

  • Helena

    Shakira and icon? LOL!

  • sarah

    i lyk the commercial..its cool… i luv shakira

  • http://- tomxxx

    Shakira’s hair are icon… not her

  • goz

    what the heck is shakira doing there?

  • John D

    What a fucking JOKE!!!

  • sofia

    Like everyone else, my question is – why is Shakira part of that group? I’m sorry – she has a looooooooong way to go before she achieves icon status, if she ever does. The pictures look great, though.

  • Ashleigh

    I’m not sure I agree with Shakira being up there with Madonna and Marilyn but she is a bigger deal than a lot people in America think. She has been huge in Mexaco for years and has successfully crossed over to America. Others have tried (Thalia, Paulina Rubio) but none have really succeeded. We have only really heard of her here for the past 4 or so years but she’s been around longer than that.




  • j

    Shakira seriously?

  • Jonathan

    Shakira is a Icon, because she´s not a bitch like Madonna, and she not died as a trash, like marilyn!!!
    Peace lol

  • Jay


  • Jonathan


  • me-d

    Exactly, Shakira’s an icon !!! Beautiful artist !

  • MonkeyShines

    Marilyn’s Estate collects Marilyn’s royalties. I believe that’s several people who are part of MM Estate who profit from licensing Marilyn’s likeness. She named about 9 different people in her will including her old acting coach Lee Strasberg.

  • remember da truth

    Don’t show your ignorance. Just because this is America and Shakira is just another recording artist here, does not mean she is not an icon in that whole vast place called THE REST OF THE WORLD!!

    All throughout South America she has been a HUGE star for a long, long time. She is dating the son of the President of Argentina, and has been for several years. She runs in THOSE kinds of circles. She has been big everywhere BUT America, and even here, is well-known.

  • Dan

    Britney would be better in Shakira’s place

  • millionaire

    I like them all. They are beautiful and rich~~~millionaires~~~lol

  • Kala

    I don’t know why everyone is being so harsh on Shakira. She’s been in this music buisness for over 10 years now. She is HUGE all over the world and even preformed in places Madonna hasn’t. She had one of the biggest world tours in 2006 and she’s sold over 40 million albums. So I think she deserves to be considered an Icon.

    But saying you don’t think Shakira should be in there is kinda pointless. The only reason Madonna is as big as she is, is not because of her talent but is because of her whole career is basically built on scandals.

    I like All three and I as well think they all deserve to be ” icons ” though it’s just a hair commercial….

  • rere

    What a dumb commercial…I do not see the correlation between the women their hair and their success…and i’m pretty sure Shakira and Madonna will never use sunsilk :P


    this is ghey

    you are ghey

    Madonnasss GHEY
    She Looks Like A GIANT Wrinkle.

  • Roadwork

    I like it, its fresh, nice, smart, not griddy. Its not saying these women use Sunsilk. Its saying these women put alot of energy into their hair just like a Sunsilk customer would, because you can use it as a tool in life, amounst millions of other things.

  • Bae

    It’s a nice commercial… but I dont get Shakira’s spot either. I guess she can thank her agent for getting her teamed up with Madonna and Marilyn. Dont get me wrong because I like Shaki but she is not an icon like Madonna and Marilyn.

  • CJ

    More money in Maddie’s pocket (and I thought she found religion and disowned the material world, please). At least the use the only good song from her, “Ray of Light”, but of course her vocals are pure auto-tune.

  • http://n/a richard

    MM Estates is Susan Strasberg. At least 75 percent of it.

  • bobobo

    Shakira is NOT legendary! and shes just a mutt.

  • nera

    shakira is a bigger star than they’ll ever be.

  • jeroen

    Come on guys!!! LET´S BE HONEST!! I´m from the Netherlands and I´ve been living in the US for eight years now though I come back home to see my family as often as I can. As everyone knows, Shakira is really popular in America, and she has sold over 6.5 million albums ONLY in this country since she released her first English record “Laundry Service” back in 2001. And this is only what she´s achieved in the USA…But let me say that she´s HUGE all over Europe, and especially in countries like mine or France, the UK…, selling millions of records all over there… I mean, she´s sold close to 50 million albums worldwide ( in the era of downloading) and she´s only 30!!!!! (by the way Madonna is already 50…) Last year, nearly 50,000 people attended her Oral Fixation Tour show in the Netherlands. I was there and I gotta say IT WAS AMAZING!! From that night on, I´ve been a big fan of hers. Marilyn and her REALLY are icons!! Madonna is just A CHEAP ARTIST WHO HAS ALWAYS BASED HER MUSICAL SUCCESS IN SCANDALS AND STUPID WAYS OF GETTING DRESSED!!!!!

  • monster Inc

    This is GREAT!!!!

  • googlitery

    I completely agree with “Jeroen, Sarah, Jonathan, Jay, Me-d, Nera,” and especially agree with “remember da truth & Kala”. Some people’s comments really shows their level of ignorance. One thing is that some of you (..and that’s OK, really!!!) might not like shakira and/or her music but something very different is that you’re failing to see the success she has with millions, millionsssssssss of people all around the globe (not just your backyard!!)



  • lisab

    Totally unmemorable commercial! We kept waiting for the Madonna commercial the entire Super Bowl; this did not stand out at all…

  • selene

    does anyone know how to make the pictures look like that?

  • kendykane

    what is the name of madonna’s song in this?

  • rogelio mejias

    shakira is an icon in music
    coz her songs have the heart and soul
    open ure senses when u listen o her songs
    then u well know don be blindand deaf
    shakira has he heart that other artist dont have
    being true sincere passionate and devouted to humanity
    makes u an icon and shakira has it all

  • CAtherine

    LOVE Madonna and Marilyn.

    And, to emphasize a point…


  • Arab.Aquarius

    i like the style of the ad. nicely done

  • icon shakira….??????????????

    madonna, marilyn, and so many other women like jackie kennedy or sarah jessica parker or i can name one or tow more who are icons in different fields but shakira? LOL i mean shes not even a good singer only thing she does right is shake her big ass and shes a great song writer but as someone else said before she’s still far way from that status think is more like a colombian fan behind the campaign coz as much as i like her she aint an icon ;-)

    ps and for the user who said that shes a mexican goddess let me tell u shakira is to mexico the same thing that japanese to chinese hehe

  • joksame


    shakira is a icon!

    aunque les duela..

    shakira is just far betther than them..


  • kristel

    Madonna and Monroe are beautiful classics whom definitely carry a legacy that will last for ever but quit hatin on Shakira….she doesn’t have to b as huge a success as the others but should still be honored 4 her great looks, talent, dancin etc. She is a beautiful Latin women & its nice to see a lil culture comin across. Tu eres muy bonita Shakira, Te amo!


    Shakira is an ICON….. to those who have been living under rocks you don’t know wut an icon is…. Just cuz you have Millions of dollars does not make you an icon…. is all she’s done to get where she is at rite now…. So did Madonna… don’t be ignorants….. Learn Something….

  • Tope

    YES, SHAKIRA IS AN ICON! I love her :D