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Scarlett Johansson Visits the Troops

Scarlett Johansson Visits the Troops

Scarlett Johansson boots morale (and a whole lot more) for nearly 600 troops at Camp Buehring, Kuwait in the Persian Gulf.

The 23-year-old bombshell entertained service officers as part of a USO/Army Morale Welfare Recreation entertainment tour. Scarlett posed for photos and signed autographs for eager troops.

“It’s important to give people a piece of home and to boost morale,” Johansson said about her visit. “Everybody out here is risking everything, giving us one of the biggest gifts they can. I want to be out here to support them.”

Added Johansson, “This USO tour to the Gulf region truly means a lot. I’ve wanted to go over and visit for some time, and now my moment has arrived. It’s one thing to reply to a letter or extend your thanks to service members in a speech, but it’s another thing to visit them and spend time with those that do so much for us back home.”

10+ pictures inside of Scarlett Johansson visiting the troops…

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scarlett johansson visits the troops 01
scarlett johansson visits the troops 02
scarlett johansson visits the troops 03
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scarlett johansson visits the troops 05
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Photos: Cpl. Scott M. Biscuiti
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  • Anonym

    uwwww yellow teeth!

  • juhly



  • Nando

    LOL @ yellow teeth.

  • pitsy Poots

    She shouldn’t wear a ponytail. Her hairline is so short at the nape of her neck she looks like she has Downs Syndrome.

  • talula

    I bet I know what those soldiers are thinking.

  • Scorpio

    I like her!

  • null

    Good for Scarlett. Yellow teeth or no. She looks cute.

  • xxxx

    i can’t stand this girl. she doesn’t look cute, she looks annoying.
    and i’ll never get why people find her hot. sure she has huge boobs, but her head is gigantic compared with the rest of her body, she has way too short longs and a way too long torso.
    but i don’t think her teeth look that bad, i’ll give her that.

  • Scarlett ist eine Nutte

    hey guys take a closer look!,She has a mustache!!!!
    He,he how embarrassing!

  • cmo

    You’d think with all the money in the world you’d at least invest in your product i.e your body and image!! and i guess its her thing but i wish she’d dress for her age just for once. still a gorgeous woman though.

  • Julianne

    Here she is visiting our troops, and you are sitting on your azz commenting on her teeth in the photos….or did you write that while you had your Crest White Strips on? Petty.

    Is this shallow comment day? I missed it, when I logged on.

    She is absolutely beautiful, and I would imagine has a great movie career ahead of her.

    Some of you people are just so mean.. any reflection of what is lacking in your sorry azz lives?

  • Julianne

    What’s wrong with what she has on?

    Can you spell J E A L O U S ???

  • cmo

    Ha, oh the sweet sweet irony of someone commenting about sorry azz lives when they are a. stanning for someone who couldnt give a damn about who they are.

    So what if shes visiting the troops.. arranged publicity. This is hollywood, nothing happens for no reason, wake up slow one.

  • Holly

    wow, this girl goes and does something nice and gets a slew of hateful comments. that goes to show the lack of character on this board.
    she’s a gorgeous girl and people need to put petty jealousy aside and either keep their opinions to themselves or say something nice. and if you honestly do think she’s unattractive, why would you even say it?? negative energy will bring no good to your life and there are better ways to spend your time.

  • amle

    Scarlett is a very pretty and nice girl.

  • kitten

    to #13, don’t be stupid. this girl hardly needs to seek out press, she’s one of the current “it list” people in hollywood, she has all the attention anyone in her business could want.

  • cmo

    rose tinted glasses are not my world so get over it, freedom of speech and all that. if this was a fansite i’d accept all these tears being shed all over your keyboards.

  • steven

    WOW.. look how much CMO posts and he/she doesn’t even like the girl. Don’t you have something better to do with your time? Doesn’t anyone want to talk to you or are you some sort of outcast who trolls blogs leaving hateful comments about people. Considering you don’t like Scarlett you’d think you wouldn’t spend so much time posting hatemail style comments or re-checking and re-checking comments to see if anyone has responded to you. Get a life.

  • alex p

    something happened to her face.. she looks different, nah maybe it’s just the make up, anyway it’s too much

  • cmo

    Oh dont worry about me hun, I can work get paid and have fun at sad saps like you, so what if i post, so does your sorry ass, now back to scarlett instead of you paying me so much attention, im sure you dont care right.

  • kuwaiti

    its called the arab gulf, not the persian..

  • luckyL

    Waita go Scarlett!

  • elle

    hehe, CM H*MO sure is a lewser. i guess nobody wants to talk to him so he comes and picks on people here. how long til he reads this and responds lol? obviously he’s got nothing else to do.

    scarlett looks super pretty but maybe a bit too mature for how she should dress and style herself. and so what if she has a couple specks on her teeth? you think celebs have naturally perfect teeth? no, its called veneers. and i’d love to see the teeth or pics of people that put her down.

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    sorry she is ugly, she used to hot, i have no idea what happend…..but she is doing a good job .

  • erica

    beautiful lady

  • The Arab Aquarius

    LOL @ boots a whole lot more. I am sure she had a few cadets at “full attention” LOL

  • slug

    she is so wanting to be the new Marilyn…. she makes me sick!

  • Musicisourhigh

    I’m fine with the way she dress. Evidently it suits her. She is buying the stuff, she is wearing the stuff so it just doesn’t matter what we think

    in life someone will always be satisfied and someone will always be dissatisfied

  • hypocrite

    Julianne – I couldn’t agree more.

    I love this girls intentions. She doesn’t get shit faced at a bar and drive home afterwards and she doesn’t seek out the paparazzi like the majority of actors and actresses her age.

    She is one of the few REAL ones in Hollywood. People are just jealous that they can’t find any flaw about her other than her teeth – I doubt your teeth are so white…

  • Didi

    i bet she blew them all too. stupid tart . that would have shot their spirits up dramatically.

    cant believe she shagged benicio de toro (you know.. the actor who looks like an ex-rapist that just got released from prison) in a lift . shes a big wh*re who sleeps around with all sorts of people in hollywood to get parts. i wouldnt mind if she was a good actress but she isn’t.


    she has a reputation of being quite loose, she is ugly, but you gotta say visiting our troops is a great thing she did! what the heck is up with her hair, not flattering at all.

  • vanessa

    that lipstick or wtvr doesn`t fit her much….she`s cute though i like her ;)

  • awesome

    Here she is visiting our troops, and you are sitting on your azz commenting on her teeth in the photos….or did you write that while you had your Crest White Strips on? Petty.

    Is this shallow comment day? I missed it, when I logged on.

    She is absolutely beautiful, and I would imagine has a great movie career ahead of her.

    Some of you people are just so mean.. any reflection of what is lacking in your sorry azz lives?



    She is beautiful & visiting our troops & a wonderful actress, I lOVE HER!!

  • hypocrite

    PATTY – believe what you want. Fact is that you DO NOT know her. Get that through your tiny brain.

  • hypocrite


    Did you wake up on the wrong side of your cold, lonely bed this morning?

    Thing is – you are J-E-A-L-O-U-S! It’s so obvious. You are sitting at home pining away because you never received any sort of fame. Your paying for it now by being jealous!

  • hypocrite


  • Carly

    She looks very pretty. And it was nice of her to go over there and spend time with the troops. :)

  • Mayfly

    Her eyes are gorgeous, and she is tiny! I love the picture of her next to that huge soldier.

  • lara

    It’s great that she’s visiting our troops. She looks gorgeous and she’s tiny.

    Also, why is it that whenever someone makes a negative comment about a celebrity, everyone calls them jealous. The world isn’t filled with puppy dogs and rainbows. No one has to kiss a celebrities ass, especially when they could care less. So let people say what they want to, positve or negative. Here’s a thought, maybe they aren’t jealous, maybe it’s their personal opinion.

  • RachelSun

    they say your jealous BECAUSE YOU ARE! you get your jollys by anonymously bashing celebrities on blogs. big whup. you are not only jealous but cowards.

    The girl went because she gets a lot of fan mail from the troops. It is called morale MF hateful idiots. If you knew any one in the military you would know how much these types of visits mean to them.

    You children need to get some kind of a conscience and empathy or you will be sorry excuses for a human being for the rest of your miserable lives.
    That is my freedom of speech right to say as an American and the ideals our troops are fighting for.

  • WesStrikesBack

    If that’s what Down Syndrome looks like, I’m going to start banging retarded chicks.

  • jessica


  • hypocrite

    jessica, lol so true. I also see a lot of feet pictures. Either he’s got a foot fetish or a shoe fetish.. I’ve never seen so many pictures of stars feet and shoes than on this site…