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Bennifer: More House Hunting!

Bennifer: More House Hunting!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck (sans daughter Violet) continue to shop around for new houses in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

Jen wore a parajumpers (PJS) jacket from an elite special aerial rescue team with US Air Force that specializes in recovery and medical treatment of personnel in humanitarian and combat environments. Pararescue persons live up to their motto,”That Others May Live” (sewn onto the jacket patch).

10+ pictures inside of Ben and Jen house hunting…

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bennifer house hunting 01
bennifer house hunting 02
bennifer house hunting 03
bennifer house hunting 04
bennifer house hunting 05
bennifer house hunting 06
bennifer house hunting 07
bennifer house hunting 08
bennifer house hunting 09
bennifer house hunting 10

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  • MMM

    “Yay, a new house”, that is the expression on their faces.

  • marisleysis

    They rarely seem happy to be together. She looks happier when she’s out with the little violet and without him.
    And he seems indifferent.

  • margie


  • Mia

    Ben’s lost weight

  • lll

    its 51 degrees here, what does she need that horrid jacket for?
    ben legs look like sticks, how much weight loss has he lost. and both look miserable..this is what the real jen looks like without all the cake make up.

  • wow

    Could they look any more miserable? I think not.

  • that is an

    They need a makeover and new loves.

  • wtf

    They should finally divorce and get it over with, so that all of us can be proven right and we won’t have to see pictures of them so miserable anymore.
    Oh yeah, we all know who is paying for this house, Jen is the only one working, what has Ben done lately?
    Rumors of problems are getting louder about these two, Jen needs to just get it over with, she is only making it worse on herself staying in this relationship, Ben is a loser and a jerk, she doesn’t need him. She divorced once, no shame in doing it again if you need to.

  • insulting

    OMG, do they look pathetic. They are in need of some serious intervention. He looks like he is on crack. Jen did mention crack and Ben’s name at the same time, was it a subliminal message??? These two got a whole lot of nothing going on, no chemistry whatsoever, whatever!!!!!

  • Chloe

    The only time either of them looks remotely happy is when they are alone with their daughter. They always look totally miserable when they are together….they just have no chemistry and I doubt the marriage will last. They obviously are together only for the sake of Violet.

  • Mari

    Maybe they’re down because of Heath Ledger. No idea if they knew him personally, but it wouldn’t be surprising.

  • who cares

    These two are like Gwynneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, those two always look miserable too, ofcourse they are hardly photographed together anyway.
    I’m surprised that with all the paparazzi following them everywhere they go, they sure are not masking the fact that they are miserable together, you’d think that they would atleast pretend to be happy just to get people to think things are okay. But no, they look miserable all the time and show the world everytime they are photographed just how miserable they are to be with each other. If Heath Ledger’s death teaches them anything it’s that life is too short, you might as well be happy while you’re living even if it means ending a marriage to find true happiness.

  • tc

    wow…they do look pissed. Maybe they know they are being photographed and it is just wearing on their nerves.

  • question Jared?


    When these two finally divorce, will you be happy
    about it? Something tells me you will be.

  • Eme

    #8 – What has he done lately?: … Hmmm… let’s think. Heard of the little film “Gone Baby Gone” ? Ben co-wrote and directed. And you know what? It was actually pretty brilliant – a shared opinion by many.

    And what’s with everyone dogging there appearance? I commend Jennifer and Ben for looking… OH WAIT – NORMAL. Regardless if they have problems in their relationship or not (which is… oh wait again, NORMAL!!), they seem to have found a realistic outlook on life. A separation of work and personal living. They know the difference. It’s sure a shame many of you sure as hell don’t. Why is image so important to everyone rather than character? How many smiling celebrity couples end it weeks later…? Life is not sunshine in a bottle just because you’re “rich and famous.” Besides if you notice, they seem to be pissed off that the Papps have invited themselves on their house hunting venture.

  • groundcontrol

    Do we even know that this house is for both of them? Maybe it’s just for one of them – I would think because of Violet the other would still want a say in the new house.

    Just saying.

  • karmitis

    Bennifer 2. That’s hilarious!!!!!Jlo will always be a thorn in that marriage!!!!

  • No saint

    He’s just pissed off because if he knew that he was going to be followed all the time, he would have at least married his true love lol.

  • wtf


    Gone Baby Gone tanked, I don’t care if it was considered a “critical success”, Nobody saw it. Period.
    Ben is miserable and he’s making everyone around him miserable too, Jen is a happy person she always has been, the fact that he’s making her life miserable proves what a jerk he truly is.
    If and when these two split up, I promise you this, Ben will be so hated that he will probably never be able to act in a movie again let alone direct one, producers will steer clear of him for fear that they will lose money. Jen on the other hand will be fine.

  • Please

    She’s such a phony baloney. When she’s with Violet she can’t get enough of the paparazzis and being photographed. When she’s with Affleck she pretends to look upset for him. He’s the one who’s always covering Violet’s face not her. I just get this feeling that Jennifer’s just setting the stage for when they do break up everyone will remember pics of them together or being a family are few and far between. Just wait

  • I just love them!!!!

    pics of them together makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    ben ALWAYS looks pissed when with her. lol and we all know why… look at her. lol c’mon, just look at her.

  • !

    Jen has such a beautiful face!
    the woman doesn’t wear make up like at all and still looks pretty
    thanx for the pics

  • I love her hair

  • ?

    they look miserable and jen looks like she needs to gain 10 lbs. why don’t they just divorce and stop this sham of a marriage. staying together just for violet’s sake may not be a good idea.

  • the court

    their so sad, divorce already geez ,it’s a fake marriage, gone baby gone was terrible, jen made him write a bad script, all the marital problems and’s over..been over..only in name are they married. who will get the house..

  • Please

    She looks like she’s been crying and has a kleenex in her left hand

  • kathy

    cute couple.. moving can be stressful even for the very rich

  • kathy

    and its raining out here in cali

  • no luv

    doomed marriage admit it..shes homely

  • Please

    They’re not moving they’re looking at properties and the one’s they’re looking at appear to be very small. Interesting

  • Jen looks great!

    and I love her coat I need it! it’s freezing here!
    I don’t care what the haters say when people are “separating” they don’t go house shopping together
    Jen looks sad because she is sad her grandma died and the paps are chasing her and her husband why should she make them happy and give them what they want?!
    and to the person who said C&G are like them well I hope so they managed to stay together no matter what people say!
    Violet is a lucky little hollywood kid that has the best chances of growing up to be normal!!!

  • Adoring Fan

    You people are so out of touch with reality. Ben and Jen are so smitten with each other. If you knew them at all you would know that. Regardless as to what you all think, I know first hand that they are more in love than ever. Don’t judge by what you deem to be true. They are both better actors than any of you give them credit for.

  • ben in SOP

    Ben took over Ed Norton’s role in State of Play, now with Russell Crowe. He should have a good payday for that role.

    Ben seldom looks happy. I don’t know why. He seems miserable most of the time.

    Jen looks thin, maybe the play in NYC took a toll on her, or maybe she’s expecting.

    Ben sold his LA home and moved into Jen’s home when they married. Maybe they just want a bigger home.

    Also this never walking the red carpet together or posing on the RC together is so GP and CMartin. They are married, what is the big deal about the RC? RC’s do not break a couple up. Childish behavior to me.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen is so pretty and Ben is cute. Love them.

  • to #31

    how do you know it’s small?!

  • HA HA

    Oh please. Look at her. She’s skin and bones and fading fast. He’s indifferent. What makes people even think they’re buying a home together? These houses do look so small and look like only ONE of them will be living there.

    Jen’s 15 yr old fan girls are here posting how they know for *fact* how happy they are. Girl Power! lol

  • wtf

    Adoring fan,

    And we’re supposed to take your word for that. Prove that you know them and that what we are seeing is just an act. Otherwise all you are is just an “adoring, dillusional fan” that can’t handle the truth.

  • Please

    Pics of them from yesterday are on other sites and the houses are very small that they’re looking at

  • why act miserable

    Adoring Fan @ 01/23/2008 at 11:26 pm

    Why would they act so miserable when they are together? That makes no sense. There is a big difference between just not smiling and looking somewhat normal and looking very very miserable and unhappy as they do.

    Whenever she’s out with Violet she can’t stop smiling. She is out with Violet almost everyday and is always happy. Never upset with the paps. Now Ben is always unhappy with the paps.

    And she was just out with Violet this weekend and again 2 days ago and her grandmother was dead and buried Saturday and she was in LA, not at the funeral.

  • Adoring Fan

    They are soul mates. They are so like minded. They belong together. Both of so “un-hollywood”. They make a beautiful couple and together made a gorgeous little girl who they love and adore and are bringing her up with the same family values they grew up with. Trust and believe.

  • question

    Please @ 01/23/2008 at 11:24 pm

    Why would they be looking at smaller houses?

    Very interesting.

  • Please

    I mean look it’s beyond annoying to have the paps all up in your business but once in awhile they catch you being yourself. You never even see any relaxed, enjoyable moments between them. They don’t even look at each other and smile or hold hands. It’s odd . When Ben went on Larry King I knew then something was up because he was just misery, no affect and had a chip on his shoulder. And yeah her grandmother died and what she didn’t go?

  • They are upset with PAPS

    Look at the pic of them in the window pointing at the paps all upset. Hows would you like to be followed for no reason like that? These are lousy pictures because they dont even show the house.Paps are who they are pissed at –not eachother idiots. They are looking at 22+ million dollar homes because they are expanding their family next year. Maybe right now. Ben looks pissed because he sees them and hates them. He doesnt preen for the cameras anymore so live with it.

  • finally

    will they be announcing their separation soon..


    They are happily in love.
    Maybe they are sad by the news of the death of Heath Ledger.
    That is why the sad face.

  • HA HA

    What family values? Affleck’s parents divorced, his father was an alcoholic and his mother lived with a man for years, never marrying. Hello

  • well

    good for them If they decided to not walk the red carpet together (bad for the fans though they were the cutest couple at the GG last year)
    they don’t want to mix their personal life with their Job and this stupid award shows are so commercial now it’s scary with all this people criticizing you and the way you interact with the person you came with
    they can live without being together for a few minutes and thats a good thing I hate all this in love shit infront of the cameras

  • you are lost

    Adoring Fan @ 01/23/2008 at 11:38 pm

    They are soul mates. They are so like minded. They belong together. Both of so “un-hollywood”. They make a beautiful couple and together made a gorgeous little girl who they love and adore and are bringing her up with the same family values they grew up with. Trust and believe.

    What planet are you living on? Ben is as much Hollywood as one can be. Ben’s dad was an alcoholic and his mom had some tough times. What family values are you talking about? Don’t you know anything?

  • HA HA

    They are looking at 22+ million dollar homes because they are expanding their family next year. Maybe right now.

    Oh get real. If Violet wasn’t an accident she wouldn’t be married to this guy and she’d be having kids at 40 like she always said and again said this year. She needed to work this year and no kids in the horizon for awhile. Stop being delusional