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Dita Von Teese Slips Us the Tongue

Dita Von Teese Slips Us the Tongue

Dita Von Teese (in JPG) sticks out her tongue as she arrives for the Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show, as part of Paris Fashion Week (Haute Couture) Spring-Summer 2008 on Wednesday in Paris, France.

Later on in the day, the 35-year-old burlesque beauty attended the Elie Saab show (red dress).

Dita is the first celebrity designer to work with Wonderbra. The collection launches in September.

10+ pictures inside of Dita Von Teese slipping us the tongue…

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dita von teese tongue 01
dita von teese tongue 02
dita von teese tongue 03
dita von teese tongue 04
dita von teese tongue 05
dita von teese tongue 06
dita von teese tongue 07
dita von teese tongue 08
dita von teese tongue 09
dita von teese tongue 10

Photos: Francois Durand/Getty, KCSPresse/Splash News Online
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  • kee


  • kee

    nice,but don’t like her

  • argg

    shes purtyyyy

  • steve

    She’s so cool. wish you had more pics of her.

  • pinkrose




  • gypsy marie

    forgive me as i’m in an extremely cynical mood today, but enough already with your “theme” dita! grow up! this isn’t a movie from the 30′s. it’s real life!

  • SNOG


  • http://yep yep

    # 31 oh @ 01/23/2008 at 3:07 pm Dita Von Teese is really a stripper( burlesque)?
    2. a theatrical entertainment ;skits songs, dances, and frequently striptease acts.
    She strips in front of strange men for $$$ she’s a stripper.
    So TRue what a hoe.

  • SNOG


  • SNOG

    SHIT! 3RD?

  • This is da 20th cetury

    Granny in drag ewwwww, get some sun ms.thang.
    more plastic surgery is so needed.

  • Emily

    This is a nice change from Katie Holmes. She looks really beautiful in the large photos.

  • gia

    It’s Fashion Week. You’re going to see lots of Dita, Posh, etc….
    Love the red on her!

  • Pomme

    I think the dress is a bit too long but I do love the colour….

  • alyssa

    anyone notice Jean-Paul Gaultier was mis-spelled, without the r on the end.. lol..

  • white dove

    hmmm….I’ll give her credit — she’s not afraid to be different.

  • to pale

    What club is she appearing in I could bring my great grand dad??



  • ITA

    #13 – Agreed. I am so TIRED of always seeing Katie Holmes and the High School Musical gang.

  • she’s gross

    Shortly before getting married the brunette said: “I’m into bon*dage.
    She also admitted “dabbling” in the sort of ero*tic –
    a*sph*yxiation* that cost INXS singer Michael Hutchence his life in 1997.

  • Red Head

    I love women in red. ;-)

  • Mr. P

    Beautiful as usual!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    omg, she’s fcuking ugly.

  • cat

    The coat is lovely

  • deedee

    At least the old crowd isn’t stripping.
    This woman is not classy.
    I don’t respect her. Bad example. JMO.

  • DeeDee

    is she wearing Gaultier?

  • Little nibbles

    The stripper=w-h-o-r-e assumptions are getting old. Get over it!

    She looks fantastic!



  • Sarie

    I don’t get the appeal or why she’s famous. Wasn’t she married to Marilyn Manson who s now shacked up with the chick from Across the Universe? And on that note… Jim Sturgess is HOT!

  • not good.

    Some of you are hypocrits..Let me get this straight, Pam Anderson is obvious how she sells se x to make a living.
    Dita dresses in designer clothes but still sells se x to make a living..but its ok, since Dita dresses it up,,though she is doing the same thing as Pam, except worse, if youv’e seen her acts.
    Okay,,, haaaaaaaa.,,LMAO,,, women being viewed as se x objects ,,
    but some defining it the way one chooses to see it…

    ladies its still women exploiting their goods ..womens lib oy.

  • hubba hubba

    i wish Dita would slip me some tongue *wink*

  • allie

    uh. she’s not “sexy”

  • Jmho

    Well, I don’t get the appeal of why Jessica Alba is famous. She sucks as an actress.

  • hide the kids

    # 29 Little nibbles @ 01/23/2008 at 3:49 pm The stripper=w-h-o-r-e assumptions are getting old. Get over it!
    She looks fantastic!
    Don’t Agree.
    I just caught on to the assumptions.NO to getting over it!!
    ITA, she’s a stipper+W-H-O-R-E!!!
    She looks NASTY!!!

  • Frenchy

    She’s dressed beautifully like many women in my family. But I still can’t wrap my head around her being a stripper.

  • luckyL

    #29 Little nibbles, totally on point, and like I said, the style she chooses to exude she does so flawlessly.

  • Allie

    ^She does dress beautifully. I don’t understand the fixation on her being a stripper. It doesn’t make her a whore. She’s only been linked to Manson so if people call her a hoe, then most celebs are hoes.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    how is she beautiful? look at all the makeup on her face.she’s wearing a fcuking makeup mask. lol.

  • Didi

    look jared stop posting sh*t about this f*cking pale witch everywhere, im getting nightmares where she appears regularly trying to extract my soul and take it to the bowels of hell. shes a scary woman, and she’s fug. She belongs on Mary Kings Close not on a celebrity website. I am sure she has potions, a broomstick and a cauldron at home.

  • the_original_nika

    so pale… or is that alot of makeup!? =\. just checking…
    I’m curious to see her line.

  • Jim

    She’s too overly made-up, too stage-y, too costume-y…enough already. She’s begun to look like a female impersonator.

  • appealing not

    31 not good. I agree we women can not have in both ways. I have seen her on interviews with MM and she let him demean her in front of the hosts/audience. Just because she puts on fashion designer wear, the truth is under that caked out face, the woman is paid to be an exhibionist and gets off on it. Thats not to be admired. Tweens/teens are on this site> Zanessa fans. I don’t approve. I rather thinks she’s strifling and homely. What’s so grand about her look ?

  • remember da truth

    The difference between what Dita Von Teese does and what a stripper does is the same difference between cheap models in catalogues for sex shops and high fashion models in Vogue. If you don’t understand that, well, go back to the trailer, huh, I’m sure your unemployed honey has some pork rinds for you.

    She looks very stylish. Everything she does is high class visual effects, and tongue in cheek. She is performance art herself!

  • a e i o u

    shes trashy ,a stripper.that says it all. 44 i usaually agree with your posts not this time. i google her. she’s a burlesque stripper.

  • Didi

    jumped up stripper with cake mix all over her face.

  • She Rocks It

    I don’t care if she runs around buck naked 24-7. We should be so lucky to see a naked Miss. Von Teese instead of Britney’s crusty vagina and Hollywood Ebola playing tonsil hockey at Sundance. She carries herself better than the current crop of celebutards and always looks flawlessly put together. Go Dita!

  • foul

    What a Tramp. Bad enough she was married to that freak MM, but to be so foul in what she does. I don’t care to see her fake jugs or her spinster bun,or the thick layered mask of facial make up.
    What qualifies her as a celebrity??
    Being married to a freak gives you celebrity status, azz showing? No decent woman needs to be showing their goods in that manner & for money .This one goes way over board.

  • sCary

    i like her coat but she looks kinda scary. especially with her sickly white skin. i dont have anything against pale skin but hers looks unnatural!!

  • from One old broad

    to another she’s gorgeous and having fun. If I had her money and body, I’d dress like that too. How much fun is that! haha!!