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Halle Berry's New Short Curls

Halle Berry's New Short Curls

Halle Berry debuts a short new do while running errands with her bodyguard in Universal City, Calif. on Wednesday. Much more manageable for a new mom!

And dang–that huge belly of hers grew overnight. Halle is supposedly due in March but it looks like she could pop at any moment!

And peep Halle‘s new henna tattoos that she got on her feet!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Halle’s new short curls?

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halle berry curls 01
halle berry curls 02
halle berry curls 03
halle berry curls 04
halle berry curls 05
halle berry short curls 01
halle berry short curls 02
halle berry short curls 03
halle berry short curls 04
halle berry short curls 05
halle berry short curls 06

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  • pops


  • Annie


  • hey halle.

    it’s looks like a messy circus clown wig. get rid of it.

  • Cy

    very beautiful, love her new look.

  • she looks

    cute,she looks like she is going to have big baby.

  • oh

    oh good ,she took the weave/clip on hair pieces out,maybe this is real hair–her own.

  • j

    HORRIBLE hair! I love her hair in the super short pixie

  • Mary

    wow is it safe to wear those shoes when youre that far along in your pregnancy?

  • Natalie

    I like her long straight hair more, it made her look younger :p

    but yeah, shes huge to be due in march, thats still over a month and a half away :\ unless she is having triplets, i think she’ll pop soon lol

  • Haley

    her hair looks like nick jonas’ of the jonas brothers!! i swear from behind, i couldnt tell the difference!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    It is simply unfair how utterly perfect looking this woman is. My fvorite look for her is her short short hair when she accepted the Oscar but I LOVE this style. Very romantic. Very 1920′s flapper. I imagine she dressed in a beautiful metallic gown with this sort of Jean Harlow look. Wow, she would look amazing. her kid will be too cute for words.


    shes lukks weird with her new cut

  • malene

    not a fan.
    i have never understood all the fuss over halle.
    seriously what is so special about her?
    you can go anywhere in america, walk down the street and see so many gorgeous black women who are way, way more beautiful than halle.
    i guess the reason she is different is because she is the famous one.

  • ladybug

    very cute… but i’m a little worried about what happened to her man. he’s never in pics anymore

  • the_original_nika

    stylish, not the hair though.
    damn looks like about to pop out anytime.

  • Logan

    ladybug- there were a couple of shots of them a few weeks ago. But I have a weird feeling about them; he looks so disinterested. If I were a betting person, I’d say that relationship is not long for this world.

  • MMM

    She looks just like Whitney Houston! I don’t mean that as a compliment.

  • LT

    he just gave her a ring peanut gallery…not engagement, cuz she doesn’t wanna walk down that road again. it was a token of his love & commitment. I think they are just fine & excited!

  • Beautiful Halle

    Halle has wonderful hair….I liked the super short hairstyle, too! She’s looking tired as her pregnancy winds down and, hopefully, her diabetic condition is stablized and not creating a challenge.

    IMO she’s going to have a girl!

  • marisleysis

    She had to get a wig because you can’t dye your hair when you’re pregnant.
    Hated it.

  • buckeyegurl

    She still looks beautiful, but I liked her straight hair better. And she is freakin HUGE! I wonder if she still wants to be pregnant forever, as she stated a month or two ago!!??

  • sasha

    I hate the hair! Lots of pregnant women ruin thei hair for some reason!

  • Suzz

    Refreshing … not everyone has to have poker straight hair?

  • STAR

    It’s cute! I bet that’s her natural hair..i like it!

  • T

    cute, probably less maintenance

  • teddy-booboo

    She looks beautiful & so maternal WOW

  • swe3t23

    looks like nick jonas hair

  • TooManyTatoos

    Are those tatoos on both of her feet?

  • 2985

    Ooh, gorgeous! Easier to keep and cute! I wish her the best really, even if I don’t know her. :)

  • kyla

    at first i thought it was nick jonas.
    She looks stunning and perfect. I wish her all the best and the baby : )

  • rose

    I dont like her hair

  • Lady

    That is Halle’s natural hair – I am biracial too and when I was pregnant I could not stand the pain of blow drying my hair straight every other day.

  • zoe

    the hair’s not horrendous…but its not good either, just okay.
    halle’s a beautiful woman- looked better with long straight hair! she does look quite big….twins?

  • noa

    You can dye your hair pregnant…. I don’t know why people say that these days when there are tons of dyes without ammonia in them.
    Usually ammonia smells quite strong and isn’t great when your pregnant (and probably not great for the baby either), pregnancy can make your skin extremely sensitive and change the nature of your hair… some dyes simply won’t “stick”, some might cause an allergy…. BUT I haven’t seen pregnant hairdressers get medical leaves because they’re around ammonia fumes…

    Halle looks pretty. HATE the henna tattoos though. Here in Marrakesh I see them all the time and me no likey.

  • Ruth

    Halle looks beautiful (as usual). I wish her all the best.

  • angelina_mmm

    she looks great

  • hanane

    she’s beautiful pregnat

  • hanane


  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    this woman is perfect in every way, even the way she speaks ..i could careless about her hair, she could shave it all off, and i would still think she is beautiful.

  • Suzanne

    she can never look bad.

  • CG


  • http://none m

    She is beautiful! and so down to earth! where is her man?

  • To: Ladybug, Logan & LT

    Ladybug…Logan’s right there were (damage control photos) of them shopping and going to the doctors a few weeks ago when he suddenly popped in town to ward off rumors that he was incognito, they split etc.

    Logan…you’re probably right. The photos were forced. In none of them, he didn’t look real thrilled to be with her doing damage control. Don’t want to hear he’s so shy/hates the pappis from the Halle/Gabe lovers. Nothing more than a paid sperm donor (if it’s really Gayboy’s kid) who’s wondering what the hell he got himself into.

    LT…Gabe DID NOT buy Halle a ring nor has ever bought her any jewelry. Cartier was the sponsor of the event. They gave the ring to Halle as a gift unless the rumor is true she bought for herself doing more damage control with the bi-coastal living thing rumors running again and that the damage control photos didn’t work. Seriously, doubt he had the ring specially made for her. The guy doesn’t show up for any doctors appts until a few weeks ago and has spent most of the last 5 months in NYC. He’s not in LA as much as people think trust me. So, what makes you think it is true that he would buy her a $10K pave diamond platinum ring from Cartier’s, just bc some sleaze supermarket ragmag said so?

    He didn’t buy any fucking bling never did nor never will. Again, nothing more than Halle’s fantasy bs. Plus, regardless of what Gayboy supposedly makes, he’s from my friends in NYC he’s up to his eyes and debt and has been for good while which is the only reason he hooked up with Halle. He also didn’t buy a matching friendship necklace from Canada, Halle bought her own to match his.

    Looks like the AA comments of him being a K-fraud are looking more and more to be true.

  • Tats on her hands too

    She also has tats on her hands too from the other pix from yesterday on the net. Is that safe for the baby?

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Love her curls! She looks super.

  • Ely

    She is one adorable pregnant woman

  • Sugah cane

    it’s cute on her.but i wonder what’s the point of the tattoos.

  • abc

    Have always loved Halle and wish her and her baby the best but DO NOT like this hairstyle on her AT ALL

  • Sinna

    Love the hair. I think she looks really good and happy. My daughter has naturally curly hair like that, and it’s a pain to try and blow dry it straight only to have it curl back up if it gets wet or too hot.
    I really don’t think she’s that big…but hey, both of my kids were over 9 lbs.

  • stefanie

    I love it. I always thought she looked better with short hair.