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Drug Packets Found In Heath Ledger's Apartment

Drug Packets Found In Heath Ledger's Apartment

New evidence has surfaced in the shocking death of Heath Ledger, who was found dead inside his SoHo apartment on Tuesday afternoon.

Police recovered several drug packets containing an unknown substance and a $20 bill with narcotic residue on it, reports CBS.

This is in addition to the prescription anxiety drugs Valium and Zoloft and prescription sleeping medication Ambien that were found in the apartment. All of these items were listed on the official police report from the scene.

It is not clear whether these items belonged to Heath or whether he even actually ingested them.

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  • j

    My heart is with their families. Michelle and Matilda are in my prayers as well as his friends and family members.

  • Logan

    Sad to say, but I had heard for years Heath had a MAJOR problem with cocaine. I would be surprised if they didn’t find coke in his system and apartment.

  • cj

    I’d really hold on before I reported crap like this. Look at all the false reports last night. Wait for the autopsy and resulting tests to come in.

    Think about Mathilda, Michelle and his family people.

    RIP Heath.

    You will be missed.

  • Benny


  • georgette

    is it really true?!!! He was so… all i can do is be deeply sad, it’s so horrible…

  • Julia

    RIP Heath

  • MMM

    Wow, it just seems too weird.

    Oh, and I hate that “friends” have come forward to say that they saw this coming and that he had a problem for some time now. Nice friends, selling their stories to everyone when he just passed away yesterday. Real friends would have helped him.

  • lipgloss

    Regardless……a talented young vibrant man has lost his life, Matilda has lost her father.

    My thoughts are with his family, Michelle, Matilda, and his loved ones.

  • 24-7

    I had heard he had a cocaine problem as well.

    If that was a contibuting fact to his death…tragic.

  • Hannah

    sad for his family but I dont really pity those that are dead by drugs or suicide because its one’s choice to do this.

  • Rita

    yes i agree with u CJ : wait until the autopsy!!!!!!!

    i mean it is sad enough that such a young man died.
    even though i did not know him i am shocked.
    He has such AMAZING charisma – thats why i feel so sad.

  • Anne

    Why should he kill himself? I don’t believe these rumors.


  • Tony/San Francisco

    I was an alcoholic for 15 years. Nothing my friends or family said mattered, and many friends dumped me forever. It wasn’t until I fell in the street, got a bloody concussion, that I stopped… and it took a year of therapy.
    > The 12 step programs mention “God” (male) at least 7 times & many addicts don’t want religion in their lives, drugs or not.
    Addictions are really, really hard to quit, & I see a total lack of understanding for celebrities who are addicts. Food addicts should be 1st with compassion for others!

  • Justwonderin

    Hannah #10, I’ve lost two members of my family to suicide and I feel very sorry for all the pain (one was emotional, the other was physical) that they went through before they checked themselves out. Neither one felt they had a choice.

    It’s funny how sympathetic people are when you are physically hurt, but I guess because people don’t wear their mental conditions on their sleeve, depression is looked at as a self-inflicted problem.

  • kmillz

    Some woman was interviewed and she said that Heath looked unhappy and that she was not surprised.I wanted to jump trhrough the screen and choke her. It seems like everyone has a different story to tell about what has happened and people just need to keep their mouth shut including the media because their stories are false as well

  • anon

    Okay, both my grandparents, and my parents have valium and zoloft in their house. It is very common. So…..?

  • queenbutler

    Do we really need to know if there were drugs in his system?

  • cf

    I agree #17

  • Didi

    the ‘wait till the autopsy’ people are just p*issed cos they’ve found out he wasn’t a saint and that its possible his demise wasn’t an accident but self inflicted.
    get a life. its not why he died thats tragic, its because.
    any young person’s (apart from britney spears, she needs to die asap and her family all agree) death is a tragedy. we’re all supposed to die old, in our beds with our loved ones around us having lived a fulfilled life, but life doesn’t work out that way. stop fawning ‘Why, God, Why!’ all the time over this boards, you teenyboppers all sound like a bunch of hysterical widows at a wake. face it, the man is dead and now its time for the media and us to stfu and leave his family alone to grieve their loss

  • Hope your in a better place

    #14 – yes thank you, your exactly right. I was trying to explain that yesterday as well. While suicide is a selfish act to a degree, its not as easy as “I’m feeling like sh*t today, I’d rather not be here”. It’s safe to say that none of us have never experienced depression to the point where we felt suicide was the only option. I was in a really deep depression for about 4 years and it was torture but I never once thought seriously about suicide. I can’t imagine what people must go through before they make that decision.

    Its the same with alcoholism and drug addiction. Its not as easy as deciding one day that you don’t want to drink or take drugs anymore. They are mental conditions and those are the scariest kind because nobody can tell whats going on beneath the surface except the person who is experiencing it.

  • Lola

    That’s why no there’s no role model in Hollywood. Many are homewreckers and many are on drugs.

  • cscs

    sucha bum deal.

  • http://deleted maggie

    I wanted to say too that celebrity/fame can take people into very dark places that none of us probably could imagine. I think it’s very difficult to deal with dark places which everyone visits in their lifetimes, but for a celeb in the public eye, I think it is immensely more difficult.

    Everyone has demons IMO.

    I think Heath was depressed over his break-up, though I don’t know.
    Interesting that Jack Nicholson’s reaction upon hearing of his death reacted with ‘I warned him’ or something to that affect.

    Still, it’s such a tragedy. A shock.

  • mil

    It is very sad to lose a talent like Heath. He was never typecasted on any roles. He was versatile. I saw him as the next Jack Nicholson. My heart goes out to his family esp. his daughter. May he rest in peace.

  • SARA

    ohhhhhhhhh that’s so sad i loved him since i saw him on brokeback mountain he was such a great actor very nice person
    all my prayers are with his family an matilda

  • Kat

    Jake G. is Matilda’s godfather .

  • queenbutler

    How he died is tragic, not just that he did.

  • ON a Side Note

    No wonder Michelle looked so miserable all of last years. Perez & the likes were so nasty about it, but if the father of my baby was coke-crazy I would be sad and annoyed too. I had no idea about any of this. So sad.

  • Susan

    Poor guy. I just can’t believe this has happened to him. Someone who had so much to live for dies lost in a world of pills. I honestly don’t think that this was a suicide but an accidental death. What’s horrible is that in reading some articles, it seems that some knew that he was relying more and more on pills to get him through his days. If that’s not a cry for help, what is? Why couldn’t these people come out and say something or take the steps in getting him some help? Now a family has lost a son, brother and father and many dear friends have lost a wonderful man as well. God bless you Heath and may you now rest soundly.

  • hesa

    He hid his vices very well. What a dangerous habit. He paid the ultimate price for it though. No lessons left to learn. I sympathize with human suffering but this guy had a daughter. I wish somebody had snapped him out of this. I can’t stand when people leave their children behind…. for suicide or for a disgusting habit.

  • Justwonderin

    The only thing we know for sure is that Heath is dead. Everything else is speculation.

  • Mediterranean

    It seems that he had serious problem. Nothing sure but….

    If his little angle could not have saved his life, noone could have done it. I am only sad, very sad for Mathilda.

  • Shar


  • lola

    He was doing drugs, big woop. Color me shocked. Is this news? Is anyone surprised? I’m not. Who in Hollywood doesn’t do drugs? Doesn’t change anything. This is tragic and sickening. The people I pity are the ones he left behind, namely his daughter. I hope Michelle gets her out of the public eye so she can grow up in a somewhat decent environment.

  • mossy

    shame on you jared and co. for posting this, whatever happened to respecting the privacy of his family and avoiding speculation?

  • lola rue

    THAT IS FALSE INFORMATION!!!! CHECK YOUR FACTS. They just stated on ABC and NBC news (from credible sources aka, the investigators) that there was NO NARCOTICS RESIDUE on the rolled up $20 bill. The only “drugs” found in his apartment were prescriptions and over the counter sleeping pills. Please update your facts,i’d hate to think that you would leave misinformation for the sake of having a juicy story. So far they think it was an accident.

  • anonymous

    that is a lie they didn’t find any unknown substance next to him and there wasn’t any narcotic residue on that $20 bill the reports from CBS is false.

  • e

    Try updating Jared. It has been confirmed that there were NO illegal drugs found in Heath’s apartment and that the rolled up $20 bill was tested and was tested clean of all drug substances. I understand trying to report things quickly, but false or unsubstantiated reporting is careless. Try using the word ‘allegedly’, or the phrases ‘unconfirmed information’ and ‘it is believed.’ Blogs can attempt to have journalistic integrity. Some do. You should try it.

  • lola

    Um, prescription drugs are still drugs. Ambien and/or valium are no joke. Highly addictive and will give you a sweet little trip to the clouds.

  • bellissima

    #39 e

    Excellent post. ITA.
    Jared is a dog IMO

  • amber

    This is a gossip site people.

  • MariaBeckham

    Fuck You “justjared” and fuck You U.S.A ..
    Is this all You do ???
    You search search and search in order to report at last that he had drugs !!!!!!!
    Oh my gosh !! This is all You do !!!???
    He’s dead !!!!!!! don’t start talking this shit about him now !!
    Respect his resting body !!!!!
    Respect his family !
    What will they feel now??
    Maybe he hadn’t been on drugs at all !!!
    Why to say such things !
    What will his fans feel?! that thier Ideal was dead because of drugs !!!!???

    Fuck You !

    Instead of that bring us some pictures of him from his childhood till now !
    Tell us how good he was !
    Bring us some of his movie trailers !
    And stop chassing his ex-fiancee and his little babygirl!
    I’ll never thing he died because of that , since he loved his Matilda , I’ll neer believe that he kiled himself ! I think the same as his father , HIS DEATH WAS ACCEDINTAL!!!

    You all such fucked up people !
    You’re the one who’re taking drugs!

    I’m sorry Heath !
    Your soul may rest in peace !

  • lops723

    I saw on CNN a police spokesman reporting that there was a rolled up bill but there wasn’t any trace of drugs on it. I agree with the person who said don’t report unconfirmed gossip out of respect for his family, the NYPD CONFIRMED no drugs on the money.

  • amber

    Fuck you, USA?!
    43, rant and rave about Justjared all you want, but besides the vermin in the media, America doesn’t give a hoot about Heath Ledger or the way he died. And I think there’s a pretty large amount of Ledger fans who are from the USA who might find your remark a bit small minded.

  • Original Amber

    Who cares what his fans think, 43? The only ones who matter are his family and loved ones.

  • MariaBeckham

    Forst and for most , when I said U.S.A I didn’t mean the americans i MEANT THE Media and all the papparzi ..
    And sure i care about the fans , Me , I’m the biggest fan of David Beckham ,and if anything happens to him[I wish not] I’ll be davastated and I don’t know what will happen to me!
    So , what do Heath’s fans feel now!
    I’m sure a massive sadness!
    And sure the most important is his family! , No doubt!
    The most people whom get hurt from this matter are the relatives and family members , I’ve lost my cousin and my uncle , And I know how it feels , and how severe the pain is :S .

    May his soul rest in peace.

  • http://- Joanna (Poland)

    gosh… my heart goes out to his family and friends.

  • Ledger fan

    Just wanted to say…My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. I recently went through a similiar situation last week. My extremely healthy 43 yr. old brother had a stroke and diagnosed with AVM and required emergency brain surgery. It is so hard to deal with the loss of someone or potential loss of someone when it is so sudden. There are just so many things that go unsaid. I enjoyed every movie he played in. He was a treat for the eye and a breath of fresh air on the Hollywood circuit. His talents will be greatly missed on screen. I hope his family is given the time and respect to mourn their loss. Heath Ledger, you will be missed!

  • OMG






  • SusiQ

    This is not true – why even post it when it was never a fact….

    The media – including gossip media – looks for the worst in every frigging situation.

    yes, even jared…