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Jude Law is a Beach Boy

Jude Law is a Beach Boy

Jude Law leans back in a lounge chair and shows off his arm tattoos as he relaxes on a beautiful beach in Islamorada, Florida on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old British actor was seen reading the novel Repossession Mambo by Eric Garcia. Jude will appear opposite Forest Whitaker in the film adaptation, out in 2008.

Jude has said this his role in this dark sci-fi comedy will require greater physicality than normal for him, and will see him in much more muscular shape than previously.

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Photos: Miguel Garcia/Wireimage/Getty
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  • Mia

    whats happened to him he used to be so irresistible

  • Belinda

    What’s not irresistable about that picture?

  • hanka

    I love him.Hooooooooooooot

  • Julie

    lohohohoooooosing hair lol…

  • TheTabloidsChic

    I used to love him back in the day. Not so much now.



    he’s soooo damn hottie *abana*


    olha esse biquinho uuuuuuiiiii kkkk

  • Sarie

    He’s alright, I guess but his kids sure are cute!

  • gossip

    these shots look so staged!

  • michelle depp

    I never thought that Jude was cute….but I have to say that he looks HOT in these pice. YOWZA!!

  • Purple Worm

    OMG, those sweet lips just sitting there waiting to be kissed. Somebody hold me back!! Imagine walking along the beach, minding your own business and looking up to see that gorgeous creature sitting there?

    Glad he’s warming up his bod after his long stint in Canada. If winter there has been anything like here in the US, it’s mother-freaking cold! I’ll bet that Florida sun feel gooooooooood. Soak it up, beautiful man. Just be sure to put some sunscreen on that gorgeous face. I want to enjoy it for many years to come.

  • lol

    Lol, is this a photoshoot?

  • erica

    Jude looking sexy Yummy !

    Thanks Jared, I been waiting a long time to see Jude.

  • hypocrite

    @ lol

    I was thinking the same thing. He doesn’t have the best relationship with paparazzi…this has to be a photo shoot or is just too random.

  • sheryl

    He was there doing some work on Repossession Mambo, so it might be some staged shots. In any case, he looks good…wish he would have lost the shirt, though.

  • luckyL

    #1, Mia, I wonder the same thing. He is so damn unappealing now. Maybe it was the photos of his member surfacing or his adulterous nature or perhaps that recent very present widow’s peak.

  • wtf

    He is gorgeous.

  • Helena

    He’s hot, but I hope his hair grows back!

  • Didi

    pity this nanny-f*cker didn’t top himself instead of heath. heath was handsome, had talent and was likeable. nanny-fucker is none of those things and his loss wouldn’t be felt by anybody, im sure his kids wouldnt miss him either. because at least the nanny would finally look after them when they needed her, instead of blowing daddy in the garden shed all the time

  • dolorescraeg

    he was filming repossession mambo in isla mirada florida yesterday. he just took a little time off to relax. jude you are hotter than the sun….i just wish i was in the chaise next to you. by the way they cut his hair this way for the film. it will grow back to his holiday look. honestly this man is in a class by himself……he’s got the most beautiful face on this or any other planet……we always need pics of the law……thanks jared

  • Victoria Beckham

    He should let his hair grow back out.

  • jazz

    Why don’t you top yourself. You must be one screwed up person to wish somebody that on somebody.

  • jazz

    I was responding to Didi’s comment.

  • The.O’Riley

    the most beautiful man on the planet!

  • Kristen

    Did he cover up his Sexy Sadie tattoo with whatever that red thing is on his arm? I’ve never seen that or the lightening bolt again. Anyway, he looks very hot. I don’t care what anyone says, the man is hot.

  • angie

    Let me guess…you’ve not been gettin’ any lately…

  • jazz

    The tattoos are not permanent. Those are for his role in Repossession Mambo. He also has one on his nape too and probably on his chest.

  • sheryl

    I know people have different tastes in what they consider “hot,” but I’ve read on more than one occasion where interviewers have commented that they became tongue-tied or have just momentarily zoned out while he was talking, either because of his eyes or his mouth, or both.

    I could look at his eyes all day long.

  • blueberry

    He is gorgeous, He is gorgeous, He is gorgeous.

  • dolorescraeg

    didi…you must be one sick puppy.. quick go see a psychiatrist before it’s to late. to wish someone dead is to wish it on yourself.

  • Sandy

    Thanks again Jared for giving us another look-see at our wonderful Jude Law whom most people reognize as the nicest and the best
    in moviedom these days. This is the end of the shooting for a film that
    has an intriquing and different story and shows off Jude’s range of
    talents in a very physical role shot under brutally cold conditions this
    winter in toronto and i’m sure the short time spent in Islamorada was
    very welcome since Jude is a sun worshipper and enjoys the beach
    very much. Great way to end of film stint.Don’t know it the pix are part
    of the film itself or candid set pix but they are a very welcome addition
    as he looks as hot as ever and all the nonsense about the hairdo he
    held for the duration of the film will doon dissolve into nothing when
    he goes back to a more normal hairdo. A little common sense would answer a lot of the silly questions and remarks made by those who don’t know but nevertheless feel free to judge.. In sum, you look
    delectable Jude and I would love to share a beach with you any time or any day!

  • the_original_nika

    to me his not hot, but to each their own.

  • Dr Jube

    Jesus christ, I’d still have him – nanny or no nanny, whatever, the guy is hot.

  • angie

    The majority of those who claim they don’t think he’s hot would probably wet their pants if he looked their way in person.

  • Pole

    The hair and the tatoos are for a movie so I can look past that. He’s looking good with the more fit body :) Thanks Jared – I was going through Jude-withdrawal. Love him!

  • Belinda

    Yeah, I think the body looks GREAT! I like that buff look. Very nice.

  • dolorescraeg

    i am imagining myself walking nonchalantly on the isla marada beach gazing out at the atlantic, looking at the sky and suddenly i see THAT in front of me. i would have thought i died and went to heaven…mr. law even the sun isn’t as hot as you…..keep it up jude… do wonderful things for us.

  • remember da truth

    Didi, what happened to you to make you so miserable? No guy ever get near you? Don’t you know how to satisfy yourself so you don’t have to be so angry at the world? Such a loser!

    Jude is AWESOME and if you don’t like him, great, that says more about how wonderful a human being he really is!! I’m so glad he found some sexual relief with the nanny and was able to get rid of Sienna over it! HA!!

  • remember da truth

    #25 Angie ROFL!!! Yep, that was my thought, too! LOL!!

    Jared, thanks for these shots of GORGEOUS JUDE!!! MORE, please MORE!!
    He is so talented and so hot, and his lovely children and how he is with them, and his great relationship with his ex-wife just make him hotter!!

  • dolorescraeg

    rememba da truth
    well put.
    he’s a sweet, caring guy and a wonderful dad and son. very close to his mum, dad and sister…i’m just glad that we have the opportunity of seeing him on the screen and in candid moments like this….lovely on the inside and on the outside as well.

  • sheryl

    #37: “I’m so glad he found some sexual relief with the nanny and was able to get rid of Sienna over it! HA!!”

    I agree totally! Wish he had done it sooner…gotten rid of her, I mean…but oh well…

  • milotindle

    hi everyone..i”llike to be in isla (whatever it is)too…to have a nice llong bath and sunbath seems so kind of warm right there…love the sea…couldn’t make the less of it…early mornin beach always turns me a litle melancholiac though…he seems to be a little bit too in those pics doesn’he?…or maybe just thinking…very…INTTENSE… PICTURES

  • Didi

    its funny to see you all get defensive about your idols to the core. it makes my day p*ssing you people off. my random comments rake you people and you take it heart so much that you must reply in outrage.

    p*ssing of zanessa fans is the most fun, i think they nearly start crying by the end, you should try it. they are so offended and then they lose it and start typing in caps and include censored expletives
    take a chill pill people or else click on my name and heath will tell you what to do. remember they are just famous, they are not real people, they dont matter.

  • angie

    Didi, I don’t think you pissed as many people off as you think or would have liked. I think you are more pissed off that people got you figured out so correctly. Now go ask your mama to make you some hot chocolate…she’ll make it alllllll better for you.

  • Didi

    wow angie is the most offended. I got two replies out of her. dont worry angie, it’ll get better. im sure more nanny-fucker fanatics will flood the site once he’s found naked and dead in his drug ridden flat, possibly with a dildo up his a*se, and the nanny tied up in the corner. . however i doubt his death will be quite as dignified since its nanny-f*cker we’re talking about

  • sharyllee

    yummmmy!!! sexy!!! He is so gorgeous!!!
    Thank you, Jared

  • angie

    Not nearly as pissed off as you are that you’re not the nanny and can’t get none of that action.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    these photos are comical.

  • Didi

    wow three replies… man im good. its not my fault i was born with this grating gift. keep it coming ange. this is like a social experiment gone awry.. endemol should take note. your blood pressure is going through the roof i can tell from your spontaneous maniacal laughter. looks like youre grated beyond repair otherwise you’d have shut up a long time ago and let me blather on like most normal people.
    i bet i can probably induce a heart attack from you live on the internet. if so, then you are truly a nanny-f*cker teenybopper superfan. defending him right to edges of mordor’s fireand until your last dying breath. I thought they were anomalies or urban myths like the loch ness monster, but youre living proof ange, that these freaks are real. well done. now keep the reactions coming.

    next like zanessa fans you’re gonna post with different names and then bash to oblivion. thats phase 3 of chronic sad-b*stardcase syndrome. keep at it, youre nearly there.

  • Daphne

    Oh so gorgeous. The most beautiful man in the world. Love him!!

    Thanks JJared for the pics. Keep them coming!

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