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Keith Ledger -- Who's That?!?!

Keith Ledger -- Who's That?!?!

The news of Heath Ledger‘s untimely death dominated search engines yesterday.

All things Heath filled up ten of the top 20 most popular search words, according to Google. Search strings included his family (former fiancee Michelle Williams and their daughter Matlida Ledger), his apartment address (421 Broome Street), and his most famous movies (10 Things I Hate About You and Brokeback Mountain).

Curiously enough, Americans don’t know how to spell and the second most popular search string yesterday was “KEITH LEDGER.” Smart!

Even smarter are the search strings found at #50 and #58 at Google Trends. Ridiculous!

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  • goz

    i cant believe it! it just sucks!

  • Te amo matias de celeste

    te amo matias de celeste

  • Natalie

    Keith is his father.

    I believe.

    Rest in peace

  • Just Jared

    Hey Natalie–his father is Kim Ledger.

  • Cindy

    Wow that is alot of searches

  • Mrs. Phoenix

    Kis is his father.

  • Mrs. Phoenix

    Sorry, i meant Kim.

  • foreverledger

    hahahaah R.I.P though.
    you’ll always be missed

  • amie

    Goodbye Heath, we’re going to miss you!!

  • argg

    R.I.P :[

  • Natalie

    Ah ok.. thanks Jared

  • ina

    i feel awful today :( so sad
    RIP gorgeous

  • ┈━═☆•.°/.•La Yari Domirikana

    yeahh…america is dumb!!!!
    today i was scream it out loud in the hall ways of my school,
    n 9 out of 10 were like “who is heath ledger???
    i was like BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN!!!!

  • sarah


  • ┈━═☆•.\°/.•La Yari•.\°/.•☆═━┈

    but im surely going to see batman!!!

  • dawn

    you mean 23

  • sarah

    Yep, thats the number, sorry :p

  • jeala

    If you don’t know enough about him to spell his name correctly, why would you google him? Hilarious. Some people just like to be right on top of things I guess.

    It’s sad about his passing. I don’t know when people are going to quit dabbling with drugs. Or what it will take to convince people that it’s not worth risking everything for. It seems to be a one-way ticket to death yet you just never know when you are dealing with a leathal combo. People continue drug use because it’s not currently killing them. I doubt Ledger wanted to die but that’s the reality now. There are no guarantees with drugs. People are needlessly dying to achieve some “high” that doesn’t really matter. I feel worse for the people he left behind than I do for him. But hopefully God will rest his soul anyway.

  • miki

    Yeah..RIP Heath!
    Anyway I think u haven’t noticed #50 keith fletcher..sad but kinda funny though!

  • sarah

    there are 29 refering to him if you don’t count the entertaiment news/ hollywood news search

  • jj you’re slipping into trash

    DONT BE SO TRASHY JARED!!! we dont need another PH.

  • youcantspellmatilda

    it’s matilda. not matlida. just sayin.

  • david

    No big deal about the misspellings and the searches that are a tad off. People were interested in finding out about him now that he’s dead. They want to know what was going on with him before he died so that they can get a better feel for him as a person. A lot of folks I know didn’t even know who he was. They realized who he was when I mentioned that he was the baby’s daddy of “the other girl” from Dawson’s Creek.

  • luckyL

    Oh God, I hope you’re not a Brit Jared!

    I’m glad people care.

  • Natalie

    Does anybody else find this very surreal?

    I can’t believe that he’s gone.

  • cscs

    10 things i hate about you is a good movie though

  • cr7

    A great actor just died, and the top story is about people spelling his name wrong? or his unknown to others? COME ON!!! R.I.P Heath

  • Wedding Peach

    Americans are dumb? What kind of juvenile statement is that? And we don’t know how to spell? Well, neither can you.
    At least people are interested in Heath Ledgers’s passing. Brad Renfro’s passing caused barely a spike on the seismic graph.

    My condolences.

  • damn americans

    get it right u stupid americans. a true blue aussie died, and then so you take a liking to him after he’s died and cant even spell his name right!! one of Australia’s best actors ever.


    fucking idiots its HEATH LEDGER! how do you not know his NAME
    he is a phenomenal actor!!!!

  • Pamgela texas

    Sad. Stunned. Heath, why, baby, why? You were loved by so many. When a young person that you know or you think you know dies, it shatters your reality. I had never heard of Brad Renfro and still don’t know who he is. So, it didn’t mean much to me, sad to say. But, because I know who Heath is and I liked him a lot – talented, good looking and damn good looking and sort of that James Dean, Marlon Brando I’m not buying into the hollywood hype thing – it just hit me hard and it’s still hard to believe that it happened. Love ya Heath and best wishes for all who loved him.

  • mj

    I’m sure that’s true and not just a generalization. ALL Americans cannot spell. At least we care enough to search for information.

  • Spooky

    At first I wanted to say there must be some idiots out there. But then I read some of the other posts and I agree…At least people are concerned.

  • Didi

    rotten neighbour lol

  • Dguest

    So, you have PROOF that it was Americans misspelling the name, right? Couldn’t have just been illiterate morons, no. It’s the Americans. Because other countries CLEARLY can’t access Google. Elitist dick.

  • :)

    i dont get it…

  • Dennsraymond

    First…….River Phoenix; Michael Hutchence; Rodney Harvey ; Kurt Cobain; Brad Renfro and now Heath Ledger…. sad..very sad…..

  • alex p

    this whole thing sux…. :( rip heath..
    i still wonder why..:(

  • mike

    why u gonna feel srry for him…. u didn’t put the drugs in his hand great actor but i have no sympathy for him he did it too himself….

  • http://- Joanna (Poland)

    um, well that is funny. but not his dad… it’s freakin SAD

  • jeamis

    As stupid as it feels, it really upset me when this guy turned up dead. It’s mostly because the media likes to make you feel like you know celebrities on a personal level when you don’t. But it’s also because he’s just so dang young. He’s so familiar. It’s not some Brad Renfro dude this time around. It’s an actor that people actually recognize. A very young and obnoxiously handsome actor that was still making movies that people care about. I’ll admit that I don’t usually give this guy a second thought but I’m defnitely guilty of swooning over him. It’s awkward when an actor/actress I’ve familiarized myself with just dies. But it certainly sucks much more when the guy is only 28 years old. Ugh. I’m sure it was drugs and I don’t like to pity drug users but it does sound like this poor guy was having issues. Not sleeping? That really isn’t good and can mess with your mind and make your life miserable. I feel bad for whatever was wrong in his head. But the foolish youngster really should have thought twice if he was in any kind of control over what happened. Prescribed or not, pills are friggen crazy. It doesn’t always take much for them to screw with your body. I don’t even like taking ibuprofen these days.

  • Bobtony

    Thank God they finally buried Heath Ledger. With all the issues facing this planet the media won’t let this story go. One more celeb hooked on prescription drugs, what a shock. The guy got more publicity than the pope. And the pope actually accomplished something. (i.e. helped bring down the former Soviet Union and tried to bring peace to the world). It’s an example of how shallow and mindless American society has become. And one more thing. I was a medical social worker for 27 years. This guy was on more meds than cancer patients I’ve worked with. Unbelievable! And he’s idolized by the media.

  • Deadlock

    …and their daughter Matlida Ledger….
    …Curiously enough, Americans don’t know how to spell…

    M A T L I D A , gg

  • http://KeithLedger Marianne

    I have been your fan since I watched 1o Things I Hate About You
    god bless you and rest in peace always and forever in the name of Jesus and our god blessed virgin mother mary I wish I could warn you before you were overdosed and now it’s too late I made a special dedication message for you and it’s on my door in honor
    of your talented skills and you are still talented, beautiful and young in spirt. From your fan that adores you Marianne

    PS I can’t believe that you were overdosed your family is now very sad and very much alone without you please know that you are remembered I wished you lived a longer life and I wished you
    have never taken drugs but I guess it’s too late for that and now
    you must pay the price of death. I wished you never died it would
    be so wonderful you had taken care of your health and not have
    a overdose of pills