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Michelle Williams en Route to NYC

Michelle Williams en Route to NYC

ETonline posted the first photo of Michelle Williams, Heath Ledger‘s former fiancee, and 2-year-old daughter Matilda Rose arriving at at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The picture was taken on Wednesday morning. The mother-daughter duo caught a flight to New York after learning of the 28-year-old actor’s untimely death. They are expected to arrive around 6PM EST.

Michelle, 27, had been in Sweden working on her new film Mammoth, also starring Gael García Bernal.

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Photos: SIPA/ETOnline
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  • justafan

    People need to back down. Give the woman a break!

  • zanessa 4eVERRR!

    i hope they can be strong.

  • Liz

    Poor Michelle, she look’s like she’s been crying all night. Of course I would be too. He will be greatly missed:(

  • Liz

    I always thought that maybe they would get back together someday in the future…. He was such a great man!

  • Jen

    that sucks. the pic. the circumstance. it all sucks.

  • bombeta

    I think you shouldn´t echo on this site such invasive pictures.

  • H E L L O W O R L D

    The paps will stalk Michelle more than usual because of Heath’s death.. Remember when Jolie’s mother died?? The paparazzi stalked her more.

  • laurengail

    i think its horrible that somebody would take pictures of them during this time. You can see the pain all over her face and the paps should just respect privacy. He may have been a movie star but he was also a son, father and good person and there is nothing sincere about stalking his ex girlfriend and child.

  • Helena

    WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THIS? Leave Michelle and Matilda alone!

  • Becca

    Although the passing of Heath is tragic, the fact that the media is so obsessed with getting the *first* picture of his former fiancé and child grieving is the most tragic of all.

  • Lola

    You should take this down in support of Michelle and her daughter. Don’t partake in this indecency.

  • suzy

    that’s just sad.


    da papz should respect michelle & matilda @ this difficult time

  • peggy

    RIP Heath

  • laura

    leave her alone!! this already is very hard for her, don’t make it harder.
    jared, please don’t post pictures like this. it’s like johnatan-rhys meyers mother’s funeral all over again.

  • the_original_nika

    she can´t even grieve in private, for god sakes… Isn´t not gonna be easy for her explain to little Matilda, that her dad is gone and not coming back =|.
    hey people.. at least JJ didn´t post pics of heaths body being carried away, unlike some of the stupid gossip websites that only care that this is the story of the week S.O.B

  • billie

    we are all saddened & shocked by this untimely death but there is something disturbing about putting a camera in michelle williams’ as well as matilda’s face when they are returning to face the enormity of the truth: that she is now facing raising a two year daughter all by herself, without the father to lean on for support. no one will know matilda like heath did and michelle shared that with him, it was a bond she will never duplicate. and matilda will never know her father. yes, we are all saddened, like i said, but i wish the media would give her a little space. to go through this is tough enough, to go through it with cameras shoved in your face must be unbearable. let’s show some respect.

  • jmo

    Do you have to post EVERY freaking thing that floats around the internet? Why can’t you just ONCE exercise some respect.

  • Ha!

    This pisses me off so badly. You know what? It’s disgusting that they would take pictures or that bloggers would POST pictures of her or anyone else going through the pain that she is going through right now. I will not view photos like this (aside from coming on to this comment field, obviously) on this site or any other and I hope that some of you will choose to not view them either. Maybe they’ll realize that it’s just indecent and exploitative and they shouldn’t get hits off of pictures like this. Sheesh.

  • me

    take this photo down !!!!

  • Kristen

    WHY do we need pictures of them? They are in mourning and its sick to stalk this girl at a time like this. Poor girl, she hates being photographed normally, to photograph her and her daughter at this time is just sick.

  • blah

    you asses shouldn’t post pics of her! that’s not very respectful!!!

  • Nicole


    I thought you were better than this, Jared. Guess not. Why not just call yourself “Perez Jared?”

  • sofia

    Our society is in a sad state. It is just so wrong that these media outlets are making so much money out of the despair of other people. Because let’s face it – they wouldn’t be doing this if they weren’t making money out of it; if people didn’t gobble up their tawdry tabloids, tv shows, etc.

  • eloise

    it’s called morbid curiousity. jared knows that this a a huge part of human nature and that’s why he posts anything. remember the photos of Anna Nicole Smith with the vomit? despite the outrage, jared never took them down. he is a real b*tch sometimes.

  • ila

    OMG! please please please remove this pics… be respectuful and think of what they’re going through!!!

  • no more

    please take this down. If the papz think that the blogs will buy the pictures, they will keep harassing them. Please take it down, no one should see a person’s private moments while they are mourning.

  • concernedfan

    You are absolutely disgusting. This is a grotesque, inhuman way to treat people. Michelle Williams isn’t Britney Spears. She’s not asking for attention. Let this family grieve.

  • ash

    Jared you ass!!!! How can you post something like this!!!!

  • plea

    Please take this down. I hope that in the future you’ll be more wise/compassionate as you think about what kinds of photos you’re willing to purchase/post.

  • Natalie

    Take this photo down , please, Jared.

    We need to respect her grief & her right to privacy. Its what Heath would want.

  • Jess

    I’d like to echo the sentiments, take the picture down! I’ve always loved coming to this site but that just made me want to turn off my computer. I’m glad others are feeling the same way and commenting on it.

  • Natalie

    oh come on now… take this down!

    show some respect.

  • stephen

    Take this down, its unnecessary and cruel.

  • girly

    take it down!!!
    i’m not coming back to this site… you guys went too far this time.

  • Soozy

    I don’t even have words…disrespectful. Pathetic. I’m starting to see how shameless some people really are. And I’m done contributing to it by viewing it. Done.

  • Jannie

    According to a story in the London Daily Mail Ledger was into drugs big time for the least three years. It would explain why his “marriage” broke up, it would explain the gaunt picture of him recently here on this blog, as well as the pictures of him in very strange clothes, and it might even explain his “odd” behavior at the 2006 Oscars where he giggled throughout his presentation. The story says Gyllenhaal has tried to help him stop, Jack Nicholson warned him what would probably happen, etc., etc., but nothing worked. And finally he went the way of many Hollywood stars: to a drugged death in isolation.

  • Angie

    This is terrible. Poor Michelle. I feel so bad for her and her little daughter. :(

  • addictedtobampzs

    Please don’t photograph them. Please let her alone. Jared, don’t do it, don’t show them.

  • eloise


    forget it. jared won’t take these down. they represent $$$ for jared. he is a b*tch.

  • Kim

    Wow I’m shocked at any bloggers actually posting those pics…

  • agathi

    please let god give her strength to raise her daugher without anymore pain …oh god

  • MarieMJS

    JJ just don’t do that… Let the woman be, she needs her time to mourn and grieve, the paps should respect that, and you should too…

  • sam

    People need to leave her alone…

  • Sian

    The papps need to leave them the hell alone, this is a difficult time for them and having a camera in your face isnt going to help

  • sick.

    shame on you for posting these. seriously.

  • rose

    Please respect her and Matilda’s privacy at this time!!

  • danielle

    i agree jared. this is disrespectful to post pics of someone who is still grieving. i went to pinkisthenewblog, and trent didn’t feel it was necessary to post pictures like this. i’m disappointed in you..

  • aNNE

    For crying out loud, leave the poor woman alone. Allow her privacy. Pull this photo down!

  • Mrs. Phoenix

    Fuck, leave them alone.