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Miley Cyrus is a Punk

Miley Cyrus is a Punk

Another sure-to-be-talked-about photo of Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has leaked from her MySpace page.

It’s not Halloween anytime soon but Miley sure loves to dress up and have fun. What a punk look!

Oh, she’s just being Miley…

UPDATE: Miley was dressed like a punk rocker for an upcoming episode of Hannah Montana called “Yet Another Side of Me.” Figures! Check out the crazy episode stills below…

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miley cyrus punk 02
miley cyrus punk 03
miley cyrus punk 04
miley cyrus punk 05
miley cyrus punk 06
miley cyrus punk 07
miley cyrus punk 08

Credit: ONTD, umileysource
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  • http://catalina catalina

    wuuauu increiible miley

  • 4l3x

    $hut y411 $h!t up
    d!$n3y m4d3 h3r w34r th4t $h!t
    f0r 4 h4nn4h m0nt4n4 3p!$0d3
    ♥ h3r
    fuck d!$h!t

  • yadi

    omg she looks awesome!… lol im probably the only one that has said that… I love that punk look it makes her look more edgy and awesome but thats just me lol

  • minaa

    eww she is so uglyy ..god wtf is she like goth…NOW…she is soo uglyy ….miley is so ugly she has huge EARS**

  • izzy

    its for an episode of hannah montana!!! its not how she really dresses!!! gosh u people!!

  • big jonas fan!!!!

    She’s so ugly

  • KN

    She look good before but now she is just scary, she loked goth in a disney channel music video.

  • camm

    She’s pretty, even when she is dressing like this, We luv her!!

  • http://??? lindsey

    no one was even talking about selena gomez.
    and thats great that she’s going to be in hsm3 .
    mileys getting ready to start filming a hannah montana movie in april 08! :]

  • lol. she looks really funny. look at robby (billy) in one of the pictures.

  • whitney

    go miley

  • smiley miley

    omg this sounds like an awesome episode

  • cheergurl

    I hate Her she’s a slut!!!!!!! she is a lier and a cheater and she can’t sing or dance.

  • c mas

    finally you are showing your true colors

  • Gerard way’s love toy

    k.I hate her so much…she needs to stop being a bitch (i know imma get crap for that) but she needs to stop trying to be something shes not. she is such a poser…and she is just mocking people who actually are punk or goth like me. she doesnt even write her own music. thats just sad. and she isnt gonna stay an innocent little girl forever. she might be popular now but in maybe a couple years shes gonna end being hated for doing stupid crap like this. i know its for the show but she doesnt need to mock people to make people whatch her show. she did get a lot of crap from certain people for doing this. all my friends hate her and what shes trying to do…. and for the record take a close listen to her lyrics. they sound perverted if you think about it. her dad is a nasty perv if he writes the music. and i dont care what you call me for this comment because its my OPINION. so ha in your face suckas

  • andrea

    she looks like she has lazy eyes.
    ugly miley.
    for real.
    this scares me.


    FOR THOSE ASKIN FOR HER MYSPACE IT’S . it used to belong to a poser, but miley was able to get tom to give her that url (as far as i heard).. those saying that she’s changing and she’s acting all weird and this and that… RELAX!! that was just for this episode (i don’t think she has that pic on her myspace anymore.) if she does decide to change, SO WHAT?? she’s still young and has a right to experiment on new styles!! u go miley!!

  • nikky


  • katie

    miley is soooo awesome!!!!! and girls do crazy things and dress up like this with their friends all of the time! u all are so gay for thinking she is weird! MILEY CYRUS IS A BALLER! so u all who dont like her suck!

  • Isabelle

    That’s for an HM episode, not real life..

  • haley

    wow miley was so pretty but in this episode she is scary


    you look ugly why did you go punk i love your music its just that i liked you when you werent punk punk is gayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Ainsleymiley Ainsley

    miley cyrus !!!

    Ainsley lyndell and miley cyrus love
    Ainsley sex miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katelynn

    that should be on vampire

  • Misty

    It was just for a episode of hannah montana and took a personal pic give the girl a break!

  • magic-miley

    hey i love this website but can you give me a miley’s myspace

  • magic-miley

    can you give me a miley’s myspace

  • OHgeez_ily

    Poser….Seriously what is up with her….

    Shez Fricken weird….Xp

  • lexie!

    Omg dudes & dudets thats just for a hannah montana episode,,, duuuhhh.

    geeze give her a break, im sure shes got enough ugly comments before..okay………..soo…. you guys dont haf 2 give her more.. ok..thank u!!!!!!!………….(not in a bad way dude),(miley)

    Oh yeah and miley im a really big fan & i like to skate board!!!!!!!! its totally fun man u should try it…ok! thanx!

  • http://bearshare miranda

    love her sooo much….but wtf wit the ot fit??!!!but i <3 the eyes!!

  • Sophia

    she is kinda crazy

  • U Dnt Needa Kno Mi Name

    WTF? Poser



  • http://justjared nashy04

    miley you are ugle

  • Beck

    She can NOT pose as a PUNK. No f-in way. Ha she looks like $hit either way…

  • Lena

    I am offended honestly. I am goth/punk/indi what ever kinda weird. To see her dressed in such a manor and more than likely acting like a STEROTYPE punk person I am wondering how studpid she is going to act because it could possibly embarrass me or some other sort of unease. I hate Cyrus as it is, but now she is stepping on toes.


  • http://05/3/08 frances43

    u are the best miley but all this jack asses dont think so. i think the ones that are being mean go to hell

  • http://05/3/08 frances43

    hi its me again who read my text. if you want to curse me out here my phone number 954 354 6578

  • http://Justjared you cant know

    i hate that she thinks she is sooo kwl. she’s not. but she looks good goth.

  • sam


  • Michael

    I didn’t think I could hate miley cyrus any more.

  • nisa

    hey miley add me to your profile

  • http://justjared Mrs.Joe JOnas

    Its 4 her show

  • :) niCKjoNASlOVER :)

    wow…im not surprised! shes goin 2 turn in2 another britney or jaimey lynn!

  • Leesha

    She wishes… she’s just a stereotypical, unoriginal preppy little princess.

  • Ivan_PSP

    Hannah Montana – 227 – Yet Another Side Of Me – Ivan_PSP

    Encoded by me (Ivan_PSP) search in TVFreeload for my M.E.G.A.U.P.L.O.A.D version is posted there already by me, that version is 640×480 XviD. Let me know how it looks please.
    Video: DivX 5 576×432 23.98fps 951Kbps [Video 0]
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps [Audio 1]

  • ashleyrox96

    k maybe she was just having fun. dang!!! or maybe someone photoshopped that. :P

  • rodrigo

    eso es una peluca lo que tiene puesto no es el pelo de ella en realidad

  • Rachee

    Miley cyrus is so annoying. Of course it’s another side of her. She is (or should i says “was”) Destiny, than miley cyrus, than miley stewart, then hanah montana, and now this. She just pisses me off.

  • maddi hall

    she is a wanta be but some of those photos they made it look bad some of them are her in her bathing suit we all take pictures of poeple in there bathing suits it is not that bad and i hate