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Emmy Rossum Talks Dragonball

Emmy Rossum Talks Dragonball

Emmy Rossum just blogged about her filming experience with Dragonball (out later this year) and the passing of Heath Ledger. Check out what she had to say in the entry titled “Buenas Tardes”:

“Hi everyone! Happy new year! Thank you for your sincere holiday wishes and the lovely poster/project some of you sent to me. It is truly special and I am proud to put it up in my house. I can see how much time and care went into creating it and that really touches me! It made my holiday THAT much more special!

Since the new year I’ve been back on the set of Dragonball. In addition to working in Durango, we’ve been shooting in some pretty remote yet stunning locations. So, I’ve been literally “out of range” for a few days at a time. We shot in Mexiquillo, about 2 hours outside of Durango where the landscape is amazing and looks – in places – much like the forests of New England. The dense green trees reminded me of New Hampshire and Maine, and made me feel very at home. The sunrises and sunsets are really spectacularly beautiful. Mexiquillo is pretty remote, and there weren’t any hotels around, so we were actually “camping” in log cabins, all together. It was exactly what you’d imagine, campfires at night with smores and kumbaya… Okay, maybe not kumbaya, but we did do the smores! It’s been a LOT of fun, especially bonding with the cast. All the actors get along great! After only a few weeks shooting we already have inside jokes and pretty much know each others life-stories. I’ve been listening to some harder music to access the edge inside me to bring to the character, some Lincoln Park and Dream Theater. I’m enjoying developing the character and training, learning to ride a motorcycle has been thrilling.. Its manual, so I’ve been learning all about clutch and throttle (don’t laugh, this is all new to me!) And I think I’ll be able to drive a stick-shift car after this film too!

Right now I am writing from a helicopter (with my costars, Chow Yun Fat, his lovely wife and Joon Park). We are on our way to the desert where we will be filming for the the next few days. I am the lucky one who gets to sit up front with the pilot (who was very careful to instruct me not to touch anything; knobs, controls or otherwise) Chow and Joon are taking pictures in the back and we are having a lot of fun. The landscape is alternating between, rolling sand dunes, green
mountains dotted with cactus and farms laid out in geometric order with terracotta colored earth. I want you all to see what I see, so I’ll upload some pics later when I can connect my camera to my laptop.

On another note, l want to say how deeply saddened I am by Heath Ledger‘s sudden passing. I did not know him very well, but well enough to see he was a kind man, a devoted father and an immense talent. My heart goes out to his family and his young daughter in this time of grief. He will be so missed.


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  • leticia


  • ina

    rip heath

  • kate


  • jilly

    Why did she have to mention Heath Ledger? She obviously doesnt care! First she goes on and on and on about holidays, sunrises, camp fires, music and pics she will upload bla and then all of a sudden she is “deeply saddened”??? Well she didn’t sound sad at all! That’s not sensitive, she could have at least written a seperate note.

  • Julia

    Why people have to be so negative! I think it’s sweet of her to mention Heath, a lot of people from the cinema industry are affected by his death.
    Let the girl talk, and do not read if you don’t want to.

    She’s seems to be sweet and want to be close to her fans, good for her!

  • Ceilidh

    I’m a huge fan of Emmy. She always comes across as a sweet, down to earth and lovely lady. It was good of her to mention the passing of Mr Ledger, she’s obviously upset, like many people are, myself included.

  • really?

    please EMMY, MAKE THIS MOVIE GREAT, my expectations are very low though.

  • bionic

    she sounds like such a sweet girl! Her blogs are filled with love and cute stories. I think it was very sweet of her to mention Heath. I like her. She is trying very hard to be close to her fans and she is very down-to-earth. Good girl!

  • Kayla

    LINCOLN park?! Ahh at least spell the band correctly if you’re going to talk about it!!

  • Helena

    Lincoln Park. LOL. Anyway, she seems like a smart person, why is she picking so many bad film roles then?

  • Orange.

    It’s LINKIN park NOT Lincoln park.

  • kyndra

    im glad she at least had the decency to mention heath’s death, unlike PARIS HILTON! the dummy didnt even say anything about heath

  • donna

    People hate this little miss goody two shoes wanna be. I can’t stand her.

  • love

    How convenient to name drop….sad sad sad… never liked her…never will.

  • Melissa Markum

    People, just leave Emmy alone! She is a sweet, down to earth girl who is saddened by Heath’s death! Haven’t you heard the rule, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”? Stick to it please, and be respectful to celebs! They have feelings too, so don’t be harsh! She may have made a mistake when she spelled Linkin Park wrong! She is a beautiful girl, who is busy and cares about her fans and work, and that is why she is my idol and favorite singer slash actress.

  • melissa alison shepherd

    Emmy is naturally sweet and if no one can see that your’ll all blind. She is really down to earth. And just cause she cant spell a band that she dosent normally listen to. And some people are smart and they just can’t spell.